Thursday, November 16, 2006

Terror island: The FBI discovers Atta's pal

Ever hear of Kiribati? Probably not. Yet this tiny Pacific island nation deserves your attention, for it is the most recent home of a mystery man named Wolfgang Bohringer -- a German pilot associated with Mohammed Atta.

Bohringer came to Fanning Island (part of the Kiribati chain -- incidentally, the name is pronounced "Kiribas") to set up a flight training school. He planned to specialize in training for the DC3, an old warhorse of an aircraft much favored by smugglers.

His choice of location naturally led many to wonder what sort of individual would travel to such a remote locale just to learn how to fly. Fanning Island does not have an airstrip, and does not possess much in the way of modern infrastructure.

The FBI learned of Bohringer's presence on the island. Cognizant of his links to Mohammed Atta, the Bureau put out a "terror alert" for the German, who immediately left the island the way he arraived -- on his yacht. No-one knows his present location. But we do know that he's on no ordinary yacht:
On his yacht, the “Argos,” Bohringer was carrying a chest filled with “stacks of brand new hundred dollar bills, more money that I have ever seen in my life,” wrote one local resident.

Like his former boss, Bohringer is no slouch in the passport department...Aboard Wolfgang's yacht were passports from a half-dozen nations, and a cache of firearms, including a Glock. He claimed to be an arms dealer, and acknowledged his involvement with Eastern European Mobsters.
From ABC News online:
Kiribati President Anote Tong met him [Bohringer] and discussed the proposal, which struck him at the time as too good to be true.

"You've got to be quite wary of very, very good proposals," he said.

"The temptation is there to go ahead but as a matter of procedure all investors are checked out.

"We received information that maybe there was a little more to the proposal than there might appear to be."
News accounts have not reported the likely source of President Tong's information: Daniel Hopsicker.

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The intrepid Daniel Hopsicker has been tracking Bohringer for some time -- ever since Amanda Keller (Atta's girlfriend, although she has recently tried to retract the claim) described the Atta/Bohringer relationship. The two men were so close that Atta referred to the German as "my brother." When Hopsicker learned of Bohringer's presence on Fanning Island, officials became aware of the well-heeled newcomer's odd history.

Apparently, Bohringer has confessed to Fanning Island natives that he knew Atta, although he has denied involvement with the 9/11 plot.

Mohammed Atta is hardly the only noteworthy Bohringer acquaintance. Wolfgang Bohringer was the personal pilot to Czech organized crime figure Victor Kozeny -- a.k.a. the "Pirate of Prague." A character straight out of Brosnan-era James Bond movie, Kozeny thinks big: He once attempted to gain control, via massive bribery, of the Azerbaijan state-run oil company.

The FBI is after Kozeny as well:
Kozeny is the subject of investigations by the FBI and US Customs, and was recently charged in the U.S. with stealing $182 million dollars by the Manhattan District Attorney. Bohringer moved to Atlanta to began a position as corporate pilot in February 1, 2001, according to his online bio, for a software company called HBOC. No doubt it is just a coincidence, or dashed bad luck, but Bohringer's new employer was involved in a major accounting scandal that cost shareholders $9 billion of lost value in a single day. ‘HBOC was found to be a mob bust-out,’ a financial analyst emailed us. Kozeny, we were shocked to discover, had at some point in the mid-90's controlled one-third of the entire Czechoslovakian economy. ‘Kozeny bought factories and 'rides' on pipelines, meaning they crossed land he owned and paid big for the privilege.
(Note: I've yet to discover this online biography, and I've not confirmed the details of the almost incredible claims involving HBOC.)

Once again, we see further evidence for the theory that the great hidden secret of 9/11 involves drug and crime networks -- networks which appear to have received sanction from various governments.
Your comments on Kozeny were not entirely accurate. The "pirate of prague" did use bribery as a tool to try and grease the wheels of Azeri bureaucracy/kleptocracy, but they Azeris knew enough to rip him off and all his investors, foremost of which I would suggest were several important US hedge funds.

What he was trying to do in Azerbaijan was roughly speaking legal. How he tried to do it, and how he treated his investors was not.

However what he did to the Czech economy via the privatisation voucher scam was pretty damn reprehensible.

Of course no one cared that Czechs want him in jail. They only cared when he started ripping off American rich people via the huge parties he held in his Aspen chalet, offering to cut them into his Azeri deal.

Hey ho. I could have sworn he was still in a Bahamaian jail.
"the great hidden secret of 9/11 involves drug and crime networks" -that reminds me that on 9/11 Powell had to fly home from Colombia. At the time I thought: Some peolple who blow things up love symbolisim. Could there be a connection???
you're an idiot haha this is the dumbest theory
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