Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dem fever—catch it!

Jen here...

A migraine prevented me from really "enjoying" the first day of the convention, but what I saw seemed like a badly-choreographed game show.  Here's what I got out of the bits I watched:

Despite his recent lapses in judgment, I was happy to see Ted Kennedy up and around.  He looks pretty good for a guy battling a GBM.

Caroline Kennedy looked wiped out.

Howard Dean was trying his best, but...methinks even he is having a hard time spinning this mess.

That's about it.  I wasn't expecting much, but—very disappointing so far.


Perry Logan said...

I just can't bring myself to watch members of a ruined party feigning enthusiasm for The Suckiest Candidate Ever™.

OTE admin said...

It's hard to watch. Ted Kennedy was good, however. You'd never think he was battling a life-threatening illness.

Michelle Obama was something else. She made sure she told people she was proud of her country and said "God bless America" at the end of her remarks.

Twilight said...

Much as I don't like to admit it, I thought Michelle Obama was the best speaker last night, by far.

Ted Kennedy was impressive, given the circumstances.

Claire McCaskill got up my nose, as did Nancy Pelosi. Obama's sister seemed nice and spoke well, I couldn't work out why either she or Michelle's brother were relevant to the proceedings - too much, much too much!

It was nice to have a quick glimpse of Dennis Kucinich, and a few words from him to an interviewer. He's speaking tonight, early, I think.

All in all, though, much ado about nothing, but interesting to me, as a newcomer to all this stuff.

Anonymous said...

i was expecting better, dissapointing indeed. :(

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Anonymous said...

Cynical me, I just saw Michelle Obama as a smart person carefully coached and choreographed to project an image. Just another image trick by the artisans of deception running the Obama campaign.

Anonymous said...


Kucinich can really whip up a frenzied speech! That was certainly stirring.


Anonymous said...

Hillary just gave a very powerful speech -- every inch the President.

Historians will wonder, what was the Democratic leadership thinking?

We are sooo screwed.


Anonymous said...

"Cynical me, I just saw Michelle Obama as a smart person carefully coached and choreographed to project an image. Just another image trick by the artisans of deception running the Obama campaign."

On what planet are you living on ? Do you think the beer heiress will not be coached and choreographed to project an image too ? What are you comparing Michelle too, former potential first lady or just an unreachable goal ?

We're talking about one of the most powerful job in the world, do you think they would improvise and go "ad lib" in front of millions ? If she was not coached, you would be arguing that she was not prepared enough. Politicians and their entourage have been coached by professionals since TV has been the most important tool in US elections. Hillary Clinton was "coached" in the same way for Bill's elections...

What the anti-Obama bigots are doing is too easy, there's no way for him to win against your absolute ideals in a relative world. Anyway, when you're not happy, you move the goal post. Listening to the PUMA (apart from their fake whitey tape, their fake COLB scandal, their fake "He is a muslime" smear, their fake "Indonesian school registration form" scandal), Obama is mostly guilty of being a politician (like if McCain or Hillary were not politicians with their own flaws!)

You can view whatever you want in someone, it's really your choice... some people are still able to view Bush as a saint and some people view Obama with the same religious fervor, like others view Hillary as the virgin Mary. Worse, some people consider the owner of his blog to still have intellectual integrity or honesty. So I can imagine some people are able to see Obama as the anti-christ who has now also charmed the poor Hillary with his dark powers (she's always the poor victim of someone anyway).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, may I kindly suggest that you just get over it.

I have! No angst, no vitriole, no ad-hominems, no unity, no Obama.

Life is good, as I wait to cast my personally owned vote in Nov.

Hopefully, at some point you will be able to find such inner peace. Good luck to you.