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Monday, January 16, 2017


My record for predictions has been pretty good recently. I apologize for that. Here's another prophecy: When the Trumpified intelligence community issues a report on Russian hacking, the results will expand upon the claims made in this Alex Jones video.

Not that I've actually seen the video at the other end of the link. If there's one thing I cannot abide, it's the voice of the King of the Fake News -- or, to use my preferred term, Red Journalism.

(We've already seen Trump and his cultists try to appropriate the phrase "fake news." They can't do the same with "red journalism." I trust that most of you caught the reference to the heyday of Hearst. Trump's favorite film is "Citizen Kane," so I'm sure he won't complain.)

These are the last few days of sanity. Savor them. Tick tick tick tick. In four days, the barking, slavering, rabid dogs of Hell with snap their tethers. Imagine the worst: It will be worse than that.

By the way: If you ask me, the best thing that can happen is Trump kicking the press out of the White House. Journalists sell their souls for access. Cut off all hope of access, and we may get journalism with soul. 
I don't like this silence from the Clinton camp on what's going on right now. If this another variation of the hight road fiasco, we all know how that turned out.
Your recent predictions have been accurate?

Since i've started reading you joseph what predictions have been accurate?

Every few days your on to the next not mentioning the past-lol
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why is Christopher Steele in hiding?

Donald Trump's statements always reveal more than he intends.

On the "golden" dossier, he said that they were put together by a "failed spy afraid of being sued." Let's try to squeeze as much juice as we can get out of those six words.

First: What we've learned about Steele indicates that he was no failure, certainly not in the sense that we can call Trump a failed casino operator. When you research Steele, you keep running into the adjective "respected."

Second, and more importantly: What is the deeper meaning behind that remark about "being sued"? The dossier was prepared not by one man but by a company called Orbis, which has a regular address (11 Grosvenor Gardens, London). If Trump wants to sue, he can have someone go there and serve papers; he doesn't need to meet with Steele personally. Lots of people have sued Trump without serving him personally. (Lots and LOTS of people.)

So why did Trump say those words? The answer is obvious: He felt obligated to explain away the fact that Steele went into hiding.

The obvious answer leads to an obvious question: Why did Trump feel obligated to explain away the fact that Steele went into hiding? The wicked man flees when no man pursueth, and the wicked president-elect explains matters that he really ought not address.

Steele's partner was clearly terrified when he revealed that Steele had vanished. This man is not afraid of a lawsuit -- he's afraid for his life.

I think that someone said something to him. A threat. A warning.

Let me repeat: Trump always reveals more than he intends in his statements. He felt obliged to give a false reason for Steele's disappearance. Why?

At this point, let's have a little background...
Although the report credited to Mr Steele has been dismissed by its subject as “phony”, “lies”, and “fake news”, those who know him have given positive accounts of his earlier work.

One form Foreign Office official who said he had known Mr Steele for 25 years told The Guardian his former colleague was not the type to pass on false information.

“The idea his work is fake or a cowboy operation is false, completely untrue. Chris is an experienced and highly regarded professional. He’s not the sort of person who will simply pass on gossip,” the official said.

“If he puts something in a report, he believes there’s sufficient credibility in it for it to be worth considering. Chris is a very straight guy. He could not have survived in the job he was in if he had been prone to flights of fancy or doing things in an ill-considered way.”

After being outed as the author of the damaging dossier, Mr Steele is believed to have fled his Surrey home, and is said to be fearing for his safety, concerned about Russia’s reaction.
There's more on Steele here, in a piece by "Nigel West." This is a pen name for Rupert Allason, a conservative member of parliament who often writes on spooky stuff. (His book A Thread of Deceit is a must-read expose of various WWII espionage myths.) He is himself a controversial figure, so caveat lector and all that. Still, Allason has remarkable contacts, and when it comes to a "secret squirrel" like Steele, we need all the information we can get.
Steele is a man with a mission. He has excellent contacts within the Russian émigré community in London, and remains understandably bitter that very soon after his premature resignation one of the agents for whom he had responsibility as case officer, Sasha Litvinenko, was murdered in London on direct orders from the Kremlin.
He was Litvenenko's case officer? Huh!
Case officers inevitably develop relationships of trust with their assets and Steele lectured on the complex issues involved when he ran SIS’s Intelligence Officers’ New Entry Course (IONEC) at the training establishment in Gosport. IONEC graduates are taught not to “fall in love” with their agents but, contrary to the movies, few ever experience the trauma of an assassination.
One of the things Allason is trying to do here is to establish Steele's professionalism.
It may be that Donald Trump was honey-trapped in his Ritz Carlton suite, and he would hardly have been the first western diplomat, businessman or politician to have succumbed. A British, Norwegian and Canadian ambassador have been so entrapped. So was the first CIA officer sent to the Moscow embassy and, famously, an unrepentant French attaché asked for extra copies when he was the victim of a blackmail attempt by a KGB officer threatening to publish compromising photos. Another, less defiant Frenchman, shot himself to avoid the anticipated disgrace.

However sinister a view is taken of the ubiquitous Russian security and intelligence apparatus, and however ruthless Putin’s administration, the evidence in Steele’s dossier amounts to pretty thin gruel, with some confusion over the precise roles played by Source D and Source E, who switch roles midway through the series of reports. Sloppy drafting or suspicious inconsistency? Intelligence analysts are taught not to trim their sails to suit their paymasters, but this may indeed be the exception.
"Switch roles"? I'm not sure what Allason is talking about. Maybe I should re-read.

As I've stated in a previous post, this dossier is not finished intelligence and was never meant for public consumption. An assessment of the various sources would be conducted separately. That assessment would have to be kept very close, and perhaps not even written down, for the simple reason that any such document would reveal the sources.

We should also keep in mind that the 36 pages available to us at present are not the full and complete thing-in-itself.

It seems increasingly likely that the dossier was leaked by John McCain, who received it from British diplomat Andrew Wood. I suspect but cannot prove that Wood contacted McCain because "Source E" worked on McCain's 2008 campaign.

As noted earlier, I was told by an informant that Source E is Boris Epshteyn, the Russian emeigre who is Trump's inauguration chief and friend to his son. (In his most recent tweet, Epshteyn still brags about the fact that Jennifer Holliday is scheduled to perform. I presume he already knows the bad news.)

I probably should have mentioned in my previous post that Epshteyn is married to a Google executive. Maybe I should think about moving off the Blogger platform. (Any suggestions? I would prefer a free host located in the UK, if such a thing exists.) (Come to think of it, now that I've turned against Putin in a big way, it may be time to look for a replacement for Yandex.)

So here's an interesting poser: How could Litvenenko's case officer ingratiate himself with Boris Epshteyn?

If "Source E" has FSB contacts, then is it not possible that they recognized Litvenenko's case officer?

Steele's reaction to Litvinenko's death goes a long ways toward explaining why Steele felt so passionately about the Trump/Putin relationship that he "worked for free."
Glenn Simpson, a former investigative reporter with the Wall Street Journal, reportedly felt the same way about Steele’s findings and joined him in his unprofitable crusade, according to people familiar with the matter.

Simpson — who runs the Washington, D.C.-based Fusion GPS — was contracted by some of Trump’s Republican opponents in September 2015 and sources said he and Steele began working together last July.
The Daily Mail says that Fusion GPS was the firm which hired Orbis. Note: That article is a pro-Trump hit piece which slams the Orbis dossier as "discredited." Not true. It hasn't been verified, but it has not been discredited; there's a difference.

How widespread is kompromat? In the preceding post, I said -- half in jest -- that the FSB probably has compiled blackmail information on Republican members of Congress in order to make sure that they stay compliant. That's not as fanciful a notion as some may think. Take a gander at this Guardian piece on the use of kompromat in British politics...
A former Foreign Office minister has claimed that senior British politicians are being targeted by the Kremlin for potentially compromising details about their private lives that might be used to discredit them.

The Labour MP, Chris Bryant, a former minister for Europe and ex-chair of the all-party parliamentary group for Russia, said he had been a victim of such tactics himself, and was “absolutely certain” that high-profile government figures such as the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, and the international trade secretary, Liam Fox, will have been investigated by individuals linked to Russia or employed directly by Moscow.
Bryant, former shadow leader of the Commons until resigning last June, said technological advances made it far easier for enemies to acquire personal information. “You can do a lot of the work by long distance now, you don’t physically have to be close to somebody to be able to track them, using their mobile phones and so on,” he said.
Here's the truly frightening thing: The FSB will outsource the work.
London-based businessman Bill Browder, whose company was one of the biggest foreign investors in Russia before his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was arrested and died in police custody after exposing a tax fraud worth more than £144m, said he was aware of other former British intelligence agents who had been hired to gather kompromat, compromising material that is intended to be used against someone.

“British companies are being hired to do the work of Russia’s FSB security service. They are collecting sensitive financial and personal information about London-based enemies of the regime as well as spilling the beans on national security and UK foreign policy,” said Browder.
Need I make the obvious point? If they're doing it in the UK, then you know full well that they are doing it here. Putin needs to keep Trump in power. Putin hopes to destroy NATO and to bring the former constituent states of the USSR back into the fold, and Trump has given every signal that he is willing to go along with that program.
Maybe I should re-read the thing also (Marcy refers her reader to Cannonfire for the text), but I'll assume that it's not the sources (D and E) that get switched midway, but the funders of the project who switch (from GOP to DEM), and I'll assume that the silly author isn't confused but intends to sow confusion.

Do we now have three men without a country: Assange, Snowden, and Steele?

Would anyone say I'm wrong if I believe that Trump stayed up late in the 1980's listening to Larry King on the radio? He talks just like Larry King, folks, I mean it, take it from me.

We are so bereft without the unashamed biased reportage of Izzy Stone (print), Howard Cosell (TV), and Paul Harvey (a.m. radio).

i think it's more likely he's hiding from Putin.
I'm wondering if Chaffetz is compromised. He's acting very strangely.
I'm wondering if Chaffetz is compromised. He's acting very strangely.

Good point, OldCoastie.

Remember that the RNC was also hacked--but Wikileaks was always leaking things related to Clinton and the DNC. That no one in the media asked, "Hey, where's the GOP stuff?" is telling.

Perhaps not all in the GOP are compromised, but it's clear that Ol' Yellow Stain and his inner circle are. Never forget that the media felt it was necessary to run after emails instead of look at the blockbuster that was in their possession.

@Amelie: Do we now have three men without a country: Assange, Snowden, and Steele? Interesting point, but unlike the first two, Steele has honor and integrity and isn't beholden to Putin--or Ol' Yellow Stain.
I don't believe for one moment that the recent former head of MI6's Russian desk, who ran IONEC (according to Rupert Allason anyway), and who had been Alexander Litvinenko's case officer, worked pro bono running agents gathering information suggesting that a strong contender for the US Presidency was a ~KGB asset.

Who is he hiding from? From everyone who wants to ask this supposed private-sector operator any questions, probably. The two questions that come to mind are these: "Mr Steele, did you write these documents?" and "Are the published versions altered in any way from what you wrote?"

Then there's the question of who redacted them.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Something's coming

For a brief period last night, my previous post -- the one identifying Boris Epshteyn as "Source E" in the Orbis dossier -- attracted a fair amount of attention. To my astonishment, the response was actually....nice. People thanked me and said pleasant things. As I wrote to several friends: "This is still the internet, isn't it?"

Why does Trump praise Putin? Slate asks: "If Trump isn't colluding with Russia, why does he act as if he is?" Damned good question. But let's go further: If Trump IS colluding with Russia, why does he act as if he is? From the standpoint of pure Machiavellian strategy, he should be badmouthing Putin, at least on occasion.

What's more, Putin -- an old spook who knows how the world works -- should have instructed Trump to say something anti-Putin. As things stand, the Russia factor plays no small role in Trump's plummeting popularity. So why can't Trump ameliorate the situation with a bit of insincere rhetoric?

The most frightening thing Trump has said recently was his promise to have a report out within 90 days on Russian hacking. You know damned well that he intends to transform the intelligence community into a kennel of trained dogs. Any report produced by a Trumpified intelligence community will blame all the world's ills on the Clintons or on another political opponent.

