Friday, May 15, 2020

Biden: Time for the truth

Privately, some readers have asked me to reveal something that I've kept under wraps for quite a while now. Over the past twelve years, I've hinted that I inadvertently learned about a secret -- a potential scandal -- which might prove damaging to Joe Biden's political career. The time has finally come to reveal all.

Before we get to that, I should explain why I have written nothing during the past more-than-a-month.

I decided to put my blog on hold during the coronavirus crisis, since the sort of people who show up here are unlikely to have much tolerance for my viewpoint. If you want to know what I think, go here and here.

(Never thought I'd live long enough to see lefties hate me for suggesting that we emulate Sweden. Then again, I never thought I'd live long enough to see a campus free speech movement associated with the right. We live in topsy-turvy times.)

And with that out of the way, let's discuss the Secret.

I never felt that this matter would necessarily destroy Biden. Biden's secret is not really like the one that felled John Edwards -- I hope. We're talking about a rather small-scale scandle-ette -- a private sin which most rational Americans would not consider any of their business. Though Biden was not my first choice in the 2020 primaries, I've always admired the man and never wanted to see him harmed by a minor bit of tawdriness in his past.

Here's the problem: If this secret were revealed at precisely the right moment, it could sway enough voters to decide an election. This potential scandal is a bit like the "bouncing bomb" in The Dam Busters: The payload can take down the target only if the timing and the angle of approach are absolutely perfect.

As you will see, I also have reason to believe that the Republicans learned about this scandal a long time ago. Revelation seems inevitable. I have concluded that Biden would be best served if an embarrassing truth came out now, as opposed to late October.

So why have I kept mum all this time, even as I watched Joe Biden whip my preferred candidate, Elizabeth Warren? Because I've shared this information with six confidants, all of whom have advised me not to bring the matter up in public. One of those persons was the only "Democratic insider" willing to give me a hearing.

Most importantly, one of those confidants was my ladyfriend's mother, who happened to be my landlady at the time. She made me promise not to write about this as long as I was under her roof, and I kept that promise. Sadly, she died recently, so my vow no longer holds. 

The Secret.  On October 20, 2008, I received an email from my brother Steve. Please understand: His politics are NOT AT ALL like mine. I am not responsible for either his views or his phrasing. (Yes, he now supports Trump. I've told him that I will not talk politics with him. Truth be told, I don't talk politics with anyone these days -- not even with people who agree with me.)

Here's the email (address redacted):
Subject: Juicy Info
To: "Joseph Cannon" <>
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 1:22 AM

I know you are always looking for juicy Political info...
I was out with my friend G tonight (the lady who fixed my back) and she asked me who I was voting for. I told her I typically like Republicans when I am making big money but I felt they have screwed things up so bad, the black guy was looking good. I told her I liked that Biden character but when I said that, she made a face and said he was a lying slime-ball. I asked her why, barring the obvious (he's a Politician) and she told me he was having an affair with a girlfriend of hers and she wouldn't doubt if it hit the media soon.
This is the girl:
You may want to do some research on this (if possible)...maybe Bruce Jenner knows something since she has kids with him but don't call G as she told me in confidence and I don't want to get on her bad side.
She was kinda cute in her day:
Would Linda Thompson have appreciated being called a "girl" in 2008? Dunno.

The original letter divulges the full name of G, an acupuncturist who had treated me some months earlier. I had sciatica and was willing to try anything. Frankly, I did not come away with a high opinion of acupuncture, although others do swear by it.

G is one of several people who may be called "The acupuncturist to the stars," since her offices were located close to Calabasas -- a Hollywood "bedroom community" -- and her clientele included some famous names. (Dick Clark showed up at G's office on a day when I was treated -- and frankly, he was a mess. I was amazed to see him on TV at a later time, because his performing days seemed well behind him.)

I was not at all surprised to hear that G and Linda Thompson were friends. G is very personable, and she knows a number of famous people.

Despite my skeptical attitude toward acupuncture, I always felt that G was a very sweet person, incapable of lying and completely uninterested in politics. Given her clientele, her interests would not be served by smearing a leading Democrat.

Bottom line: G had no reason to lie. I trust her. I believe that she told the truth when she said that Linda Thompson was her friend, and that Linda Thompson had spoken ruefully of a soured affair with Joe Biden.

Based on a subsequent conversation with my brother, I got the impression that the affair had ended very abruptly and painfully. Linda Thompson's second marriage, to David Foster, ended in 2005, which leads me to surmise that any affair with Biden probably occurred in the 2005-2008 period. 

Thomson and Jenner had two children together. My understanding is that they remain on good terms. If she (Thompson) confided in G, she undoubtedly also confided in Jenner -- who supports Trump. This is one big reason why I believe the Republicans already know about the affair.

