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Is it Jane Harman? (from the Sibel Edmonds deposition)

(Note: There is a serious problem with the testimony of Sibel Edmonds. See the second update below. I may have to apologize to my readers for my previous positive treatment of Edmonds.)

(Or do I? See update 3)

Ah, this is delicious! You want a sex scandal? We got one!

BradBlog is live-blogging the Sibel Edmonds deposition, which we described two posts below. Here's the bit that everyone will be talking about:
Also, a current female...member of Congress who has been blackmailed by the Turkish Government...called a 'hooking exercise'...she's apparently bi-sexual and they bugged her apartment, she's married with children, and they set up a relationship with another female who went in and had sexual relationships with her. And they had all the episodes bugged within this current Representatives home and they blackmailed her. ... She wouldn't give her name, but her photograph [is the one with the question mark on it in the "Sibel Edmonds Rogue Gallery" ] .

The context of the discussion was that this particular Representative was amenable to passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution. And then based on this 'hooking' operation, changed her position. She was reluctant to put this person's name on record.
So who is the mystery congresswoman, and why is Sibel Edmonds being coy about the name? I'll presume that we're not talking about Jean Schmidt -- a refusal to name her would have been ridiculous, given the circumstances.

There are at present 74 female House members. If you want a list, go here.

I think we have a likely suspect, my friends: Jane Harman. Check it out:
Community activist and civic leader Azniv Goenjian recently traveled to Washington, DC with the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) to confront her Congresswoman, Jane Harman (D-CA-36), for secretly opposing the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H. Res. 106, while publicly presenting herself as a supporter of this human right legislation.
Ties right in with what Sibel said, does it not?

This sort of thing has happened to Jane before. Remember her similar involvement with the AIPAC scandal? Remember this? (Also here.) If Jane Harman has a skeletonized closet, then her strange role in the AIPAC matter suddenly takes on a new dimension.

It's especially interesting if we posit that Turkey and Israel were trading intelligence. And that's a really good bet. See here and here:
According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, intelligence cooperation between the Mossad and the Turkish security service, MIT, "was enshrined in a 12-clause agreement that was signed during a 1993 visit to Israel by then-Turkish foreign minister Hikmat Chetin".

Soon after, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report, a large Mossad operation was established in Turkey, with Mossad agents based in both Istanbul and Ankara.
That's the part which even Sibel is leaving out. (Also see my previous post here.)

Update: Sibel Edmonds has fingered Harman before. See here, and do some reading between the lines.

Update 2: There is a serious problem with Sibel Edmond's testimony, at least insofar as it has come down to us. (We do not yet have the actual transcript.) The issue is one of chronology.

Sibel Edmonds was an FBI translator for a brief period -- December 2001 to March 2002.

The Armenian Genocide Resolution was introduced in 2007.

Although her name may sound like "sibyl," I don't think that Edmonds was getting dispatches from the future during her FBI tenure.

And yet she said in court that the blackmail occurred in "the context" of the Armenian Genocide Resolution!

Now, it is true that we know about her testimony primarily from David Krikorian, who was offering his precis of her words in court. But I simply cannot see any situation in which he would have brought up the Armenian Genocide Resolution unless Sibel had done so first.

After the testimony, a "clarification" was issued:
After reviewing our coverage, Edmonds clarifies that she did not discuss the specific voting record of the Congresswoman in question discussed above, because she didn't, and still doesn't, know her record on that particular issue. As Krikorian's quote above may have been inadvertently misleading on that point, she wanted to correct that record. - BF
This statement hardly resolves anything.

1. The Armenian Genocide Resolution has never come to a vote. All talk of voting records is therefore meaningless.

2. Nothing in this clarification addresses the serious chronological problem.

I will withhold final judgment until I see the transcript of Edmonds' actual words. Frankly, though, I am starting to feel angry at myself at for publishing so many pro-Edmonds pieces in the past.

Update 3: There were earlier House Resolutions on Armenian genocide, both from the year 2000: HR 155 and HR 596. Both of these were shot down well over a year before Edmonds joined the FBI. Arguably, her translation work may have covered older business. So far, though, I have yet to find any dramatic turnarounds on those resolutions involving female Democratic representatives still serving in Congress who are also currently married and who have children.
Joe - see my comment at Bradblog. She is not referring to Harman, I'm pretty sure.