Mark my words: Trump is going to issue a report which accuses Clinton of dirty dealings with Russia. These half-truths and strained arguments will be expanded upon in very imaginative ways by the usual fake newsers.

In the Dubya years, intelligence was fixed around policy. In the Donald administration, intelligence will serve Trump's various vendettas and power-plays. The CIA will be about as reliable as InfoWars.

Hell, why not just go all the way and nominate Alex Jones as DNI?

Blowing up America. We forget how the little-known and little-liked Vladimir Putin achieved his stranglehold on power: There were a series of apartment bombings in Russia, which Putin's government blamed on Chechen terrorists, although nearly everyone outside of Russia suspects the FSB.

In one instance, FSB agents were seen actually planting the devices; when caught, the government came up with a ludicrous story about "a training exercise." In another case, a Putin ally made a speech decrying a specific bombing; unfortunately, the explosion went off two days later. Talk about jumping the gun!

I fully expect Donald Trump to resort to similar tactics. Of course, Alex Jones and his companions will not scream "False flag!" Right-wing conspiracy buffs spew those words as a matter of routine whenever tragedy ocurs -- but you can bet your last nickle that they won't offer such theories against Der Trumpenfuehrer.

In a sense, Donnie has no choice but to secure his hold on power with a series of Putin-esque false flags. Even before he takes the oath, Trump is on track to become the most despised president in history. His impeachable crimes are already blatant, and Paul Ryan would just as soon work with Mike Pence to achieve the dream of transforming America into Libertarian "paradise."

(On the other hand, I imagine that Putin and Trump are gathering all sorts of kompromat on every Republican in the House and Senate, just to keep 'em in line. Have they ever stayed in a Trump hotel? Smile! You're on Candid Camera!)

I may have already mentioned my primary suspicion about what will soon hit us: A "small" nuclear event in Chicago, in the area of Trump's tower on the river. This will be the American equivalent of the FSB apartment bombings.

There is also some indication that another false flag event has been planned for Russia itself. Check out this ultra-right fake news outlet:
This is a real quote from Mr. Putin himself.

“I Swear if they Bomb Russia, in Half an Hour Every Muslim Will Die”

Like him or hate him, he places the safety of his people above all else and is not ruled by political correctness.
"The safety of his people"? As when the FSB were caught planting bombs in apartments?

Something's coming, folks, and it's going to be both frenzied and grim. Trump and Putin know that they need to whip up a whirlwind of activity in order to silence opposition. We are poised to enter a time of madness.

John Lewis. I'm sure you already know the story: The revered John Lewis said that he considered Trump illegitimate. After a dramatic period of silence, our tweet-happy nitwit of a PEOTUS finally sent a nasty response, even though anyone with any political smarts would have advised him to keep his damned trap shut. Trump said that Lewis represents a crime-infested district, which is absolutely not true: Georgia's Fifth District is actually quite lovely. Just because Lewis is black doesn't mean that he hails from a hell-hole.

Worse, he accused Lewis of being "all talk" and no action. John Lewis? Seriously? When he was a Freedom Rider, he and his compatriots were subjected to nearly unbelievable violence. Meanwhile, Donald Trump evaded Vietnam by claiming that his foot hurt. (It got better.) Then he became a landlord who refused to rent to black people.

Bangin' away in Russia. Trump countered the watersportsgate allegations by claiming that he knows that hotels have hidden cameras, and thus he remains on his best behavior when abroad. The counterargument: Trump probably learned that lesson the hard way.

The shpritz-at-the-Ritz incident occurred (we are told) in 2013, but Putin had his eye on Trump long before. This GQ story is but one of many describing how Trump used to brag about his sexual escapades in Mother Russia...
But yesterday, in an unearthed interview from The Howard Stern Show in 2001, we were given a small reason to believe that the intelligence report was on to something. Trump and a gossip columnist named A. J. Benza got into an argument on the air in which Benza revealed something Trump had bragged to him about.
You may recognize Benza as the guy who hosted Hollywood Mysteries & Scandals, which was a terrific show. Benza is quoted as saying of Trump: "He used to call me when I was a columnist and say, “I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there.”

So there's an excellent chance that Putin "had something" on Der Donald way back then.

Most people know that Putin was this odd, nearly-unknown KGB guy who somehow rose to power under Yeltsin. But not enough people are asking: How did that happen? Evidence suggests that Putin scrambled into power by acquiring kompromat -- blackmail material. He was Mr. Videotape.

GQ gives the example of Yury Skuratov, who was investigating the crimes of Boris Yeltsin. Then a certain videotape appeared of Skuratov with a couple of hookers; he had to resign. The man who came up with that tape was none other than Vladimir Putin.

It's very likely that Putin had similar material on Yeltsin himself.

If Benza is right -- and I'm sure he is -- then Trump's escapades with those girls with "no morals" were captured for posterity. Vladimir probably still plays the tape from time to time. As LBJ used to say: "Never trust a man unless you got his pecker in your pocket." Donnie's pecker has been in Vladimir's pocket for a long, long time -- perhaps for the last twenty years.

If you want to know what Trump has planned, just watch these documentaries on Putin. Vlad provided the playbook.

“I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there.”

Funny enough, Joseph...that sounds similar to what Matt Taibbi said back in the early 00s when he was in Russia.

And yes, Trump has a lot of f**king nerve going after John Lewis. Lewis is a true hero and has more integrity and courage in his pinkie than Trump and the entire GOP have in their bodies.

But you know who also attacked John Lewis some months back? The Bernie-bros, upset that Lewis had questioned where their King had been during the Civil Rights movement. They even called Lewis a "sellout".

(BTW, not trying to re-litigate the primaries here. Just pointing out a bit of info.)

Marc, if there is any place on the internet where an anti-Berniebro should feel comfortable re-litigating the primaries, this is it. Hell, I'm still re-litigating 2008.)
People should never forget that after 911 Tony Blair heralded the agreement to share intelligence with Russia by comparing the 911 attacks in the US to the apartment bombings in Moscow.

The message?

Here it is:

"We've got far more in common with each other than we have with those whom we bomb to shreds on our own respective territories. Let's help each other in our lies, to our mutual advantage."

Tip: watch Boris Johnson, the British foreign secretary. He was accused of being an apologist for Putin during the Brexit campaign; then just as suddenly, that line of criticism was squashed.

The ~KGB has many ears at Oxford University. That's where many of the filthy rich in Russia started finding it so easy to place their entitled sons and daughters after about 1990. (The Chinese filthy rich prefer Cambridge.)

Today the news is that

"Senior politicians like Boris Johnson are being targeted by the Kremlin for potentially compromising details about their private lives that could be used against them, a former Foreign Office minister has claimed."

"Mr Bryant told The Observer: 'Any minister who goes into the Foreign Office and has responsibility for Russia, they (Moscow) will be, in any shape or form, trying to put together information about them.'"

"'I am absolutely certain that Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Alan Duncan, who has the Russia brief, and David Davis will have been absolutely looked at.'"

Mr "Absolutely" - "Europe Minister" in the last Labour government and not exactly "A" List - strikes again, uttering these banalities. Foreign services and intelligence agencies do their job. Well what a surprise! Who would have guessed it?

He's obviously reading a script.

What are we being prepared for?
"Hell, I'm still re-litigating 2008"

That explains a lot.
Funny enough, Marc McKenzie, I just saw a comment in a thread yesterday that asked: 'whatever happened to Matt Taibbi? I used to adore him, but now he's.... changed.'

An interesting juxtaposition.

I'm surprised to give kudos to Sen. Marco Rubio for his questioning of Tillerson. When Tillerson demurred from saying Putin was a war criminal, Sen. Rubio described the kinds of weapons Putin used against the civilian Chechnyans. Cluster bombs, napalm, and thermobaric (fuel-air) explosives. The later can create blast pressures equal to atomic weapons.

We can only hope if Trump follows the Putin model, someone like a SecDef Matthis will restrain his weaponry, at least.

Since I've had the same thought as Joseph here, I have rented living quarters outside the country two weeks ago.


First of -Putin is a thug and a kgb killer.

However he's still the head of a country with Nucleur weapons that can actually reach USA.

What i really suspect is Trump wants 2 things from Putin.

1. He wants Russia to destroy Isis. Putin would have no qualms killing civilians to do it.
2. He wants to use Russia as an ally against China-whom Trump hates even more.

Getting along with Putin and thinking he's a good guy are 2 different things

Some time ago I read about the discovery of an internet server associated with the Trump campaign, which was used exclusively for communications with Russia. When Trump's people were questioned about this situation, the server went silent. Did I read this here?

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Watersportsgate: Did Trump's inauguration czar "leak" Donnie's dirty secret?

The Orbis dossier continues to have fascinating repercussions -- for example, we have just learned that the Senate Intelligence Committee will now hold hearings into Trump's Russian ties. Don't let anyone try to convince you that this decision is unrelated to the dossier.

The preceding post on "Watersportsgate" inspired a couple of informants to send me interesting leads. In fact, they may be bombshells.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS POST. You won't find this information anywhere else. Only widespread discussion can generate verification.

As everyone now knows, the report containing the "golden shower" allegation originated with a private intelligence-gathering firm called Orbis, run by a respected former MI6 agent named Christopher Steele. Orbis caters to high-powered corporate clients. In that world, a private intelligence firm simply cannot stay in business if the product is sloppy or mendacious.

No-one can fairly claim that the dossier was put together for purposes of propaganda, for the simple reason that the text was never meant for public consumption. Buzzfeed put the dossier online only after learning that the American intelligence community was taking these claims very seriously -- seriously enough to brief both Obama and Trump.

Everyone is talking about those 36 pages, but few have actually read them (even though I went to the trouble of putting the whole lot through OCR; scroll down a couple of posts). Those who have bothered to read this material know that the true source for the "golden shower" story is not CNN -- not Buzzfeed -- and, ultimately, not even Orbis. Orbis got the story from three separate sources, labeled Source D, Source E and Source F.

Source D appears to be someone who works for Trump. Source F is someone who works for the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow.

The "big fish" in this barrel is Source E: He not only confirmed the watersports "kompromat" claim, he also spilled many another bean. In fact, I would say that those other beans are the truly important ones.

Writers for the Washington Post -- who have apparently seen an unredacted version of the dossier -- identified Source E as a Russian emigre who is very close to Donald Trump. But so far, no-one has given you a name.

Until now.

An anonymous informant tells me that Source E is Boris Epshteyn, the man who is running Trump's inauguration. As you may have heard, his job has not been an easy one. During the campaign, Epshteyn -- an investment banker born in the former USSR -- was often seen on cable television, defending Trump at every turn.

You are probably wondering: How can I be sure of this identification, since I have only one anonymous informant? In truth, I'm not certain -- not 100%. But the claim certainly seemed very plausible after I checked out Epshteyn's Wikipedia page and looked up this NYT biographical sketch.

Everything fits. EVERYTHING.

He's a Russian emigre. He knows Moscow very well. (Source E knew Source F, who works at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.) He's extremely close to Trump. He got "in" with the campaign via a relationship with Trump's son.
In October 2013, Epshteyn helped moderate an investment event "Invest in Moscow!" The panel was composed mainly of Moscow city government officials, like Sergey Cheremin, a city minister who heads Moscow’s foreign economic and international relations department.
In the Orbis dossier, Source E's special area of knowledge seems to be investment in Russia.

Epshteyn got his start in Republican politics as part of the 2008 John McCain campaign. McCain has played an intriguing role in the saga of the Orbis dossier. The story at the other end of that link makes a lot more sense if you posit that McCain has a pretty good idea as to who was feeding information to Orbis.
Published reports conflict about how, when and from whom McCain learned about and obtained the memos.

In a story published late Wednesday on its website, the New York Times reported, without attribution, that McCain caught wind of the anti-Trump memos and got copies last month from David J. Kramer of Arizona State University's McCain Institute for International Leadership.

That would contradict other published accounts, including one Tuesday in the Guardian, which reported McCain "was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied state" and "dispatched an emissary overseas to meet the source."

CNN reported Tuesday that McCain learned about the dossier from "a former British diplomat who had been posted in Moscow."
The Guardian now identifies the intermediary as Sir Andrew Wood.

Why would a high-level British official contact McCain? Perhaps the UK wanted background information on the man we know as Source E. Perhaps they knew that McCain was in a position to divulge that kind of information.

