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Friday, April 21, 2017

Back soon...

Maybe later today. I have an assignment.

And to be honest, I still can't get my head around the thing with Sessions seeking to arrest Assange.
Happy assignment! I had no idea....I had to go read up...

Putin is smart enough to know:

(1) His control of Cheetolini is his most valuable asset.

(2) His puppet Cheetolini must be made to look independent.

(3) One way to accomplish this is to stage fights between Cheetolini and other Putin assets, such as Assad, and even Putin himself--and now Assange. Cheetolini's background includes a stint in pro wrestling, so he understands fake feuding readily enough (pro wrestling calls it "kayfabe").

I would guess all of these "feuds" are kayfabe on a grand scale, hence my lack of concern over the alleged threat of WW3 between the Russian Federation and the USA.

(Hey, if they're the "Federation", do we get to be the Klingons?) ;)

(Hey, if they're the "Federation", do we get to be the Klingons?) ;)

....As long as I get a bat'leth....
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Did Trump commit treason on tape? That's the purport of the Olbermann piece embedded above. He draws his argument from Louise Mensch, here.
Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin. In exchange, Page was authorized directly by Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the election.

On November 7th I reported that the FBI had been granted a FISA warrant to investigate the activities of two Russian banks, Alfa Bank and Silicoln Valley Bank. I also reported that an earlier attempt to obtain a FISA warrant, in June, had failed in the court because it named Donald Trump himself and three of his associates. In an exclusive at Patribotics, I reported that these named associates were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn.

Sources close to the intelligence community now report that this application was made because a recording exists of all three men discussing the possibility of Page taking the tape of Trump to Moscow as an earnest of good faith. There is a minor dispute over whether Trump himself is also on that tape, as well as the tape that was delivered to Moscow by Carter Page of Trump making this promise.

A separate source with links to the intelligence community reported to me several months ago that Boris Epshteyn, alone of the four men named in the first FISA application, is an actual FSB agent, and, the source said, is the son of two other sleeper agents.
This blog was the first to discuss the allegation that Ephsteyn is "Source E" in the Steele dossier; many other writers have since concluded that this identification is quite possible. The Steele dossier does not explicitly identify Source E as an FSB agent, although that was always a valid between-the-lines reading. Source E appears to have been cognizant of the "watersports" kompromat, and may even have helped to arrange the video recording.

An important Erik Prince piece. Bloomberg -- not a weirdo conspiracy site -- says that Prince used to sneak in through the back entrance of Trump Tower.
The conversations provide a glimpse of Prince’s relationship with an administration that’s distanced itself from him since the Washington Post reported earlier this month that Prince had met with a top aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles in January.
Specifically, he offered a deal: Putin would toss Assad under the bus in return for lifted sanctions and other goodies. Why does everyone forget the most important part of the story?
In one informal discussion in late November, Prince spoke openly with two members of Trump’s transition team on a train bound from New York to Washington. He boarded the same Acela as Kellyanne Conway and they sat together. Joining the conversation at one point was Kevin Harrington, a longtime associate of Trump adviser Peter Thiel who is now on the National Security Council. They discussed, in broad terms, major changes the incoming administration envisioned for the intelligence community, as recounted by a person on the train who overheard their conversation.
The piece goes on to state that when Prince was close to Flynn; when Flynn lost access to Trump, so did Erik Prince.

This could be it. A couple of posts down, I said that if (as some propose) we hope to impeach Trump on a perjury charge during a deposition, we first need a lawsuit. This one is made to order.
Two new plaintiffs — an association of restaurants and restaurant workers, and a woman who books banquet halls for two D.C. hotels — plan to join a lawsuit alleging that President Trump has violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause because his hotels and restaurants do business with foreign governments.

The new plaintiffs will be added to the case on Tuesday morning, according to a spokesman for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a D.C.-based watchdog group.
In my view, this case has importance in and of itself. But its true significance will come if and when Trump is deposed, as Bill Clinton was deposed in the Paula Jones suit.

Trump is not a stupid man. He may disdain book larnin', but he has the cunning of a grifter. He's intelligent enough to know what a perjury trap is. If he is deposed, he will be on guard, and he will make every effort to tell the truth -- at least a technical, legalistic, split-hair version of the truth (as did Bill Clinton).  

But. Donald Trump cannot escape his own character, just as the scorpion cannot stop himself from killing the frog in the famous parable. If Trump is deposed at sufficient length, I predict that he will eventually lie under oath. He will do so without intending to, without needing to. Such is his character.

The lie will come. If it is large enough, and if the political environment permits, impeachment may follow.

Is AJ a nut or a liar? Head's up, schadenfreude fans: This story is an utter delight. Either Alex Jones is a blowhard and a fraud or he's a dangerously unstable fruitcake who can't be allowed near his own children. If there's an option 3, I can't see it.

However the case falls out, Alex Jones will surely run true to form: He'll blame his problems on "THEM" -- the Illuminati, the globalists, the build-a-burgers, the Trilateral Commission, the Clintons, the Rockefellers, Satanists, the flying saucer people, the Gustav Mahler Appreciation Society -- instead of blaming himself. That's the allure of the conspiracy buff subculture: Once you join it, you need never again take personal responsibility. For anything.

More theater. Despite headlines like this one, I'm still convinced that Vlad and Donnie are BFFs. From a purely tactical point of view, they should have staged a rift ages ago.
Thanks for these, Joseph.

In regards to Alex Jones--a nut or a liar--why not both? :)
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Monday, April 17, 2017


This is one of John Oliver's best -- and most terrifying -- episodes. Personally, I am convinced that Marine Le Pen will win in the final round. Although I know nothing about the mechanics of French elections, my inner cynic understands that, if there is a way to game the system, the system will be gamed.

In an interview contained in this segment, Marine Le Pen declares her willingness to ban all head coverings, including yarmulkes and the turbans worn by Sikhs. In response, I present a rewritten version of  a piece first published in 2011, which was prompted by some outrageous statements made by French actress Juliette Binoche and American Congressman Peter King. Le Pen is, of course, far more dangerous than those two.

I've always been a Francophile. I've even concocted a singable English translation of La Marsellaise. (Go here and scroll down.) There is no beauty like a French beauty: Claudine Auger, Isabelle Adjani, Laetitia Casta...yow. Ye gods. (Ye goddesses?) If Marine Le Pen attains her goal, there would be no room in her nation's heart for the very first French girl to capture my heart. And here she is.

For the most part, this video reworks a collection of images taken from another video which you can find on YouTube. In this version, the soundtrack features Joseph Cantaloube's "Baïlèro," from his Songs of the Auvergne. I chose that lovely piece because it's sung in Occitan, the language of the Troubadors, the language of the Cathars, the language of King Richard the Lionheart (betcha didn't know that!) -- and of Bernadette Soubirous.

Long-time readers know of my embarrassing, inexplicable, life-long crush on Bernadette. Please understand: I'm not religious. I've almost never set foot inside a church except to look at the architecture.

I first learned about Bernadette's story during a childhood viewing of the film Song of Bernadette. In the film, Vincent Price plays the embodiment of 19th century anti-clerical rationalistic bah-humbug-ness. Although he's supposed to be the heavy, the movie cleverly leaves open the possibility that he's right about everything.

Then, around the age of 13, I stumbled across a photo of the real Bernadette. That round face...those piercing eyes...the flawless skin (never touched by cosmetics). Bernadette was, in my instant decision, the most beautiful girl in all of human history.

At that age, of course, puberty had kicked in, which meant that every few days there was a new "most beautiful girl in all human history." Bernadette held the office for a full month. Eventually, she was dethroned by Ann-Margaret in Kitten With a Whip.

Since then, I've read tons of stuff about Bernadette, and even had a glance (back when my French was much better) at Father Cros' magisterial study. That Jesuit scholar met her once and instantly developed a lifelong crush on her. Many in France felt similarly. She had something.

The apparitions? I don't know what caused them. Don't much care. That's the least interesting aspect of her life. She wasn't crazy -- in fact, she may have been closest thing to a rational well-known person the Second Empire had on offer. This peasant girl's indifference to sudden international fame is rather astonishing. (Consider the sad examples of such modern celebrities as Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears.)

What tickles me is the stuff left out of hagiographies: Her life-long tobacco habit, her fondness for wine (she never drank to excess, but she did sneak bottles into the convent), her stint as a 13 year-old barmaid (her aunt fired her for dipping into the stocks), her Garbo-like aloofness, her flares of temper, the time she was tempted to run off with a handsome young priest, the postulants who formed "girl crushes" on her. There is also the possibility that something very troubling happened to her while working as a servant in Barthes -- a job she deserted just two weeks before you-know-what happened. (Zola once obliquely referred to this episode as the key to her story.)

She wasn't stupid. The Jennifer Jones movie got that part all wrong. She became a respected nurse, more or less running what we would now call a M.A.S.H. unit during the war with Bismarck.

So what does all of this have to do with the Marine Le Pen interview seen in the John Oliver episode embedded above?

Simply this: Bernadette never appeared in a single photograph with her head uncovered. The proof is in the video.

She was, by some accounts, the most photographed person of the 19th century -- despite the fact that she came to hate having her picture taken. (Note that she smiles only in the very earliest photos.) She was forced to adopt poses which she considered ridiculous. The whole business reeked of commercialization, which she detested.

Part of her commercial appeal was her costume -- specifically, the head covering.

This factor is probably invisible to modern Americans. She always wore traditional Pyrenean costume, which made her the most prominent representative of a culture considered quaint and charming -- a vanishing culture. A culture under attack.

Paradoxically, even as those photos spread throughout the nation, the French government was doing everything it could to wipe out the language and customs of her region. Occitan was forbidden in schools; the schools told children to speak only in French.

Today, a small but loud segment of the population of Occitania remains infuriated by the cultural imperialism imposed by Parisian dictates. If you know where to look, you'll find websites where Occitan nationalists express their fury at the French, whom they regard as foreigners.

That resentment may explain why Bernadette -- or Sister Marie-Bernard, as she was known in the convent of St. Gildard -- had only one thing to say when she heard that the Communists had burnt down the Tuileries (the royal palace): Good. That was one of the few political statements she ever uttered -- and it would have shocked the French right, had they known about it. (The monarchists had made her their poster girl.)

What she said in 1871 was the equivalent of a modern celebrity voicing approval for the burning of the White House. Or the fall of the Twin Towers.

Suppose Bernadette were alive today. (The corpse certainly looks like it could sit up and say bonjour.) Would she be welcome in a nation led by Marine Le Pen?

If she were alive today, I have no doubt that she would keep her head covered in defiance of the French law. If someone from Paris told Bernadette Soubirous that she could no longer wear the traditional costume of her people, her response probably would be -- well, rather unholy.

(Did I mention that Bernadette had a temper? She and her sister got into a fight that lasted for years.)

So, Mme. Le Pen: Would you have forced Bernadette to accept liberty, equality, fraternity -- and conformity?

Isn't there room in France -- and in America -- for those who do not speak, dress or believe as the majority does?

Added note: Although the song is in Occitan -- Bernadette's language -- she spoke the Gascon dialect; the song is in Auvergnat. She would have understood most of the lyrics, and may even have known the tune. (Cantaloube orchestrated a traditional folk song.) In her late teens, she learned to speak, read and write in French; her calligraphy was exquisite.
How about a compromise, Joseph? The law could be that no religion shall force its members to wear some type of uniform at all times.
The military requires its personnel to wear uniforms, presumably to prevent friendly fire, so what is religions' excuse for requiring their members to wear a certain type of garb at all times?
Forcing religious members to wear a certain type of clothing at all times seems to be a militaristic equivalent, no?
Some notes on France...

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen's father, Roger Auque, was Mossad.

The talk about a ban on yarmulkes is partly about encouraging Jewish emigration from France to "Israel". President François Hollande sat in the audience at the grand synagogue in Paris and listened to Benyamin Netanyahu declare that French Jews had a "home" there. It's hard to think of a time when the leader of a major state has been so humiliated in his own country by the leader of a foreign state.

If Hollande had any balls whatsoever, he would have said French Jews are French and we protect all our citizens, and we protect all foreign residents and visitors too, and that is an absolutely non-negotiable function of the French state. But he didn't. That was at a time when the French army had literally been sent out to protect Jewish buildings. I would imagine that on the ground they functioned in effect as auxiliaries or support units.

Le Pen has to find a line that appeals both to Zionists and the anti-Semitic far right. (Much of the latter is Lefebvrite or sedevacantist, or even if they don't go that far, they're not keen on having a Jesuit called Francis on the papal throne.) She seems to be doing so quite successfully.

