Tuesday, August 11, 2020

It's Kamala?

Crap. Now we have to talk about goddamned BUSING incessantly between now and November 3. And perhaps reparations.

Demings was the better choice. Florida is a swing state; California is not.

When will progressives learn? Democracy is a popularity contest.

Busing is not popular. Reparations are not popular. Feminism is not popular -- with women. Identity politics is not popular -- with black people.

If Kamala Harris had been popular with black people, they would have voted for her. She wasn't even popular in California. According to the poll numbers being projected on MSNBC right now, her unfavorability rating is higher than her favorables.

This is madness.


Anonymous said...

I like her, I like to listen to her talking. Beyond that I have nothing to say about the pick.

OTE admin said...

To paraphrase the late Princess Diana: "There are three people on this ticket, so it is a bit crowded." I am, of course, referring to Willie Brown, a massive albatross around Harris's neck. Joe Biden must not want the job badly enough for him to pick the very worst person for his running mate.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Uh, there are three people on the Treason Party (fka GOP) ticket, too.

This is Benedict Donald's REAL running mate.

Of course, our host believes she's just going to evaporate, despite millions of our stupid fellow citizens refusing to take the proper measures to contain her.

Our host is not the only one who believes that.

Jsteed2020 said...

I think your political instincts are off, Joe. If you think Val Demmings was the right choice, especially. I enjoy your posts but I don’t think you have the pulse of Democrats or the country

Joseph Cannon said...

I really like Demings. If she had won a senate seat, she would definitely now have Harris' position. It's hard to argue that Biden was right to pick a woman who once said that his "sex accusers" were telling the truth. That alone should have disqualified Kamala Harris.

Jsteed2020 said...

Real talk, Joe: setting aside the disagreement over Harris which I think was a good pick, and a lot of people feel Hope for the first time since 2016...let’s be honest, you’re scared Trump will win somehow. We all are. We are scared something will go wrong because the stakes are so high. But you know, no amount of smears or covid cases dropping off, can erase what’s past. We are a 20% wrong track country, as James Carville said recently. All Biden has to do is stand on a debate stage and seem non threatening and it’s in the bag. A historic victory is actually probably at hand. Not just a historic victory, a realignment. My two cents

OTE admin said...

After watching the Biden-Harris speeches, it appears to me Biden made the decision more on a personal level. Apparently Kamala and his late son Beau were pretty good friends. You can see Joe and Kamala really do like each other. Why she ever attacked him on busing and so forth is inconceivable. She never should have done it.