Intriguingly, Ephsteyn is married to a Google executive. His Twitter feed has been very sparse of late, and contains no reference to the controversy generated by the Orbis dossier.

If Ephsteyn is Source E, then we may fairly presume that the joint intelligence task force investigating these claims went to the FISA court specifically to get permission to eavesdrop electronically on Boris Ephsteyn. Remember: Permission is needed only if the target is an American.

Permission was finally granted in October. I have no idea what the intelligence "haul" might have been.

And that's not all folks! Another anonymous informant sent me an astonishing link to a certain Google document marked "private." This document gives details of more than 200 companies in Russia that can be linked to Donald Trump.

Remember, Trump says he has no business dealings in Russia.

I suggest that you download this document right now; I have no idea how long it will be online. As for its credibility and accuracy -- well, in my opinion, this can be determined only after a large number of people start doing research. Could it be a hoax? Possibly. But if so, it is unlike any other hoax I've ever seen.

Boris Epshteyn was one of Trump's most prominent surrogates, second only to Kellyann. He was on TV so much, one wonders how he even had the time to read the daily talking points memo. He lied so remorselessly and concocted such audacious, fanciful excuses for the candidate, it made me ill to listen to him and I had to switch the channel.

If this turns out to be true, I wonder how CNN and MSNBC will feel about giving so much air time to a Russian double-spy. (I don't watch Fox.)
You've probably seen this:
"Trump: I assume A.J.’s clean. I hope he’s clean.
Benza: Meanwhile, he bangs Russian people…
Stern: Russian people?
Trump: Who are you talking about, Russian people, A.J.? I don’t know anything.
Benza: He used to call me when I was a columnist and say, “I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there.” [Trump’s] out of his mind."

Not sure if you've seen this:
(thread on Rosneft sale)
October 18 memo notes: "offered PAGE/TRUMP's associates the brokerage of up to a 19 per cent (privatised) stake in Rosneft".
On December 7, Russia sold a 19.5% stake in Rosneft.
I'll note that most people seem to be interpreting "the brokerage of" as the full amount, but it seems to me that it could be just the opportunity to handle the sale; some kickback.
Also, ancillary to that.
Thanks, Joseph, for your view. Certainly more than I can figure out.

Truly jaw-dropping.
Thank you for your excellent investigation and journalism, and thank you for making this visible on Democratic Underground.
Astounding. Any sense of why Epshteyn would have talked? In the face of his rabid advocacy, what would his motive be?
Why am I after reading all of the stories on Trump's shower videos reminded of the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tapes that never materialized?
It would be funny if the videos were real and I would love to watch republican (and pro-Trump news media) heads explode, but I have my doubts.
"Calamari"? By any chance, do you work for the Koch-topus?

I was in the thick of the Whitey tape imbroglio and found out the hard way that the whole thing was the concoction of some GOP dirty tricksters. But I also consider myself something of an expert on political hoaxing -- I even wrote about half a book on the subject, a couple of chapters of which have appeared in this blog.

All I can say is, I've never seen a hoax like this. Most of them are lazy and contain obvious tells.

Your problem, Mike, is you think that the "pee" allegation is IT. You have to read the rest of that dossier.

Also, I must repeat: Orbis catered to some high-powered clients. You should chekc out the world of private intelligence firms (and not just Orbis). You simply don't last in that business if you peddle a bunch of crap. Reputation is everything.
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THAT dossier: Follow-up

I let the previous post stay up a couple of days because I wanted to give people a chance to read THAT dossier beyond the first few pages. There is much more in there beyond the watersports allegation. You know: Treason, bribery, kickbacks. Stuff like that.

Alas, you can't get people to care about such matters. Everyone in this country goes crazy whenever the talk turns to wee-wee issues. 

Matthews. A couple of days ago, I heard Chris Matthews blather on about this dossier, even though he clearly has not read it. He said that it was filled with salacious allegations.

Nope. It isn't. Not if you define "salacious" as "having to do with sex." Aside from the brief Ritz Carlton episode, most of this dossier is about money and intelligence.

Matthews also said repeatedly that the CIA had officially defined those 36 pages as "disinformation." Balderdash.

And even if someone at CIA had used that term, the label would be wrong -- and yes, I would be cheeky enough to repeat that statement to Brennan or Clapper. What's more, I'd win the argument.

Words have definitions. Too many people use the label "disinformation" without understanding it. "Disinformation" is not a word you should feel free to toss at any claim you happen to dislike or to doubt.

Disinformation is the cunning admixture of truth and untruth by an adversarial intelligence agency.

(At least, that's the definition I was given a couple of decades ago. Perhaps the meaning of the word has evolved over time.)

If you say that this dossier is "disinformation," then I must ask you: Which adversarial intelligence agency is involved?

Is Matthews alleging that the Russian FSB created this dossier? A ridiculous idea. It was created by Orbis, a private firm founded by a respected former member of the British intelligence establishment. Chris Matthews is using the word "disinformation" without regard for its meaning.

Am I saying that the dossier is accurate in all of its parts? No. Too many people have made the mistake of viewing this dossier in journalistic terms. It's not journalism; it's raw intelligence.

Every intelligence service produces raw intelligence of this sort all the damned time. Agents go into the field, they make contacts, they file reports: Source A says this, Source B says that, Source C says the other thing.

Analysts go over these reports and come to conclusions about the reliability of the various sources -- a process best accomplished by those who know the real names and histories of the sources. An analyst may suggest that Souce A is 70% reliable and Source B is 40% reliable. Analysis also correlates HUMINT (human intelligence) with SIGINT (signals intelligence, such as electronic eavesdropping).

What the analysts produce is finished intelligence.

That's how it works, folks. This is the process on which every major nation relies in order to learn about the rest of the world. For obvious reasons (such as lack of access to SIGINT), a private intelligence firm cannot hope to produce the kind of finished intelligence one would expect from MI6 or CIA.

Killing the messenger. In their discussion of this issue, pundits have become lost in an otiose game of "kill the messenger."

For example, Trump accused CNN of peddling fake news. Hardly! CNN simply reported -- accurately -- that the intelligence community had discussed this dossier with Trump.

Trump also blamed the intelligence community for leaking this dossier. They did no such thing. Journalists got hold of the thing months ago; I'm stunned that they did not release it before the election. You know damned well that they would have done so if the target were named Clinton.

In the weeks leading up to the election, we would occasionally hear reporters make vague references to the Orbis dossier. David Corn did so, and even confirmed Christopher Steele's bona fides with his intelligence sources. I recall hearing guests on CNN and MSNBC discuss how Putin lost faith in Trump after Team Trump insulted a gold star family. That revelation, we now know, came from this dossier. 

Always keep in mind that the ultimate source for the watersports claim is not CNN or Buzzfeed or even Orbis. It's three people whose names we do not know: Source D and Source E and the little-discussed Source F. 

So what do we know about these people? Well, we know that Christopher Steele did not want this dossier to get out into the wild because the dossier contains identifying information, for those who know how to read it.

Beyond that, we face an old-fashioned logic puzzle, like the ones you wrestled with in school.

We are told that Source F is someone who works at the Ritz Carlton, and that Orbis learned about F by way of Source E. 

Of Source D the dossier says: "According to Source D, where s/he had been present, TRUMP's (perverted) conduct in Moscow included hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel..." I'm not sure what the phrase "where s/he had been present" means in this context. Present in the hotel?

Marcy Wheeler says that D is "A close associate of Trump who knows that the Ritz Carlton is under control by FSB."

(Roger Stone? Yeah, I know: I'm always pointing the finger at Stone. You have your idée fixes and I have mine. But let's face it -- Stone is blabby.)

The watersports allegation was confirmed by Source E, who plays a major role in this report. A large amount of this dossier -- not just the sex claims, which comprise just a small portion of the whole -- trace back to E.

Unfortunately, the primary description of Source E is redacted. From context, he or she seems to be Russian.

Added note: The WP  says that Source E is an "ethnic Russian" close to Trump. My understanding is that these words better describe Source B. At any rate, it should be easy enough to narrow this one down: How many "ethnic Russians" are there in Trump's inner circle?

Source E also "acknowledged" that Russia hacked the DNC and channeled the haul through Wikileaks for purposes of plausible deniability.

E was a font of information about the anti-Clinton effort.
Source E claimed that the intelligence network being used against CLINTON comprised three elements. Firstly there were agents/facilitators within the Democratic Party structure itself; secondly Russian emigre and associated offensive cyber operators based in the and thirdly, state-sponsored cyber operatives working in Russia. All three elements had played an important role to date. On the mechanism for rewarding relevant assets based in the US, and effecting a two-way flow of intelligence and other useful information, Source E claimed that Russian diplomatic staff in key cities such as New York, Washington DC and Miami were using the emigre 'pension' distribution system as cover.
E also spoke of intel traveling from Team Trump to Russia. Apparently, Trump was in a position to know what certain Russian oligarchs were up to in the United States. Putin was very keen to learn about this.

Was it treasonous for Trump to pass intel to the leader of Russia? Not in this instance, because the intel was about the wheelings and dealings of Russian citizens.

Most intriguingly, E claimed that the real Trump scandal involved Der Donald's secret business deals with China -- deals in which bribes and kickbacks figure heavily.

Pay attention to this. This is an area that deserves further research. 

The BBC analysis. The best discussion of this report known to me is Paul Wood's analysis for the BBC. Like David Corn, he had access to this material before the election. Wood confirms that Steele is highly regarded, that the CIA considers at least some of his material to be credible, and that Orbis' original client was a Trump opponent (or collection of opponents) within the Republican party.

(Who? Maybe Jeb. Maybe the Kochs. Hell, maybe the RNC.)
One Russian specialist told me that Vladimir Putin himself sometimes says there is kompromat on him - though perhaps he is joking. The specialist went on to tell me that FSB officers are prone to boasting about having tapes on public figures, and to be careful of any statements they might make.

A former CIA officer told me he had spoken by phone to a serving FSB officer who talked about the tapes. He concluded: "It's hokey as hell."
I think that this passage gives us some perspective on the claimed sex tape. Apparently, the Russians love to "talk big" about such things.

However, it should be noted that Orbis says that they got the story from three separate sources, including one person -- F -- who worked at the hotel. This fact indicates that we're dealing with something more than mere scuttlebutt or "hokey" braggadocio. Either the claim has truth behind it, or three separate people deliberately lied to Orbis.

(Would Orbis itself deliberately lie? Highly doubtful. Steele is a professional. Private intelligence firms don't survive if they lie to clients.)

Wood claims that he himself learned about the sexual "kompromat" on Trump independently, from his own sources.
Back in August, a retired spy told me he had been informed of its existence by "the head of an East European intelligence agency".

Later, I used an intermediary to pass some questions to active duty CIA officers dealing with the case file - they would not speak to me directly. I got a message back that there was "more than one tape", "audio and video", on "more than one date", in "more than one place" - in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow and also in St Petersburg - and that the material was "of a sexual nature".
The Orbis dossier also speaks -- vaguely -- of kompromat acquired in St. Petersburg.

(In a subsequent post, I'll discuss Trump's claim that he always knew that his hotel rooms in Russia were bugged.)

Did the FISA court elect Donald Trump? To my mind, the real scandal involves money, not sex.
Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.

It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created.

The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government.
Alas, the Obama Justice Department was not very diligent in its pursuit of the truth: After receiving an initial rejection from the FISA court in June, the task force was stalled. Another rejection occurred in July. Finally, they got the go-ahead in October -- shortly before election day.

This is extraordinary. For many years now, we've been told that the FISA court grants these requests routinely. Almost automatically. We've been told that, when it comes to allegations of terrorism, FISA never impedes the FBI or any other government agency.

Yet when it comes to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the FISA court suddenly became very, very, very circumspect.

We need to know who this obstuctionist judge is.

And we need to know why the Obama DOJ did not fight harder. We are told that there were only three attempts made to get FISA authorization -- in June, July, and October. Only three? That's outrageous!

(Unless...unless that joint task force made a deal with Britain's GCHQ. Such things have been known to happen.)

To be frank, throughout the campaign, I always believed -- naively -- that the Obama administration must have acquired electronic intelligence on Trump's dealings with Russia. I was hoping against hope that Mr. O would divulge the dirt just before election day.