You may be interested to learn that Aleksandr Dugin's mate Roger Soral (who is a bit of a monarchist) supports not Le Pen but Benoît Hamon, the "Socialist" candidate, because of the matter of Palestine. (But if there is a candidate in the top six who won't get into the second round, it's Hamon.)

I'm guessing Brigitte Bardot isn't to your taste, Joe, but she links both to the National Front and the left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon who is fast rising in the polls. I like Mélenchon's programme a lot: he wants 100% inheritance tax on estates larger than 30 million € (that will affect the top 1% of the top 1%) and 100% income tax on salaries over 400,000 €. Who wouldn't support that? Of course there is a massive gap between something being written in a programme and its implementation. He also wants France to leave NATO.

One crucial change that is on the cards in France is the introduction of plebiscitary democracy.

There is a reason why plebiscites were considered a no-no in Germany until a few years ago.

There is also a reason why in the first election to the presidency of the Fifth Republic the president wasn't directly elected, but was elected by those who had already been elected to representative positions. That reason was to prevent civil war.

France is likely to become a laboratory for the use of psychological warfare in plebiscites. Call it a "new kind of democracy". Call it "direct democracy". Call it anything. I am expecting this to happen before the end of 2017.

I'm following the French election very closely, and I too believe Le Pen will win. If her second-round opponent is the fidgeting pro-German thirtysomething Emmanuel Macron, who favours a "Nordic model" (for fuck's sake!), she will chew his balls off in the interround debate. François Fillon has so many points of weakness connected with financial fiddles carried out by him and his wife that it's surprising he hasn't collapsed yet in the polls. He's unlikely to get into the second round, but if he does he'll be no problem. (There is also a Las Vegas story that could hurt Macron if necessary, plus a Big Pharma story.) The "wow" scenario will be Le Pen versus Mélenchon in the runoff. It's getting a little too late for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan to be built up, but...well, stranger things have happened.

Those who don't like letting their minds float in the propaganda stream should probably refer to hijabs as "wimples". Essentially they are the same thing: they cover women's hair, necks and upper chests supposedly so that men don't get a stiffy.
Did I sign that post "b", that ends on wimples? I think I may have forgotten. It was by me anyway.
If the John Oliver video doesn't work for you, as it didn't for me, try It is a must watch.
Some time ago there was a case in Britain whereby a woman, or rather a girl, or presumably a girl's parents, went to court to contest their school uniform. Wanted to wear a burqa. It was a Muslim girl's school which had set its uniform after consulting with various Islamic scholars. So they set a suitably modest Islamic girl's uniform, then this girl sued them for not letting her wear her holier-than-thou dress.

Such costumes are already forbidden in France.

Of course it doesn't stop any arousal of men. There was a brief fad in the late twentieth century for nun porn, for example.

Perhaps if the Occitan had reacted like this then their culture would still exist today.
b brings up a good point about Catholic head coverings. Although more and more nuns, at least in these parts, which are still as Catholic as you can get in the US, have traded in the obvious habits for more civilian-looking clothes, there are still orders who cover their heads. I would point out that in the video Marine Le Pen spoke only of banning religious head coverings (which would go along with the existing ban on prominent religious symbols, like large crucifixes, which exempts more modest symbols, like small crosses or stars of David, n'est-ce pas?). Thus your beloved Bernadette's Occitan headscarf would be OK, while a formal habit might not.

I wonder how they would deal with Orthodox Jewish women's wigs that cover their own hair. I once shared an office with an Orthodox woman who wore a scarf rather than a wig for comfort's sake. I wear a hat year-round to protect my eyes from the sun and, when it's cold, to keep my head warm. I have heard of boys wearing ball caps instead of yarmulkes. How could you police this? It just seems stupid to me, perhaps even not very well thought out. Such a familiar ring to that.
Very nice version of the anthem, Joseph, but I can't resist adding my own two cents. I usually translate "impur" as "filthy" in this context. I also think "March on, march on" works well because it mimics the sound of the original.
I have heard of boys wearing ball caps instead of yarmulkes

The late Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, a former Lubavatcher Hasid who was one of the founders of the Jewish Renewal movement, frequently used to wear a beret instead of a kippa. It was quite dashing, actually. Surely le Pen would not ban that most traditionally French of chapeaux!

As for French beauty, I must point out that Adjani (while truly stunning) is half Berber and half German. And how could you forget Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Julie Delpy, Anne Parillaud, etc, etc.
Prop, I did not know that about Adjani's background. I think the reason why I became so fascinated with her is that, of all French actresses, she may bear the greatest resemblance to you-know-who. The round face, the chestnut hair, the mysterious eyes...
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Sunday, April 16, 2017

How about a little treason in your Easter basket?

I hate blogging on Easter Sunday. The blood pouring out of my palms messes up the keyboard. Yet blog we must: Although I had given up on the idea of a rapid impeachment, there may be reason for hope.

Rudy. A couple of days ago, the big rumor was that Rudolph Giuliani was poised to testify to the FBI on Trump's mis-doings. The leading promulgator of the rumor was The Palmer Report.
We’ve seen weeks of headlines pointing to Rudy Giuliani coming under increasing legal fire for his antics with imprisoned alleged criminal Reza Zarrab, who has financial connections to Donald Trump. Now comes word from two consistently accurate sources that Giuliani is looking to make a deal with the FBI, but that James Comey doesn’t want or need Giuliani’s cooperation in order to move forward.

First came word from former Bill Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have tended to prove correct. He tweeted today that “Just spoke to a New York source and Rudy Giuliani is in legal jeopardy and is desperate to make a deal but James Comey is having none of it” (link). Then came confirmation from Jester, an online political pundit who also has a strong track record of calling these things correctly: “Rudy ‘Cyberman’ Giuliani is apparently in a legal quagmire and is desperate to ‘make a deal’. Comey isn’t interested” (link). This tells us quite a bit about just how far the FBI’s case against Trump and his associates has progressed.
So why wouldn’t James Comey want to cut a deal with Rudy Giuliani? For one thing, Giuliani appeared to have been instrumental in sabotaging the FBI during the election by leaking information he had obtained from one of its agents. So it’s unlikely Comey would be willing to give Giuliani any sort of leniency in his current legal troubles, unless his input was crucial to the overall case. And based on tonight’s parallel storyline that arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal could begin as soon as next week (link), the FBI appears to be far enough along that it simply doesn’t need Giuliani’s help.
We have a couple of problems here. First, placing all of our faith in Comey seems quite a stretch, considering what happened to Hillary. Second, all of this breathless talk of "Indictments soon! Any day now!" has become annoying. I don't know about you, but for me, "Boy-who-cried-Wolf" syndrome set in about a month ago.

That's one reason why I've retained a cynical attitude toward the whole spooks-against-Trump Twitterverse, where that kind of breathless talk is a constant, and where doubters are damned as infiltrators.

(Palmer also says that the first arrests in Russiagate may come next week. Nahhh.)

The Jester -- one of those aforementioned spooks-against-Trump -- also believes that Rudy has offered to testify against Trump. Alas, that claim is non-falsifiable (unless the FBI changes its "no comment" policy).

Did Russia hack the state voter databases? One writer within the spooks-against-Trump Twitterverse still commands my loyalty: Louise Mensch. I just can't quit her. You should check out her latest offering on Patribotics. (For some reason, she still refuses to sign her posts, even though everyone knows that she is the writer.)
As I previously reported in an exclusive story on this blog, the Trump server at Cendyn was communicating to Alfa Bank in Russia hacked data from state voter databases and the DNC’s own voter targeting engine, Vertica. The precise combination of these two databases allowed Cambridge Analytica and SCL both to create Russian-directed propaganda and target it at voting groups with extraordinary precision. Intelligence sources now tell me that SVB bank, the second bank named in the FISA warrant I exclusively reported on Nov 7th, was also involved in messaging Alfa Bank. There will be further explanation of that in another post.

The technology behind Cambridge Analytica’s targeting was stolen from Facebook by Alexander Kogan, who has gone to Singapore and renamed himself Alex Spectre.
This is true. In fact, Kogan now styles himself Dr. Spectre.

I'm not making this up. A mystery man calling himself Dr. Spectre helped to subvert American democracy, according to Louise Mensch. If you follow the link, you'll see that he's now studying "the biology and psychology of human kindness and well-being," which sounds rather ominous.

Back to Mensch:
In many ways, the Trump-Russia story begins and ends at Cambridge University. Dimtry Firtash, the corrupt Russian oligarch who is Paul Manafort’s patron, gave Cambridge £6 million pounds since 2010. With that money evidently came a large ring of Russian spies, probably including Kogan.
That's Mensch talking, not me. For legal purposes, let the record show that this blog has never accused the mysterious Dr. Spectre of being a Russian spy. If you can't trust a man who calls himself Dr. Spectre, who can you trust?

(Isn't it fun, living in a movie?)
Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, told the Financial Times that he and other British former spies had left a dining club at Cambridge – a club to which Flynn belonged – because of concerns about Russian intelligence penetrating it. General Flynn had been a regular attendee, the story said. It added that British intelligence was extremely concerned about some ‘startups’ in Cambridge being Russian intelligence, notably Veruscript.
Sir Richard and his colleagues suspect that Veruscript — a newly established digital publishing house that has provided funding to set up a new journal of intelligence and to cover some of the seminar’s costs — may be acting as a front for the Russian intelligence services
Here is the Wiki entry on Veruscript. 
In December 2016, Veruscript was the subject of allegations that it was involved in Russian attempts to influence the UK intelligence community via the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar.
Let us now interrupt our perusal of the Mensch piece to take a look at what the Cambridge student newspaper has to say about Veruscript and its links to Russian spying.
Following the unforeseen resignations of senior experts from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS), questions have been raised over the forum's alleged links with Kremlin operatives and alleged threats from the Russian intelligence services.

The CIS is an academic forum for visiting speakers to discuss innovative intelligence research in progress.

The resigned posts were held by former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who has previously held the position of Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, former policy adviser at the White House Stefan Halper, and historian Peter Martland.

According to reports, the Kremlin is allegedly behind a newly-established intelligence journal, which also provides funding to the group.

The new London-based digital publishing house Veruscript, which helps cover some of the CIS’s costs, is also alleged to be acting as a front for the Russian intelligence services.

The CIS was set up by official MI5 historian Professor Christopher Andrew. The weekly seminars, which take place on Fridays at the university's Corpus Christi College, are advertised on the University website.

Previous attendees include Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser to the US, and Dr Paul Martin, the ex-director of parliamentary security.
American newspapers completely ignored this important story. I wonder why?

And now we return to the Mensch piece in Patribotics:
The Guardian followed this up with a story about a probable woman FSB agent or asset at Cambridge, to whom General Flynn, who is as vain as he is stupid, had signed billets-doux marked “General Misha”, the Russian word for Mike.

In Cambridge, intelligence sources say, Flynn was meeting with not only those who had coded the technology but Russian spies talking about the propaganda it should distribute.

However, Flynn did not stop there. With the full knowledge of both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, “General Misha” continued his Nazi “tour of Europe”, with meetings both in Europe and of the EU far right at Trump Tower, discussing how the Russian propaganda of SCL could be targeted directly in their countries in order to swing their elections. Notably, Flynn was caught with the head of the far-right party in Austria. This man was then invited by Donald Trump to the inauguration. Other far-right Russian allies invited to the inauguration, or who came to meet Trump Russia associates at Trump tower, and who were assisted by the Russian botnet and Russian propaganda, include Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage.
Mensch goes on to discuss one Peter Chayanov, whom she describes as "the hacking villain" of this whole affair. Chayanov, says Mensch, was the Putin/Assange go-between who allowed the Russian services to see the IP addresses of anyone using Wikileaks. (Lots of blackmail potential there, if this claim is correct.)

All of which brings us to the part I consider most important: The possibility of actual election rigging. As some of you know, I have argued in favor of this idea all along, despite the many poohs that have been poohed by the usual pooh-poohers.
I further reported, based on intelligence sources that it was Chayanov’s company Hostkey that US intelligence determined hacked the state voter databases (named in their October 7th statement as ‘a Russian company’). Because the USIC named Wikileaks as a Russian government actor in that same statement, and because Chayanov holds Wikileaks SSL keys and servers, USIC now knows, if it did not before, that the Russian government hacked the state voter databases.
We know from other sources that the Russians acquired the Wisconsin database.
The motherlode of the DNC leaks was not the DNC emails Wikileaks released; rather, it was the Vertica database that the DNC used and which had files on the voting behavior of all listed voters (hence the BernieBros that disappeared from Twitter – they were designed to suppress the Clinton vote). The Steele Dossier, which sources say is true in all important respects, states that Russian moles in the DNC leaked the files to Russia – they were as much hackers as Snowden was at the USA. Because there are too many states to place leakers in, Chayanov was forced actually to hack the state voter registration databases.

