Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glaring daggers: Why I cannot do as Hillary asks

In Die Walküre, Brünnhilde faces a dilemma: In order to serve Wotan, she must disobey his expressed command. Many of us are in that position tonight. Hillary Clinton asked for unity -- but how can we unite with those who hate us?

Never -- NEVER before in my life have I ever been called a racist. Not until the rise of the Obots. They have called me that incessantly. I had to delete several such accusations this very day.

Unity? Not possible. Not after the insults I've had to endure.

Tonight, Hillary asked: "Were you in it for me?" Nope. This has nothing to do with Hillary: I was always lukewarm about her. This has everything to do with the monstrous supporters of Barack Obama. He's a compulsive liar, a Liberatrian disguised as a liberal, a Chicago pol guilty of the same corruptions that brought down Duke Cunningham. His cult of personality has alienated me from my own party and left me with no options.

Did you see Michelle Obama as Hillary spoke? She glared daggers. Her eyes radiated hatred. Her smile seemed broad and unforced only at the mention of Joe Biden's name -- after all, Biden was given the nod in the face of overwhelming pressure to choose the despised Hillary. (Word has it that Michelle muttered "I hate that bitch" while Hillary spoke.)

I finally understand.

All this time, for months, I've been under the impression that Clinton-hate was simply a cynical strategy adopted by the Obama contingent. Now I see the truth: Barack and Michelle Obama genuinely loathe the Clintons.

The Obamas really do see Bill Clinton as Bull Connor. The Obamas have projected all of their personal resentments onto a president who did more for African Americans than has any other since LBJ. Why? Precisely because Clinton did so much for African Americans.

The Obamas have never helped any black person whose last name is not Obama.
Deep down, they know this -- and their guilt forces them to try to convince themselves that Jeremiah Wright was right about Clinton's imaginary abuse of the black community.

To date, Michelle and Barack Obama have offered not one word of apology, not one hint of humility. They honestly think that they have done nothing to apologize for -- despite heading up the most vile, smear-filled campaign in the history of this nation.

They are arrogant, arrogant, ARROGANT.

And that goes triple for their online supporters.

Why the hell should I "unite" with people who refuse to apologize for spitting in my eye? Why do the Obots persist in the delusional belief that they can win hearts and minds by spewing insults?

From DU today, on Bill Clinton:
The world once revered the man.

Now he's acting like a spoiled brat. Or even worse, like the petulant Boy King himself.
He can't stand for it not to be about him. Even money on an ER visit or something to get a little attention that night.
This was published on Obama's site, and has yet to be removed (and you know they'd instantly remove a slighting remark about the Lightbringer):
Hillary Clinton is not interested in what is best for our country; she is interested in what is best for her. She is a self-serving bitch.
From an Obot web site:
Hey Bill:


Get the fuck over yourself....

Quit being a sore fucking loser about this and get your shit together. If your loser wife makes even the slightest fucking misstep during her speech tonight, or if you half-ass your way through your speech tomorrow ("Waaahhh, I don't wanna talk about national security!"), the both of you will be on the permanent shit list for the Democratic Party.
Heeeeeere's Kos:
most of the Speech's body so far is "me me me"
Fuck PUMA.
These self-defeating commenters will never admit that they created PUMA.
didn't like that line at all----making it seem like the whole convention voted for her---ugh.
mememememememememe so far, I'm hearing her same old campaign.

"Look at MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"
Compared to Michelle Hillary is failing horribly... its not connecting and it seems all this is about her platforms
Bill Clinton: MEEEE!!!! I RULE!!!!!
She isn't talking about Obama. She's talking about her campaign platform. I'm not thrilled either.
She lost, but she sounds like she's still running.
On the PUMAs:
There will always be nutjob idiots out there who refuse to listen to facts and reason.
Yep, being called "nutjobs" will make millions of people change their minds.
I don't want to hear ONE WORD of dissent from any Clinton delegates. Their arguments are crap after this speech.
Arrogance, arrogance, ARROGANCE.
A Hillary supporter, for 5 mins, on CNN, whining and crying about about Obamas lack of experience, and how he STILL needs to earn her vote! I've come to the conclusion, these folks are plain unbalanced! They don't need to be convinced, they need meds!
PUMAs are the main reason why Obama is falling behind in the polls. (The Biden "bounce" put McCain ahead -- and I don't blame Biden.) We are not numerically insignificant. If the Kossacks had any tactical sense, they would grovel to win the PUMAs back. They would APOLOGIZE for repeatedly telling the Clinton supporters to leave the party, APOLOGIZE for saying that Hillary Clinton was not a Democrat, APOLOGIZE for speaking of the "Clinton/Bush crime family."

