Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daniel Hopsicker's Facebook encounter

If you come here often, you probably know that I dislike social networking sites, especially Facebook. So I was quite astonished to receive a Facebook invite from none other than Daniel Hopsicker, that exceptional and ornery independent investigator. Didn't he know that Facebook was founded by In-Q-Tel, a CIA cut-out?

His response (reprinted with permission) was addressed to all of his correspondents:
"Did I know that Facebook is a CIA op?" Well, no, I’m forced to admit, I didn't.

I didn’t know squat about Facebook, just that I was some time ago nudged by friends who are way more web 2.0-y than I am to join, so I did.

And then I clicked on something, and before I could dive for the plug on the computer “It” had sent a “friend” message to every name in my gmail account.

By mid-afternoon I knew a lot more about Facebook, in part courtesy a friend -- though not on Facebook! -- named Joe Cannon.

I learned that Facebook is a CIA-funded IN-Q-TEL startup… and I already knew a few things about IN-Q—TEL:

They funded a startup in 2000—a shell company that became the “vehicle” for a huge $40 million stock fraud called Skyway Communications—the company which 'just happened" to own a DC9 airliner busted in Mexico’s Yucatan carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine several years ago.

I’m told everyone involved agreed that this had been something of a faux pas.

In-Q-Tel and SkyWay’s partner in the current unpleasantness was a San Diego defense contractor, Titan Corp.(now L3) which had been the biggest backer of currently-imprisoned California Rep Randy ‘Boo-Hoo’ Cunningham.

Also: A bogus investment bank in Texas called Argyll Equity, in business with an accused drug trafficker in Mexico who is so big he owns railroads in the States (Jose Juan Segovia) and a more down to earth (but still big!) Garbage Guy from New Jersey, who got a billion dollars from WasteManagement, a tough company not known for even giving out the time of day for free.

Also involved are a passel of Saudi sheikhs and Gulf States Potentates with important-sounding appellations in front of their first names.

The reason I’m writing is to say sorry. All of these people now have your name.

Now that I have provided the CIA with every name in my gmail account -— and they didn’t even need to turn on the water! —- I’m taking the rest of the day off.

I’ll probably have a few drinks and maybe even get drunk, before the nighttime traffic begins to arrive with news of how many comrades have perished today in raids on now-compromised safe-houses, and all because I just wanted to not be the only person on Facebook who doesn’t have any friends.

And all I can think of to say to the widows at the funerals is, “I had no idea.”

But of course that won’t be much comfort.
Well, I can't understand why or how Facebook managed to access every address in Daniel's Gmail account. Neither can I understand why so many people invite that kind of nightmare into their lives. That said, the CIA hit squad has yet to arrive.

Then again, the dog did become a bit sick again last night. Perhaps there's a connection.

Daniel Hopsicker has a new blog, He's also being hit particularly hard by this recession. So if there's anything you can do to help, you could not find a worthier cause. (Yes, I know that many of you are tapped out right now, times being what they are.)

Incidentally, I have, in previous posts, added a bit to the investigation of Argyll. They have a biotech division which is behind a questionable cure for MS. It's a fascinating story -- one which involves a member of the Osmond family, believe it or not.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious.
For the laugh alone, he has earned support. Wish I had more than a few coins.

I have to admit that after years of turning my back on facebook and myspace for all the obvious privacy reasons, I relented and opened up a facebook account because they held the magic key to reaching many lost friends of years gone by.

I keep wondering, what am I doing supporting this crap and opening my life up to the whole world. Then I remember, if they want to know about me, they will find a way one way or another. Facebook is not the key. It just makes their job easier.

Besides, facebook seems to have had an eye on me for quite a while with loads of personal info - trying to seduce me into friending acquaintances long before I opened the account.

Just when I thought they would give up and move on to the next chick down the block, they would come back with another line. The only thing that really worked was a birthday- thinking about old friends I have not seen for years. oh well.

Now if I want, all my "friends" can wish me happy birthday with a bday reminder widget in Facebook. ack.'

Keep up the good work ...

lori said...

Facebook suggests that you permit them to rummage through your email, so that they can send out invites to all of your friends. If you punch yes on that, they go right through whatever email address that you give them.

Also, when you take the little quizzes that they have on FaceBook (which president are you? which of the seven dwarfs are you?, etc), they tell you that they must draw on your personal information to give you the best answer. Well, that's just silly.

I can tell you this. I have never clicked the link giving Facebook permission to send invites to all my friends in my email account, and still Facebook suggests that I befriend people that I've had a solitary email from.

I was looking for an antique bed last year, and several of the people that I contacted from Craig's List have been suggested as friends. One of them was Indian and so the same was easy to spot for what it was.

Mazoola said...

Heh. I'd finally concluded Hopsicker must've inadvertently submitted his address list to Facebook, but I'm glad to have that confirmed. Here's a slightly redacted excerpt from an email I sent mid-June to a few friends under the heading, "OK, Now I Am Officially Creeped Out." [Unfortunately, the first few paragraphs still apply.]

Typically I'm about the least-concerned person you can find when it comes to keeping my online and IRL lives separate. I figure I've blabbed so much on so many different fora in the 26 years I've been online that there's no conceivable way of sucking it all back in. I've tried to deal with the issue by attempting to be the same person in as many contexts as possible and letting the chips fall as they may. Still, while I haven't gone out of my way to obfuscate the link between "[real name]" and "Dr Mazoola," I've also not gone out of my way to make it an easy connection to make.