It never occurred to me that FISA stood in the way!

David Ignatius addresses a related question in the WP: Why did the Obama administration dawdle? 
Why did the Obama administration wait so long to deal with Russia’s apparent hacking? This is the Hamlet puzzle in our drama. Like the prince of Denmark, President Obama delayed taking action even as evidence mounted of dastardly deeds. The first stories about Russian hacking broke in the summer. In September, the “Gang of Eight” — the top congressional leadership on intelligence — was getting detailed briefings on the hacking. The FBI by then had obtained the British ex-spy’s dossier.
The intelligence community issued a statement Oct. 7 charging that “Russia’s senior-most officials” had sought to “interfere with the U.S. election process.” Given that, why didn’t Obama do more?
Marcy Wheeler raises an excellent point. Supposedly, John McCain told the FBI about the contents of the Orbis dossier on December 9, after the election. But the FBI was the lead agency in that task force, which went into business in June. Thus, we can conclude that the intelligence community learned about Trump and Putin independently; the CIA got there first.

In other words, it is useless for Trump supporters to try to discredit the dossier by flinging mud at Orbis. Orbis is NOT the only source for these allegations, although right now they are the only source most people are discussing.

Once again, I must remind the reader that the American intelligence community took the Orbis dossier very, very seriously. They may not have vouched for every allegation, but at the same time they did not dismiss it out of hand -- which is precisely what they would have done if this dossier were filled with the kind of fake news we associate with Alex Jones and Breitbart.

Conclusion: What Orbis found must have coincided with material independently acquired by our CIA.

Germophobe. Donald Trump has claimed that the watersports allegation cannot be true because he is a notorious germophobe. That's not exactly an airtight argument.

In the first place, the dossier does not claim that the prostitutes urinated on Trump; it says that they symbolically defiled a bed on which Barack Obama had slept. If the claim is true -- and let's face it, everyone knows that Trump really is small-minded enough to do such a thing -- it is fair to presume that Mr. Germophobe slept elsewhere that night.

Even if the dossier did contain the claim that Trump played catcher (so to speak), we should not dismiss the idea out of hand.

Many authors have stated that Adolf Hitler was a germophobe, much like Der Donald. Other authors dispute this claim. Ralph Waite's "psychohistory" of Hitler certainly left me with the impression that the man was an unusual combination of the bohemian and the ultra-fastidious.

Walter Langer's wartime psychological assessment of Hiter contains the startling claim that Der Fuehrer like women to urinate and to defecate on him. This claim was not propaganda; the report was classified until 1972.

The obvious question: Who was Langer's source? I've heard that he got the information second or third hand from a Nazi defector. The ultimate (claimed) source was either Geli Raubel or Renata Mueller -- both of whom had the misfortune to be in a position to know about Adolf's private proclivities. If memory serves, this book reveals that Geli privately complained that her uncle made her do unspeakable things.

At any rate, I am convinced that even a germophobe may indulge in disgusting sexual practices. Sex compels us to do extraordinary things.
"Was it treasonous for Trump to pass intel to the leader of Russia? Not in this instance, because the intel was about the wheelings and dealings of Russian citizens."

Sure, but then there is FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Furnishing information to a foreign power, on its request, about any partnership or other combination of individuals having its main place of business outside the US comes under paragraph 611(i) and requires registration.

Disinformation can be mostly or even wholly true, in which case the arrangement and selection are the thing. But there must be an intent to mislead. Exploring this avenue, the first answer that comes to mind to the question "which intelligence agency?" is MI6. There would be little point in discussing the meaning of the word "adversarial". Elements in MI6 could certainly attempt to mislead elements in the CIA where humint is concerned, using disinformation.

Who did the redaction?
Orbis are an intelligence agency. They are an organisation, staffed by "former" spies, funded in this case by politicans and similar. At most, it's a distinction without a difference.

As for the ultimate source of the information, all we can say is that Orbis claims the ultimate source of the information isn't Orbis. Spies are professional liars.

Taibbi has written an article about it all, I see.
Wonderful how all you Democratic Party cheerleaders the CIA. As if US intelligence agencies would never, ever lie to the American people! Get over it. Your girl ran a crap campaign and lost. Ever think there's a danger here of a deep state coup? Of course not!

another opinion
The Daily Telegraph:

"Murkiness is the hallmark of all spy stories, and Mr Steele’s is no different in that respect. His route to MI6 was straightforward enough; after growing up in solidly middle-class Wokingham, Berkshire, he went to Cambridge where, in 1986, he served a term as president of the Cambridge Union debating society.

Coincidentally, his opposite number at the Oxford Union in the same term was Boris Johnson, now Foreign Secretary and the minister responsible for MI6.

Hahaha! What a non sequitur!! So one guy was head of a debating society at Cambridge while another guy was head of a debating society at Oxford. Both positions are highly coveted, but what's the connection?

Is someone preparing for Johnson's exposure as a Russian agent? It's possible.

Boris Johnson, the Old Etonian thug, former Bullingdon Clubber and London mayor who is a citizen of both the US and Britain, who has twice been sacked for dishonesty, and who is widely known to sail by the seat of his pants, was appointed as foreign secretary in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit result. Until that very morning, it was believed by many that he would seek to become the next leader of the Tory party, and therefore the next prime minister; and many were surprised when he announced that he wouldn't stand.

Did someone have something on him?

Which isn't to say he hasn't got clout. He was the first person for about 150 years to be appointed as British Foreign Secretary while having literally ZERO experience in national government, in shadowing national government while in opposition, or in foreign affairs. And such a completely inexperienced man was appointed as foreign secretary at a time when Britain prepares to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal from the EU!

I would say it's unlikely that Johnson will leave office except in connection with a scandal. Let's face it: the ~KGB has very probably been helping UKIP and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they've got a hand up Johnson's arse too.

During the Brexit campaign, Johnson was called an "apologist for Putin" by some of his fellow right-wingers (e.g. here), but that criticism got shelved almost as soon as it got aired. (Tories may fight each other, but like lumps of shit they stick together.)
It's always the extremists who seem to get caught doing exactly what they rail against. Homophobes get caught in same-sex liaisons - evangelicals get caught with sex workers, etc. tRump is always railing about how "disgusting" certain people are. He said John Kasich ate in a "disgusting" way and his sweat was disgusting. I can easily imagine him to be obsessed with bodily functions.
Good points, Joseph.

You are right--forget the "golden showers'; that's not the real meat of the issue. That's just the part of the iceberg that's poking above the surface. It's what's below that really matters.

The media, of course, care only about the sex. The fact that they had access to this--and yet chose to ignore it and reports by Corn and Eichenwald to concentrate on the fucking emails is media negligence of the highest order. The fact that they were just fine putting out unverified crap from Wikileaks and Assange and are now clenching their anuses claiming that they can't touch the dossier because it's "unverified" is hypocrisy on a level I've never seen before.

Trump's business dealings are the issue--why else has he not released his taxes? He chose to attack the IC and suck up to Putin--did he really think he could get away with it?

Oh, and I don't know if you've seen this tidbit...but it confirms that you were right about Jill Stein and the Bernie-Bros:

Stephen, I used to revere Taibbi. He has turned into a Putin-loving piece of crap. I'm going to write a post about him soon -- it has been in the planning for a while.

Again, I think Phil Giraldi has it right: A private intelligence firm is not going to lie to its well-paying clients. That's not the way to stay in business.

Anyone talking as though this dossier was prepared for propaganda purposes doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Like all oppo research, it was prepared for internal use and was not meant to get out into the public eye.

Marc: You put it PERFECTLY. SOURCE E
The prostitutes material serves three primary functions: to get a lot of people interested, to determine if high-placed people are still susceptible to loathing and disgust, and to provide false (or unverifiable) red meat so the rest loses credibility.

A footnote to the Langer book, The Mind Of Adolf Hitler: Surely it was published to influence the 1972 election. McGovern recommended it in front of TV cameras and microphones, primarily because Langer's report of Hitler's psychology and mind unsurprisingly implied very close similarities with Nixon's psychology, mind, and behaviors. Of course, as Gore Vidal has pointed out, only five percent of the public read books (Chris Matthews being among the 95 percent). Langer explains in the book that the psychological profile of Hitler was his idea, which the OSS followed up on (plus he notes that it represents the first such 'psychological profile' that became an ordinary undertaking by the OSS's offspring CIA). He explains the profile's purpose, that it would help the allies predict Hitler's behavior in light of this or that event. The logical extrapolation of that predictability would be to stage events that would produce desirable outcomes, in a word, disinformation. Coincidentally, Nixon's Plumbers burglarized Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office in part to supplement Nixon's psychological profile of Ellsberg.

The FISA Court's denial. Hmm. The public revelation could be spooky disinformation despite its being true (or "true"). It would signal the (ahem) fact (or "fact") that a President's powers are limited (or appear to be). So, it may have been a sandbagging in the first place.

It would not surprise me to learn that Executive Branch parties have proffered to Trump's parties that, if Trump falls on his sword now and rides off into the sunset, Pence will pardon him in the way Ford (an unelected POTUS) pardoned Nixon, the once and future criminal.
Amelie, I never thought about the 1972 release of Langer's book in those terms before. Fascinating theory.

I recall seeing the book -- it was released as a mass-market paperback -- at a grocery store, where I read much of it. It kind of jumped out at you. Later, I found it at a library. (Even then, I was always looking for a way to get books without paying.)

The Langer book made a marked impression on me precisely because of the defecation claim. Previously, I had no idea that this kind of perversion even existed.

Of course, I was quite young then.
"The Mind of Adolf Hitler" is a good read. I got the hardback copy when it first came out. It and Chris Albertson's "Bessie," about Bessie Smith, were the first two books I bought as an adult.

I still have both books. They are in storage.

"Wonderful how all you Democratic Party cheerleaders the CIA."

English isn't your first language, COMRADE?


I remember when Disgusting Sex Practices opened for Slayer on that tour some time last decade. DSP RULED! Too bad the drummer choked to death on someone else's vomit--oh wait, that was Spinal Tap.
Joe, just in case you hadn't seen it, you might find this interesting as well:
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

If this is real -- and I think it is -- Trump cannot survive. UPDATE: The source named

UPDATE: Right-leaning British news outlets have named the source of the dossier as former MI6 agent Christopher Steele. The Daily Mail says that the dossier is "discredited" and filled with spelling mistakes. Well, it is true that Paul Manafort's name is spelled wrong in one section, but for the most part, this document does not seem amateurish. (Ever see Stratfor's product? It's worse.)

At any rate, the Trump "Watersportsgate" dossier has NOT been "discredited." The Trumpers hope to make that claim stick through sheer repetition, but the trick won't work.

From the Mirror:
Mr Steele is listed as a director of a private security and investigations firm in London, called Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, on Linkedin.
Here's the Orbis website. They offer "Real–time source reporting on business and politics at all levels." Interestingly, there may be a link between Orbis and Stratfor (unless Stratfor was doing business with another Orbis).

Right now, I am provisionally persuaded that Orbis is the firm which compiled the dossier that everyone is now talking about. If you still haven't read it, scroll down -- because this humble blog is the only place where you'll find the full text in fully digitized form, allowing you to copy and paste any sections that interest you.

End update. Now here's the original post -- which I began nearly twelve hours ago.

* * *

I'm back! Actually, my computer was fixed a while ago. You'll forgive me for enjoying a little vacay -- the news has been soooooo depressing.

Until yesterday. Until this showed up. This humble blog will be the first to publish a fully digitized version of the entire text. You'll find it below the asterisks; scroll down or read on.

Are we dealing with a bogus report or the real deal? I'm not certain. On first glance, this text seems far, FAR too detailed to be a mere fake. And it does correspond to the single-source claims made by David Corn (whose ties to spookworld are pretty good) some months back.

On the other hand: There is certainly the possibility that Team Trump itself concocted this thing in order to destroy the credibility of accounts from our own intelligence community. We do not even have a straight story as to which service supposedly compiled this report, although the implication is that we're talking about the Brits. So far, I have spotted a number of Britishism -- such as "rumours" -- but I don't know if the original was printed on A4 paper.