They should apologize, but but they never will.

Why? Because they simply don't want to win the election. Progressives have always considered winning to be in bad taste; they prefer griping to governance. The existence of the PUMA movment gives them a grand excuse for Obama's upcoming failure.

Never forget: Markos Moulitsas, Josh Marshall and Arianna Huffington created the PUMA movement. Never forget: The bots have never shown any remorse for any of the smears they spread -- the NAFTA smear, the RFK smear, the racism smear, the "darkened video" smear. Despite being proven wrong time and again, no Obot has ever admitted error.

The bots demand unity. They don't plead for it: They DEMAND it, the way a king demands obeisance.

I don't like John McCain. I don't agree with most of his stances. But no John McCain supporter ever called me a racist. John McCain -- unlike Barack Obama -- does not radiate arrogance. And so far, John McCain has not run a smear campaign. He certainly managed to win his party's nomination without telling lies about his many opponents.

Would I forgive the Obots if they asked for forgiveness? No. Others might, but not me. Some insults run so deep that they can never be forgiven.

Let me remind you of that which we must never forget. Let me reprint the words that force us to disobey Hillary's request for unity:
if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.
Hillary is in this for her own personal power trip, and a sense of entitlement.
Hillary's gonna lose you feminazi cunts. Do the math, it's over.
Hillary is a liar and a cunt
They're all crazy cunts,taze them all!!!!!!
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT . . .

Yo! Cunt!
the Clinton's squirm and look like the reactionary idiots they are
it is really the Bush/Clinton crime family.
Serves you right for putting your faith in the Bush Clinton Crime Family.
Maybe if Huffington Post existed in 1992 and Americans, especially ALL Democrats were able to understand who and what you are and represent, you would never have become our President. You, sir, are unquestionably, A DOUCHEBAG and a criminal one at that.
Bush Clinton crime family must be eradicated.

8 years of being sold out by a DINO clinton is more than enough.

It has nothing to do with her being a woman, it has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with the clintonian, rovian campaign she ran and the damage she is still doing to the Democratic Party.
I thought Vince Foster was on the Clinton Body Count list
The Clinton death list

The following is a partial list of deaths of persons connected to President Clinton during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas and/or while President of the United States and thereafter. Read the list and judge for yourself...
The list begins with Barbara Olson, who was killed during 9/11. Implication: Clinton did it!
Poll question: Did Hillary Clinton murder Benzir Bhutto as some rival campaigns suggest?
The poll results: Of 38 respondents, 95% said that Clinton killed Bhutto; five percent said that she did not. Comments in that thread:
i think she needs to come clean on where the bodies are
The Vince Foster Issue Should Be Investigated Again. Clintons just showed that their ambitions know no limit.
The Clintons and their surrogates are sounding and acting more and more like the mafioso. Now I'm really beginning to question all that I used to defend about the clintons -- Vince Foster, Whitewater, etc etc etc....Vast right wing conspiracy?? Methinks not!
Unfortunately, very little if anything has been heard about the bizarre death of Vince Foster, Hillary’s sniper fire lie, and Whitewater
On Alternet:
Watch the 'The Clinton Chronicles', free on Google Video! A tale of cocaine Trafficing and murder in Arkansas!
Vince Foster, Vince Foster, Vince Foster
This is from Barack Obama's site.
McCain and Bill Clinton cut from the same mold!
Have you ever noticed how the Clinton's surround themselves with less than savory characters?
Oh, pul-LEEZE! Rezko, Blagojevich, Daley, Auchi, Ata, Ayers, Wright, Pfleger...
Does Hillary want to murder Obama? Probably not with her own two hands but one thing for sure: HILLARY WANTS BARACK OBAMA DEAD
Kay has a list of dead peoples somehow related to Clintons
Just like she dog whistled to all her racist friends in WV and KY
Has Hillary ever denouced the bigots who support her?
(That was a Kos headline.)
Her strategy is CLEARLY to try to amplify racial tensions so she can get more votes. Hillary = Palpatine.
Not voting for Hillary is blatantly sexist. But voting for her because you just won't vote for a black man is not racist at all. Didn't you get the memo?
Hillary is enabling racism which is why I could not vote for her. As a black person...it would be like voting for a Nazi sympathizer and apologist if I were a Jew. What amount of self-hatred would I have to have to do that?
That racist block is the constituency that is keeping her fight alive.
Barack is all about unity -- he talks about it all the time, so there's no question about whether he wants people who foster divisions associated with his campaign. The thing is, Barack doesn't SAY one thing and ACT in a way that doesn't fit what he said.
FISA, anyone? Campaign finance? The Goolsbee "back channel" to Canada on NAFTA? Has Mr. Unity been "single faced" on any issue?
Hillary proved that the White in American racism trumps the FEMaleness in Feminism.

