Thursday, March 24, 2022

Manhattan D.A. Bragg MUST GO

They say that the simplest explanation is the best. The simplest explanations for the inaction of Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg are bribery and blackmail.

I no longer want to hear his side of the story. He doesn't have a side. BRAGG MUST GO. The time for the cautious weighing of possible explanations is over. If this doesn't make you angry, what will?

If you're a waitperson in NY, here's some advice: If Bragg or any member of his family orders from your restaurant, drench his food in spit and piss.

Bragg is FILTH. 

Come on. Are we really supposed to believe that a New York jury would find the evidence insufficient? Trump's own former lawyer says that Trump is guilty. Besides, everyone knows that a New York jury would convict Donald Trump of pretty much anything, up to and including the JFK assassination. 

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