The Trump server was washing these two databases together for targeting by the campaign as I exclusively reported, with further exclusive reporting on the precise method by TeaPainUSA, here.
Some of you will say that stealing the voter databases is hardly the same thing as hacking the vote itself. True enough. But once you're in, you're in. Do you recall those counties in WI where the number of votes counted exceeded the number of voters?

The secret of ballot tampering is that you can't rig the results unless your candidate has already gotten within a few percentage points of his opponent in any given county. A boost of anything more than, say, three percent is likely to arouse suspicion. (Bernie's unlikely big win in Michigan was far too obvious.)

Yes, yes, yes, I know: Too much of what Mensch has to say is backed only by "sources say." Once more we face the problem of non-falsifiability. Nevertheless, my gut -- which has had a pretty good record of late -- tells me that this is important.
The useful rule of thumb that Trump is guilty of whatever he charges of others implies that millions of votes were indeed stolen, in a vast rigging of the election, for his and the R party's benefit.

This would include many other tactics besides whatever the Russians did (which I do believe was a lot). Oddly, the Russian interference may act as a defense in depth to hide the rest of it, as a limited hang out. Their real crown jewels are what worked for them in other elections, imo: millions of voters suppressed, and the flipping in the compilers, or in the electronic voting machine innards.

What powers may be seem to favor keeping those in place, just as they now unite to support the (third) frameup of Assad for using sarin weapons. I am shocked to see the fairly unanimous charges of the #RussiaTrump IC-connected bloggers that anyone who questions that 'evidence' (really, lack of evidence) is objectively pro-Putin and/or being duped by Russian propaganda. Highly credible people in my view are being smeared for stating the many patently obvious problems with the current official sarin storyline, including by Louise Mensch herself (and all in that twitter group that she re-tweets with approval and endorsement).

I find that very troubling, and it gives me considerable pause about the big casino game afoot. Peeling the onion reveals wheels in wheels, and games within games. It would be a shame if looking under the Russian involvement rock is used to put a lid on the other underlying election crimes, but I am beginning to fear that outcome.


The huge "red shift" of nearly all of the polls - including the exit polls is definitely suspicious. Polls have errors, sure, but all of them? In the same direction? That suddenly appeared in the last few hours of the election?

I very much wonder what happened with the tabulating machines, where the actual counting was going on. Considering the software for the machines had marginal security in the first place (well below banking-industry standards) and the attacks on the other side were coming from high-level professionals of the FSB (using localization data supplied by Cambridge Analytics), it stretches credulity that the counting process was secure.

The polling conducted by many different organizations was systematically not in agreement with the official vote counts, and all in the Republican's favor, while a very proficient state actor, with scores of criminal hackers at the service of FSB, was penetrating the entire political system of the USA. No. That's not a coincidence.
Two types of voter hacking that could be hard to prove. Removal of names from voter lists. Some type of day of the vote fraud, perhaps even throwing out votes before they can be counted.
And there's an election coming up in France too. What if Dearlove's boys and the FSB are on the same side? Dearlove knows France from his days as SIS Director of Operations when Princess Diana was assassinated. Theresa May has done a bit of PR work for Emmanuel Macron. But he won't win. Britain has been totally taking the piss. Like they'd want the EU-head Macron in the Elysée! But they can't be seen to be backing Le Pen or for that matter Mélenchon.

The journal that is mentioned is the Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies. That has been discontinued. By Veruscript. So they say here, anyway. "The decision was made after a range of spurious and completely unfounded claims were made in UK media about a small sponsorship of under £2,000 of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars solely to provide marketing funds."

Well whoever said Cambridge academics weren't cheap?

"(T)he company has retained legal advice to assess the reputational damage caused to the company as a result of such sensational reporting."

Can you imagine the scene in the High Court? "Call Mr Richard Dearlove!"

"May we take this opportunity to re-emphasise our commitment to the values of the UK and the University of Cambridge, which are the reasons personally that we chose to bring up our young family here."

Commitment to what shitty values exactly? The monarchy, NATO, private boarding schools, burning banknotes in front of the homeless, and sociobiology?

Hardly any money is too dirty for Cambridge.
Anybody who has the time might like to pull on some of the strings that connect to the company AGC Partners, which runs Veruscript. AGC Partners lists four officers: Gleb Cheglakov, his wife Nazik Ibraimova, the 74 year old John Alexander Troostwyk, and a company called Finchley Secretaries Limited. Troostwyk directs a company called Track & A Limited, with an Israeli guy called Amos Aharoni, who is the only shareholder.

Could this be Amos Aharoni the astrologer, whose consultation "on various matters" by Leo Leiderman, the Netanyahu-backed candidate for the Governorship of the Bank of Israel, caused Leiderman to withdraw when it became publicly known?

Aharoni is listed on LinkedIn as the CEO of exactly two companies: Alfa Argo, and Actrade Financial Technologies.

"Alfa"....................does that ring a bell?
Aleksandr Spectre, formerly Kogan, is a real Dr - he holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. This is his CV, which contains more information about him than his personal page at Cambridge University. Within two years of getting his PhD, he'd pulled in almost $500,000 in research grants. That's quite a rapid advance to that kind of money.

He notes "before my marriage, I published under the name Aleksandr Kogan".

He has posted a response here to what he says is a 90% false or misrepresentative story about him.

"I'm going to go through a few major points and ideas below (some are about me personally, for those who are concerned, and some are about the psychological microtargeting in general, for those interested in the big picture)."

He says he was on sabbatical in Singapore in 2016, as had been planned for 2.5 years. So 2.5 years after he gets his PhD, he plans a sabbatical 2.5 years in the future. What??? That sounds like a fucking cushy number, and you've got to wonder what he was actually doing in Singapore. Was it "off the books"?

He says he and his wife changed their surname (presumably he means their surnames) when they got married, and they chose "Spectre" as a derivative of "Spectrum".

"We wanted to find a last name tied to light because (a) my wife and I are both scientists and quite religious, and light is a strong symbol in both, (b) we got married in the international year of light, (c) we are a multi-ethnic family (so multiple colors of the spectrum, and (d) we just thought it sounded really cool!"
One voter comparison I have not made yet, but if someone is curious and wants to do it. How did Hillary Clinton do in the 2008 primaries versus in the 2016 presidential election? I recall some of the states that Hillary Clinton absolutely annihilated Obama in 2008, Clinton was then annihilated in 2016 by Trump.
Of course the comparison can't be just about total votes since 4 times more people vote in the presidential campaign then in the primaries. But I am curious if some of the comparisons don't add up.
One more thing: Aleksandr Spectre's work on "wellbeing" probably links closely to the infowar behavioural psychology specialism of "nudging", as for example worked on by the Behavioural Insights Team that works with the British Cabinet Office.

The reason I say this is that Spectre is trying to distance himself from the use of Facebook info to predict behaviour, and he presents many of his own publicly available academic articles in the cuddly terms of "wellbeing"...but we're only
talking about presentation here. "Wellbeing" is an infowar concept.

And oh look...the BIT have an office in Singapore, where one of their people, Serene Koh, led the Ministry of Communications and Information's Research Department’s "behavioural insights work".

I have a feeling we are going to be talking a lot more about this in the near future, and not just in relation to how the US election was won.
I don't know which name I like better, Sir Dick Dearlove or Dr. Spectre. Scientists who are "quite religious?" What a toxic mix. Scientists who can hand over their brains for a "cause." I can't follow the movie. If only it were the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. We'd have Rocky to save the day. OK, time for Cracked Fairy Tales...
just would like to stress quickly but emphatically that we cannot lose sight of the likely fact (i'm all in on this, but i have non unequivocal data at hand at this moment) that those votes in MI, WI, and PA (and FL, OH, AZ, etc) were all bound to be rigged not because of russians, but because the republicans have been setting up this election fraud scheme and exploiting it since before 2000.

just one of their many malevolent methods, but they've taken the death by a gazillion cuts approach beyond the stratosphere.

in other news, my GA bro says TV ads are all against osoff, then one pro-osoff ad will come on, followed by generic superpac republican ads. he suspects the GOP bought out all the time for the next 2 days. sadly, osoff will not likely win the necessary 50%, so won't be able to win in the runoff, as all the republican supporters will back whoever that winner is.

as for the trump-russia concerns, mine is this: i'm worried that we'll all be so focused on getting rid of trump, we'll (as in the generic 'we') let the GOP off the hook, when they are the real culprits here. (cf., nixon; tho the GOP was not so bad at that point, DC and the MIC were heading there.) trump is a 'bad hombre,' for sure, to coin a phrase. heh. but it was the responsibility of the GOP to vet and expose the corruption before he was unleashed on the country. they own this; every single dem or dem leaner on the planet should take every single opportunity to remind the world that every single republican prez since nixon has been involved in criminal activity, including treason. make those suckers wear that dead, stinking skunk around their necks till they shrivel and die in history's dustbin.
wish i'd seen this link prior to posting on the GOP election frauds (plural) and the GA special election:

feeling like we're saturated with an aggressive strain of an ebola-like infection? i know i am.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day of the Sun, the MOAB, Bannon's revenge, impeachment -- and more

When a month's worth of history can happen in 24 hours, a blogger can't take a day off.

I came across an interesting bit of "fake news" vis-a-vis the North Korea situation. The salacious right-wing UK tabloid Daily Express -- best-known for publicizing conspiracy theories about Princess Di and the McCann family -- says that Kim Jong Un has ordered the evacuation of Pyongyang. The named source for this report is Pravda. (Insert traditional Pravda joke here.)

This claim is, of course, untrue: There was a massive military parade in Pyongyang not too many hours ago, marking the national celebration of the birth of dynasty founder Kim Il Sung. The parade displayed the new North Korean ICBMS which are at the heart of the current crisis. Chinese air travel to Pyongyang is continuing as normal, despite earlier reports that air service would be put on hold.

Update: Daily Kos has also announced the "partial evacuation" of Pyongyang. However, if you trace the source for this article, it goes back to the same announcement in Pravda. At this writing, I can find no independent verification.

Did Pravda really print a fake news story about Pyongyang? If so, why would the Russians issue such a report?

Note, too, this story about an important Russian politician who places all blame for the increased tensions at the feet of Donald Trump. In his characteristically hyperbolic fashion, Trump has said that relations with Russia have reached an "all time low." This, from a man old enough to recall the Missile Crisis.

I continue to believe that the Putin/Trump rift is a coup de théâtre designed to dampen enthusiasm for investigations into Russiagate. Do you agree? Or do you think that a genuine animosity now divides former pals Vladdy and Donnie?

The MOAB. Originally, we were told that the Mother of All Bombs killed 36 ISIS combatants. Today, that number has been raised past 90. Even the higher number raises questions about the cost of each kill.

Abby Martin pegged the price of the bomb at a staggering $300 million, but that is actually the cost of the entire program; each MOAB costs $16 million. The lower original casualty estimate put the cost-per-corpse at an embarrassing $450,000, which may explain why the figure was raised this morning -- based on God-knows-what evidence. Dividing $16 million by 96 cadavers offers up the delightfully demonic figure of $166,666.66 per kill. (Try it yourself.) The number still seems wastefully high.

I'm pretty sure now that I did find the actual tunnel entrances via Google Earth, as displayed in the post below. The same river shows up in photos of the blast site. More importantly, we do have confirmation that the tunnels were located near civilian homes, although we are assured that thousands of local families had already fled the area in recent months of fighting.

Is this true? Did all of those people abandon the farms -- probably poppy farms -- which were their sole source of income? Where did they go and how are they living? It all seems a little hard to believe.
"The enemy had created bunkers, tunnels and extensive mine fields, and this weapon was used to reduce those obstacles so that we could continue our offensive in Nangarhar," General John Nicholson, the top US commander in Afghanistan, said on Friday.
This fine piece at Covert Book Report argues that the CIA originally built those tunnels during the war against the USSR.

Alt Right Confidential. The reported rift between Steve Bannon and Trump has led to some fascinating developments. Conspiracy writer Mike Cernovich, one of the leading Pizzagators, warns that he will reveal many a dirty secret if Bannon is forced to take a hike.
“If they get rid of Bannon, you know what’s gonna happen? The motherlode. If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies. I know everything,” said Cernovich.

“If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we’re just gonna destroy marriages, relationships—it’s gonna get personal.”
Who are "they"? I dunno. In Conspiracyland, people often speak of an amorphous THEY.

I would love to see Cernovich show his cards. The fact that he is now keeping those cards hidden tells me that either Cernovich is bluffing or he is motivated by ideology rather than the establishment of truth.

Frankly, it's annoying to live in a world in which fringe freaks like Cernovich are taken seriously. What's next -- will Politico be quoting David Icke? Or even, God forbid, me?

Vanity Fair has published a Seutonius-like account of the West Wing civil war. There aren't too many completely new revelations...
Bannon was said to have been persuaded to stay in part at the urging of Rebekah Mercer, the wealthy Republican donor whose family is part owner of Breitbart News, which Bannon had run. She had been instrumental in getting him hired by Trump in the first place, and she urged him, according to Politico, to put aside differences and think about his position in the White House as “a long-term play.” Bannon, who has denied that he ever threatened to resign or that he ever insulted Kushner, has been pushing back. “There is a concerted effort to paint Jared and Ivanka as anti-movement” among the Bannon faction of the staff, said one senior administration official.
But, according to a senior administration official, Bannon’s effort to put himself on the National Security Council, without Trump having been fully briefed, made Ivanka and Jared suspicious of his motives. “This was honestly a dark-of-night operation,” this official told me.
Bannon’s other big mistake has been taking credit for Trump’s own popularity, such as it is. Referring to the Time cover, a senior administration official told me, “He is very talented at making himself seem the hero of the conservatives who elected Donald Trump”—the implication being that if you lose Bannon, you lose them. “It’s a very smart thing to do on his part,” this official added, “but ultimately it’s not a sustainable strategy for him. The president sees through that kind of thing, and he’s aware of what’s happening.” The official went on: “The reality is, if he keeps this up he’s not going to be here.”
The most fascinating of all the "civil war" articles is this Politico piece, which describes in detail how the alt right will turn its guns on Trump.
I asked friends and foes alike to imagine how, should Bannon get the boot, the pugnacious populist might exact his revenge.

Taken together, their suggestions amount to an epic, Kill Bill-style revenge saga that starts with Bannon leaking personal dirt on his enemies to the tabloids, using the megaphone of Breitbart News to exacerbate divisions inside the administration, and siccing an army of internet trolls on his adversaries to harass and defame them. It ends with Bannon using Cambridge Analytica data to identify and primary their vulnerable allies in Congress, then releasing a “Where Trump Went Wrong” documentary on the eve of the November midterms and finally—in this revenge fantasy’s epic climax—running against Trump himself in 2020.
“He’ll have his minions eviscerate you on Twitter and write articles with fake information. You will be attacked and lied about,” said Republican operative Cheri Jacobus, who was the subject of critical coverage in Breitbart in 2015 after saying Trump was popular with “low-information voters” and who blames Breitbart for a campaign of online harassment she has endured since then.

“Bannon can launch something, and there’s an army of people who are part of the alt-right that will then pick up on it and they know what to do,” Jacobus said. “It’s like a chain reaction.”
Here comes Cernovich again:
Meanwhile, Bannon could launder more salacious hits through the tabloids. “You go National Enquirer on them,” said blogger Mike Cernovich, a self-described student of Bannon’s work who said he has discussed the eventuality of Bannon’s firing with people close to him.

“There’s sex scandals people are sitting on,” Cernovich said. “All the gossip and drama and stuff that might be a little more personal is going to get leaked.”
The big gun, of course, will be Cambridge Analytica, the computer psy-war powerhouse which shapes reality itself for millions and millions of rubes.
“We would see House and Senate races in 2018 to, you know, go after Trump’s agenda,” said internet troll Charles Johnson, an ally of Bannon who worked for him at Breitbart. “Everything would slow down. His presidency would essentially be over. Bannon is more than just a man. He is honestly something of an idea because he represents something that both the establishment and the left-wing media hate.”
"More than a man." Savor that. That's the kind of 1930s-style ideological mania we're dealing with.
In years past, Bannon produced several political documentaries, an experience that one Breitbart insider suggested he could call on in a scorched-earth campaign against Trump.

“He does have skills, like high-end skills,” said the insider. “One of his high-end skills is he could actually put together a documentary. What if he came out with something before the 2018 midterms, ‘Where Trump Went Wrong’?”
The thing is, producing a documentary isn't a very high-end skill these days. A $500 camera will suffice; hell, you can get perfectly usable B-roll shots with a iPhone and MoviePro. Professional-quality editing can be done on a thousand-dollar computer and Premiere Pro, which can be rented for 20 bucks a month. Of course, you have to find people who know about lighting and capturing good audio, and you have to have some kind of travel budget. Bottom line, you can make a slick documentary for only a few thousand dollars. Distribution is the real difficulty.

What I find most fascinating about the above-quoted piece is that it gives away the entire game of how Hillary was besmirched in 2016. These people use smears, blackmail, and psychological warfare techniques in order to destroy enemies and acquire power. They will use hidden truths and outrageous lies.

The conspiracy buff subculture plays a huge role here. Right-wing paranoia-addicts always think that they are the hippest of the hip. In fact, they are usually naive dullards just begging to be manipulated by scoundrels like Bannon, who know how to press their buttons.

The poorly-educated proles who read Breitbart and Infowars are correct to suspect that hidden skullduggery plays a massive role in human events. The conspiracy-buff subculture exists to misdirect their inchoate angst and suspicion. Within the Alt Right conspiracy cult, the sheep-like followers are kept in a state of constant fear in order to fulfill the ambitions of the leadership. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The right-wing conspiracy theorists are the conspiracy.

Impeachment prediction. Professor Allan Lichtman, basking in glory because he predicted Trump's triumph at a time when nearly everyone else felt assured of a Hillary win, will soon have a book out which predicts that Trump will be impeached before the year is out.
Lichtman’s list of possible offenses that could get Trump to that point are familiar: charges of treason with Russia, abuse of power and emoluments violations. Lichtman also cites now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then a senator, who argued that a president could be impeached for offenses committed before he took office. Among those potential offenses, Lichtman lists Trump’s housing violations, charity problems, potential violations of the Cuba embargo and Trump University.

It’s all part of a brief — designed to be damning — tour through Trump’s history. It includes section headings like “Trump Towers Become Vacant Lots” and “Lying His Way to the Presidency.” It eventually leads Lichtman to the conclusion that Trump might serve himself up for impeachment: “Trump’s disregard for lying in sworn testimony, examined in the context of the Bill Clinton precedent, shows how Trump’s opponents could set an impeachment trap for him through a civil lawsuit.”
That idea has occurred to me as well. Trump has a history of prevaricating during depositions, and his impulsiveness means that he'll continue to do as he has always done, even though his testimony as president will receive the kind of hyper-scrutiny he has never faced before.

But: Where is the lawsuit? The law is a slow and lumbering beast. If impeachment is to take place before the dawn of New Year's Day, 2018, then now is the time for someone to bring a serious case against Trump.

Would the new Supreme Court reverse the Paula Jones precedent? Possibly. We know that Trumpers care only about power, not about consistency or principle.

I, too, predicted that Hillary would lose. I also said -- well before Lichtman caught on -- that Putin was involved in bringing Trump to power. Yet I strongly doubt that Donnie will be shown the exit door in 2017.

If events prove me wrong -- fantastic!
Kabuki. It may even include Kim Jong Un.
The MOAB only killed militants because they definition of militants is such that it must be so. And no-one's off to eastern Afghanistan to check, are they?

For some reason the news media have been reporting that Trump is planning to glass North Korea over the weekend.

Distributing the documentary isn't the problem, marketing it is. That's a high-level skill. I keep my eyes on the torrent sites. You know the last documentary that turned up on the trending movies lists? Clinton Cash. Free distribution, you just need people to go looking for it.

Trump won't be impeached. That would require the House of Representatives to vote for it, right? Not happening.
I noticed that myself, Stephen -- the thing about Clinton Cash ranking high on the torrent sites. If your purpose is widespread distribution, not the making of money, then you would do everything in your power to encourage the circulation of illegal copies. You can even write a program that downloads the torrent hundreds of times each hour, which would insure that lots of eyeballs see the listing for that torrent.
A lot of people tend to dismiss the sexual angle to things either because it seems distasteful/gossipy or because they themselves do not realize how powerfully sex drives the hornier percentage of the population. Some think "private lives should be private" and resist connecting the dots even when the evidence is massive.

But sex intrigues and the desire to cover-up same are a prime factor in everything that is being revealed now.

Consider our current situation.

Trump? Anyone who's followed him has heard the stories and knows the odds of real blackmail material being held by someone are high. He has bragged of most of his sleaze and many have reported it goes far deeper still.

Stone? Google "Roger Stone" "swinger" "cuckold" etc. Throw in Roy Cohn for good measure.

Manafort? Read the texts from his daughters. Appears to have the same lifestyle.

All three have known each other for decades.

Now look at Milo and Bannon and Cernovich and some of the other alt-right players.

Starting to see any decadent patterns yet?

OK - next - read up on the history of sexual blackmail in politics. Know about how Hoover operated? How about the photos Dulles (and maybe the mob too) had of Hoover and Tolson? Now look into the reputation of the Russian and Israeli intelligence services for using such "kompromat" - in setting up sexual honeytraps.

If that's all starting to click for you, how about making a list of Trump's cabinet members and top GOP and googling a bit...


Any common threads besides histories of anti-gay politics? Any common rumors?

Put it together and you soon realize that sexual blackmail is at the heart of this whole mess.

For every Larry Craig forced screaming from the closet by accident there are a dozen other powerful closeted politicians, and likely as many video tapes in the hands of those who own them - whether domestic billionaires or foreign intelligence services.

Therefore "Pizzagate". Disinfo so obviously ludicrous and repulsive that it has the effect of making rational people turn away from genuine and obvious covert sex and the blackmail accompanying it. "Hillary is murdering child sex slaves in satanic rituals?? That's absurd!" leads to "Trump's core are all swingers together and half the cabinet/GOP leadership are covert homosexuals being blackmailed? Get out of here!"

That's how it works....

Fascinating, detailed article about the Mercers in the March 27 TNY, mapping out connections with Renaissance, Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, fake films, all in one place!

MoA makes some points on North Korea. Apparently they made the same repeated offer to the Obama and Trump administrations:

"As a first step, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large-scale U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises."

Those offers have been summarily rejected. Yet they have the support of China. Why is it important? Because the US-South Korea exercises occur very year at North Korea's harvest time when they need their soldiers to bring in the crop. Food scarcity is rife in North Korea. NK has no incentive to scale back its nuclear weapons program when it has invasion threats repeatedly pushed in its face. Trump's sabre rattling is driving the current crisis.
@Citizen K, the article should be required reading. Jane Mayer points out two (among many) scary things: computer scientist Mercer's polymath genius had developed algorithms that transformed the banking/financial sector into the world-ruling entity it has become (and enabled him to make billions), and he's developing algorithms to accomplish the same regarding electoral politics; that, and his daughter Rebekah had conniption fits when the family's millions failed to elect their candidates in the past. Alas, there's no comparable liberal billionaire group as a foil (duh); even if every reader of Cannonfire gave our host a billion dollars, it wouldn't amount to the Mercer asset treasures.
The wedge used to create all the anti Hillary Clinton sentiment probably swirled around her 24 million dollars in Wall Street Speaking fees over a 2 year time period, and her health and supposed health issues. To this day, there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton does cardio of any kind.
Trump and Clinton were the first two presidential opponents to basically have no cardio game plan to show the public. Go back over the past couple of decades and presidential candidates cardio was used to make them look human and like one of us.
Political candidates have a narcissism issue that they must battle with at all times, one way to quell their own narcissism and appear more human is to be involved in cardio sports. Obama had basketball, Bush jr ran several miles every day and I think had a resting pulse in the low sixties, maybe even lower. The normal is around 70 to 76. Even Bill Clintnn jogged and played the Sax. Not sure about George Bush Sr. but Reagen chopped wood with an axe on his ranch and was seen as being somewhat physically fit. Romney never really connected with the public and I don't recall ever seeing him doing public cardio.
To this day, there have been no Hillary Clinton sightings at a 5k run, a 10k run, or doing half an hour on an elliptical. If you ever go into the bowels of the anti Clinton crowd, they come up with some doozies about her health that would all become nonsense if Clinton did public cardio.
Instead, she is doing public speaking. I hope to God she is not accepting speaking fees but if she continues down the same path of speaking fees and no public display of cardio health, she will be toast in 2020.
"...she will be toast in 2020."