When the dirty dealing 'sack Barack attack' was launched in New Hampshire and got shifted into high gear in OHIO, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton went fishing in the waters of the KKK and the Aryan nation's pool of most eligibles. Feminism and the Fem movement were the least thing on their Wealthy, White, Elitist, little minds.
President Elect Obama dose not need Hillary's Help
Many of her later votes were Rush Limbaugh fans. Others were people voting for her simply because she was white. She played on both of these to the maximum extent possible.
Her complicite votes, her silence, Her Campaign tactics all point to the fact they are nothing more then covert operatives for the Corps. Once I pulled Up a List of DLC members, I was able to decipher their coded agenda.... Honestly the Clintons cause me as much concern as do the Neo Cons.Their allegiences are the Same and their under handed tactics come from the same playbook (because they are One in the Same).
She certainly has not been acting like a Democrat. Neither has her husband. I do think she'll try to pull a Lieberman.
Hillary's supporters are not needed by Obama. He'll have enough votes without them. Those fat old poor white women can go pound salt.
Yes, please join Rush and McCain asap. The train has left. Catch it.

...Message to the base: stay home.
We can win without them - but only by realizing what is actually at stake, and redoubling our own efforts for grassroots fundraising, volunteering, and being steadfast about our candidate, and our campaign.
"Do you believe Obama can become President without the votes of folks who support Hillary?"

good riddance. You *should* leave the party. And people like you.
good riddance to bad trash, as granny would say.
The numbers of hysterical, crazed old females who have emotionally latched on to Hillary is simply a phenomenon that can't be denied. I don't know what is causing this but it's REAL and can't be swept under the rug. There's a BIG bunch of unhinged, old white females, far beyond self-embarrassment, who are acting like screeching Hags for Hill.
Obama does not have a white problem, he has a backwater inbred ignorant racist appalachian hillbilly problem. And we can win without them.
As for their “threats” not to vote for Obama; I say good rithens. Not only do I not care if these people come around to support Obama or not, I would rather these vile, narrow minded, perpetrators of hate associated with the Democratic party, or Barack Obama.
I say F*ck 'Em. If they want to split the party and go their own way then more power to them. We don't need their sour grapes. Maybe the Puma's shouldn't be in the party anymore.
Good bye, good luck, and good riddance.
Good riddance. I'd prefer working on winning back the greens.
We can win without them, and we ought to! These are the same voters (perhaps a generation removed) that Nixon's southern strategy, and Reagan announcement speech in philidelphia mississippi declaring a "return to local control", were dog-whistles too...
These people are not Democrats they are Hillacrats. So I encourage them to vote McCain b/c with party members who are loyal to their candidate first and party second especially when that candidate has done as much as HRC and especially when that opponent is a Republican. We are better off without them, and I could care less who doesn't agree.
Who cares if older white women stay home? Got news for you. With the coalition Obama has put together we can win without them.
If they are complicit in assassination tallk by their candidate, who the hell wants their votes in the first place. We can win without them. I suspect not that many will go for McCain as they threaten with a new found power they think they have and if they do, the next book out will be entitled: What Is The Matter With Feminists?
LEAVE the party and form your own party. I think that a third of the Hillary supporters will either leave the party or stay home in November which is, in the final analysis, good for the Democratic Party because it will “purge” the party of the fetters of conservatism/negativism that keeps the party in disarray.
Hillary was never more than Bush in a dress, and her supporters were never more than the George Wallace / Joe Lieberman wing of the Party with a large dash of untreated menopausal psychosis.
It's not about his supporters reaching out or being kind. Hopefully, we can win without them by making sure that we register as many new voters as possible..
What would be the point of kissing azz for some old hags/bigots? Again, they will not vote for him under any circumstance. He can win without them!!
Let’s let this voting bloc leave the party once and for all.
we can win without them. I think Obama puts the Dems in that position.
I don't see a "conspiracy theory" at all, just a nascent campaign to narrow party definition - the beginnings of a purge that some people would cheer.
Obama will win AR, FL, MS, NC, and many other states in the South. That’s a fact. He can win states Hillary cannot when all those ‘agents of intolerance’ stay home.
Hillary supporters, needless Democrats.
We don't need Hillary's supporters! They can go on and vote for McCain!

