Saturday, August 13, 2022

Thought experiment

Donald Trump. Steve Bannon. Roger Stone. 

If there is a future in which two of those three end up behind bars, which two would you choose?

Now imagine a future in which only one of the three goes to the pokey.


  1. 1. Trump and Bannon.

    2. Trump.

    Another question: what kind of passport is Trump's second active one, assuming his first is a regular US one?

    Thoughts that have gone through my mind: some kind of official US one that isn't diplomatic; a second regular US one; ... Slovenian ... Knights of Malta ( :) ) ... British?

    Given the "Latin American dictator" elements in Trump's shtick, you gotta wonder whether he won't get holed up in a foreign embassy some day, as Manuel Noriega did.

  2. Not sure about the passports. But your comment reminded me of something.

    Years and years ago, I happened to mention on this blog that some people have more than one passport. I knew this for a fact because a former girlfriend possessed two. I held them both in my hands. She told me that dual passports are helpful to people who visit Israel and then go on to visit Arabic countries.

    Well, when I said that some folks have more than one, a rightwing reader called me a liar. Two passports? Impossible!

    And now...Donald Trump.

  3. Propertius4:38 PM

    It's hardly impossible. India won't give you a visa if your passport shows that you've been to Pakistan. Many Arab countries(fewer than a few years ago) won't allow you to enter if your passport shows that you've been to Israel. In both those cases, the State Department will allow you to have a second US passport. Then, of course, there are dual (or multiple) nationals (not just Israel, but several EU countries, Canada, the UK, etc.). There are some pretty significant advantages to holding a second passport from an EU country, since it allows you to travel freely and work anywhere in the EU.

    Wonder of wonders, the VPN at my new employer doesn't block Cannonfire as a porn site (unlike my old one). I think it was the Dejah Thoris drawing that did it.