Accordingly, I was more than a little shocked yesterday to discover, while Googling "[real name]" (c'mon, you know you do it, too), a hit on Spock -- a specialist search engine of which I was previously unaware -- concentrates on people-oriented searches. Google found a Spock page for [a friend's real name] (known in our circles as "Traci from Tracy") that included "[real name]" as a person related to Traci, based on our being MySpace friends.

Now, publicly on MySpace I am and always have been "Mazoola" -- although I suppose an explicit search on my name will bring up Mazoola's page. The same goes for Friendster. However, searching Spock for "[real name]" brings up hits to MySpace, Friendster, and LinkedIn. Either Spock is doing a bang-up job of data mining... or their agreement with MySpace allows them access to real names -- which they then make public.

As if *that* wasn't enough, today I popped over to Facebook for some reason, and I noticed the "suggested friend" was Daniel Hopsicker. Now, I'm a Hopsicker fan from way back: I've bought his books, contributed to his legal fund, and corresponded with him about minor corrections or additional info I've found. I've promoted him on several sites, including BoingBoing. Figuring it wasn't surprising others in my Facebook community would also be fans, I clicked on "friend request." Only afterwards did it occur to me to see who he and I have as mutual friends.

No one.

So exactly *how* did Facebook make the connection between Hopsicker and I? Any answer I come up with frightens me.

Anonymous said...

Mazoola, I had a similar experience. I have suspicions that it has something to do with my emails or address book. I never authorized any mass email like Hopsicker, so I do not know how they could have gotten that association. I also do not have a GMail account so this is even more creepy. All my emails are sent from my private computer-all addresses are stored on my private hard drive.
It would be interesting to see if anyone could research/test this on a facebook account and limited address book with variable factors to prove the source of their data harvesting.

Tony B. said...

If you allow Facebook access to your email account, you allow them to know your password to said account. So, if he had work related contacts who want their identity secret they would be screwed. He's always been overly dramatic (understandable) but he probably has a right to be worried. Dumb thing to do. You would think he would have multiple email accounts just for this reason.

Speaking of Gmail, Google ain't so swell either...

Anonymous said...

For someone who makes fun of other people's conspiracies, you seem to find a few of your own!

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone that wants to be "sekrit" would bother emailing someone like Hopsicker with an account that is in their own name or even their own account. Some use other people's accounts etc.

And- besides, if "they" want the addresses, they obviously have them already if they are telling me who I should be "friends" with and never gave them access to my hard drive or my server pword. creepy

Anne said...

Sure the powers that be can get my info... that's all legal now . ...but I ain't giving it to them. I'd rather they have to pay someone for it. lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony B. I think Hopsicker was being sarcastic. But I guess some don't get his humor. He is verrrrry sarcastic most of the time.
I like the general approach-if you can't beat 'em mock 'em at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I too received an invitation from Daniel to join Facebook and have him as a friend. What happened next was a series of strange things that targetted my relationships with other people. To check it out it needs to personal be proven with each person to make sure their interest is real or not. The system provides this function but it can’t be trusted. What was learned included strange situations from day to day. Also some of the invitation email received disappear the following day while others remained. Why is that? And a friend told me they weren't involved with Facebook but appears to be involved. So you can be misrepresented. Who is putting someone in Facebook without them knowing about it and why? I even had another friend request that I add this person icon to my friend list when they weren’t involved.

I've posted about my link in a family for more than 26 years who are "CIA Assets" and directly involved in a World Drug distribution system with the CIA. They often talked about their CIA link and many of the strange stories from their CIA friends were always more than humorous.

The family:
Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

Clyde O'Connor is my ex-sister-in-law's brother. Her husband, is my ex-wife's brother and business partner with Clyde. They discussed starting the drug shipping business at my home in the early 90's. The family often bragged about being CIA Assets and nothing will touch them even if it involves murder. Please notice that neither of these people have been aprehended for criminal activities.

My own experience with the CIA insanity exceeds 12 years. This follows the start of the divorce and explains the tricks played with focusing on disrupting all social personal relationships. This includes any type of social relationship including; family, friends, groups and more. Their goal is to isolate you so you're alone. This has been going on in my life for more than 12 years. It cycles from being alone to developing a social life to seeing that distrupted and starting another, over and over again. Each time while in a social life, what surfaces are an ongoing parade of setups to cause trouble. There is proof of this but for another time....

The games or setups seem endless. They employ a full spectrum of snooping from snooping within the home, to my car and where I endup going to have fun. Comcast Cable boxes have cameras and microphones by design that snoop 24/7. The microphones can pick up a whisper 50 feet away. Don't mess around on the couch while watching TV because EVERYONE is watching you. They also have added technology to talk to computers that aren't connected to the internet. Even my small handheld computer without any com ports is snooped upon. Everything electronic is vulnerable. While a friend went out of state visiting family I learned the video players were messed up. They didn't work. The list of problems were endless. I performed extensive testing that suggests their electronics is manipulating them useless. Unplugging the power for two days made them work properly again. It was also learned that your neighbors cable box can affect your electronics as the reach on these boxes exceeds 150 feet.

I know from the family the proceeds from drug sales (Chicago's $100 million/week as an example) fund this behavior. There are many people of all ages involved. The groups run in gangs from a few to many more. Also it’s known they have supported the setups and murder of people.

We seen to be a gawking society. Since the focus is to disrupt someone's social life, Facebook is a GREAT TOOL. It makes sense why the CIA was involved from the beginning.

My Facebook experience for this week makes me wonder if I'll pull the plug or not. Usually with computers when everything works, it's a great experience. But this seems plagued with so many numerous problems that maybe not having it is a better idea.

There is a lot more to this for another time.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL