Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Three buildings fell, and a fifth column arose

Now that the comments are turned off, I can write freely. The aficionados of controlled demolitions (CDers, or "trannies" as I derisively call them) take over any blog mentioning 9/11 in any context -- which is why non-tranny progressive bloggers shy away from any discussion of those events. Alas, that policy means that the issues raised in such works as Welcome to Terrorland and 9/11: Press for Truth or the 9/11 Timeline become marginalized.

Every time a tranny documentary is debunked, a new one comes along. For a while, the trannies indignantly told their critics: "Why are you talking about In Plane Sight? You should be talking about Loose Change!" For the point-by-point rebuttal to that load of nonsense, see the counter-film Screw Loose Change; I have a link on the right hand side of this page. Thus, we later heard: "Why are you talking about Loose Change? You should be talking about 9/11 Mysteries!"

Here is the counter-argument to that film: Screw 911 Mysteries. I feel that this rebuttal takes a few low blows and contains some dull sections, as well as a number of irritating misspellings. But this presentation also makes many, many valid points.

Of course, we will soon hear: "Why are you talking about 9/11 Mysteries? You should be talking about..." And so it goes.

If you prefer reading to watching, this book-length guide presents a clear and well-written discussion of the film. It is more than that: the 9/11 Mysteries Viewer’s Guide represents a good first step for anyone who wants to clear away the nonsense and lies spread by the tranny cultists. This work is written to a very high standard. Read it and you will start to understand that these cultists have made their mark through sheer aggression, not through an appeal to fact.

As I call it: "Better science through bullying."

These cultists, like the cultists who oppose Darwin, rely on the kind of irrational appeals ("If you don't agree with us, you must believe every word George Bush says!") that hucksters always use to fleece the naive. Thus, the trannies convince people that the twin towers fell due to internal explosions, even thought the collapses began at the point of impact. No film of an actual controlled demolition resembles what occurred on 9/11, and not a single expert in controlled demolitions -- anywhere in the world -- endorses the idea.

Like the holocaust deniers, the leading trannies know damn well that they are lying. That's why they have engaged in wholesale quote fabrication. That's why they never show photographic evidence of the massive damage visible on the north side of World Trade Center 7. That's why they continue to misquote Larry Silverstein. That's why they never mention either the inherently unstable transfer truss design of that building or the massive fuel caches within. That's why they never quote those who reported that the building was swaying and 'about to go" before it actually fell.

As we learn at the beginning of the video embedded above, the original film 911 Mysteries is based on the work of Eric Hufschmid, a Holocaust denier. Most of the leading figures within the tranny movement trace back to the fringe right: Alex Jones, who bleats every long-discredited John Birch Society cliche; David Icke, who translates those cliches into British argot and adds alien lizard creatures; Chris Bollyn, a Holocaust revisionist associated with what became of Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby (Carto, if you don't know about him, used to give lectures in halls bedecked with swastikas); Jeff Rense, still another Holocaust revisionist; Jim Marrs, Holocaust revisionist and author of the right-wing crackpot classic Rule by Secrecy, and Professor Steven Jones, a Mormon Republican "scientist" who has expressed his doubts about evolution.

Yet many within the progressive community -- younger people, whose enthusiasm exceeds their IQs (or so their writing style would testify) -- have bought into these far-right lies. I have been fascinated by American fringe movements since the early 1970s (in other words, since before most trannies were born), and in my estimation, the tranny cult represents the most successful penetration and subversion of the left by the right in American political history.

The cult has proven so successful that the tranny movement is erroneously considered liberal or progressive. In fact, the leading progressives want nothing to do with it.

There are many problems with the official accounts of 9/11. Alas, the well-funded tranny cult prevents any serious discussion of those issues: Most progressives refuse to discuss the events of that day, for the same reason most people prefer not to meet the gaze of any LaRouchies and Scientologists hawking their wares on a college campus. Make no mistake: This is precisely why the right has invested so much money in the tranny movement.

By injecting pseudoscience into the progressive community, the trannies have functioned as good friends to George Bush and the neocons. Three buildings fell -- and a fifth column arose.

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