Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Skyway: Mind-blowing!

I hope you recall Skyway, the fake company run by Brent Kovar. After this phony firm bilked investors out of millions, defense contractor Titan (the largest contributor to Randy "Duke" Cunningham) announced a partnership with the company. A short while later, Skyway's jet was discovered on the tarmac in Mexico, loaded up with a quarter-billion dollars' worth of cocaine.

Daniel Hopsicker hasn't written up his latest findings in the Skyway/Titan case yet, but he has described his research in a remarkable interview. Click here and here -- and trust me, if you have followed this story at all, you will want to hear this.

I haven't the time to summarize his findings, but here is the major bombshell: The original owner of Skyway was a man named Michael Farkas -- a bigwig in the American branch of the Kach party . Kach, which is banned in Israel, represents Meyer Kahane's shotgun wedding between Zionism and Fascism.

I did a little googling to double-check Hopsicker's statement, and stumbled across this gem:
One of the major share holders of Sky Way Holding is Michael D. Farkas. Farkas is involved in the surveillance technology world. Farkas had a share in I-incubator (the former Master Communications), of which Mastertel Inc was a subsidiary. Mastertel Inc became and finally Sky Way Communications. Another company related to Farkas is Security Intelligence Technology (formerly/also Hipstyle, CCS Communications Control Systems International, Counter spy shops, This company has genuine surveillance and security technology, and some people involved are well known names from the field. CCS VP and sales representative for Latin-American countries Mena(c)hem Cohen was arrested in 2002 together with a Boris Zubatyy and Cesar Gonzalo Cordova for attempting to illegally export a passive wiretap system to Colombia.

Farkas was listed in 2005 as president of Manhigut USA. This is the US branch of the Israeli Manhigut Yehudit which was founded by Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett. Shmuel Sackett is a loyal follower of Meir Kahane the founder of JDL and it's political wing the Kach party. Mahane's JDL and Kach are banned in Israel but it more or less continued as the 'ultra nationalist right'-labeled organization named 'Zu/Zo Artzeinu', which was also founded by Shmuel Sackett and Moshe Feiglin, officially claiming to use peaceful means in contrast to it's ideological predecessor. In the 90s Zu Artzeinu opposed the Oslo peace accords through civil disobedience. Nowadays Manhigut is fund-raising for example for Gush Katif, the radical settlers trying to resist the Gaza withdrawal last year.

Farkas' Manhigut associate Shmuel Sackett who grew-up in the US and worked at Wall Street is ''raising millions for Feiglin in the US''. Sackett was JDL member in the 70s and holds residence in Woodmere, NY and Karnei Shamron, Israel.
Interestingly, Skyway also had major Arab investors. At the end, Titan dumped a lot of dough into the firm.

What the hell is going on...?

(Those of you wondering how Israel manages to stay afloat financially, even after the collapse of that nation's tourist trade, may want to contemplate the fate of the coke plane...)

A couple of other items:

1. The drug plane had a sister aircraft owned by known CIA front companies.

2. Makram Chams -- the strange Lebanese man who, when he was in Venice, Florida, was witnessed interacting in mysterious ways with Mohammed Atta -- went to work for Titan, and later sued the firm. Hopsicker was able to confirm that the "Titan" Chams and the "Atta" Chams are one and the same.

There's more. You gotta hear what Hopsicker has to say...

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DrewL said...

Just now listening to the second half of the interview. Intereting stuff. Amazing how all of this links together.

Why no serious "mainstream" media or investigative journalism attention to this stuff? Is it being kiboshed by the corporate media titans? Very discouraging, to say the least, that little attention is being paid to things that have enormously far-reaching implications.