Harman is definitely implicated in the same general case, but Sibel didn't know anything about Harman's involvement from her work.
Is this coming from Sibel or is it your opinion?

No other female member of congress mysteriously backtracked on the Armenian genocide resolution. Wayne Madsen, citing his usual unnamed sources, points to Janice Schakowsky. But she did not backstab the Armenians.

If not Harman, then name another backstabber on that issue.
For proof that it was not Schakowsky, go here.
It is my opinion that Sibel would NEVER have gone to Harman if Sibel thought that Harman was compromised. It is also logic 101.

I'm sure that Sibel HATES Harman - but that is not at issue here.

And I don't know who else backtracked but I'm pretty sure it is not Harman.
Gosh, now I'm going to have to get up early and watch all the Sunday morning azzwipes to see if they mention any of this.
Or will it be the usual Sarah Palin bashing?
Luke, I would have gone to Harman -- because doing so would have been tantamount to the delivery of a veiled threat.

I've spent some time checking. Of all those who backtracked on the Armenian resolution, I can find only one other female congressperson: Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick of MI. She is not currently married, so she does not fit Sibel Edmond's description.

Pelosi, under pressure, signaled that she might not let the measure come to a vote, but she changed her mind and remains very pro-Armenian.
Incidentally, Luke, your transcript of the Tice interview does not buttress your memory that Sibel Edmonds went to Jane Harman.

Sorry, but I just cannot see any other candidates!
As I have said elsewhere, don't look to my transcript, listen to the interview. I did not transcribe the entire interview.

I'm certainly not defending Harman - she appears to be guilty in this exact same case - but I'm pretty sure she isn't the congresswoman that Sibel is referring to here.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm going to restate more gently what I said rather strongly in the previous comment.

Either Harman is the woman in question, or Sibel Edmonds said something factually wrong under oath.

Period. You have no other choice.

Anna Eshoo has been mentioned as another possible turncoat. But she is not now married, so she does not fit Edmonds' description. And she is still fighting for passage of the resolution.
By the way, luke -- I'm not the one who is "wedded" to Sibel's credibility. You are. If she spoke wrongly under oath, then so be it.

Either Jane was blackmailed or Sibel got it wrong. THERE IS NO THIRD CHOICE. NONE!
From Bradblog:

[CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION FROM EDMONDS, 4:26pm PT (7:26pm ET): After reviewing our coverage, Edmonds clarifies that she did not discuss the specific voting record of the Congresswoman in question discussed above, because she didn't, and still doesn't, know her record on that particular issue. As Krikorian's quote above may have been inadvertently misleading on that point, she wanted to correct that record. - BF]
I agree -I am 100% 'wedded' to Sibel's integrity.

I don't want to make his personal tho.

Harman is not the woman.

You should check your assumptions.
If Harman is not the woman, then Sibel is a liar.

The "voting record" thing is misleading, since the resolution has not gone to a vote.

If the alleged blackmail victim did not change her stance, then what was the point of the blackmail? And what would be the point of bringing it up?

I have to be honest. Right now, I am having a hard time avoiding the theory that Sibel Edmonds is a fraud. Frankly, that's what Larisa told me. (Since I have burned my bridges with Larisa, I can say that in public.)

Edmonds was a translator for four months in 2001-2002. The Armenian Genocide Resolution was introduced in 2007!!!!

Let's look again at Kirkpatrick's words:

"The context of the discussion was that this particular Representative was amenable to passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution. And then based on this 'hooking' operation, changed her position. She was reluctant to put this person's name on record."

Later, Kirkpatrick said that Sibel did not know about the woman's "voting record." But still, the context -- to use Kirkpatrick's word -- was the resolution. And there WAS no resolution in 2002.

Either Kirkpatrick really, really REALLY got it wrong -- or there is a serious problem with Edmonds' testimony.
I don't know if this is relevant or ameliorates the apparent contradiction - but the Armenian Genocide Resolution has a long history of being repeatedly reintroduced (and occasionally being voted on in committee) in the House and Senate.

