Monday, May 31, 2004

Another Berg mystery!

Well, folks are starting to pay attention to the mysterious Aziz Al Taee, Nick Berg's Iraqi business partner. You will recall that Aziz was the same guy with connections to the criminal underworld and to right-wing hate groups like GOPUSA and the Freepers (who targeted Berg's father).

I re-read one key story on Aziz and came across this fascinating nugget:
In interviews with several news organizations in Baghdad, Aziz claimed he may have been the last friend to speak with Berg before his kidnapping and beheading by terrorists possibly linked to the al Qaeda network. The radio-tower contractor had come back to Baghdad after a 13-day detainment in Mosul, only to disappear again on April 10...

Aziz said that on April 10 Berg "surprised me by calling me at 9 or 10, to say that he found some friend to travel with to Jordan." Berg said he was en route, but Aziz doesn't know who he was with or what kind of vehicle they were driving. "He said they were nice people. I told him to have a nice trip."
Just who were these "nice people," I wonder?

This is no small matter. Whoever these "nice people" are, they would be the only ones who could tell the story of Berg's re-capture by terrorists (if that is, in fact, what occurred on April 10). Why haven't they stepped forward?

Why did Berg trust them to drive him to Jordan, when he previously told American officials that he did not believe that the military could escort him in safety to the airport?

If these "friends" really did exist, we can logically presume one of three scenarios:

1. Like Berg, they were captured -- in which case, we would probably know of their disappearance.

2. They escaped the fate Berg met -- in which case, they would have come forward to tell us what happened to Nicholas Berg.

3. They participated in Berg's capture.

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