Saturday, March 24, 2007

Worship of the Golden Ass

If you've not seen this clip previously, prepare for some shocking imagery. "Christians" speaking in tongues teach an auditorium filled with brainwashed youngsters to worship a life-sized image of George W. Bush. And when I say "worship," I mean that literally.
That clip is from the movie "Jesus Camp". which was originally nominated for an academy award, but was withdrawn at the last minute. Did you not have the feeling that you could have been in a time warp into nazi Germany in the late 1930's? I recomend checking out for more insight into the Dominionists theory. If you are a liberal Christian you should check out to help wipe out this cancer that is eating away at this country. If you think this will not affect your religious denomination you better guess again. This is something that, that if they ever take full control of this country, will meanthe end of freedom of religion.
You don't have to be a "liberal Christian" to get the chills from watching that video. I think many conservatives from more mainstream faiths do not really understand what goes on in some fundamentalist churches-- and how profoundly irrational some of their practices are.
Exodus 20:3 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Exodus 20:5 "Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God..."

Seems pretty evident from the clip that the reverence and homage these kids bestow upon Fearless Leader should, by all rights, give their god a slight case of angst and jealousy. These kids are worshiping a graven image... and they are being told that what they are doing is right. I feel sorry for these kids when they will have to enter the real world... or try to get into any other University other than Bob Jones.

Ms. Vandal.
Fuckin' zombies.
sofla said...

This cannot be accurately characterized as 'worshipping' Bush.

It is rather a call for the children to ask God to bless Bush, as the leader clearly says.

And that kind of thing is common in churches. In an Episcopalian church I attended, the priest would take time to ask God's blessing or support for various public figures, and named parishioners who were ill, and the congregation would answer in a rote fashion in chorus, something like 'bless them, Oh Lord, we pray!' Some outsider might find that exercise frightening or fascistic, like brainwashing, but it is an honorable tradition in entirely non-evangelical orthodox Christian denominations.

It is bizarre to bring in an effigy for such a blessing invocation, sure. And the endorsement of Bush as someone with spirit filled men all around him as appointees (haha) goes well beyond praying for our leaders to do well with God's guidance. It gets close to a forced hero worship propaganda effort, or achieves it.

But even hero worship so-called isn't really worship, nor were these children called to worship Bush, nor did they.

It's no use getting hysterical to fight hysteria. And the characterization of these proceedings as worshiping Bush is hysteria, in my view.
sofla, it IS Bush-worship.

They just know that it is doctrinally forbidden to call it that. So the leaders of this group would, if pressed, be sure to use the phrase "blessing" as opposed to "worship."

But that is mere semantics.

Step back and take an objective view -- an anthropological view, if you will. What these kids do with that image of Bush is no different than worship of graven images in ancient times.
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