Buzzfeed was the first to publish this document, although it has been circulating among journalists for a while. Buzzfeed noted a few errors which strike me as explicable or unimportant.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen says he has never been to Prague (a claim made in the text), and that his passport lacks the appropriate stamp. Well, if he has been to Israel, there is a good chance that he owns more than one passport. Since some countries won't allow you entry if your passport has an Israeli stamp, it is possible for Americans to obtain a second passport in that country.

(Yes, the "two passport" system is real, or it least it was back in the 1980s. One of my old girlfriends had two passports. I saw them with my own eyes and even held them in my hands.)

The most spectacular allegation here concerns Trump's alleged hiring of prostitutes to do a "golden shower" show at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.  I don't know if this allegation is true, though it sure sounds like something the PEEOTUS might be into. As one wit put it: Mr. Trump, we await urinalysis.

(Sorry, but the past two months have been so horrifying that I feel justified in coming up with a few dirty jokes.)

Even if this document does turn out to be a fake -- well, after Pizzagate, my attitude is simple: Them what dishes it out had better be willing to take it. To quote Marv's famous words in Sin City: "I love hit men. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad." That's how I feel about Team Trump.

Or, as Paul McCartney might have put it...

Golden showers fill your face
While the Donald masturbates
Pee little darling, take a whiz
That's what makes our Donnie jizz

Don! You're gonna do what Vlad says
Do what Vlad says
In the White House!

And in the end
The hate you make
Is equal to
The hate that you'll take.

And now, on to the report itself. It arrived online as a PDF. I decided to use Optical Character Recognition to publish a fully digitized version. Doing so will allow readers to cut and paste sections, thereby facilitating a detailed discussion. OCR is never accurate, as most of you know, so I had to do a lot of editing. There may still be a few sentences which do not match the original.

Added note: Now that I'm studying this thing in some depth, I'm increasingly persuaded that this thing is real. The level of detail is just too damned high. Every bogus political document I've ever studied -- and I've studied many -- has contained obvious "tells," which are lacking here.

If this document is a fake, it is unlike any other in the history of political hoaxes. It would have to be the product of a first-rate intelligence service such as MI6. "The Protocols" this ain't.

* * *




- Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance

- So far TRUMP has declined various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin’s cultivation of him. However he and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals

- Former top Russian intelligence officer claims FSB has compromised TRUMP through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources, his conduct in Moscow has included perverted sexual acts which have been arranged/ monitored by the FSB

- A dossier of compromising material on Hillary CLINTON has been collated by the Russian Intelligence Services over many years and mainly comprises bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls rather than any embarrassing conduct. The dossier is controlled by Kremlin spokesman, PESKOV, directly on orders. However it has not as yet been distributed abroad, including to TRUMP. Russian intentions for its deployment still unclear


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years. Source asserted that the TRUMP operation was both supported and directed by Russian President Vladimir PUTIN. Its aim was to sow discord and disunity both within the US itself, but more especially Within the Transatlantic alliance which was Viewed as inimical to Russia's interests. Source C, a senior Russian financial official said the TRUMP operation should be seen in terms of PUTIN'S desire to return to Nineteenth Century 'Great Power' politics anchored upon countries' interests rather than the ideals-based international order established after World War Two. S/he had overheard PUTIN talking in this way to close associates on several occasions.

2. In terms of specifics, Source A confided that the Kremlin had been feeding TRUMP and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, for several years [see more below]. This was confirmed by Source a close associate of TRUMP who had organized and managed his recent trips to Moscow, and who reported, also in June 2016, that this Russian intelligence had been "very helpful". The Kremlin's cultivation operation on TRUMP also had comprised offering him various lucrative real estate development business deals in Russia, especially in relation to the ongoing 2018 World Cup soccer tournament, However, so far, for reasons unknown, TRUMP had not taken up any of these.

3. However, there were other aspects to TRUMP's engagement with the Russian authorities. One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable 'kompromat' [compromising material] on him. According to Source D, where s/he had been present, TRUMP's (perverted) conduct in Moscow included hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and OBAMA {whom he hated] had stayed on one other official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers' (urination) show in front of him. The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to.

4. The Moscow Ritz Carlton episode involving TRUMP reported above was confirmed by Source E, [REDACTED] who said that s/he and several of the staff were aware of it at time and subsequently. S/he believed it had happened in 2013. Source provided an introduction for a company ethnic Russian operative to Source F, a female staffer at the hotel when TRUMP had stayed there, who also confirmed the story. Speaking separately in June 2016, Source B (the former top level Russian intelligence officer) asserted that unorthodox behavior in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.

Asked about the Kremlin's reported intelligence feed to TRUMP over recent years and rumours about a Russian dossier of 'kompromat' on Hillary CLINTON (being circulated), Source B confirmed the file's existence. S/he confided in a trusted compatriot that it had been collated by Department of the FSB for many years, dating back to her husband Bill's presidency, and comprised mainly eavesdropped conversations of various sorts rather than details/evidence of unorthodox or embarrassing behavior. Some of the conversations were from bugged comments CLINTON had made on her various trips to Russia and focused on things she had said which contradicted her current position on various issues. Others were most probably from phone intercepts.

6. Continuing on this theme, Source G, a senior Kremlin official, confided that the CLINTON dossier was controlled exclusively by chief spokesman, Dmitriy PESKOV, who was responsible for compiling/handling it on the explicit instructions of PUTIN himself. The dossier however had not as yet been made available abroad, including to TRUMP or his campaign team. At present it was unclear what intentions were in this regard.

20 June 2016



- Russia has an extensive programme of state-sponsored offensive cyber operations. External targets include foreign governments and big corporations, especially banks. FSB leads on cyber within Russian apparatus. Limited success in attacking top foreign targets like G7 governments, security services and but much more on second tier ones through IT back doors, using corporate and other visitors to Russia

- FSB often uses coercion and blackmail to recruit most capable cyber operatives in Russia into its state-sponsored programmes. Heavy use also, both wittingly and unwittingly, of CIS emigres working in western corporations and ethnic Russians employed by neighbouring governments e.g. Latvia

- Example cited of successful Russian cyber operation targeting senior Western business visitor. Provided back door into important Western institutions.

- Example given of US citizen of Russian origin approached by FSB and offered incentive of "investment" in his business when visiting Moscow.

- Problems however for Russian authorities themselves in countering local hackers and cyber criminals, operating outside state control. Central Bank claims there were over 20 serious attacks on correspondent accounts held by CBR in 2015, comprising Roubles several billion in fraud

- Some details given of leading non-state Russian cyber criminal groups


1. Speaking in June 2016, a number of Russian figures with a detailed knowledge of national cyber crime, both state-sponsored and otherwise, outlined the current situation in this area. A former senior intelligence officer divided Russian state-sponsored offensive cyber operations into four categories (in order of priority):- targeting foreign, especially western governments; penetrating leading foreign business corporations, especially banks; domestic monitoring of the elite; and attacking political opponents both at home and abroad. The former intelligence reported that the Federal Security Service (FSB) was the lead organization within the Russian state apparatus for cyber operations.

2. In terms of the success of Russian offensive cyber operations to date, a
foreign targets. These comprised senior government figure reported that there had been only limited success in penetrating the 'first tier' foreign targets. These comprised western (especially G7 and NATO) governments, security and intelligence services and central banks, and the IFIs. To compensate for this shortfall, massive effort had been invested, with much greater success, in attacking the "secondary targets", particularly western private banks and the governments of smaller states allied to the West. S/he mentioned Latvia in this regard. Hundreds of agents, either consciously cooperating with the FSB or whose personal and professional IT systems had been unwittingly compromised, were recruited. Many were people who had ethnic and family ties to Russia and/or had been incentivized financially to cooperate. Such people often would receive monetary inducements or contractual favours from the Russian state or its agents in return. This had created difficulties for parts of the Russian state apparatus in obliging/indulging them e.g. the Central Bank of Russia knowingly having to cover up for such agents' money laundering operations through the Russian financial system.

3. In terms of the FSB's recruitment of capable cyber operatives to carry out its, ideally deniable, offensive cyber operations, a Russian IT specialist with direct knowledge reported in June 2016 that this was often done using coercion and blackmail. In terms of 'foreign' agents, the FSB was approaching US citizens of Russian (Jewish) origin on business trips to Russia. In one case a US citizen of Russian ethnicity had been visiting Moscow to attract investors in his new information technology program. The FSB clearly knew this and had offered to provide seed capital to this person in return for them being able to access and modify his IP, with a view to targeting priority foreign targets by planting a Trojan virus in the software. The US visitor was told this was common practice. The FSB also had implied significant operational success as a result of installing cheap Russian IT games containing their own malware unwittingly by targets on their PCs and other platforms.

4. In a more advanced and successful FSB operation, an IT operator inside a leading Russian SOE, who previously had been employed on conventional (defensive) IT work there, had been under instruction for the last year to conduct an offensive cyber operation against a foreign director of the company. Although the latter was apparently an infrequent visitor to Russia, the FSB now successfully had penetrated his personal IT and through this had managed to access various important institutions in the West through the back door.

5. In terms of other technical IT platforms, an FSB cyber operative flagged up the 'Telegram' enciphered commercial system as having been of especial concern and therefore heavily targeted by the FSB, not least because it was used frequently by Russian internal political activists and oppositionists. His/her understanding was that the FSB now successfully had cracked this communications software and therefore it was no longer secure to use.

6. The senior Russian government figure cited above also reported that non-state sponsored cyber crime was becoming an increasing problem inside Russia for the government and authorities there. The Central Bank of Russia claimed that in 2015 alone there had been more than 20 attempts at serious cyber embezzlement of money from corresponding accounts held there, comprising several billions Roubles. More generally, s/he understood there were circa 15 major organised crime groups in the country involved in cyber crime, all of which continued to operate largely outside state and FSB control. These included the so-called 'Anunak', 'Buktrap' and 'Metel' organisations.

26 July 2015



- Further evidence of extensive conspiracy between campaign team and Kremlin, sanctioned at highest levels and involving Russian diplomatic staff based in the US

- TRUMP associate admits Kremlin behind recent appearance of DNC emails on WikiLeaks, as means of maintaining plausible deniability

- Agreed exchange of information established in both directions. team using moles within DNC and hackers in the US as well as outside in Russia. PUTIN motivated by fear and hatred of Hillary CLINTON. Russians receiving intel from team on Russian oligarchs and their families in US

- Mechanism for transmitting this intelligence involves 'pension' disbursements to Russian emigres living in US as cover, using consular officials in New York, DC and Miami

- Suggestion from source close to TRUMP and MANAFORT that Republican campaign team happy to have Russia as media bogeyman to mask more extensive corrupt business ties to China and other emerging countries


1. Speaking in confidence to a compatriot in late July 2016, Source B, an ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, admitted that there was a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between them and the Russian leadership. This was managed on the TRUMP side by the Republican candidate's campaign manager, Paul MANAFORT, who was using foreign policy advisor, Carter PAGE, and others as intermediaries. The two sides had a mutual interest in defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, whom President PUTIN apparently both hated and feared.

2. Inter alia, Source E, acknowledged that the Russian regime had been behind the recent leak of embarrassing e-mail messages, emanating from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to the WikiLeaks platform. The reason for using WikiLeaks was "plausible deniability" and the operation had been conducted with the full knowledge and support of TRUMP and senior members of his campaign team. In return the TRUMP team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue and to raise defence commitments in the Baltics and Eastern Europe to deflect attention away from Ukraine, a priority for PUTIN who needed to cauterise the subject.

3. In the wider context campaign/Kremlin co-operation, Source E claimed that the intelligence network being used against CLINTON comprised three elements. Firstly there were agents/facilitators within the Democratic Party structure itself; secondly Russian emigre and associated offensive cyber operators based in the and thirdly, state-sponsored cyber operatives working in Russia. All three elements had played an important role to date. On the mechanism for rewarding relevant assets based in the US, and effecting a two-way flow of intelligence and other useful information, Source E claimed that Russian diplomatic staff in key cities such as New York, Washington DC and Miami were using the emigre 'pension' distribution system as cover. The operation therefore depended on key people in the US Russian emigre community for its success. Tens ofthousands of dollars were involved.

4. In terms of the intelligence flow from the TRUMP team to Russia, Source E reported that much of this concerned the activities of business oligarchs and their families' activities and assets in the US, with which PUTIN and the Kremlin seemed preoccupied.

