Friday, August 12, 2022

Trump's stolen documents: The only theory that makes sense (UPDATE)

We now know more about what the FBI was looking for when the raided Mar-A-Lago. Just a few minutes ago, I heard an MSNBC analyst note the most interesting fact about the recently-released search warrant: The feds don't just want the documents -- they want to see evidence that documents have been altered.  

In response, Donald Trump pseudo-tweeted a bizarre, unfounded accusation that Barack Obama was the one who stole illegal took documents, including nuclear documents.

If you pay attention to the right side of the interwebs, you'll see that the Trumpers have recently gone all-out to resurrect the big lie that Hillary Clinton divulged nuclear secrets to the Russians. See, for example, here and here -- and this stuff was published just today

Few have asked what I consider the key question: Why did Trump take nuclear-related documents? Hell, any documents? He doesn't read. He doesn't do anything unless he can derive a personal benefit from it.

Putting it all together, I've finally come up with a likely answer to that question. 

Donald Trump and his associates -- I'm thinking in particular of an associate with the initials R.S. -- had concocted a scheme to release (anonymously) a tranch of above-top-secret nucler-related documents, altered in such a way as to smear either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or both. The purpose of the smear would be not just to attack those individuals but to portray the Democratic party as the party of treason. 

If timed correctly -- that is, just before an election -- the smear would have altered history before it could be effectively rebutted. 

Admit it. That's the way R.S. thinks, isn't it? Can you come up with any other theory which explains why Trump would go to such lengths to retain those documents, and why the DOJ emphasized the concept of alteration?

I can only presume that Trump's mole, whoever he is, balked at the idea of releasing highly-classified documents in order to smear the dems.

UPDATE: We now know that there are three potential charges which prompted the raid. One of them -- the one that everyone is paying attention to -- is a possible violation of the Espionage Act.

Does the citation of this law invalidate my idea? No. 

I have read that Act. (Here ya go.) Most people think that the law refers only to espionage on behalf of a foreign government, but it also applies to any scheme to use classified information to "the injury of the United States." 

Any scheme to manipulate an election constitutes a plan to do injury to the United States -- at least in MY book. And I betcha that any jury will use the same book.

The raid was also prompted by the possibility that Trump hoped to alter document. So, I still think that my theory of his motive is solid.


  1. Hammer, meet nail. This is exactly what was going on. There was no other reason for him to have the documents.

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Ok. I must admit that being naïve, I thought that the scheme was to sell stuff to high bidders. Beginning with other governments and moving on down to Trump Pro-Shops and eBay.

    But the situation is more serious, and from Trump’s point of view, desperate times call for desperate measures. And as Nixon himself said (as reported in the National Lampoon), “When the going gets tough, I go bananas.”

    As you lay it out, it would be the perfect stew of the crazed, the criminal and the poorly thought-out.

    Great analysis, Joseph, and great to have you back. I’m with Susan. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.


  3. Your idea reminds me of when Chuck Colson asked E. Howard Hunt to forge diplomatic cables to frame JFK for Diem's assassination. And they wanted to smear JFK years after his death. Colton got the State Department to turn over 240 cables from those times, as templates for the intended forgeries.

    Of course, this was the Nixon's crew back in the day, and of course, RS has Nixon's face tattooed onto his back. He learned the dark arts at the feet of the old masters.

    Intriguing idea, Joe!

  4. First things first: welcome back!

    You didn't have a link to the MSNBC quote, and I have not seen any other analysis that there was specific concern about altering docs, tho many have brought up the issue of Title 18 Section 1519, which reads in part it being a crime for someone who "...knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals...any record, document...”

    Second, I don't understand why everyone is assuming this relates to USA nuke secrets. I would expect info on the true capabilities of Israel, Pakistan, and N Korea would be most welcome to their many enemies.