Sunday, October 04, 2020

Weakened at Donnie's

It figures, doesn't it? The administration can't tell the truth even about this situation. 

They lie about everything. They lie even when doing so is against their interest. It's just their nature.  

How did Donald Trump get Covid 19? Where? On what date? When did he learn the truth? Did he spread it to others? Did he know or suspect the truth while continuing to meet people?

It's impossible to tell exactly what happened, what's happening, or what's going to happen, because no-one gets near Donald Trump without pledging to warp reality on his behalf.

Even his supporters must understand now that Trump is a born fabricator. This is the same man who, during the 2016 campaign, claimed on TV that he still owned a thriving steak company, even though that company had closed up shop years before. This is the man who told the electorate that he had no business deals pending in Russia, even though he was trying to put together a Trump Tower Moscow project. This is the man who told the world that his inauguration was the best-attended ever. He lied about his reasons for firing Comey. He lied to Mueller. He lied about Mueller. He lied about Hillary and Biden and Obama and Cruz and...oh hell, just everyone.

He lies and lies and lies. His hair is a lie. His skin is a lie. He made his previous doctors lie about his weight. 

When all is said and done, we will probably learn that Donald Trump has not been tested for coronavirus nearly as often as his spinners have claimed. The test is not comfortable, and Donnie hates discomfort. He sticks only pleasant things up his nose.

Do the red staters hate Dems so thoroughly that they are still willing to put up with this man's insulting, degrading, ceaseless and indefensible fabrications?

It's hard to remain a pessimist when you see polls like this one and this one. A fourteen point spread in Biden's favor is pretty damned impressive, and perhaps insurmountable. 

Nevertheless, I remain a cynic. In defiance of common wisdom and (perhaps) common sense, I must predict the worst. It is not in my nature to forecast a victory for the candidate I favor.

Look, I've been this way since boyhood: A crepehanger, an apocalyptician, a misanthrope, a Prophet of Doom.

I'm too old to change. I am a Democrat, the donkey is my symbol, and that donkey's name is Eeyore.  

That said...

That said, I'm thinking about dark blue drapes for the Oval Office. Hex color #0202ba. Cyan 99, Magenta 99, Yellow 0, Black 27. We may call this new shade "Biden Blue."

(If you're on social media, share the meme! It's not my best work from a technical standpoint, but I wasn't paid and time is short.)


Anonymous said...

Based on his symptoms, the President likely got sick between Sept. 24-Oct. 3, though those dates are approximate. That means he might have exposed far more people than we thought. And he might well have known he was positive before the debate.He might have deliberately tried to infect VP Biden. (if so, let's hope he failed.)

It is telling that the doctors will not disclose the date of his last negative test. Even that would only be an approximation as it might take a few days to test positive.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

"It's hard to remain a pessimist..."

I have faith in you, Mr. Cannon. You'll manage. ;)

Anonymous said...

Joe - I agree. Like last time I think the polls are skewed (for whatever reason) and Trump still has a significant chance.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking about those who didn't vote for Hillary all the time now. What do they have to tell themselves to justify their behavior, and I am not talking about the deplorable from both the left and the right now.