Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The wacko parties

Howard Stern has made headlines by proclaiming the GOP to be "the wacko party." The epithet is neither clever nor original, but the man who said it is famous. Thus, headlines. 

I can predict the response: What about the progressives who argue (without evidence) that gender has no relationship to biology? Aren't they pretty damned wacko?

Which party insulted millions of Latinos by trying to foist the phrase "LatinX" on them? Which side "cancelled" J.K. Rowling because she referred to women as women, not as "people who menstruate" or some such absurd locution? Which ideology turned our universities into toxic waste-pits of Identity politics? Which faction has embraced the vile postmodernist philosophy of Michel "Kidfucker" Foucault? 

It's time to face the possibility that both parties are wacko. 

I remain a Democrat because I consider the Dems the less wacko of our two wacko parties. But I'm not going to let any loudmouth wackos on "my" side stop me from trying to de-wackify my brethren.

Consider this: Roger Stone -- who is practically advertising his links to Vladimir Putin these days -- has always stressed the importance of running against the candidate you want to run against. In primary season, ratfuck the centrist and bolster the extremist. To put it in 1972 terms, ratfuck Muskie and bolster McGovern. 

In 2016 terms, we now know that certain loud voices who shouted "Vote Bernie" in 2016 were actually working for Stone. Bernie was the McGovern, Hillary was the Muskie.

In 2020 terms, pro-fascist forces secretly tossed money and attention at anyone who cried "Defund the police!" Those three words brought Trump agonizingly close to victory and insured only the narrowest of wins in the Senate, leaving all policy decisions in the hands of Joe Manchin. 

The utterly otiose and self-defeating riots of 2020 helped the Trumpists. If you can't admit that fact, you're an obstinate buffoon.

Much the same thing can be said of the idiots who continue to push a pernicious bit of agitprop called "The 1619 Project." You should read what the World Socialist Website has to say about that. (And I'll be very amused if you try to argue that the Socialists are corporate shills.)

Woke idiots continue to push the racist delusion that white Americans invented slavery. I guess today's kids never saw Ben-Hur.

Here's a little fact that woke progressives never want us to mention: If you believe that non-whites invented civilization, then you must believe that non-whites invented slavery. Slavery goes back to the beginning of the beginning. 

Here's another truth-which-must-not-be-spoken (and which may get this blog cancelled again): American whites invented abolition

There had been a few earlier attempts to end slavery on moral grounds, in China and elsewhere. But Vermont and Pennsylvania were the first states to outlaw the practice permanently

Not the first states in the union: In the world. Technically, our present union did not yet exist, since these laws were passed during the period of the Articles of Confederation.

In 1804, the eight anti-slavery states within the United States were the only anti-slavery governments to be found anywhere on this globe. Slavery was legal and widely-practiced all over Africa and Asia and South America.

Americans invented abolition. But we are not allowed to crow about that fact, or even to mention it.

Young people are not taught about the radical accomplishment of those eight states because doing so would injure the  narrative that white people -- and only white people -- are devils. 

That narrative, paradoxically, is killing black people.

Nobody is quite sure how many chattel slaves exist in the modern world, but most think that the number is about three or four times higher than the number of slaves in the United States before the Civil War. Modern slaves must suffer in silence. Our society forbids mention of their plight. 

Why the censorship? Because today's slaves are owned by the wrong people -- by black Africans and Muslims. Progressives consider these people holy. Beyond criticism. 

Modern slavery will become a discussion-worthy topic only if someone can come up with a way to demonize white males while talking about the problem. 

So here we are, stuck in a culture in which the descendants of those who owned slaves two hundred years ago may never be forgiven, while those who own slaves today may never be mentioned. 

We are stuck in a culture in which the Democrats must perpetually run as the "Whites suck!" party. And then they will be astonished when they lose massively in 2022 and 2024, just as they were astonished in 2020, when cries of "Defund the police!" almost allowed Trump to eke out a win in despite predictions of a Biden landslide. 

Thanks to the Woke Monster, we face a future in which Congress will be controlled by the more pathological and dangerous of our two wacko parties -- the pro-Putin wacko party, the party of Donald Trump and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. In a roundabout way, the "Whites suck!" narrative endangers not only the slaves of Africa and the Middle East, but also the eastern European nations whom Putin wants to conquer.  

Wake up, liberals. Woke is killing the world.


susan said...

It is. It is the most dangerous nonsense ever to come down the pike. I am all but convinced this postmodern/queer theory nonsense is a way for the financial elites to destroy the political left and by extension the Democratic Party. This wokeism is heavily funded by the very rich, the same as the libertarian right.

Joseph Cannon said...

You're more right than you know, susan. I will be writing more about the funding of the woke pseudoleft in the future. Until then, this name: Peter Thiel. Research his philosophical mentor and what he had to say about scapegoating.