Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lefties who lie to themselves

(The following post is rather personal. This blog occasionally strays from politics on the weekends.)

The ascent of the Obama cult caused a lot of friendships to rupture, and those wounds will never heal. The wounds bled afresh over on Bradblog, where I ventured to discuss the Sibel Edmonds deposition.

Annoyingly, one of the voices praising Sibel to the hilt belonged to RAW Story editor Larisa Alexandrovna. (See also the lead piece on Larisa's blog, here.) I say "annoyingly," because -- as I shall document below -- Larisa once sang a rather different tune.

Am I telling stories out of school? Perhaps, but the matter goes to the credibility of a reporter who commands some respect on the left. Every time you see that woman's byline, remember that Larisa is a lying hypocrite with a memory that goes into rewrite when doing so conveniences her.

For example, she now claims that she was never an Obama cultist during the primaries, even though she makes the claim against the evidence of her own blog's archives. Granted, the worst Hillary-hate stuff was written by a co-author -- but Larisa would not deign to publish the other side of the story, or even to hint that there might be another side.

Larisa has posted some crap about me which demands refutation, point-by-point.
1). You and I don't talk. The two times that we did, it was because you needed work and I was trying to help you - silly me (lesson learned).
Actually, she and I spoke quite a few times, and she called me fairly often. I never asked her for help. I never would have accepted any help from her. I'm insulted by the suggestion that I would ever ask someone outside the family for aid. I have never sought to write for recompense -- a decision made out of pride or quirkiness, take your pick.

(Okay, there have been a few exceptions. I used to write ad copy. I've written scripts, as has everyone else in southern California, including convenience store clerks and guys from the gas company. But professional journalism always struck me as a depressing occupation. Hell -- these days, it's a racket. Maybe not always, but far too often.)

Larisa is the one who came to me for help. She was being stalked by a character she considered dangerous, and she wanted me to have copies of the emails, "just in case." I offered to confront the fellow directly. I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress, and Larisa plays that card expertly.
2). We did discuss Ms. Edmonds, but not in the manner you claim. I never said she was unreliable. Everything I said to you, I have said to Siebel herself during a period when we were having some issues, which we resolved.
An absolute fucking lie. I've rarely encountered a fib so brazen.

I remember that phone conversation well. It occurred shortly after I published this piece on January 7, 2008-- the very next day, if I recall correctly.

I was the one saying that I thought Edmonds was believable, an attitude which made Larisa volcanically angry. For a long, long time --- at least half an hour --- she argued that Sibel Edmonds had no credibility and was, in all likelihood, a fantasist.

Larisa also went off on Luke Ryland. According to Larisa, Sibel Edmonds had Ryland in some sort of thrall. Frankly, I was astonished at how vituperative Larisa was.

Her words had an impact on me, and the evidence is right there on my blog. Ever since that conversation, I've been reluctant to discuss Edmonds. I ignored or answered perfunctorily any communication from Luke Ryland. Also, I seem to recall mentioning to Brad Friedman that Larisa Alexandrovna had assessed Sibel Edmonds to be a fabulist.

Perhaps that assessment was projection...?
Don't invoke my name or claims about me for your own issues.
The invocation of names is what a priest does. Not my bag. I'm simply reporting what I was told.
Don't address me again. You know what I think of you. I really don't care what you think of me. So let's not engage each other at all. If you still feel you need to obsess over me as you have done with your insane rants, feel free to do so. But don't address me again. Hope I have made myself clear.
I'll address anyone I care to, at least rhetorically, and for any reason that seems good to me. And of course you will do likewise, Larisa, if and when you please. That is as it should be.

Larisa, you seem to be under the impression that you can make rules for other people. To be frank, that domineering aspect of your personality always rankled me. At one time, you would regularly write to me and "order" me to run a piece on this or that subject, with nary a "please" or a "thank you" in sight.

Well, fuck that shit. I don't take commands unless there's a check involved, and sometimes not even then.