5. Commenting on the negative media publicity surrounding alleged Russian interference in the US election campaign in support of TRUMP, Source E said he understood that the Republican candidate and his team were relatively relaxed about this because it deflected media and the Democrats' attention away from TRUMP's business dealings in China and other emerging markets. Unlike in Russia, these were substantial and involved the payment of large bribes and kickbacks which, were they to become public, would be potentially very damaging to their campaign.

Finally, regarding claimed minimal investment profile in Russia, a separate source with direct knowledge said this had not been for want of trying. TRUMP's previous efforts had included exploring the real estate sector in St Petersburg as well as Moscow but in the end TRUMP had had to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local prostitutes rather than business success.



- TRUMP advisor Carter PAGE holds secret meetings in Moscow with SECHIN and senior Kremlin Internal Affairs official, DIVYEKIN

- SECHEN raises issues of future bilateral US-Russia energy co-operation and associated lifting ofwestern sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. PAGE non-committal in response

- DIVEYKIN discusses release of Russian dossier of 'kompromat' on TRUMP's opponent, Hillary CLINTON, but also hints at Kremlin possession of such material on TRUMP


1. Speaking in July 2016, a Russian source close to Rosneft President, PUTIN close associate and US-sanctioned individual, Igor SECHIN, confided the details of a recent secret meeting between him and visiting Foreign Affairs Advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, Carter PAGE.

2. According to SECHIN's associate, the Rosneft President (CEO) had raised with PAGE the issues of future bilateral energy cooperation and prospects for an associated move to lift Ukraine-related western sanctions against Russia. PAGE had reacted positively to this demarche by SECHIN but had been generally non-committal in response.

3. Speaking separately, also in July 2016, an official close to Presidential Administration Head, S. IVANOV, confided in a compatriot that a senior colleague in the Internal Political Department of the PA, DIVYEKIN (nfd) also had met secretly with PAGE on his recent visit. Their agenda had included DIVEYKIN raising a dossier of 'kompromat' the Kremlin possessed on Democratic presidential rival, Hillary CLINTON, and its possible release to the Republican's campaign team.

4. However, the Kremlin offcial close to S. IVANOV added that s/he believed DIVEYKIN also had hinted (or indicated more strongly) that the Russian leadership also had 'kompromat' on TRUMP which the latter should bear in mind in his dealings with them.

19 July 2016



- Kremlin concerned that political fallout from DNC e-mail hacking operation is spiralling out of control. Extreme nervousness among associates as result of negative media attention/accusations

- Russians meanwhile keen to cool situation and maintain 'plausible deniability' of existing/ongoing and operations. Therefore unlikely to be any ratcheting up offensive plays in immediate future

- Source close to TRUMP campaign however confirms regular exchange with Kremlin has existed for at least 8 years, including intelligence fed back to Russia on oligarchs' activities in US

- Russians apparently have promised not to use 'kompromat' they hold on TRUMP as leverage, given high levels of voluntary co-operation forthcoming from his team


1. Speaking in confidence to a trusted associate in late July 2016, a Russian emigre figure close to the Republican US presidential candidate Donald campaign team commented on the fallout from publicity surrounding the Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mail hacking scandal. The emigre said there was a high level of anxiety within the TRUMP team as a result of various accusations levelled against them and indications from the Kremlin that President PUTIN and others in the leadership thought things had gone too far now and risked spiralling out of control.

2. Continuing on this theme, the emigre associate of TRUMP opined that the Kremlin wanted the situation to calm but for 'plausible deniability' to be maintained concerning its (extensive) and operations. S/he therefore judged that it was unlikely these would be ratcheted up, at least for the time being.

3. However, in terms of established operational liaison between the TRUMP team and the Kremlin, the emigre confirmed that an intelligence exchange had been running between them for at least 8 years. Within this context priority requirement had been for intelligence on the activities, business and otherwise, in the US of leading Russian oligarchs and their families. TRUMP and his associates duly had obtained and supplied the Kremlin with this information.

4. Finally, the emigre said s/he understood the Kremlin had more intelligence on CLINTON and her campaign but he did not know the details or when or if it would be released. As far as 'kompromat? (compromising information) on TRUMP were concerned, although there was plenty of this, he understood the Kremlin had given its word that it would not be deployed against the Republican presidential candidate given how helpful and co-operative his team had been over several years, and particularly of late.

30 July 2016




- Head of PA IVANOV laments Russian intervention in US presidential election and black PR against CLINTON and the DNC. Vows not to supply intelligence to Kremlin PR operatives again. Advocates now sitting tight and denying everything

- Presidential spokesman PESKOV the main protagonist in Kremlin campaign to aid TRUMP and damage CLINTON. He is now scared and fears being made scapegoat by leadership for backlash in US. Problem compounded by his botched intervention in recent Turkish crisis

- Premier MEDVEDEV's office furious over DNC hacking and associated anti-Russian publicity. Want good relations with US and ability to travel there. Refusing to support or help cover up after PESKOV

- Talk now in Kremlin withdrawing from presidential race altogether, but this still largely wishful thinking by more liberal elements in Moscow


1. Speaking in early August 2016, two well-placed and established Kremlin sources outlined the divisions and backlash in Moscow arising from the leaking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails and the wider operation being conducted in the US. Head of Presidential Administration, Sergei IVANOV, was angry at the recent turn of events. He believed the Kremlin "team" involved, led by presidential spokesman Dmitriy PESKOV, had gone too far in interfering in foreign affairs with their "elephant in a china shop black PR." IVANOV claimed always to have opposed the handling and exploitation of intelligence by this PR "team". Following the backlash against such foreign interference in US politics, IVANOV was advocating that the only sensible course of action now for the Russian leadership was to "sit tight and deny everything".

2. Continuing on this theme the source close to IVANOV reported that PESKOV now was "scared shitless" that he would be scapegoated by PUTIN and the Kremlin and held responsible for the backlash against Russian political interference in the US election. IVANOV was determined to stop PESKOV playing an independent role in relation to the US going forward and the source fully expected the presidential spokesman now to lay low. PESKOV's position was not helped by a botched attempt by him also to interfere in the recent failed coup in Turkey from a government relations (GR) perspective (no further details).

3. The extent of disquiet and division within Moscow caused by the backlash against Russian interference in the US election was underlined by a second source, close to premier Dmitriy MEDVEDEV (DAM). S/he said the Russian prime minister and his colleagues wanted to have good relations with the US, regardless of who was in power there, and not least so as to be able to travel there in future, either officially or privately. They were openly refusing to cover up for PESKOV and others involved in the operations or to support his counter-attack of allegations against the USG for its alleged hacking of the Russian government and state agencies.

4. According to the first source, close to IVANOV, there had been talk in the Kremlin of TRUMP being forced to withdraw from the presidential race altogether as a result of recent events, ostensibly on grounds of his state and unsuitability for high office. This might not be so bad for Russia in the circumstances but in the view of the source, it remained largely wishful thinking on the part of those in the regime opposed to PESKOV and his "botched" operations, at least for the time being.

5 August 2016




- Head of PA, IVANOV assesses Kremlin intervention in US presidential election and outlines leadership thinking on operational way forward

- No new leaks envisaged, as too politically risky, but rather further exploitation of (Wiki Leaks) material already disseminated to exacerbate divisions

- Educated US youth to be targeted as a protest (against CLINTON) and swing vote in attempt to turn them over to TRUMP

- Russian leadership, including PUTIN, celebrating perceived success to date in splitting US hawks and elite

- Kremlin engaging with several high profile US players, including STEIN, PAGE and (former DIA Director Michael Flynn) and funding their recent visits to Moscow


1. Speaking in confidence to a close colleague in early August 2016, Head of the Russian Presidential Administration (PA), Sergei IVANOV, assessed the impact and results of Kremlin intervention in the US presidential election to date. Although most commentators believed that the Kremlin was behind the leaked DNC/CLINTON e-mails, this remained technically deniable. Therefore the Russians would not risk their position for the time being with new leaked material, even to a third party like WikiLeaks. Rather the tactics would be to spread rumours and misinformation about the content of what already had been leaked and make up new content.

2. Continuing on this theme, IVANOV said that the audience to be targeted by such operations was the educated youth in America as the PA assessed that there was still a chance they could be persuaded to vote for Republican candidate Donald TRUMP as a protest against the Washington establishment (in the form of Democratic candidate Hillary CLINTON). The hope was that even if she won, as a result of this CLINTON in power would be bogged down in working for internal reconciliation in the US, rather than being able to focus on foreign policy which would damage Russia's interests. This also should give President PUTIN more room for manoeuvre in the run-upto Russia's own presidential election in 2018.

3. IVANOV reported that although the Kremlin had underestimated the strength of US media and liberal reaction to the DNC hack and links to Russia, PUTIN was generally satisfied with the progress of the anti operation to date. He recently had had a drink with PUTIN to mark this. In view, the US had tried to divide the Russian elite with sanctions but failed, whilst they, by contrast, had succeeded in splitting the US hawks inimical to Russia and the Washington elite more generally, half of whom had refused to endorse any presidential candidate as a result of Russian intervention.

4. Speaking separately, also in early August 2016, a Kremlin official involved in US relations commented on aspects of the Russian operation to date. Its goals had been threefold - asking sympathetic US actors how Moscow could help them, gathering relevant intelligence; and creating and disseminating compromising information ('kompromat'). This had involved the Kremlin supporting various US political figures, including funding indirectly their recent visits to Moscow. S/he named a delegation from Lyndon LAROUCHE; presidential candidate Jill STEIN of the Green Party; TRUMP foreign policy adviser Carter Page; and former DIA Director Michael FLYNN in this regard and as successful in terms of perceived outcomes.

10 August 2016 




- TRUMP campaign insider reports recent DNC e-mail leaks were aimed at switching SANDERS (protest) voters away from CLINTON and over to TRUMP

- Admits Republican campaign underestimated resulting negative reaction from US liberals, elite and media and forced to change course as result

- Need now to turn tables on use of PUTIN as bogeyman in election, although some resentment at Russian president's perceived attempt to undermine USG and system over and above swinging presidential election


1. Speaking in confidence on 9 August 2016, an ethnic Russian associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP discussed the reaction inside his camp, and revised tactics therein resulting from recent negative publicity concerning Moscow's clandestine involvement in the campaign. TRUMP's associate reported that the aim of leaking the DNC e-mails to Wiki Leaks during the Democratic Convention had been to swing supporters of Bernie SANDERS away from Hillary CLINTON and across to TRUMP. These voters were perceived as activist and anti-status quo and anti-establishment and in that regard sharing many features with the TRUMP campaign, including a visceral dislike of Hillary CLINTON. This objective had been conceived and promoted, inter alia, by TRUMP's foreign policy adviser Carter PAGE who had discussed it directly with the ethnic Russian associate.

2. Continuing on this theme, the ethnic Russian associate of TRUMP assessed that the problem was that the TRUMP campaign had underestimated the strength of the negative reaction from liberals and especially the conservative elite to Russian interference. This was forcing a rethink and a likely change of tactics. The main objective in the short term was to check Democratic candidate Hillary successful exploitation of the PUTIN as bogeyman/Russian interference story to tarnish TRUMP and bolster her own (patriotic) credentials.The TRUMP campaign was focusing on tapping into supporting the American television media to achieve this, as they reckoned this resource had been underused by them to date.

3. However, associate also admitted that there was a fair amount of anger and resentment within the Republican candidate's team at what was perceived by PUTIN as going beyond the objective of weakening CLINTON and bolstering TRUMP, by attempting to exploit the situation to undermine the US government and democratic system more generally. It was unclear at present how this aspect of the situation would play out in the weeks to come.

10 August 2016




- Kremlin insider reports TRUMP lawyer secret meeting/s with Kremlin officials in August 2016 was/were held in Prague

- Russian parastatal organisation Rossotrudnichestvo used as cover for this liaison and premises in Czech capital may have been used for the meeting/s

- leading Duma figure, KOSACHEV, reportedly involved as "plausibly deniable" facilitator and may have participated in the August meeting/s with COHEN


1. Speaking to a compatriot and friend on 19 October 2016, a Kremlin insider provided further details of reported clandestine meeting/s between Republican presidential candidate, Donald lawyer Michael COHEN and Kremlin representatives in August 2016. Although the communication between them had to be cryptic for security reasons, the Kremlin insider clearly indicated to his/her friend that the reported contact/s took place in Prague, Czech Republic.

