Saturday, May 29, 2004

Osama sez: "Vote Bush!"

The RNC party line holds that Osama Bin Laden doesn't want W to keep his current gig. That's why (according to the right-wing flacks) Al Qaeda plans a "big event" this summer: They want John Kerry to become president.

Never mind the fact that another terror attack would give Bush a hammerlock on the job. Never mind the fact that if not for 9/11, W would be the least-popular president in the history of the office.

This GOP propaganda point has stirred up much debate, but no-one has mentioned one little-noted counter-fact. In the only election-related communication from an (alleged) Al Qaeda source, the terrorists cast their vote for Bush. Why? Because they think he's an idiot, and therefore more likely to do things that make Osama look good. Things like, y'know, invading a Muslim country in order to steal the oil.

Of course, that missive came from those puckish rascals at the Abu Mafs Al-Masri brigades -- a putative Al Qaeda affiliate group which, so far as anyone knows, consists of or one or two guys with internet access.

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Anonymous said...

OK, well, Osama himself came out yesterday and basically gave his endorsement of John Kerry for prez, so your theory is completely wrong (as all thinking people knew anyway...) This is also why there have been daily bombings in Iraq. Better there than over here!