Friday, June 05, 2020

Lady G

I had pretty much decided to give up on blogging after the previous "bombshell" went un-linked and unliked. Truth be told, my heart has not been in it for the past year or so. Since I probably don't have many years left, I'd rather not spend this time snarling at the Papaya-hued Pinochet and his Nazified hordes, while simultaneously growling at the feminist freaks and progressive purists who empower the Trumpers by making all of liberalism look bad.

I had pretty much decided to pretend that 2016 never happened. Thought it would be more satisfying to spend this time paintin' pitchers while watching old westerns with Joel MacRae and moody noirs with Lizabeth Scott.

But one cannot imitate the ostrich during an apocalypse.

The truly apocalyptic threat at present is not the protest movement against police corruption -- a movement which, in my view, came too late and remains too sedate. No, the biggest threat is posed by the attacks on Antifa, an amorphous and inconsequential pseudogroup which has become the target of the most elaborate right-wing smear campaign since the Nazis went after the Jews. (No, I will not apologize for that analogy.) This story is only the beginning.

Although this blog has never said anything good about Antifa, I have not made the error of presuming that those silly-billies were actually capable of doing anything. Didja ever see a claimed Antifa representative on teevee? Those dandelion-voiced, noodle-armed boy-ginas couldn't even open a pickle jar without help from Mommy and Daddy. 

In the future, I'll discuss the false flag campaign currently being waged against Antifa -- smears designed to justify brownshirt tactics. Lots of people actually believe these smears, despite reports like this and this. Just yesterday, while in the local dollar store, I heard a couple of Trumpers braying loud inanities about the supposed threat posed by leftist radicals.

(Trumpers habitually discuss politics in public places while keeping their voices at a jackhammer volume that could deafen a banshee, even though everyone else just wants to buy pretzels in silence.)

Right now, I want to focus on what may be the biggest threat to Trump's re-election. No, I'm not talking about Joe Biden. Not about the economy. Not about the polls.

Lindsey Graham. 

Y'see, there's a rumor going around on Twitter. It's really just the latest iteration of a rumor we've heard for years now, but this time...

...well, judge for yourself:

The tweet comes from one Sean Harding, about whom I know nothing beyond the fact that he claims to be a sex worker himself. Elsewhere in the thread, he identifies the senator as "LG." Here's more:
Sean Harding #BLM
I cannot do this alone. If you’d be willing to stand with me against LG please let me know.

Sean Harding #BLM
I’m currently not taking any media questions until I’ve had time to discuss situation with a legal team- there’s QUITE a few - feel free to leave me a message in my DM’s or email me at and I will get back to you.


So far I have two individuals who would be willing to go public and support my claims. Anyone else?

Sean Harding #BLM
Thank you, I know I’m definitely not alone because he is a running joke amongst us. I’m hoping others will be brave enough to stand with me.
Do these words set off your bullshit detector? My far-from-infallible detector isn't flashing any red lights, but your own device may be better callibrated. (Mind you, I do question the claim about NDAs. Are such things common in the world of rentboys?) Other Twitter users have contacted Mr. Harding and have confirmed the basic claim about Lady G.

The game-changing event would not be the outing of Lindsey. Do you care if he has ever used the services of rentboys? I don't. What truly matters is the strong implication that Trump confronted "LG" with kompromat during that infamous golf game -- the occasion which instantly transformed the Republican party's most prominent Trump critic into Trump's most ludicrously obsequious lickspittle.

Forcing LG into an admission of homosexuality would not be consequential, because everyone already suspects as much. But if LG admits that Trump subjected him to blackmail...? Ah.

The world will literally change overnight.

The public will understand that Trump used similar methods to tame the entire party. The public will understand that the kompromat must have come from Spookworld.

(It's hard to believe that the plot device which drives Advise and Consent is still relevant in this day and age.)
Biden is lucky. Whatever he did or maybe doing is nothing compared to his opponent is doing now. Few years back your revelation may have had an effect. Having said that, I would rather hear it from a friendly source than others. I am always glad that you're here talking to us,informing and warning us.
I reposted your Joe Biden article link on Twitter. Of all the social media formats out there, Twitter is both the fastest to get a story out, and also the worst at welcoming newbies. I have 15 Twitter followers after 250 posts. My Stats on other social media platforms are so much better I just don't worry about Twitter.
You should have put a minimal effort into other social media sites just to be able to bounce your articles around a bit.
The point of the Biden article was to get it out of the way, way before the election so it could not be a last minute attack. In 2016 the Republican Party lobbed about 15 different stories about Hillary Clinton over the final 3 weeks before the election. The screeds came in from all directions, all pinioned on the evangelicals who said vote Republican because they will select the next Supreme Court Justice, The Pizzagate story, a false facebook story that the Clintons were about to be arrested, Sheldon Andelson's 25 million dollar last minute donation along with the NRA's huge ad smear campaign, and of course, wrapped in a bow by James Comey's second press conference.
There's a rumour about Mike Pence too, or at least this was the impression I got from reading either Nina Burleigh's book "Golden Handcuffs: the Secret History of Trump's Women" or Rick Wilson's "Everything Trump Touches Dies", books which are swirling together in my head.

@Joseph - I have emailed you. (Not about Pence; about something far more interesting.)
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