(Besides, my brother is a Trump supporter. I have no idea what he may be up to.)

Thompson has mentioned no hint of any of this -- not in her autobiography and not anywhere else. Perhaps she got over her hurt feelings. Perhaps she decided that a one-time personal failing of this sort should not decide a good politician's fate.

Or perhaps a deal was struck behind the scenes. That's the possibility that haunts me.

Frankly, I can't believe that Joe Biden would pay for silence. On the other hand, if you had told me the truth about John Edwards in early 2008, I would have scoffed. The Edwards revelation hit me hard. After that imbroglio, who knows what is possible?

We all know about Trump's vulgar pay-offs to women.

These days, the idea that a politician might have had an extramarital romance is no biggee -- even if the affair ended in pain, as such affairs are wont to do. I think that the American public is finally sophisticated enough to forgive or to ignore such things. Trump supporters certainly have no right to crow about their own man's history. Does anyone still believe his denials of the Stormy Daniels story?

Nevertheless, I fear that this particular affair, if revealed just before the election, could do harm to Biden, for the following three reasons:

1. I can't stop thinking about the possibility that Biden "pulled an Edwards." In other words, I fear that he paid for silence. A payoff would be far more damaging than the simple fact of an affair. (Let's be clear: I have no evidence that he made a deal. He probably did not. Nevertheless, I fear that he may have.)

2. The Jenner connection ties this business in with the goddamned Kardashians, the most ridiculous family in American history. If Thompson confirms what I've said here, even anti-Trump comedians will not resist using this material.

3. Many will argue that a secret affair in Biden's past bestows credibility on Tara Reade's claims. That consideration is the primary reason I have written this post.

Do not count me among Reade's defenders. After this Politico story on Tara Reade, it's hard to see why anyone still considers her tale worthy of unqualified credence.

She claims that Biden committed a gross physical act in a well-traveled public place without any hidden alcoves -- a ridiculous accusation. Her long history of financial struggle is certainly troubling. Admittedly, many Americans are not in a position to blame her for playing the "dodge-the-landlord" game -- but the tawdry smears orchestrated by Jacob Wohl remind us that some women are indeed willing to lie for dollars, and a perpetually cash-strapped woman is more likely than a financially-secure woman to go along with that kind of scheme. Reade's bizarre infatuation with Putin and her representation by a lawyer associated with Sputnik are, in my opinion, damning.


How many times have we seen articles written by Republicans and feminists who have launched arguments along these lines: "Bill Clinton lied about getting a blowjob from Monica -- therefore Juanita Broaddrick must be telling the truth"?

Even though Broaddrick's incredible story was rejected by both Ken Starr and the National Enquirer, feminists of a certain stripe continue to proffer an utterly illogical argument: "Monica, therefore Juanita."

Monica Lewenski was an adult who made her own decisions. By her own account, she more-or-less threw herself at the big guy -- and frankly, I never blamed him for giving in to her charms. (As far as we know, his marriage may have segued into the "loving, but sexless" stage years earlier. Most marriages hit that stage at one point or another.) Nevertheless, Republicans and feminists have argued that the Monica pseudoscandal somehow justifies the "Clinton raped kids on Epstein's island" allegation which is so popular with the Alex Jonesians and the Q crowd.

The unfair treatment which many feminists meted out to Bill Clinton -- and to Al Franken, and others -- presages the treatment Joe Biden will no doubt receive.

I can well imagine what someone like Rebecca Traister (whose name would make more sense without the s) will do with the story I've told here, should Linda Thompson confirm it. I can imagine how Virginia Heffernan or Sarah Kendzior might react. God only knows what the Bernie-or-busters will do.

Every fool who argued "Monica, therefore Juanita" will now argue "Linda, therefore Tara." Those arguments are inevitable. Infuriating, yes. Inane, yes. But inevitable.

I say: Let's have it out now. Not in October. NOW.

And so I have decided to spill such beans as are available to me. If the Tara Reade smear had never happened, I never would have spoken up. I apologize to Joe Biden, to Linda Thompson and to their families. But the election outweighs all other concerns.

You may now want to ask me: What if you're wrong, Cannon? What if "G" really is a fantasist? Well, I strongly doubt that she is capable of concocting such an allegation. If I did not believe in her basic honesty, I would not have written this story, and I would not have confided in those six people. I would not have spent several sleepless nights asking myself "Should I tell?"

Bottom line: If I end up with an egg facial, so be it.

I have no ambitions. No more shits to give. I've had two heart attacks, and I'm feeling the familiar symptoms at this very moment, as I write. Those symptoms are not severe enough to prompt a visit to the ER, but they do whisper a continual, low-level reminder in my ear: Momento mori.