As for obsession -- until yesterday, when have I mentioned you since breaking off all communication with you? When have I talked about you privately?

You were the one who pathetically kept writing to me, trying to be friends, even after I decided to cast all the Kool-Aid addicts out of my life. And don't claim otherwise: As you know, email has a way of sticking around.

(It'll be very cute to hear Larisa say "No such email exists -- and how dare he threaten to reveal a private communication?")

By the way, the afore-linked BradBlog thread has a note from Brad's associate "Agent 99," who is still pissed off at me because I won't let her lecture me on "the laws of physics." Oh ho. You know what that means. The CDers never give up, no matter how thoroughly they have been discredited.

(If ever I want a lecture on the laws of physics, I happen to know people who have studied, you know, physics.)

Brad, Larisa -- if you are comfortable romping through the playgrounds of Alex Jonesian wackiness, then by all means, go scamper off with your tranny pals. Have fun.

As for me: I'm where I want to be, and I'm happy with my audience these days. (Well, more or less; a few die-hard Lovers of the Lightbringer still send me hate mail.) In the old days, I grimaced and fumed nearly every time I looked at the reader commentary. Things have definitely improved: The CD nuts have been chased off, most of the Obots have gone elsewhere. I'm proud to have predicted that an Obama presidency would turn out to be just the sort of disappointment that it now so manifestly has become. Indeed, the last year's worth of Cannonfire fills me with a pride that rarely accompanied my previous writings.

Although I still haven't been able to top my April 1, 2006 entry...


Anonymous said...

I love it when someone says a bunch of shit via email and then publicly denies it (or lies about what they said) and then screams "private communication" when you offer to publish the emails in order to set the record straight.

Joseph Cannon said...

Indeed. Did I ever tell you the story about Stanley Kubrick's major domo?

One of these days, perhaps.

elliewyatt said...

Larisa is a bald-faced, world-class liar.

She lied through her teeth defending her pal ("I know him... I vouch for him") Brett Kimberlin, the "Speedway Bomber", the unrepentant serial bomber who placed eight bombs and cost a man his life (bomb planted in a school parking lot during a game), sentenced to 50 years in prison for the bombings, convicted of drug smuggling, impersonating a federal officer, perjury, illegal use of the Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Presidential seal.

He is a notorious con-man and liar and co-founder of Brad Friedman's Velvet Revolution. Brad calls him his partner.

Larisa lied repeatedly in this thread, and when her lies are shown as BS, she disappeared, as is her MO.

J said...

The identity of a yet unnamed (by Edmonds) House member was not revealed during the deposition. However, the Wayne Madson Report has learned from another informed source that it is Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), a strong supporter of AIPAC and Israel and a close political ally of President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.


donna darko said...

She sounds like a typical Failbot.

We were right about EVERYTHING! He really is Elmer Gantry.

Anonymous said...

I remember visiting Raw Story on a regular basis. But then sometime in early 2008 I watched their headlines turn into a nonstop stream of baseless rants against the Clinton campaign. They divested themselves of whatever credibility they had during the '08 election, and I can't help but feel that anyone who still associates with the site is similarly discredited.

Anonymous said...

"Brett Kimberlin was sentenced to fifty years after his convictions related to the distribution of marijuana and some bombings in Indiana.

some bombings?????????

Larissa defends and is friends with someone who did ..some bombings?????

And also impersonated a federal officer.....placed a bomb in a bag at a High School..where any child could have picked it up???????and a man did pick it up and lost his leg and two fingers.. And Larrissa is friends with this guy?????????? This Bret Kimberlin ?????who did the following.."illegal use of the Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Presidential seal, receipt of explosives, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana."

This man sounds like a home grown fact i would say without a doubt the guy is a terrorist...but what do I know???? The good Larissa is friends with him we should all ignore the fact that the guy is a terrorist..right????????

wow can it get any worse or more stupid??????and there are actually democrats that listen to this woman?????????


as per the above link..and a post on DU mentioned above......

