Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cronkite? Walter freaking CRONKITE?

According to Drudge, Walter Cronkite just opined that Karl Rove jiggered up the most recent video "calling card" from Osama Bin Laden. This has to be the, and I mean THE most bizarre statement of this bizarre political season. I thought only the wildest of the bloggers -- such as yours truly -- would allow themselves to consider such a possibility. Does anyone else recall when Cronkite was the point man among Warren Commission defenders?
I heard cronkite say that on Larry King last night, and I was just as shocked. Larry completed glossed over it.
I personally think Rove et al are capable of doing anything they can get away with but I heard Cronkite on the LKS and I have to say it sounded like a pretty facetious comment. This isn't to say that it wasn't a fake OBL on the video.

There is an interesting dynamic in play that I haven't begun tp grok yet but as more and more blogs are investigating and posting exposes it seems to become easier and easier for the powers that be to promulgate and maintain the big lie, passing off the 'exposed' truth as just so much paranoia. As Woody Allen said "I may be paranoid but that doesn't mean you aren't out to get me". Where will it end?
"Larry completed glossed over it."

Larry King -- 40,000 interviews -- and he still SUCKS!!!
I saw the comment. It was a joke people! Some people have no sense of humour. I think he was trying to say that Rove couldn't have done better, since this will obviously benefit Bush. Remember, Bush is the best thing that ever happened to Bin Laden. He's just returning the favour.
I agree on the "returning the favor" theory. The whole new Bin Laden thing convinced me to write my first post in English on my weblog: Osama the Morning Star.
I saw the Larry King interview and it seemed like Walter Cronkite was having some memory/cognition problems. Twice he forgot the year of the last election and Larry had to prompt him. It was sad to see -- at times he seemed like the old Walter, providing cogent analysis, but at other times he seemed to be a bit confused.
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