This comment has been removed by the author.
I have to apologize. The name is Krikorian, not Kirkpatirck. I'm heavily multi-tasking here...
The Armenian Genocide Resolution Edmonds is referring to is the one struck down by Hasert in 2000, not the one introduced in 2007.

Next, Madame ? is not Jane Harman because Harman was not a member of the 106th Congress (1999-2001) when the resolution was introduced and in committee.

A simple search shows that there were 25 women democratic members of the House serving in the 106th Congress and still serving today. How hard would it be to find out which is Madame ?, that is, if Edmonds isn't lying.

Ok, I'll even give you a little head start. Of the 25 you can forget about McCarthy and Capps who were widows then and now, also dumb Baldwin who's gay, never been married or had kids.

That leaves 22. Good luck.
I believe Schakowsky is probably the one. I don't consider Wayne Madsen the most reliable journalist- some of the stuff he prints ends up being total bull- but I think he has been accurate in the Edmonds case. Also, Schakowsky is from Chicago, which was at the epicenter of the scandal. And her husband was involved in some financial scandal. Wasn't he indicted?

As for Edmonds being a 'fraud', don't believe it for a second. People like lukery and myself and others have known Sibel over email and blogs over the last few years, and it is clear that although, like anyone else, she is human and can make errors, she is definitely not lying or making any of her story up. The worst that could be said about Sibel is that some of her statements have been taken out of context by 9/11 conspiracy theorists and her name has come to be attached to ideas she did not endorse.
Here's my problem, Miguel -- and it's a factor that no-onw seems to have considered: If Schakowsky were blackmailed, then the blackmail threat would not have gone away. So why did she co-sponsor the most recent Armenian genocide resolution? How could a blackmail threat change her vote THEN but not NOW? It doesn't make sense.
It's Louise Slaughter of New York.

You may be right. I don't know for sure if it is Jan or not. Perhaps it is this Louise Slaughter.

I will clarify one issue for you. Most of the tapes Sibel translated were backdated. They were old tapes from 1996 to 2001. After 9/11, according to Sibel and the Vanity Fair article about her case, the FBI suspected many of the wiretapped conversations from Turkish counterintelligence investigations had been poorly or deliberately mistranslated and important clues overlooked. So Sibel was tasked with reviewing these older conversations. The 2000Armenian Genocide issue fell within the time period Sibel translated.
OK, so after hearing Brad on the Mike Malloy show tonight, my curiosity was piqued, so I did a little searching on-line...

My suspicion as to who the mystery woman in question is: Rep. Judy Biggert [R] (IL-13).

Here is how I came to my conclusion:
1) I went to "Women of Congress" to see all the women who are in congress today:
[93 women House/Senate]
{Sibel said she was in congress now, as of her testimony on the video - Aug, 8, 2009.}

2) I then went to "Open Congress" to see the records of those 93 women to see who was also in the 106th Congress:
[50 women House/Senate]
{This woman had to be in congress during Sibel's employment time with the FBI.}

3) I then went to "Contact the Congress" to get the bios of those 50 women to see which of those women had 4 children:
[5 women all in the House]
-Rep. Shelley Berkley [D] (NV-01)
-Rep. Judy Biggert [R] (IL-13)
-Rep. Mary Bono [R] (CA-45)
-Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D] (CA-34)
-Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D] (CA-06)
{Because, Sibel did say the woman had 4 children.}

4) I then did a google search for "Armenian Genocide Resolution" + 2001. What I found was, before there was H.Res.596, there was another resolution H.Res.398. What I also came across was a press release from "The Armenian National Committee of America" which talked specifically about this bill being strongly opposed by both Reps. Dan Burton [R-IN] & Tom Lantos [D-CA].
{If Sibel was talking so much about Burton & Lantos, well then this might be the resolution she was talking about.}

5) I then went to THOMAS - Library of Congress, and looked up 106th Congress, H. Res. 398 and looked at all the Co-sponsors of the bill to see if any of the 5 women above were listed:
[4 were co-sponsors, there was only 1 name missing - Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL-13)]|/bss/106search.html|

6) Now if you also think about it, Sibel talked a great deal about Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL-14). Hastert & Biggert's districts were right next to each other. And if you look at ANCA's report card on her it shows all of her positions on Armenian Genocide.

So, my guess is the "mystery woman" is Rep. Judy Biggert [R] (IL-13).
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