Kimberlin is not some innocent college dope dealer who was shanghaied on a bombing charge because somehow the Feds knew he was selling pot to a future Vice President back in the early 70s. Whatever his secret settlements, they are not related to the crime for which he was originally convicted, the crime which raises my most serious concerns:

"Kimberlin was serving time for placing and detonating a series of explosive devices in Sept. 1978 in Speedway, Indiana. In the most serious incident, Kimberlin left a gym bag in the parking lot of the Speedway High School. Carl Delong picked up the bag and the explosives detonated, tearing off his lower right leg and two fingers. Delong's wife also suffered serious injury from bomb fragments. Kimberlin is also serving time for other offenses, including impersonating a federal officer, illegal use of the Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Presidential seal, receipt of explosives, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana." (per

Bob Harrison said...

Now I remember why I quit Raw Story during the campaign.

elliewyatt said...

Annonymous 1:37~

Did you catch that Kimberlin sued the widow of his victim for "violating his civil rights"?

Kimberlin was also suspected by police of, but not charged with involvement in the murder of the grandmother of a 13 year old girl that he'd been taking on 'camping trips' alone for a couple of years.

This guy has not 'turned over a new leaf', he is utterly unrepentant.

This is Brad's "my partner" and co-founder of Velvet Revolution.

elliewyatt said...

Annonymous 1:37~

"secret settlements" is complete BS by Kimberlin and Larisa.

Kimberlin got out of federal prison after serving roughly 15 years because of the federal sentencing guidelines in effect at that time. Once released, he violated parole, and was returned to prison for additional time.

"...convictions related to the distribution of marijuana..." He has admitted (bragged) of having smuggled massive quanities of drugs into the country piloting a small airplane.

Anonymous said...

You have the wrong Brett Kimberlin. The guy you are talking about is in Indiana, ,and he is now in real estate after having been released from prison. I heard he made millions of dollars after suing the government for false imprisonment and then got into real estate. The government let him go and told him not to tell anyone about how the government got the wrong guy. Everyone around here knows him -- he drives nice cars and has lots of property.

Anonymous said...

Zolodoco, you're absolutely correct re RAW Story. I stopped visiting their site when I realized they were just propagandists for O rather than interested in serious journalism. They've lost whatever credibility they once enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

With friends like Brett Kimberlin, who would need enemies? Do real journalists claim someone who would put a bomb on school property a "friend"?

This Larissa woman sounds off her rocker, and certainly not a journalist to claim this terrorist a "friend" and to vouch for him! Or not a legit journalist for sure. This sounds more like a black-opps ring!
That is truely frightening.I have High School children..and to think some so called online Journalist would put her name up as an associate with a known terrorist, is beyond words to me.Kids are online, and this woman is vouching for a known terrorist? I am really surprised at Brad of Brad Blog.I had no idea he had ties to this man.Well I am finished reading his web site and I will tell everyone I know about this!This is really appalling,and dangerous to me.

John Smart said...

Great stuff. I too am quite proud that I called the Obama mess from way out in the ether of early 2008. Refuses to support or vote for Obama is, in fact, one of my proudest adult moments.

As for the loopy loons - let em have it!

elliewyatt said...

Anonymous : 4:46 PM~

Larisa, is that you? That nonsense sure sounds like it.

Do some homework. Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution doesn't even argue that he is the guy sent to prison for drugs, bombings, etc.

Aside from VR, he is part of "Justice Through Music", a site targeted at youth. I don't know if it's still there, but for a very long time the top link was to a marijuana growing forum site. Why would a convicted felon drug smuggler direct youths to a site promoting an illegal activity? Getting kids into voting is good, but encouraging them in an activity that can send them to prison isn't.

Quit relying on what you "heard" and do some homework. He didn't make any money suing the government.

He did, however have a $1.6 million judgement against him by the widow of one of his victims. See if you can fiind out if he's paid it off.

Brad's bomber partner Kimberlin lives in Maryland.