Why does Machi assume she even wants to run in 2020?
Good Question, Ivory Bill. Hillary Clinton won't be able to run in 2020 if she does not get into some serious cardio to stall mother time.
As for why Hillary Clinton should run, hopefully she can rein in some of her immigration at all cost platform that she fell into, in large part as a way to keep the fight on Trump and AWAY from Obama and Sanders, who both deserved some criticism but Clinton wisely demurred because it would have split the party badly.
In 2020 Hillary Clinton does not need Obama's blessing and she can come across more mainstream by fighting back against Sander's entitlement platform. Hillary Clinton can pretty much set her presidential agenda as she see's fit, something she could not do in 2016.
I should have added two comments ago that debunking Cernovich's poor health claims against Hillary Clinton would discredit Cernovich to a significant percentage of Cernovich's followers and could possibly lead to a ratcheting down of the fake news rhetoric as well.
A Physically active / Physically fit Hillary Clinton would also help discredit her image as a money grabbing public speaker who values money over doing things that normal americans do, such as exercise.
Hillary Clinton should also use Bill Clinton's foundation as a vehicle to go into middle america and help fix things that Donald Trump is breaking, such as the Appalachian fund that Trump is about to decimate even though the fund has proven a solid investment.
$170,000 per MOAB bomb. The air force makes them themselves, no third party involved.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Is this where the MOAB hit? Plus: Kayfabe

The MOAB. For the first time, the Mother Of All Bombs -- the most destructive non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal -- has been used in combat, if "combat" is indeed the right word. The announced goal was to wipe out a group of ISIS supporters hiding in caves in northern Afghanistan.

Sean Spicer and Donald Trump have carefully refused to say whether Trump ordered the strike. Obviously, Trump seeks to have it both ways: He'll take the credit if the end result plays well with the American public, and he'll blame someone else if Americans are shocked by the amount of civilian casualties.

And yes, civilians must have died:
"The hard truth is…when explosive weapons are used in populated areas, over 90 percent of those killed or injured will be civilians," Iain Overton, the executive director of Action on Armed Violence, said in an e-mail. "And when explosive violence is used in lesser populated areas, at last 25 percent of those killed or injured will be civilians. In short, the bigger the blast you create, the more civilians will be killed."
Of the MOAB, Overton adds, "That bomb cannot be targeted, it cannot be proportional and it cannot but kill civilians."
It seems very possible that the MOAB was a bigger child-killer than was the alleged "sarin" attack allegedly committed by Bashar Assad. According to Abby Martin, the bomb cost more than $300 million(!!!). It hit the Achin district of the Nangarhar province," which has a population of 95,000; they grow a lot of opium poppies. A lot.

Visiting the area via Google Earth, one notes that, although there is little in the way of city life in this district, there are indeed many, many small farms.

It's actually pretty easy to find what appear to be tunnel entrances in the mountains. The photo seen here depicts the area which -- I suspect -- was hit by the MOAB. (Click on it to enlarge.) If you turn to the wider view embedded at the head of this post, you can see how close these tunnels are to a number of small farms. The yellow line represents one mile. According to many news reports, the MOAB incinerates everything within a mile's radius in every direction.

Let's be very clear: This is the suspected impact area. At this time, certainty is not possible. The co-ordinates are  34° 5'6.82"N latitude and 70°43'9.09"E longitude. Readers with Google Earth should check out the area for themselves.

Here is a list of terror acts attributed to ISIS fighters from Afghanistan, which you can weigh against the possible civilian casualties of the MOAB. Come to your own conclusions about the morality of it all.

One bomb, however large, cannot eradicate ISIS in Afghanistan. So why did Trump do it? Perhaps his real purpose was to impress North Korea.

And now let's turn our attention, once again, to the ever-burning question of Putin and Trump... 

Finally, someone sees it my way. That someone is Gene Lyons, co-author of The Hunting of the President. Lyons correctly identifies the current Putin/Trump "feud" as an event analogous to the feud between Trump and WWE chieftain Vince McMahon, which ended with McMahon's head being shaved.
Which brings us back to Syria. Because if it would be irresponsible to call the events of last week as stage-managed as “WrestleMania 23,” it would also be naïve to ignore their theatrical aspects.

First, because neither the Assad nerve gas atrocity nor the US response had any real military purpose. The Syrian dictator and his Russian backers have been winning the civil war, bombing hospitals and slaughtering thousands of civilians without resorting to banned weapons. Assad’s only imaginable motive would have been to convince rebel factions of his absolute ruthlessness—something they already believe.

Supposedly, however, the Russians had persuaded Assad to surrender his biochemical arsenal back in 2013, after President Obama’s ill-considered “red line” blunder. How, then, with Russian soldiers all over the remote air strip where the gas attack was allegedly launched, could Vladimir Putin NOT have known what was going down?

And why would Assad have defied the Russians? Last week’s barbaric strike killed a reported 84 civilians in a rebel-held Syrian village. In contrast, the 2013 chemical assault that prompted Barack Obama’s anger took 1400 lives—an outrage that troubled Donald Trump hardly at all.
Meanwhile, Trump’s son Eric may have inadvertently given the game away. “If there was anything that [the strike on] Syria did,” he told a British reporter “it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.”
I always love it when Trump or those close to him blurt out more than they should.

I always hate it when, despite said blurting, Trump apologists tell guys like me that our "fanciful" theories remain unproven. The blurt itself is proof.

Elsewhere: We now learn that GCHQ was involved, as I have long suspected.
British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.

The communications were captured during routine surveillance of Russian officials and other Russians known to western intelligence. British and European intelligence agencies, including GCHQ, the British intelligence agency responsible for communications surveillance, were not proactively targeting members of the Trump team but rather picked up these communications during what's known as "incidental collection," these sources tell CNN.
Trump's ploy is to pretend that this "incidental" collection was actually targeted collection. This trick allows him to blame the previous administration -- and so far, the trick was worked.

Back to Syria: I found the following on Adam Khan's twitter feed. I don't know who wrote it, or if these words were yanked from a larger piece. But it's as good a summary as you're likely to find anywhere. (It's a jpg, not digitized text. Sorry.)

Mention the Israeli factor and some people will call you an anti-Semite. Mention the Russia factor and some people will accuse you of being a New Cold Warrior. But if you zoom out wide enough to take in the full picture, you'll see that neither of those accusations hold water.
According to the NYT Dr. Monzer Khalil, Idlib Province's health director, was responsible for the removal to Turkey of bodies, soil and tissue samples used in the investigation of the Khan Sheikhoun CW incident. Idlib is an al Nusra stronghold and Dr. Khalil could not have obtained his position there without al Nusra approval.

So who is Dr. Monzer Khalil? One possible candidate is Monzer Khalil Chehab, removed from the US in 2000 on the basis of FBI reports that he was linked to terrorism and a threat to US national security.

What are the chances they're the same guy? And Turkey, of course, can conduct an independent CW investigation because it's not like their tied to al Nusra or anything.
Keep in mind that Trump wanted the US military to conduct a military hardware parade during his inauguration. They rejected the idea, noting the cost and the need to rebuild the roads that would be trashed by heavy tanks. Still, it displays his thinking. Many media commentators speak favorably of Trump's upbringing in a military academy, falsely believing that as a consequence he possesses self-discipline and an informed judgement on the consequences of military action. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump took the blows and discipline he encountered at the academy in order to hone his predatory sociopathic skills. He feels nothing for those he kills. All he feels is himself. His willingness to use the military is not a mark of great character but of a singularly dangerous nut job, a superficial, flighty and ephemeral decision maker whose mind is made up by the last person he spoke to. Very dangerous.
According to many news reports, the MOAB incinerates everything within a mile's radius in every direction.

Those reports are complete nonsense. The MOAB is not primarily a thermal weapon.

The most commonly cited blast radius for an explosive corresponds to an overpressure of 5psi (which is enough to completely destroy most urban structures). By this criterion, the blast radius of a MOAB is about 150 meters. Note that most *people* exposed to a 5psi overpressure will survive, provided they're not injured by debris. My bet is that every single one of the structures in that photo is still standing, assuming that was even the target area.
For more information on these types of weapons:
I'm not sure where you are getting 150 meters from, the blast apparently left up to a mile long crater destruction. Perhaps this bomb was created in 2003 as another method for getting to Bin Laden when he was hiding out in tunnels, such as during the battle of Tora Bora in late 2001.
Battle of Tora Bora .
I agree completely, @Travis, but those in Trump's team and who back him are using his mentally ill personality as part of their tactics and their strategy - just as they did so effectively to get the nutcase into office. That includes himself. Many loonies know how to "act out".

Imminent major war in Korea - and probably simultaneously elsewhere too - seems likely.

Share price of General Dynamics, manufacturer of the Abrams tank, since Trump won the election.
"Rogue states like Iran face tougher action as US says nuclear attack by North Korea 'closer than ever'" - headline in the Daily Telegraph, long-time supporter of the shitty little country.
It looks like we built the tunnels that we (Trump) just bombed:
I think the MOAB was dropping here N 34.066347° E 70.631691°
Based on the footage released by the military, I think Phil The Gratte is right...
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Life is a barrel of monsters

So much to say, so little time! First, a limerick which explains why I don't like modern song lyrics:

There once was a "poet" named Peter
Who never could comprehend meter.
It went over his head,
So he shrugged and he said:
"Fuck it."

Bonus couplet:

Only a slime would rhyme "time" and "divine."
Properly, more than the vowels must align.

And now let's quickly deal with some political news...

Syria. CNN had an infuriating moment which I wish I could find on YouTube. A guest dared to suggest that no evidence linked Assad to the recent "sarin" attack -- and before this guest could complete this forbidden thought, everyone else on the panel beat him down as though he had advocated raping puppies. The host assured the audience that the U.N. had irrevocably determined Assad to be the culprit, a brazen lie which meets even the strictest definition of "fake news."

It has become impermissible to suggest that Assad did not commit the 2013 attack, even though the UN found that the rebels were responsible, even though M.I.T. came to the same conclusion, and even though the NYT backtracked on its initial claim of Assad's responsibility.

I would offer the same conclusion about both the 2013 and 2017 incidents. The fact that victims were civilians exonerates the Syrian government. Think: In World War I, were chemical weapons targeted at civilians or soldiers? Armies targeted armies because killing civilians would have served no practical purpose. As a general rule, any CBW attack on a small group of civilians must be the work of either (A) terrorists or (B) covert operatives hoping to frame some opposing political entity.

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is usually a welcome presence on liberal and mainstream cable news shows, though not right now. No-one in his right mind would accuse him of being a Russian stooge or an Alex Jonesian nutjob. Here's what he has to say about Syria:  
“Assad’s military has gained a decisive advantage over the rebels and he had just scored a major diplomatic victory with the Trump administration’s announcement that the U.S. was no longer seeking ‘regime change’ in Syria. The savvy Assad would know that a chemical weapon attack now would likely result in U.S. retaliation and jeopardize the gains that his military has achieved with Russian and Iranian help. (…) But logic and respect for facts no longer prevail inside Official Washington, nor inside the mainstream U.S. news media.”
“In fact most of my sources are telling me — including members of the team that monitor global chemical weapons, including people in Syria, including people in the US Intelligence community — that what most likely happened (and this intelligence was shared with the US by Russia in accordance with the de-conflicting agreement) is that they hit a warehouse that they intended to hit and had told both sides, Russia and the US, that they were going to hit. This is a serious air force, of course. And this warehouse was alleged to have ISIS supply in it and indeed it probably did. And some of these supplies were precursors for chemicals (or possibly an alternative they were phosphates for fertilizing)… Conventional bombs hit the warehouse and the wind dispersed these ingredients and killed some people.”
Robert Parry notes the absence of CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other intelligence officials in an official photo of Trump ordering the attack on that Syrian air base. The fact that the administration keeps inflating the claimed damage done to Assad's Air Force informs us, yet again, that Team Trump loves to tell whoppers that would have made Goebbels blush.
Before the photo was released on Friday, a source told me that Pompeo had personally briefed Trump on April 6 about the CIA’s belief that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was likely not responsible for the lethal poison-gas incident in northern Syria two days earlier — and thus Pompeo was excluded from the larger meeting as Trump reached a contrary decision.
While Tillerson’s comment meshed with Official Washington’s hastily formed groupthink of Assad’s guilt, it is hard to believe that CIA analysts would have settled on such a firm conclusion so quickly, especially given the remote location of the incident and the fact that the initial information was coming from pro-rebel (or Al Qaeda) sources.

