Sunday, September 27, 2020


Holy living lord of fuck. This is it. THIS IS FREAKIN' IT

He pays no taxes. He's either the most outrageous tax cheat in history or he ain't wealthy. Or both. His claimed losses were clearly tax fraud. I mean, if this guy lost money to that extent, he couldn't stay afloat.

(Trump claims "Fake news." I think he's lying. But I suppose that there's a possibility that someone on Team Trump pulled the all-time most audacious disinfo op.)

Still no further details on an important point: Was he really being audited in 2016? If so, how long was he being audited? Nobody else has ever been audited for more than two years.  

Let's look at some more-or-less randomly-chosen tweets

That explains why he stole so much from his re-election campaign.

More to come. I -- even I, the most morose of all bloggers -- am officially happy

God willing, our long national Trumpmare may finally be over. 

If I were Biden, I'd offer Trump a pardon in exchange for an immediate resignation. The Supreme Court would be worth it. 

Hahaha. Good news, indeed.

Sure, a great whacky idea for Biden. A pardon on federal charges would leave plenty of state charges to try him on.
Precisely. Pardon him on all federal charges and let the state attain justice. If nothing else, this would be an amazing headline-grabbing gesture by Biden during the debate.

And at this point, I've used up all vodka in the house.

This is a good day. The only thing that could make it a better day is more vodka.
It would be such a perfectly humiliating “Trumpian” move for Biden to employ.

Any question of his actual wealth must drive Trump crazy. Any implication of criminal liability would be worse.

This is very interesting, and enjoyable.

And thank you for the collection of tweets. Good post.

The Biden Store already has stickers available saying: "I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump."

Alright, Polyanna, calm down. We all know this is exactly the sort or gambit that the Stone crowd loves. I'm just waiting for the announcement that it's all fake. I mean, there's nothing incriminating here. Damning, yes, but all legal, no involvement with Russia, no information debunking his claims to be a billionaire based on earlier wealth. So you leak something you know everyone will make a big fuss about, but leave out anything actually damaging, then debunk it and make a fool out of everyone, not to mention discrediting any real leaks that might come out later. Disinformation. Put in a few bits that can be verified to make it believable, intelligence services call it chickenfeed.
Didn't he said before during one of the debates that he didn't pay taxes? So what's new. Am l missing something
No, he didn't say that. Hillary Clinton mentioned his deadbeatness in one of the debates. Trump muttered to the effect that made him "smart."
Stephen, knock it off with the sarcasm. This really is the end of the Trump campaign for all intents and purposes. I believe Putin has washed his hands of the whole farce, a farce that should never have been allowed to take place in the first place in 2016, but CNN is the major culprit in the creation of Donald Trump's campaign with nonstop coverage, in Jeff Zucker's attempt to turn the presidency into a reality TV show. Even if every single thing regarding Trump's taxes was legal, voters do NOT like somebody who doesn't pay his fair share in taxes. It really is the end of the 2020 campaign.
The only question now is: Can Benedict Donald and his minions (and his Russian masters) still cheat their way to "victory"?
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