2. Continuing on this theme, the Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of the Russian parastatal organisation, Rossotrudnichestvo, in this contact between TRUMP campaign representative/ 3 and Kremlin of?cials. Rossotrudnichestvo was being used as cover for this relationship and its office in Prague may well have been used to host the COHEN Russian Presidential Administration (PA) meeting/s. It was considered a "plausibly deniable" vehicle for this, whilst remaining entirely under Kremlin control.

3. The Kremlin insider went on to identify leading pro-PUTIN Duma figure, Konstantin KOSACHEV (Head of the Foreign Relations Committee) as an important figure in the TRUMP campaign-Kremlin liaison operation. KOSACHEV, also "plausibly deniable" being part of the Russian legislature rather than executive, had facilitated the contact in Prague and by implication, may have attended the meeting/s with COHEN there in August.

Company Comment

We reported previously, in our Company Intelligence Report 2016/ 135 of 19 October 2016 from the same source, that COHEN met officials from the PA Legal Department clandestinely in an EU country in August 2016. This was in order to clean up the mess left behind by western media revelations of TRUMP ex-campaign manager corrupt relationship with the former pro-Russian YANUKOVYCH regime in Ukraine and TRUMP foreign policy advisor, Carter secret meetings in Moscow with senior regime ?gures in July 2016. According to the Kremlin advisor, these meeting/s were originally scheduled for COHEN in Moscow but shifted to what was considered an operationally 'soft' EU country when it was judged too compromising for him to travel to the Russian capital.

20 October 2016




- Ex-Ukrainian President YANUKOVYCH confides directly to PUTIN that he authorised kick-back payments to MANAFORT, as alleged in western media. Assures Russian President however there is no documentary evidence/trail

- PUTIN and Russian leadership remain worried however and sceptical that YANUKOVYCH has fully covered the traces of these payments to former campaign manager

- Close associate explains reasoning behind recent resignation. Ukraine revelations played part but others wanted MANAFORT out for various reasons, especially LEWANDOWSKI who remains influential


1. Speaking in late August 2016, in the immediate aftermath of Paul resignation as campaign manager for US Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, a well-placed Russian figure reported on a recent meeting between President PUTIN and ex-President YANUKOVYCH of Ukraine. This had been held in secret on 15 August near Volgograd, Russia and the western media revelations about MANAFORT and Ukraine had featured prominently on the agenda. YANUKOVYCH had confided in PUTIN that he did authorise and order substantial kick-back payments to MANAFORT as alleged but sought to reassure him that there was no documentary trail left behind which could provide clear evidence of this.

2. Given YANUKOVICH's (unimpressive) record in covering up his own corrupt tracks in the past, PUTIN and others in the Russian leadership were sceptical about the ex-Ukrainian president's reassurances on this as relating to MANAFORT. They therefore still feared the scandal had legs, especially as MANAFORT had been commercially active in Ukraine right up to the time (in March 2016) when he joined TRUMP's campaign team. For them it therefore remained a point of potential political vulnerability and embarrassment.

3. Speaking separately, also in late August 2016, an American political figure associated with Donald TRUMP and his campaign outlined the reasons behind MANAFORT's recent demise. S/he said it was true that the Ukraine corruption revelations had played a part in this but also, several senior players close to TRUMP had wanted MANAFORT out, primarily to loosen his control on strategy and policy formulation. Of particular importance in this regard was predecessor as campaign manager, Corey LEWANDOWSKI, who hated MANAFORT personally and remained close to TRUMP with whom he discussed the presidential campaign on a regular basis.

22 August 2016




- Kremlin orders senior staff to remain silent in media and private on allegations of Russian interference in US presidential campaign

- Senior figure however confirms gist of allegations and reports IVANOV sacked as Head of Administration on account of giving PUTIN poor advice on issue. VAINO selected as his replacement partly because he was not involved in operation/s

- Russians do have further 'kompromat' on CLINTON (e-mails) and considering disseminating it after Duma (legislative elections) in late September. Presidential spokesman PESKOV continues to lead on this

- However, equally important is Kremlin objective to shift policy consensus favourably to Russia in US whoever wins. Both presidential candidates' opposition to TPP and TTIP viewed as a result in this respect

- Senior Russian diplomat withdrawn from Washington embassy on account of potential exposure in US presidential election operation/s


1. Speaking in confidence to a trusted compatriot in mid-September 2016, a senior member of the Russian Presidential Administration (PA) commented on the political fallout from recent western media revelations about Moscow's intervention, in favour of Donald TRUMP and against Hillary CLINTON, in the US presidential election. The PA official reported that the issue had become incredibly sensitive and that President PUTIN had issued direct orders that Kremlin and government insiders should not discuss it in public or even in private.

2. Despite this, the PA official confirmed, from direct knowledge, that the gist of the allegations was true. PUTIN had been receiving conflicting advice on interfering from three separate and expert groups. On one side had been the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergei KISLYAK, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with an independent and informal network run by presidential foreign policy advisor, Yuri USHAKOV (KISLYAK's predecessor in Washington) who had urged caution and the potential negative impact on Russia from the operation/s. On the other side was former PA Head, Sergei IVANOV, backed by Russian Foreign Intelligence (SVR), who had advised PUTIN that the anti-CLINTON operation/s would be both effective and plausibly deniable with little blowback. The first group/s had been proven right and this had been the catalyst in PUTIN's decision to sack IVANOV (unexpectedly) as PA Head in August. His successor, Anton VAINO, had been selected for the job partly because he had not been involved in the US presidential election operation/s.

3. Continuing on this theme, the senior PA official said the situation now was that the Kremlin had further 'kompromat' on candidate CLINTON and had been considering releasing this via "plausibly deniable" channels after the Duma (legislative) elections were out of the way in mid-September. There was however a growing train of thought and associated lobby, arguing that the Russians could still make candidate CLINTON look "weak and stupid" by provoking her into railing against PUTIN and Russia without the need to release more of her e-mails. Presidential Spokesman, Dmitriy PESKOV remained a key figure in the operation, although any final decision on dissemination of further material would be taken by PUTIN himself.

4. The senior PA official also reported that a growing element in Moscow's intervention in the US presidential election campaign was the objective of shifting the US political consensus in Russia's perceived interests regardless of who won. It basically comprised of pushing candidate CLINTON away from President OBAMA's policies. The best example of this was that both candidates now openly opposed the draft trade agreements, TPP and TTIP, which were assessed by Moscow as detrimental to Russian interests. Other issues where the Kremlin was looking to shift the US policy consensus were Ukraine and Syria. Overall however, the presidential election was considered still to be too close to call.

5. Finally, speaking separately to the same compatriot, a senior Russian MFA official reported that as a prophylactic measure, a leading Russian diplomat, Mikhail KULAGIN, had been withdrawn from Washington at short notice because Moscow feared his heavy involvement in the US presidential election operation, including the so-called veterans' pensions ruse (reported previously), would be exposed in the media there. His replacement, Andrei BONDAREV however was clean in this regard.

Company Comment

The substance of what was reported by the senior Russian PA offcial in paras 1 and 2 above, including the reasons for Sergei dismissal, was corroborated independently by a former top level Russian intelligence officer and Kremlin insider, also in mid-September.

14 September 2016




- Top level Russian official confirms current closeness of Alpha Group-PUTIN relationship. Significant favours continue to be done in both directions and FRIDMAN and AVEN still giving informal advice to PUTIN, especially on the US

- Key intermediary in PUTIN-Alpha relationship identified as Oleg GOVORUN, currently Head of a Presidential Administration department but throughout the 1990s, the Alpha executive who delivered illicit cash directly to PUTIN

- PUTIN personally unbothered about Alpha's current lack of investment in Russia but under pressure from colleagues over this and able to exploit it as lever over Alpha interlocutors


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid-September 2016, a top level Russian government Official commented on the history and current state Of relations between President PUTIN and the Alpha Group Of businesses led by oligarchs Mikhail RIDMAN, Petr AVEN and German KHAN. The Russian government figure reported that although they had had their ups and downs, the leading figures in Alpha currently were on very good terms with PUTIN. Significant favours continued to be done in both directions, primarily political ones for PUTIN and business/legal ones for Alpha. Also, RIDMAN and AVEN continued to give informal advice to PUTIN on foreign policy, and especially about the US where he distrusted advice being given to him by officials.

2. Although FRIDMAN recently had met directly with PUTIN in Russia, much of the dialogue and business between them was mediated through a senior Presidential Administration Official, Oleg GOVORUN, who currently headed the department therein responsible for Social Co-operation With the CIS. GOVORUN was trusted by PUTIN and recently had accompanied him to Uzbekistan to pay respects at the tomb of former president KARIMOV. However according to the top level Russian government official, during the 19905 GOVORUN had been Head Of Government Relations at Alpha Group and in reality, the "driver" and "bag carrier" used by FRIDMAN and AVEN to deliver large amounts of illicit cash to the Russian president, at that time deputy Mayor of St Petersburg. Given that and the continuing sensitivity of the PUTIN-Alpha relationship, and need for plausible deniability, much of the contact between them was now indirect and entrusted to the relatively low profile GOVORUN.

3. The top level Russian government official described the PUTlN-Alpha relationship as both carrot and stick. Alpha held 'kompromat' on PUTIN and his corrupt business activities from the 1990's whilst although not personally overly bothered by Alpha's failure to reinvest the proceeds of its TNK oil company sale into the Russian economy since, the Russian president was able to use pressure on this count from senior Kremlin colleagues as a lever on FRIDMAN and AVEN to make them do his political bidding.

14 September 2016




- Two knowledgeable St Petersburg sources claim Republican candidate TRUMP has paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities there but key witnesses silenced and evidence hard to obtain

- Both believe Azeri business associate of TRUMP, Araz AGALAROV will know the details


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in September 2016, two well-placed sources based in St Petersburg, one in the political/business elite and the other involved in the local services and tourist industry, commented on Republican US presidential candidate Donald prior activities in the city.

2. Both knew TRUMP had visited St Petersburg on several occasions in the past and had been interested in doing business deals there involving real estate. The local business/political elite figure reported that TRUMP had paid bribes there to further his interests but very discreetly and only through affiliated companies, making it very hard to prove. The local services industry source reported that TRUMP had participated in sex parties in the city too, but that all direct witnesses to this recently had been "silenced" i.e. bribed or coerced to disappear.

3. The two St Petersburg figures cited believed an Azeri business figure, Araz AGALAROV (with offices in Baku and London) had been closely involved with TRUMP in Russia and would know most of the details of what the Republican presidential candidate had got up to there.

14 September 2016




- Buyer's remorse sets in with Kremlin over TRUMP support operation in US presidential election. Russian leadership disappointed that leaked e-mails on CLINTON have not had greater impact in campaign

- Russians have injected further material into the 'plausibly deniable' leaks pipeline which will continue to surface, but best material already in public domain

- PUTIN angry with senior officials who "overpromised" on TRUMP and further heads likely to roll as result. Foreign Minister LAVROV may be next

- TRUMP supported by Kremlin because seen as divisive, anti-establishment candidate who would shake up current International status quo in Russia's favor. Lead on TRUMP operation moved from Foreign Ministry to FSB and then to presidential administration where it now sits


1. Speaking separater in confidence to a trusted compatriot in early October 2016, a senior Russian leadership figure and a Foreign Ministry official reported on recent developments concerning the Kremlin's operation to support Republican candidate Donald TRUMP in the US presidential election. The senior leadership figure said that a degree of buyer's remorse was setting in among Russian leaders concerning TRUMP. PUTIN and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that leaks ot Democratic candidate Hillary CLINTON's hacked e-mails had not had greater impact on the campaign.

2. Continuing on this theme. the senior leadership figure commented that a stream of further hacked CLINTON material already had been injected by the Kremlin Into compliant western media outlets like Wikileaks, which remained at least "plausibly deniable", so the stream of these would continue through October and up to the election. However s/he understood that the best material the Russians had already was out and there were no real game-changers to come.