Thus, a serious question arises whether President Trump did receive that “high degree of confidence” assessment from the intelligence community or whether he shunted Pompeo aside to eliminate an obstacle to his desire to launch the April 6 rocket attack.

If so, such a dangerous deception more than anything else we’ve seen in the first two-plus months of the Trump administration would be grounds for impeachment – ignoring the opinion of the U.S. intelligence community so the President could carry out a politically popular (albeit illegal) missile strike that killed Syrians.
Here are the parts Rachel Maddow left out. Normally, I love the way Maddow opens each show with a Michener-esque barrage of backstory. (James Michener couldn't write a novel called Hawaii without prepping us with the entire geological history of the islands going all the way back to the pre-Cambrian age.) A couple of days ago, she gave us the entire post-WWII political history of Syria -- yet for some odd reason, she left out certain important bits of the story.

We're talking about some really, really significant bits. Bits that place the narrative in a new light. Bits that might change how you view the Syrian situation. Bits that will help you understand how your tax dollars are being spent.

Would you like to know what those bits are? You should. They're important. And that's why we're going to tell you what those bits are...right after this.

(Insert commercial here)

Here's the Syrian history that Rachel Maddow missed: She left out everything labeled "CIA" and everything labeled "oil pipeline."

Fortunately, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gives us an excellent history lesson which includes the stuff that TRMS ignored. In the graphic to your right, note that the purple line is the proposed US-backed pipeline while the red line is the proposed Russia-backed Iranian pipeline.

(Next year will see the anniversary of the assassination of RFK Jr's father. I suspect that when Maddow covers that story, she will once again leave out the bits labeled "CIA.")

RFK Jr.'s Syria story prompted this response from Stanley Heller:
He quotes Robert Parry. “No one in the region has clean hands, but in the realms of torture, mass killings, [suppressing] civil liberties and supporting terrorism, Assad is much better than the Saudis.” In fact his torture to death prisons are much worse than the Saudis. Remember the “Caesar photos” alone showed 6,786 corpses of people murdered in prisons.
In my view -- and I am hardly alone in this -- "Caesar" is simply another "Curveball": See my earlier pieces here and here. Caesar's work was funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. (Refer to the pipeline graphic above. Note where the purple line starts.)

Everyone now forgets that the crux of Caeasar's argument was that Assad created ISIS -- a truly absurd propapaganda meme which stood reality on its head, and which was abandoned years ago because it fooled precisely no-one. In fact, the Saudis and the Qataris funded ISIS in its early days, as Hillary Clinton herself privately acknowledged. Incidentally, Caesar's handler was one Mouaz Moustafa, a hireling of WINEP, a front for AIPAC.

For much more on the Caesar imbroglio, see here and here and here. The photos are exposed as fraudulent on this site. And yet Heller cites Caesar as though no-one had ever questioned his credibility.

Nota bene: Caesar's atrocity photos receive very little mention on cable news today, even by those most intent on drumming up support for Trump's attack on Syria. This telling omission suggests that mainstream reporters understand the "Caesar=Curveball" equation, even if they won't mention that equation in public.

Have you noticed that few of the talking heads on teevee bother to mention that the anti-Assad rebellion was and is led by ISIS and Al Qaeda? On the rare occasions when Al Qaeda does get mentioned, the organization is treated like the cuddly old grandpa of Middle Eastern politics. How things have changed since 2001!

Louise Mensch and Cassandra Fairbanks. After I wrote my post on Cassandra Fairbanks (the allegedly far-left BernieBot turned Alt Rightist), I learned that she has filed some sort of legal action against Louise Mensch. This rather smarmy piece in NY Magazine implies that Mensch accused Cassandra of posing as the 15 year old girl who engaged in sexting with Anthony Wiener. Actually, that is not what Mensch claims; she explicitly says that she could not discover the girl's identity. It's getting hard to escape the conclusion that there is an organized effort to "Hillary" Louise Mensch.

Side note: Buzzfeed says that there really was a 15 year-old girl, and that they -- Buzzfeed -- have spoken to her. Perhaps so. Still, we should note Buzzfeed's failure to mention the precedent of "Betty and Veronica," two allegedly underaged girls who convinced Mediaite reporter Tommy Christopher that they had engaged in sexy chat with Weiner. Those girls turned out to be actresses. When their antics became too high-profile and raised too many questions, they pulled a Keyser Sose: Poof! They were gone. Who hired them? For years, that question has driven investigators nuts. (Literally nuts, in the case of one reporter whom I used to respect.)

Any catfight between Fairbanks and Mensch would be nothing but a distraction (especially if it were to involve mud or oil). The real question is: Was Fairbanks sincere when she posed as a Bernie-or-bust leftwinger? In my experience, an instantaneous far-left-to-Alt-Right conversion simply does not happen. Infiltration, manipulation, covert ratfucking: These things do happen. People like Fairbanks always have some sort of explanation or strained rationalization for what they do and say, but I've become far too cynical to sit still for that guff.
James Michener? The best-selling and most-popular writer who essentially said the four students who were killed at Kent State in 1970 got what was coming to them, in his 1971 book, Kent State: What Happened And Why? That James Michener? He's an authwhore.

If you live to be 1000, all your days will be spent trying to correct The Record.
Amelie, I was simply referring to the man's inability to tell a simple story without first giving massive amounts of preliminary information. I wasn't talking about anything else.
I love these comments. I read Hawaii, so I know what Joseph means. I trust Amelie also. That is all.
OK, I know this is from the Daily Mail. That's the rag that publishes Melanie Phillips and scares elderly white British people that big six-foot-tall black men are going to jump out at them.

But it's worth people's attention - just in case you need to do a few things before we all get nuked to shit:

"Do these satellite images prove North Korea is preparing to detonate a new nuclear bomb to mark sinister 'Day of the Sun' as Trump's armada moves in".

The Trump team and the Kim Jong-Un team are birds of a feather. Hurt their pride and they go apeshit. Which isn't to say there aren't strategy and tactics here as well as temperament.

I've said it before, but if I were in Seoul I would GTF out now. One provocation by either side and...BANG.

Unfortunately the NK news agency's website is down as I type this, so I couldn't check the details, but they have been accusing the US of moving chemical weapons to a site in South Korea.
NK have moved their press agency site to the .kp domain.

9 April: "U.S. Forces in S. Korea Introduce Biochemical War Equipment":

"Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialist aggressors in south Korea introduced biochemical war equipment into the base of the U.S. forces at Pusan Port, according to the south Korean Yonhap News.
The U.S. imperialists intensified the research for putting the 'Jupiter plan' into practice in the facilities of the U.S. forces at the Pusan Port last year and introduced new equipment as a part of the plan."

There was then a piece the following day:

10 April: "U.S. Forces in S. Korea Denounced for Biochemical War Moves"

"Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- The Pusan People for Achieving Peace and Reunification made public a commentary in denunciation of the U.S. forces in south Korea for biochemical war moves on April 5, according to the south Korean internet paper Tongil News.
The U.S. deployed some parts of the biochemical weapons system in the U.S. military base in Pusan as part of the Jupiter Plan, the commentary noted.
It urged the south Korean Defense Ministry to stop playing the role of an accomplice in threatening life and safety of the people as evidenced by the allowance, help and cooperation in the illegal introduction of the biochemical weapons of the U.S. forces.
It also demanded that the Pusan City authorities take active measures concerning the U.S. military bases and facilities in Pusan and urge the U.S. forces to open to public the plan for a biochemical war."

Nothing since then.

The UN absolutely did not blame the rebels for the 2013 attack. That is Russian propaganda and I'm shocked that you'd repeat it without shame and clearly without a basic fact check. The UN blamed assad. Loudly and publicly and you saying otherwise is beyond irresponsible. And this is setting aside the fact that you think rebels could get their hands on a sarin bomb that could kill 1500 people. This suggests that you don't understand sarin, how it's made stored acquired and detonated. Otherwise you wouldn't embarrassed yourself by wondering if an attack on a weapons lab tests could do such damage. Or that sarin would be made at a weapons lab in such a populated area. Regardless of your clear lack of very basic weapons knowledge, I demand that you retract your lie about the UN. At least I hope it's a lie because if you actually believe that the UN blamed the rebels when public record says otherwise then frankly that's even worse.
I was wrong about this offensive article being removed. Here is the UN's official reaction. From, in their own words. It's you and Alex jones' right to believe whatever shared delusion you want but I insist that you stop using the UN's good name to spread Russian propaganda.
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Was Bernie a witting Trump/Putin agent?

Do you recall Cassandra Fairbanks, the curvaceous BernieBot superstar who whipped up so much Hillary-hate during the primaries? Louse Mensch wrote the following of her:
Meanwhile, Ms. Fairbanks was promoting every anti-American hacker, defined by the IC as Russian state hackers, known to mankind. She “loved” Guccifer 2. She fangirled over Wikileaks and the Russian asset Julian Assange. Fairbanks also pushed out co-ordinated Russian propaganda from Infowars and others during the election, including pizzagate and other Russian-organized propaganda spread by Mike Flynn and other Russian agents of influence. But with CWA she held personal meetings, photographing herself with Liverman and helping fund his defense in court.
She had a pretty good act going. For months and months, she whammied college-aged bros with two messages designed to capture their attention: Bernie or bust and Bust.

A former KGB agent once told an American: "We're a lot like you. You ask your young men to stand up for their country. We ask our young women to lie down for theirs." I'm not accusing Cassandra of "lying down" on the job, but she clearly appealed to similar instincts, and for a similar cause.

The "journalist" who wrote these "police the police" pieces for Addicting Info, now offers her wholehearted support to Donald Trump, the man who thinks that cops should employ harsh "stop and frisk" polices in black communities.

Check out her most recent photo:

That's Roger Stone, protege of Roy Cohn and king of the dirty tricksters, standing with her. Yes, a former Bernie-lover is palling around with the same guy who accused the Khan family of being part of a hideous Muslim conspiracy.

Has Stone ever before looked so cadaverous? Gotta admit, I dig the skull-n-crossbones braces. But Roger seems to have picked up Donnie's penchant for neckties that hang past the "meat" (to use a Stonian term, although I suspect that "green bean" might be more appropos). Roger considers himself an expert on sartorial elegance, yet most observers agree that he dresses the way Bozo the Clown might dress if he worked for the Genovese family. I fear that the hand on Cassandra's shoulder may have left a stain that defeated the dry cleaner's best efforts.

We now know that Russia was behind the Hill-hate flooding the BernieBro movement.
Professional presidential campaign staff for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) confirmed to the Huffington Post that Russian trolls were responsible for pushing out anti-Hillary Clinton memes and social media content.

The shocking series of interviews revealed large Facebook groups supporting Sanders were inundated with content from people with no ties to the regions in which the pages were located. Former reporter John Mattes explained that his San Diego page became overwhelmed with anti-Clinton memes with messages he’d never heard coming out of the Sanders campaign. Instead, they were memes alleging Clinton used body doubles and murdered political opponents.
I used to admire the hell out of Mattes. (Some of you may recall him from the Iran-contra days.) How could such a smart guy not see through Bernie? Sanders was obviously and demonstrably filthy dirty, as I proved here. If nominated, he would have lost all 50 states, as I proved here.

How filthy is he? This filthy:
Throughout the Democratic primary, the Sanders campaign was cited for FEC violations on three separate occasions including a mysterious $10 million donation from a single address in Washington, DC. Despite consistent calls for financial transparency on the campaign trail, the Sanders campaign was exceedingly secretive when it came to its own finances. After twice filing for extensions from the FEC, the Sanders campaign ultimately decided to forgo its final financial disclosure statement in June citing the fact that campaign was no longer active. This decision was accompanied by the news that Sanders himself had purchased a $575,000 home in August, much to the dismay of his loyal followers. The home would be the third residence for Sanders, someone who railed against a system that increasingly favored the millionaires and billionaires of our country.

Yet these financial gains for both Devine and Sanders would never have been possible had it not been for the millions of campaign contributions that came their way. And the only way to get campaign contributions is to convince your supporters you might actually have a chance to win. Luckily for Devine and Sanders, they had some foreign friends who were willing to step in. As reported by Rachel Maddow late on Tuesday, there existed an army of Russian bots who were weaponized to influence our election. Many of them took to various social media sites to discredit and disrupt Hillary Clinton's campaign and thus, energize potential Bernie Sanders supporters. Knowing that Clinton had been a target of right-wing media smears for a quarter-century, all the bots had to do was plant this seed to potential Sanders supporters, many of whom had no experience in politics, to get them onboard with the Sanders campaign. By doing this, Sanders and Devine were able to successfully pocket millions of dollars all while pretending to be champions of the common man.
In other words, Filthy Bernie personally profited from all of that Putin-brand Hill-hate. That's why the admirable guy who said "Nobody cares about your damned emails" morphed into the unprincipled huckster who wailed "EEEmails EEEmails EEEmails" like a European ambulance siren.

