Monday, March 18, 2013

Luke's Change

The destruction of the Death Star was an INSIDE JOB -- and you'll never guess who was responsible!

I prefer to call it the DWITHOP theory -- Darth Willed It To Happen On Purpose.
As W.V.O. Quine always said, theories are under-determined by the facts, with the same set of facts compatibly explainable by conflicting theories. Some theories are deficient and fail to match the data points, and so may be rightly discarded. Others may equally well match the given data points, and yet disagree.

This treatment uses the 'facts' as we know them accurately, to propound an entirely novel explanatory thesis, faithfully recreating the OTHER 'L. Change' tactic-- using the 'could it be?' question form of stating a theory.

Cf: the (Gnostic?) gospel of J. Iscariot for another examplar of the radical change one may find to interpret the given and accepted events.

And then Darth killed the Emperor. If only he'd seen this first.
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