3. The Russian Foreign Ministry official, who had direct access to the TRUMP support operation, reported that PUTIN was angry at his subordinate's "over-promising" on the Republican presidential candidate, both in terms of his chances and reliability and being able to cover and/or contain the US backlash over Kremlin interference. More heads therefore were likely to roll, with the MFA the easiest target. Ironically, despite his consistent urging of caution on the issue, Foreign Minister LAVRIOV could be the next one to go.

4. Asked to explain why PUTIN and the Kremlin had launched such an aggressive TRUMP support operation in the first place, the MFA official said that Russia needed to meet the liberal international status quo, including on Ukraine-related sanctions, which was seriously disadvantaging the country. TRUMP was viewed as divisive in distupting the whole US political system; anti-Establishment; and a pragmatist with whom they could do business. As the TRUMP support operation had gained momentum, control of it had passed from the MFA to the FSB and then into the presidential administration where it remained, a reflection of its growing significance over time. There was still a view in the Kremlin that TRUMP would continue as a (divisive) political force even if he lost the presidency and may run for and be elected to another public office.

12 October 2016




- Close associate SECHIN confirms his secret meeting in Mocow with Carter PAGE in July

- Substance included offer of large stake in RosneftiIn return for lifting sanctions on Russia. PAGE confirms this is TRUMP's intention

- SECHIN continued to think TRUMP could win presidency up to 17 October. Now looking to reorientate his engagement with the US 

- Kremlin insider highlights importance of TRUMP's lawyer, Michael COHEN in covert relationship with Russia. COHEN's wile is of Russian descent and her father a leading property developer in Moscow


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid October 2015, a close associate of Rosneft President and PUTIN ally Igor SECHIN elaborated on the reported secret meeting between the latter and Carter PAGE, of US Republican presidential candidate's foreign policy team, in Moscow in July 2016. The secret meeting had been confirmed to him/her by a senior member of staff, in addition to by the Rosneft President himself. It took place on either 7 or 8 July, the same day or the one after Carter PAGE made a public speech to the Higher Economic School in Moscow.

2. In terms of the substance of their discussion, SECHIN's associate said that the Rosneft President was so keen to lift personal and corporate western sanctions imposed on the company, that he offered PAGE/TRUMP's associates the brokerage of up to a 19 per cent (privatised) stake in Rosnett in return. PAGE had expressed interest and confirmed that were TRUMP elected US preSIde-nl, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted.

3. According to SECHIN's close associate, the Rosneft President had continued to believe that TRUMP could win the us presidency right up to I7 October, when he assessed this was no longer possible. SECHIN was keen to re-adapt accordingly and put feelers out to other business and political contacts in the US instead.

4. Speaking separately to the same compatriot in mid-October 2016, a Kremlin insider with direct access to the leadership confirmed that a key role in the secret TRUMP campaign/Kremlin was being played by the Republican candidates personal lawyer Michael COHEN. [REDACTION.]

Source Comment

5. SECHIN's associate opined that although PAGE had not stated it explicitly to SECHIN, he had clearly implied that in terms of his comment on TRUMP's intention to lift Russian sanctions if elected president, he was speaking with the Republican candidate's authority.

Company Comment


18 October 2016




- Kremlin insider outlines important role played by lawyer COHEN in secret liaison with Russian leadership

- COHEN engaged with Russians in trying to cover up scandal of MANAFORT and exposure of PAGE and meets Kremlin officials secretly in the EU in August in pursuit of this goal

- These secret contacts continue but are now farmed out to trusted agents in Kremlin-linked institutes so as to remain "plausibly deniable" for Russian regime

- Further confirmation that sacking of and appointments of VAINO and KIRIYENKO linked to need to cover up Kremlin's TRUMP support operation


1. Speaking in confidence to a longstanding compatriot friend in mid-October 2016, a Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP's lawyer, Michael COHEN, in the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York tycoon's campaign and the Russian leadership. COHEN's role had grown following the departure of Paul MANNAFORT as campaign manager in August 2016. Prior to that MANNAFORT had led for the TRUMP side.

2. According to the Kremlin insider, COHEN now was heavily engaged in a cover up and damage limitation operation in the attempt to prevent the full details of relationship with Russia being exposed. In pursuit of this aim, COHEN had met secretly with several Russian Presidential Administration (PA) Legal Department officials in an EU country in August 2016. The immediate issues had been to contain further scandals involving MANNAFORT's commercial and political role in Russia/Ukraine and to limit the damage arising from exposure of former TRUMP foreign policy advisor, Carter PAGE's secret meetings with Russian leadership figures in Moscow the previous month. The overall objective had been to "to sweep it all under the carpet and make sure no connections could be fully established or proven"

3. Things had become even "hotter" since August on the TRUMP-Russia track. According to the Kremlin insider, this had meant that direct contact between the TRUMP team and Russia had been farmed out by the Kremlin to trusted agents of influence working in pro-government policy institutes like that of Law and Comparative Jurisprudence. COHEN however continued to lead for the TRUMP team.

4. Referring back to the (surprise) sacking of Sergei IVANOV as Head of PA in August 2016, his replacement by Anton and the appointment of former Russian premier Sergei KIRIYENKO to another senior position in the PA, the Kremlin insider repeated that this had been directly connected to the TRUMP support operation and the need to cover up now that it was being exposed by the USG and in the western media.

Company Comment

The Kremlin insider was unsure of the identities of the PA officials with whom COHEN met secretly in August, or the exact date/s and locations of the meeting/s. There were significant internal security barriers being erected in the PA as the TRUMP issue became more controversial and damaging. However s/he continued to try to obtain these.

19 October 2016




- TRUMP's representative COHEN accompanied to Prague in August/September 2016 by 3 colleagues for secret discussions with Kremlin representatives and associated operators/hackers

- Agenda included how to process deniable cash payments to operatives; contingency plans for covering up operations; and action in event of a CLINTON election victory

- Some further details of Russian representatives/operatives involved; Romanian hackers employed; and use of Bulgaria as bolt hole to "lie low"

- Anti-CLINTON hackers and other operatives paid by both TRUMP team and Kremlin, but with ultimate loyalty to Head of PA, and his successor/s


1. We reported previously (2016/135 and /136) on secret meeting/s held in Prague, Czech Republic in August 2016 between then Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP's representative, Michael COHEN and his interlocutors from the Kremlin working under cover of Russian 'NGO' Rossotrudnichestvo.

2. [REDACTED] provided further details of these meeting/s and associated anti- CLINTON /Democratic Party operations. COHEN had been accompanied to Prague by 3 colleagues and the timing of the visit was either in the last week of August or the first week of September. One of their main Russian interlocutors was Oleg SOLODUKHIN operating under Rossotrudnichestvo cover. According to [REDACTED] the agenda comprised questions on how deniable cash payments were to be made to hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction against the CLINTON campaign and various contingencies for covering up these operations and Moscow's secret liaison with the TRUMP team more generally.

3. [REDACTED] reported that over the period March-September 2016 a company called XBT/Webzilla and its affiliates had been using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant hugs, steal data and conduct "altering operations" against the Democratic Party leadership. Entities linked to one Aleksei GUBAROV were involved and he and another hacking expert, both recruited under duress by the FSB, Seva KAPSUGOVICH, were significant players in this operation. In Prague, COHEN agreed contingency plans for various scenarios to protect the Operation, but in particular what was to be done in the event that Hillary CLINTON won the presidency. It was important in this event that all cash payments owed were made quickly and discreetly and that cyber and other operators were stood down/able to go effectively to ground to cover their traces. (We reported earlier that the involvement of political operatives Paul MANAFORT and Carter PAGE in the secret TRUMP-Kremlin liaison had been exposed in the media in the run-up to Prague and that damage limitation of these also was discussed by COHEN with the Kremlin representatives).

4. In terms of practical measures to be taken, it was agreed by the two sides in Prague to stand down various "Romanian hackers" (presumably based in their homeland or neighbouring eastern Europe) and that other operatives should head for a bolt-hole in Plovdiv, Bulgaria where they should "lay low". On payments, associate said that the operatives involved had been paid by both TRUMP's team and the Kremlin, though their orders and ultimate loyalty lay with IVANOV, as Head of the PA and thus ultimately responsible for the operation, and his designated successor/s after he was dismissed by president PUTIN in connection with the anti-CLINTON operation in mid August.

13 December 2016

I have no doubt it's "genuine" in the sense that it was not put together by Trump operatives trying to discredit the media. However, I'm not ready to take the intelligence agencies word for much of anything. I see no proof of any of the accusations in here, just anonymous sources with nothing to back them up. I would imagine, Joseph, that you are aware of the CIA's penchant for lying to the American people, not to mention the FBI. I think Trump is a disaster, but I think this will severely backfire. There is nothing in this that constitutes proof of anything, and not one verifiable source is offered. Not to mention, there are some glaring errors in it. If they really have proof of any of it, they need to present it. Sorry, I don't trust Trump AT ALL, but I don't trust US intelligence much more. This whole thing is very fishy.
From the Desk of Ms. Vandal:

'The media took him literally but not seriously and his supporters took him seriously but not literally,'" GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy told CNN.
Glad you're not dead.

As for Pissgate, if true I would expect it to come from the CIA, not from some anonymous supposedly former intelligence source working for a private company and leaking to Buzzfeed.
I'm hoping Larry Flynt's offer of $1M will turn up the tape.
Joseph- your ability to bend reality to you wishes has always amazed me.

Alex Jones has nothing on you.

Carry on.
Chris Matthews tonight said that "Disinformation" is found at the top of the document. I don't see that on BuzzFeed's version.
Even if it turns out not to be true, it's believable.

Daily Banter column by Justin Rosario: Trump is a disgusting pig.

The best line is in the comment thread:

"Remember when Trump said it was gross that Hillary had to use the bathroom?

Now we know he was just upset he couldn't watch."

This is not going to impact the PEEOTUS, other than to fuel jokes. He had them pee on a bed the Obamas slept in: his followers will applaud that. After all, they re-elected David "Diapers" Vitter.
Another joke from another comment thread:

Q: "What's the difference between a lima bean and a chickpea?"

A: "Trump wouldn't pay to see a lima bean."

OH MY! George Takei tweeted a few zingers Tuesday night.

Seriously, how is Cheetolini going to represent this country in dealings with other countries? How is, for example, the President of China not going to take one look at Cheetolini and fall down ROTFLHAO?
Gerry, projection doesn't suit you. Carry on.
So Mr. Cannon thinks this document is real. What does Mr. Cannon know, he predicted Trump would win while most others knew better.
I just skimmed a few parts. It feels like it was written by well educated Russians who still managed to miss putting in a word here or there. Definitely doesn't have the British polish (is that a funny?) that I would expect.
Unless the person who wrote it is so entrenched in Russia that their Russian is better than their English, is that possible?
There are a lot of good jokes out there. The one I like --

"Is this what is means to be a Goldwater Republican?"
Interesting to see Jill Stein's name mentioned, as well as plans to turn Millennials away from Hillary and push them to Bernie Sanders.

Joseph, I stand corrected--it looks like you were right about both of them, Stein and Sanders. Then again, we should have known that something was brewing when that picture of her sitting at Putin's table with Michael Flynn was released.

I think this document is real. I also think that anyone who is rushing to deny it--but fell all over themselves to grab the latest Wikileaks spew about Hillary--is full of shit.
Like Ceausescu, Trump has a lackey follow him around carrying cleansing alcohol for him to wash his hands in after he's shaken hands with someone. He has called handshaking a "curse". Mussolini banned it - officials had to use the fascist salute when greeting each other instead. If you watch the clip of Obama's hilarious speech at the White House correspondents' dinner in 2011 in which he roasted Trump, it is obvious that Trump hates - and I mean hates - Obama. Trump has boasted that he never lets a slight, or what he feels to be a slight, pass; he returns it ten times harder. When he enters a hotel room and sees a bed that Obama slept in, should we be surprised that the billionaire's thoughts turn to a ritual defilement involving piss and shit?
The summary sections sound a bit Russian, but only because they are written in semi-telegraphese and articles are left out. I didn't find any other Russophone markers elsewhere.

Sooner or later Trump is going to deny an allegation and call the people who are making it lower than worms, and then incontrovertible evidence will surface that proves the allegation true. What happens then?
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