Here's the big question: Was Bernie in on it all along? Did he know he was helping Team Trump?

The question remains relevant, because Sanders now has insanely high approval ratings. Joe Biden calls Sanders "the conscience of the Senate." The conscience? I don't think that Jiminy Cricket would have hired Tad Devine after Devine knowingly worked to keep a murderer in power. Only a louse would have done a thing like that.

I think that Bernie knew the score. He's too smart not to have known. At no point has he ever denounced scuzzy operatives like Cassandra. At no point did he ever do anything to dissuade the BernieBros from erecting a cult of personality. At no point did he denounce the fake news stories that flooded Bernieland.

All of which brings us back to Roger Stone, the man with the death's head suspenders. I remind you once again of this precis of a passage from Stone's unpublished autobiography -- and as you read, keep in mind that these words were published in early 2014:
The fourth, and one of the most effective, is through fragmentation of the vote. There is, say, overwhelming support for candidate A, who will raise the minimum wage, versus candidate B, who won’t. You split this overwhelming vote by funding another candidate, who wants to raise the minimum wage even higher, and who chastises candidate A for compromising their principles and being beholden to business interests for not asking for a higher wage. Through a vote split, candidate B, the one who says he believes the condition of workers must be improved, but not through easy sounding solutions like a higher minimum wage, scores a victory.
A friend to this blog tells me that a radio personality in California recently referred to Stone as Roger Rock. I guess someone out there appreciated my comic strip "Roger Rock Meets the Bernie Bros."

Added note: I checked out Cassandra's twitter stream. As of this writing, her last tweet was issued in response to Jake Tapper. In my view, her message was quite defensible:
NO MORE INTERVENTIONS. Every time we do we leave a different mess. We do not need to be the world's police.
That was on April 5; she has not tweeted since. The next day, April 6, Dear Leader Donnie launched Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase.

Question: Will Cassandra instantly change her tune on Syria, after the robotic fashion of the American communists of the 1930s who stopped insulting Hitler the moment Uncle Joe signed the pact? Or will she retain her noninterventionist principles? If she chooses the latter path, I'll gain a certain respect for her, and may even apologize for some of the things I've written here. If she pivots on command and spews the new party line, she might as well start wearing a t-shirt bearing the word "WHORE."
The label stands regardless, the way I see it. Just a girl after 15 minutes of fame.
I pray that the Russia investigation will dig up enough dirt on Bernie's run that it will permanently tar his phony pristine image.

Also, did anyone else see his comments this past week? The ones where he said Trump's supporters aren't racists and sexists and where he said Trump didn't win the election but that Democrats lost it? And is it just me or has something turned with regular Democrats since he said this? I'm seeing a lot more contempt on Twitter for St. Bernie since he made these comments and maybe slowly but surely the base of the Democratic party will finally get the message that he is not an ally. I'm also seeing some talk demanding that Bernie be removed as outreach chair and criticizing Tom Perez for inviting him on his campaign tour. I hope the tide is starting to turn since for the rest of his life Bernie will never stop running the 2016 primary.
If Democrats want to recapture lost territory, they cannot alienate Bernie supporters or Trump supporters. I say this while swallowing really hard and pushing back the instinct to stick a finger in the face of both.
The fact is that division is division no matter how justified you feel.
Trump is using Nationalisms to fool people into thinking that they can reverse globalism or technological advances. Liberals can play the same game pretending that they can ignore Bernie or Trump supporters and gain control of the country again.
Let's not forget the real enemy here. The real enemy is the people behind the money, and they don't believe in Party or religion.
Actually, that was a pinned tweet -- the woman tweets non-stop.

She also seems to be suing (or have filed a complaint against) your girlfriend Louise....
Yeah, I noticed that, maz. I don't know the details but the accusations have to do with doxxing, apparently, on both sides. All of this is a distraction from the real issue, which is Cassandra's instant switch from a pro-socialist, anti-police, pro-BLM stance to a hard core Alt Right stance. Such conversions do not happen, in my experience, at least not overnight.

The example of Larry Johnson has made me very cynical.
You nailed it, Joe.

I was puzzled (and dismayed) when Bernie switched to hard-core Hillary-hate in February of 2016. Before that, I was a fence-sitter, but his nasty rundown of the entire Democratic Party (the party of Jefferson, FDR, and JFK) was a bridge too far. The kids might not know the distinguished history of the party, but I've been with them since the late Sixties, and am still proud of the candidates we've run. Bernie just swept all of that under the rug, while ignoring the profound vileness of the party of Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and now, Trump.
Thank you for this. Of course Bernie knew. The passage you quote from Stone's book is prescient and revealing. Slanders is a hemorrhoid. Swollen with his own self importance and inflamed with bitterness and hatred for those more accomplished and wealthy than he is. Any politician the Mainslime Media love is to be reviled. I abhor, loathe and detest him as much as I do Rethuglicans.
Yes Joseph; perhaps it's time for you to break up with dear Louise. She's a mean girl and will break your heart. Remember the time she told you that Putin killed Andrew Breitbart? Or that the Russians caused the Ferguson Protests?
Be strong. {;-)
John, you should have a more forgiving attitude. I have found that a woman with a wild past can have certain advantages. SERIOUS advantages. I flinch, I shy, when the lass with the delicate air goes by; I smile, I grin, when the gal with a touch of sin walks in.

Besides, I have always said that I have no problem with speculation as long as it comes labeled as such, and as long as quantities are kept reasonable. In previous posts, I myself have offered the following observation: If we posit (purely as an intellectual exercise) that Andrew Breitbart was indeed murdered, then the principle of "Cui bono?" forces us to take a close look at a certain gentleman whose last name rhymes with my own.
This comment has been removed by the author.
To be fair, I don't think Bernie is really known for his smarts, not among his colleagues, anyway. He could pretty easily have fooled his fanclub, though.
What I can't figure out is this, Why are there so few Clinton supporters willing to post online? One possible answer is the female supporters are either afraid or have already been stalked for posting pro Clinton comments in the past. But what about the men supporters?
We're talking 18 million votes in 2008, and over 60 million votes in the presidential race, over a million different donors, and perhaps, around a 1,000 people willing to light it up in the comments section of various news stories. Very strange how few people actually take the time to post comments.
On many occasions I have personally responded to the insanity left on various articles and found virtually no back-up from other Clinton supporters.
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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Russia and Syria

I'll have much more to say about the preceding post soon. Turns out that there's a hell of a lot more to that tale of craziness and con artistry.

Right now, please note this story in the WP:
Officials in the Trump administration on Sunday demanded that Russia stop supporting the Syrian government or face a further deterioration in its relations with the United States.

Signaling the focus of talks that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to have in Moscow this week, officials said that Russia, in propping up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, bears at least partial responsibility for Wednesday’s chemical attack on villagers in Idlib province.
Mother-EFFer! How can everyone ignore the obvious?

The same publication -- the Washington Post -- published an all-important article about Erik Prince's secret meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian representative. Yes, I've reprinted these words before -- two or three times. Here they are again.
The meeting took place around Jan. 11 — nine days before Trump’s inauguration — in the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean, officials said. Though the full agenda remains unclear, the UAE agreed to broker the meeting in part to explore whether Russia could be persuaded to curtail its relationship with Iran, including in Syria, a Trump administration objective that would be likely to require major concessions to Moscow on U.S. sanctions.
I'll keep reprinting those words until the full implications finally sink in.

It's clear to me that everything we are seeing right now is theater. Team Trump and Team Putin came to an agreement back in January. Putin doesn't really care about Assad. Putin cares about those sanctions, about NATO, about Ukraine, about oil. Ultimately, he hopes to reconstitute the USSR, at least in part. He wants the next century to be called "the Russian century," just as the 20th century was called "the American century."

That's his great goal. Like any decent chess player, he comprehends that one must occasionally sacrifice a lesser piece in order to gain a checkmate. He can afford to give Trump a clear victory right now, even if doing so causes Putin to experience a minor -- temporary -- humiliation.

Here's how I predict the melodrama will unfold: Russia will "capitulate" to Trump's demands and agree to depose Assad, who will be given a comfortable exile in one of Putin's many properties. Putin and Trump will agree on a replacement, who will probably be the usual strongman/puppet. This strongman/puppet will give lip service to democracy, which means that our press and our political establishment will love him or her. The strongman/puppet will invite in American troops to wipe out what remains of ISIS.

Our press will portray Trump as the man who brought Putin to heel: Hail Trump, mighty Trump, the conqueror of ISIS, the savior of Syria, the man who bested Vladimir Putin. That will be the message. Everyone will forget about the role Russia played in the election.

Our press will not talk about the real cost of Trump's deal with the devil. Our press will portray the lifting of sanctions as Putin's justifiable reward for seeing the light on Syria.

And absolutely everyone -- on both the right and left, on both Fox News and MSNBC -- will continue to pretend that the WP never published that story about Erik Prince in the Seychelles.

All in all, I have to admit: Well played. Treasonous, yes. But well played.
It's maddening. My current inclination is retreat.
Well, if scripting this movie, and assuming WE are the good guys, and, since this is Hollywood, assuming the good guys win, why not continue the game. Putin capitulates on Syria allowing us to move in (in exchange for a backroom deal on sanctions) but what do you know, just before sanctions are lifted...Trump, citing a desire to spend more time with his golf game, issues a few pardons then resigns...Sure Pence is compromised is well known that his wife doesn't permit him to lift sanctions.
So, basically, with Russia's help, the American press and the Republican Congress are all pulling another Iran hostage crisis with Syria to try to make Trump look strong and Obama look weak in comparison.
Here. From And I see that the article I'm responding to is no longer there but please stop using the UN's name to spread FSB/GRU propaganda.
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What do you say when a crackpot gets it right?

Note: I'd like to apologize for publishing the previous post while it was still in a "first draft" state. A rewrite improved it. 

Many strange stories have appeared in the wake of Trump's Syria attack, but none stranger than this one, which comes to us by way of the Palmer Report. Palmer draws our attention to the Twitter account of a strange little group calling itself @RogueLeaks. Little is known about this group, which appears to be the work of two people located in the UK. Until recently, the account had but seven thousand followers -- which, in the world of Twitter, is not a massive number.

In the normal course of events, RogueLeaks would not command much attention. (I omit the @ to make typing easier.) However, on February 1 of this year, RogueLeaks issued the following ominous tweet:
April 7, 2017 is the day they are planning to start #WW3 but we can stop them by calling it out. #LockThemUp. Please friends, this is urgent
When asked why the planners fixed on that specific date, RL claimed that the "insiders" have a deep love for numerology. In other words, RogueLeaks peddles the kind of sub-Infowars twaddle one would expect from paranoid ninnies who think that our world is ruled by Evil Occultists.

Does "4-7-2017" have any esoteric significance? The digital root of that string of numbers is 3, which supposedly signifies joy, tolerance and artistry. Perhaps the reference goes to World War 3, which, we can only hope, will be more joyful and artistic than the first two. Of course, the vague pseudoscience of numerology allows one to read hidden profundities into any series of numbers.

That said...well, let's quote from the Palmer piece:
Trump’s attack on Syria last night took place on April 6th according to local time in Washington DC, and this tweet predicted Trump would initiate his military action on April 7th. But due to time zone differences, it was in fact the morning of April 7th in Syria when the attack took place.
Admit it, you smug bastard: You just felt the bumping of goosebumps. All the malenky little hairs on your plott are standing endwise, with shivers crawling up like slow malenky lizards and then down again.

RogueLeaks offers further information on their Facebook page. Warning: Anyone clicking on that link will be hit by a strong whiff of crazy. Here are some highlights...
To start off, the #Syrianattack was planned by #SteveBannon, #PaulRyan, #RexTillerson, and #‪ValeryGerasimov over those three days at the end of January. Typical narcissists brag about their upcoming "accomplishments" to their victims and, as many of you know, we both have been victims of harassment and gang-stalking by Steve Bannon.
Bannon, according to this scenario, is Moriarity, Blofeld, Palpatine and Dr. Doom, all rolled into one. I wonder how RogueLeaks will respond to the many reports that Bannon is out of favor and may soon be tossed out on on his capacious hindquarters?