I agree.

NO UNITY -- AND NO FORGIVENESS. No matter what Hillary says. NO FORGIVENESS.


CognitiveDissonance said...

Thank you, Joseph. You've expressed how I feel perfectly, and itemized the smears of Obama's psychopathic supporters. I'm glad you are archiving them. At some point, I'm sure they'll scrub their sites and pretend it never happened. Probably right after Obama's landslide loss in November. But I won't forget. And neither will the many thousands of PUMA's who were assaulted by these vile thugs.

Anonymous said...

A good a compendium as any that I've seen on why the PUMA movement came into being. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just fnished weeping over this:-


and now I've started again. I was - am, a strong Hillary supporter and I think I will be for the rest of my life - silly you say? It's okay.

Anonymous said...

Damn! What a post?

Thanks Joseph for compacting so much anti-Hillary hate into such a concise expose'.

Never would I even consider aligning myself with Obama's insanely vitriolic supporters.

Like you, no apologies, no lamenting, no discourse, could ever change my mind. It is done, it is over, I am resolute.

They are atypical to everything I stand for, and what I thought the Democratic party stood for.

Again like you, this primary season has been the first time in my life that I have ever been called a racist, a bigot, etc.

Ironically, I became heavily involved in the civil rights movement in the 60s, and served as excutive director of a very active, successful, award-winning, Southern civil rights organization thru the 70s.

It is mind boggling that the Obama campaign, and its surrogates, have managed to negate and minimize the impact of real racism, or bigotry, through their idiotic, and unintelligent overuse, and misuse, of the terms.

They have set racial harmony, and present day attempts to identify and root out true racism, back years. Oh, the inanity of it all.

Thanks again for an excellent post.

Perry Logan said...

Clinton haters are the scum of the earth.

delilahboyd said...

First, they said they didn't need me.

Now, they're telling me: "The beatings will continue until your attitude improves."

Pure D Stupid.

Twilight said...

I agree with just about everything you've said, Joseph. BUT - can we allow a gang of twisted Obama supporters to blind us to the very serious need in this country? A need that only a Democratic government is likely to fill ? Even with Obama as President, with a strong Democratic congress so much can be done to help those people so badly in need due to Bush's years in office.

It's quite likely we'll get a Republican government anyway, the way the wind seems to be blowing, but I don't want to feel that I did anything to assist in bringing another 4 years of Hell to the USA.

It's not about us, or how we feel, just because some ignorant Onama supporters called us and Hillary Clinton obscene names.

It's about the state of the country and the planet. If we assist in letting in another Republican government, we'll help to endanger not only the USA, but the planet we live on. The Republicans won't do enough about climate change, they won't address poverty, or health care.

It's not about us! It's not about Obama's idiotic vile supporters.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, Air America Radio is running with Eleanor Smeal's attack on PUMAS. C.I. has a piece called "Eleanor's Smear" this morning and I want to recommend that.

I laughed at the "Me Me Me" comments you put up from Kos but mainly because that's a comic about Michelle this morning


Anonymous said...

How could you stand to wade through all that sewage?

I could barely stand to skim the stuff you posted, I'm sure there was lots more you left out.

I hope you have all your shots.

I think the comment threads you waded through will provide years of research material for historians, political scientists, and studies of abnormal psychology.

Bughtt said...

When I clicked on the link to the site containing the Fock you post to Bill, it was not an Obama site. It was a site for young guys with sports and political commentary, that was rough and ready and rude.

Why do you think Obama started that site or has any editorial control over it?

If you want to know who has been dissing the Clintons since the 1980's Google : Richard Mellon Scaife and the Arkansas Project