Friday, October 09, 2020

Stop the Baby Killers!

Cannon here. Well, Pelosi's big announcement was a bit of a bust, since her proposal won't affect the current sorry situation. 
Nevertheless, an uncontrollable electric storm continues to rage within Trump's brain as he rails against his own Cabinet and threatens to pull troops out of Afhganistan to fight China or Russia. 
He even came that close to accusing Bill Barr of treason for not indicting Biden, Obama and Hillary.
“He’s got all the information he needs,” the president said. “They want to get more, more, more, they keep getting more. I said, ‘You don’t need any more.’”
Hitler did a better job of maintaining his cool when the Red Army reached the Oder in January, 1945. 
Before we get to our main story, courtesy of the remarkable D-Jay, I'd like to draw your attention to the QAnon Anonymous podcast, which discusses in hilarious detail all aspects of that bizarre weltanschauung. In particular, I recommend Episode 111, which exposes the underground base beneath the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where Satanists keep 100,000 children as sex slaves. 
Yes, Trump voters actually believe this stuff. I like the sign in the above photo: QAnon does indeed represent the biggest drop in intelligence in our history.

Here's D-Jay...

*  *  *

Calling all anti-choice right wing pseudo-Christian hypocrites! 

Turns out that your beloved QAnon was half right after all. 

There really IS a powerful political leader who is using dead babies to extend his life! 

Trouble is, it has nothing to do with liberals, Democrats, the deep state or Hillary Clinton.  The baby-killer in question is none other that Donald J. Trump and the vector of death has nothing to do with evil goings-on in the basements of Washington pizza parlors. 

No – We have now learned that the Regeneron, the gift-from-God, Covid-19 “cure” that Trump is sure saved his life – and might save his campaign from the reality of 210,000 dead Americans – was developed using….

Wait for it….

Fetal tissue!

According to the New York Times:

To develop the antibodies, Regeneron relied on 293T, a human cell line once derived from fetal tissue. At least two companies racing to produce vaccines against the coronavirus, Moderna and AstraZeneca, also are using the cell line.

Remdesivir, an antiviral drug Mr. Trump received, also was tested using these cells.

Even the Trump-friendly New York Post has picked up on the story:

That’s right, your dear leader has literally had his life extended by a magic potion developed thanks to the cells of unborn babes.

But then, what would you expect from a man whose top assistant is a magnet for flies – a sure sign of the devil, according to some – and whose son-in-law’s most prized position is literally named 666.

Whatever are you going to do now?



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Casbott said...

Pelosi's 25th amendment stunt never had a chance of succeeding, but that wasn't it's goal.
It's goal was to get under Trump's skin, which it did beautifully.

Whatever you think of her politics, Pelosi is a master at pushing Trump's buttons - it would be fun to watch a televised debate between the two, she would slaughter him… it's a pity he never had to be cross examined by Congress.

As well it has sown some discord in the WH as Trump will worry that there is a 25th amendment plot, and it has also increased the media coverage of the subject of removing Trump due to insanity.
Finally it puts the GOP on the spot of having to defend Trump and claim he is still competent, which is a question individual Republicans would not like to have on their record.

So it was a good move on Pelosi's part… how to tell, would the GOP have preferred she didn't do it?