Let us return to the tale of the RogueLeakers:
Neither of us are directly involved in the current administration - Robert is from one of the richest families in the world so he grew up around Trump (and was abused by him and his group) and Hepzibah is a pastor, who works as a spiritual adviser to several well-known democratic leaders. But we both know what's going on and we are planning to expose whatever we can whenever we get information.

They've become sloppy this week and that's worked for our advantage.

The #Syrian attack? It was not #Assad who planned it but the four we mentioned. They want war in the #MiddleEast - for money and oil, as usual.

They wanted to set #Putin up as the fall guy and tip his hand for war. You see, Valery has gone rogue - and not in the Resistance sense of the word.

As many of you know, Robert and I have stated from the get-go that Vladimir was NOT behind #electiongate - he was lured into a trap by Jacob Rothschild in spring and summer 2016, during the primaries. He DID do some black hat hacking back then - and worked with #JulianAssange.
I was wondering how long we'd have to wait before the Rothschilds got dragged into all this.
Julian worked side-by-side with Jacob and lured Vladimir in... but only for six months or so. Julian? He was on Jacob's payroll. He created fake Bernie and Hillary supporter profiles to cause division amongst the #Democrats. The reason? It's a spiritual reason which we've talked about on countless posts - many people don't understand the spiritual aspect of what we are speaking about so, unless you are interested, we won't go any further into this (you can inbox us here for more info about this).

What we will say is this: Vladimir WAS partially guilty of the primary hacking but NOT of #electiongate. He stopped hacking around late summer, early fall. Jacob was, essentially, threatening him which is what kept him in it for so long. But he was NOT guilty of the rigged election - Jacob was, along with two hundred plus associates who pulled it off through hacking, payoffs/hush money, or threatening.

Putin was played by Donald J. Trump- Donnie acted like he wanted a friendship with Vladimir only to take advantage of him. He played him like a fiddle - knew very few people in the west liked him and was trying to control him. But, as the election drew closer, DJT stopped his praise of him. And withdrew from Vladimir because Vlad was no longer part of Jacob's inner circle.
Around that time, I (Robert) began opening up about my sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of Donald Trump and his men - I filed a lawsuit and went into hiding - but I also started tweeting the "inside info" I know about Trump and his people. So the threats began.

Bannon began threatening me and Hepzibah, as well as, hiring a group of"Resistance" members to launch an all-out assault against us online to discredit us - this is called projection and the Veil of Confusion (this is just like what Trump did about Hillary). They made up all kinds of lies and spent their entire days condemning us all because Bannon knew, one day, we would be part of his political demise.

But he got too cocky and began to slip. He posted on the dark net about his plans for white domination and World War III.
Had enough? Thought so.

I confess to having a weakness for this sort of silliness. Life is grim, and we must take our amusements where we can find them. Some people like Adam Sandler movies. Some people go bowling. Who am I to judge them, and who are you to judge me?

Even though I got a few grins while reading about the adventures of "English Bob" and Reverend Hepzibah, the calender coincidence still has me feeling all goosebumpy. Here are their predictions of what comes next:
1) The next step is nuclear war - main cities being aimed at? Beijing or Shanghi

2.) April 20 - three members of their club (two of which are leaders of nations and one of which is working for Donald) are planning three simultaneous terrorist attacks - one in the Middle East (don't know what country), one in Australia, and one in North America

3.) Faux financial instability in the markets - stocks to hard crash over the next month. Why? To put Donald's plans of a dictatorship into motion. Note: Trump is NOT planning this, those working for him are

4.) Widespread outbreak of a disease - selectively killing off those who are weakened or poor.

5.) There's talk that there will be two public mass shootings in the next month and a half - Chicago is a probable location they are discussing

6.) Putin is planning to leak much of the dirt he has on DJT and DJT's people over the next week - specifically related to the crime ring they are involved in (sexual abuse, money and human trafficking, and Trump's involvement with a drug lord in Mexico (real reason he wants to "build a wall").
Are we finally going to see that video? Are we finally going to visit the wide, wide world of watersports? Jolly!

If all hell does break loose on April 20, I really will have to insist on a proper explanation from English Bob and Reverend Hepzibah.
Other events on April 20th:

Hitler's birthday, 1889
1906, 1912 San Francisco earthquakes and fires
1914 Ludlow mine massacre
1978 Soviets force KAL jet into emergency landing
1999 Columbine shootings
2010 BP Gulf oil disaster
Kony 2012 call for public action

-But a good day for pot smokers everywhere...4/20
I watched Hillary's interview. Here my take I am NOT ready to quit Hillary Clinton. End of the world or not.
Maybe you've already read this?

So the question is: con artists only or some kind of disinfo? Pile on the extra-obvious crazy stuff to obscure the real happening right in front of our eyes? Some realities of Bannon's insane vision mixed in with lots of classic over the top lunacy? Same purpose as Pizzagate craziness being spread to make sane people less likely to perceive obvious sexual blackmail of top cabinet/GOP by billionaires both domestic and foreign??

Dunno - the info from those accounts is obviously primarily insane, are they really just pill scamming con artists or something more???

Confused: Interesting article! But I'm not sure that catfishing explains our English friend.

Here's my big takeaway from Robbie's tweeter feed: British eccentrics are much more civilized than the American kind. I mean, Robert seems nice enough, weird though he may be. I can actually imagine inviting him to a dinner party, just to add color to the occasion. I don't think that he would end up shouting mad accusations into a bullhorn, a la Alex Jones: "I like to EAT! I like to FIGHT!"

Maybe it's time for me to move to the UK.
Definitely don't think they are British. The article by Rachel seems accurate to me and fits what I've seen of their antics online the past couple of months. Pretty sure she has their doxx correct. The Rothschild, SRA, pedo stuff has all definitely been a big tool of the organized disinfo wars since before the internet - but of course it's also been an un-sponsored part of the paranoid thinking of many independent crazies.

So which is this? Nuts? Con-artists? Paid spreaders of confusion working for whomever (but presumably some of the people behind the Trump takeover - whether domestic billionairs, foreign billionaires, or state actors)??

Don't know at all - but they are so slick and organized and suddenly have a huge pulpit for their "ministry". I'll bet they are no more from the UK than Bannon is a secret fan of multi-cultural modern America.

Love your blog - but I remain - SoConfused
My apologies, Confused. I skimmed the first paragraphs too rapidly, and I missed the name Hepzibah.

Yep. Gotta be. These are the same people.

What the fuh...?

All I know is, stay the hell away from SRA claimants, especially the ones who tell tall tales of their personal interactions with the Illuminati. These people are invariably sharpies out to fleece the gullible. Are you familiar with the tale of Mike Warnke? That one takes us back to the early 1970s, but it was a very similar scam.
Exactly - anything Illuminati, SRA, Rothschild (beyond the obvious realities), or other pedo/sexcult is a clear sign of either madness, con-artistry, disinfo, or some combination of the three.

But I'm most interested in the use of these themes by the far right. It starts in the early 19th century with the bygone real Illuminati (enlightenment types) being resurrected by the dying aristocrat class and used to represent the threat of the new capitalists to the old system. Then it gets picked up and mutated by the Birchers. And today it's all a key part of the disinfo and memetic warfare being waged by a variety of intelligence agencies and organized trolls.

Pizzagate plays perfectly on all the SRA/Illuminati buttons - resurrecting all kinds of imagery from the last satanic panic that resulted in all the false childcare convictions and so on. But this time it appears to be used not just to rile up the lumpen Trump supporters but also to cast a dubious pall over anyone who dares consider whether sexual blackmail is a key factor in the control of the current administration and GOP leadership (plenty of dems too I suspect - but it's obvious with the GOP and works easiest with very closeted anti-gay right wing pols). As we all justly disregard insane allegations of ritual child killing by Hillary - we are more likely to also disregard genuine video tapes of top politicians held by right wing cabals and/or foreign IC/organized crime.

These themes are very important in the weird psy-ops that have been swirling around this crisis/coup since its inception. So when I see such organized and effective use of them my gut is to investigate whether there is more to their use than madness or a means to scamming drugs.

But these are weird weird times and I just don't know....

Keep up the great work. Thank you.

100 years ago, on 4-7-1917, the headlines screamed that the US had declared war on Germany and thereby entered 'The Great War' (the first world war).

The House passage of the war resolution, following the earlier Senate passage, occured on 4-6-1917. Wilson signed the war resolution passed by Congress on 1:11 pm that same day.

I think I know exactly what's going on here. I recently did research for work about a community of people who call themselves Targeted Individuals and who believe they are being "gang stalked" by the government. People who think this stuff have always existed but the internet has united them to validate their paranoid delusions. They blog, self publish books, there's even an economic miniverse where one can buy clothes with tinfoil sewn in or various mind control testing devices. Some have even organized to influence lawmakers about outlawing govt mind control. I spent enough time in this world that I am sure, without a doubt, that that's what we're dealing with here.
Writer, I know that world too. Or at least I used to, at an earlier stage, and in another life.

I probably should say no more, but I'll say this: Make your escape NOW. There are many subcultures in this country, but the people in that particular subculture are particularly disagreeable.
Oh I was doing research for work and am in no danger of being influenced, co opted or otherwise touched by these people. I usually write about the intel community and compared to spies, these people are bumbling hillbillies with more wifi than IQ. That being said, I'd love to hear anything you'd be willing to share about your experience. I truly think their community played a massive role in Trump's election.
I'm Hepzibah, Robert's girlfriend. There is a group of people who were paid by Bannon and his people to make lies up about us (hence the cat-fishing article). That being said, I've been established publicly online for years and have a large group that listens to me. I am not British but I do actively deal with this stuff with robert. We have been leaking what they are planning - you may not want to believe what we are sharing but I hope you guys wake up before it's too late. We don't want any of this to happen which is why we are warning people. Robert IS a Rothschild so he knows first hand about what is up. I am a survivor so i know first hand too. Our heart's desire is to see the world safe from Donald's trump - and we aren't altrighters. I am an American citizen and extremely democratic. And jones works for the Rothschilds so don't consider us like him. feel free to text my phone number (prayer line) if you have questions 8147772112 or email me
This message is just between you and me, Cait. The post is fairly old; no one but you is likely to read this comment.

Cait, you should have left well enough alone. After taking a fairly deep interest in your story for a day or two, I soon turned my attentions to other matters. This blog probably would never have mentioned you again.

But you had to stick your nose into my tent...and you awakened a whole lot of bad memories.

You had no way of knowing this, HepCait, but I've been dealing with women like you since before you were born. Literally.

In a previous phase of my life, I studied SRA scammers and right-wing conspiracy wackos the way a scientist studies bacteria. Back then, women like you worked differing angles, though the SRA scam became the most popular. In a way, I was there when that whole scam was born.

The experience taught me to be merciless, especially when dealing with con artists with substance abuse issues. When you were two years old, a blonde southern SRA claimant -- just like you -- called me and said that she wanted to meet with me personally. The visit would occur right after she visited Tijuana to, er, um, "see the sights." If I saw through HER right away, what makes you think I can't see right through you?

Do you really think that you can fool me -- ME -- with your pathetic con? I'm not a hick from Tennessee, girl. I'm a well-educated greybearded cynic from a large city in a blue state. I've read EVERYTHING (high and low) and I have a phobic reaction to manipulative religious glop, particularly when the glop-peddlers speak with southern accents.

Do you really think that I'm going to call you on the telephone? That I'm just another mark on whom you can work your dubious charms? Do you really think that you can convince me that you have "four fatal diseases," just like Tootie's dolls in "Meet Me in St. Louis"? Do you really think that I am likely to believe ONE WORD you have to say?

Sorry, Cait, but you're not going to scam any goddamned happy pills out of ME. I would tell you to get into rehab, but doing so might give you the false impression that I care about your well-being.

Think I'm brutal? I've had brutality drummed into me by harsh experience.

If you had any sense, you would decide right here and now simply to avoid me. If you're lucky, I'll once more forget that you exist, since there are so many other things in this world to write about.

But I predict that you won't take that advice. I know all about women like you: One of their characteristics is poor impulse control. They also hold grudges and seek revenge, though they always pretend to be too holy and kind and loving for that sort of thing. So I'm pretty sure that you'll communicate with me again, or that you will complain ABOUT me somewhere else, or that you will in some other way remind me of your existence. I'd wager that you're a lot like the scorpion in that famous parable, always acting according to your character even when doing so insures your own destruction.

Very well then. You want to have at me? You really, really want ME to pay attention to you?

(He leans back. Smiles. Cracks knuckles.)

It's your choice, Cait. What you have seen so far is but a small fraction of what I can dish out.
Well that just got so interesting that I almost forgot how mad I am at you for unwittingly spreading FSB propaganda.
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