Wednesday, January 06, 2021

It's a great day. It's a horrible day.

(The first part of this post was written before the madness broke out at the Capitol Building.)

Hear that hissing sound? That's gas escaping from the Trump balloon. There's still plenty of hot air left, but the balloon is deflating.
If she does nothing else in this life (and I'm sure that she will do plenty), Stacey Abrams will go down in history as the person who saved America from Trumpism. The seemingly-impossible twin Democratic victories in Georgia have finally, finally caused the Republican party to reconsider its fealty to that otiose, odious orange orangutan.
Trump's neo-Nazi army in DC is sizable but not nearly so massive as we feared. After telling his followers that he would lead them into battle, Trump retreated into the White House. The fascists are trying to storm the Capitol as I write. Correction: ARE storming; it started while I was writing the the preceding sentence.
Astonishing visuals. Trumpers trying to kill cops.  

So it has come to this. We have no choice. 
Open fire. Shoot. Kill them all. Kill the fascists! KILL LIKE IT'S 1945!

Update: According to this report, the DoD has refused a request by the Capitol Police to bring in the National Guard. Trump's toadies in the DoD are aiding and abetting an insurrection. Donald Trump is leading an attempted violent overthrow of our democracy.
Homeland Security is doing nothing. On Trump's orders, no doubt.
Twitter should end Trump's Twitter account unless and until he tells his fascist hordes to give up AND he concedes.  
Twitter should also cancel the accounts of Trump family members. Ivanka Trump issued a tweet which referred to the fascists as "patriots."

Rudy G told the crowd "Let's have trial by combat." Those words should earn him a treason trial. He should face the death penalty.

I warned you. Trumpism would end in violence. 

The House should assemble in any secure location and impeach Trump immediately. No debate: Just put it to a vote and then hand it to the Senate. This day.
I would not be completely surprised if McConnell were to support removal. 

Update: The Trumpers are now claiming that the coup mob was actually Antifa in disguise. Right-wing conspiracy theory is an absolute evil. Everyone who believes in QAnon should be tossed into an insane asylum, and I speak literally.

Earlier, I had to explain to my ladyfriend why one of the fascist rioters was waving a "TRUMP - JFK JR." banner. She was stunned. She could not understand how anyone could accept such a bizarre view. And she lives with me.
Ilhan Omar is drafting articles of impeachment. Thank god! I've not been a big fan of hers in the past, but right now, in this, we are very much on the same side.
The National Association of Manufacturers -- traditionally considered a right-wing group -- has called on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th

Just before 6 pm: The FBI discovered and deactivated two bombs in the Capitol. 
Just after 6: MSNBC has reported that a bomb was found at the RNC, and the DNC was evacuated due to a "similar concern."

Trumpism is fascism. Trumpism must be destroyed. 

Asha Rangappa just tweeted something which mirrors my own thinking:
Remember that President Johnson granted amnesty (a form of pardon) to anyone who participated in the Confederacy. Trump can do the same for these seditionists. Another reason to impeach and remove him immediately.
Simply waiting out this presidency is suicidal. We cannot allow a president to incite a coup and then pardon his thugs.

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