After a man has had two heart attacks, he stops caring about the opinions of others.
Well, at least he didn’t grope Bruce and/or Caitlin.

Thanks for bringing the story out into the open. You’re no doubt correct that the GOP gang knows about it. Best to do what can be done to upset their timing.

Take care, Joseph.

Bravo Joseph! Welcome back and finally spilling the beans. Let them fall where they may.
Sorry, but I view this as a true non-story. First, it is third hand hearsay, I have to believe your brother and that your brother got the story right from G, I have to believe G and that G got the story right from Thompson, and then I have to believe Thompson. Stories told from one person to another frequently get distorted in the transmission. Second, would the Republicans seriously want to make marital fidelity an issue in the campaign, thirdly does it seem reasonable that Joe Biden at the age of 65, or older, is suddenly going to enter into an affair with a 58 year old woman, and lastly, how exactly did they meet? I mean she is a lifetime Republican who never mentioned this when he was running for vice-president, he lives in Delaware and Washington D.C. and she lives in California, is it even conceivable that they managed to avoid the tabloids and meet surreptitiously?

Since you were proven totally wrong about the coronavirus--Sweden has been a complete and total disaster and COVID-19 is NOT AIDS--since you don't understand the reason the economy was closed, I am not going to believe one word of this ludicrous post about Biden. It doesn't eve pass the smell test. The reason you took a long spell from here is you KNEW you were proven wrong. You didn't want to show your face, so to speak. The reason the economy was in lockdown was not because it was a return of the Spanish flu; it was the FACT our health care system could NOT absorb the severely ill. The panic of health officials is what drove the lockdown. There are now about 1.5 million REPORTED cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. to date and about 90,000 deaths so far. It would have been way, way, way worse if officials had done what you thought should be done, and that is let this "flu" run rampant. It wasn't the flu--there is no vaccine and it has a far higher mortality rate. Now COVID-19 has started to level off. You were wrong about this, and you are wrong about Biden. Be a man and admit it.
OTE, I wish I were as wrong as you say. Sweden's death rate is less than ours, which proves that their way was superior. We are heading into a recession/Depression with so much debt that we won't be able to reignite the economy with "New Deal" type spending. Right now, food banks are running out of food. The homeless here in Baltimore have been kicked out of shelters. Is that HEALTHY? THEIR death rate will certainly rise.

I was certainly correct when I said that Depression is more dangerous than coronavirus. With the exception of NYC, our health care system fared much better than the doomsayers predicted. I was certainly correct when I pointed out that the fatality rate would be much lower than three percent (look at your own figures!), because corpses are countable while the number of infected are not.

And I was definitely proven correct when I scoffed at those who insisted that the virus would soon kill the young as readily as the old. That was a big lie, similar to Fauci's earlier big lie about heterosexual AIDS.

The Swedish people seem to approve of their government's playbook. Their infection and death rate was more boast-worthy than ours, and they will reach "herd immunity" faster than we did, if they have not reached it already. Best of all, they did not destroy their economy pursuing the illusion of a pristine, illness-free existence. All told, the practical Swedes have once again provided an excellent how-to-do-it model.

As for what I wrote about Biden: Why would I lie about such a thing? It does me no good. You know damn well that I have been hinting that I knew about this for...well, literally for more than a decade. You can't say that this came out of the blue or that I acted in haste.

joseph: To quote my favorite French girl, my job is to tell you, not to make you believe. Although I should say that a decent reporter reading this post could follow the clues and find out more.

"does it seem reasonable that Joe Biden at the age of 65, or older, is suddenly going to enter into an affair with a 58 year old woman"?

Listen to yourself! You remind me of that scene in "South Pacific" in which the silver-haired commander announces "I'm 50, and I assure you: I ain't through." Well, there are some 65 year old guys and some 58 year old ladies who ain't through either. I know that the visual will seem pretty icky to younger folk, but who cares what THEY think?

The point of this post is to get what I know on record before this particular card gets played -- IF it is played. I think it will be. I could be wrong.

And if I am proven wrong -- well, I'm past the point of caring, for reasons stated at the end of my post.
I am not sure this a "right"or "wrong" kind of story. We asked Joseph to tell and he did. He is not even saying he is a 100% sure. He always said that it was not a bombshell anyway.
As for Covid-19, we learned a lot about our country, our leaders, our citizens, our economy and who exactly is essential and who can take a 6 month break from life.
I am not sure what Joseph or anyone else has learned from the last 3 months, but I learned that we as a country are heading to the edge of the cliff hanging on to frayed remnants of wealth and power. If you have the luxury of being able to isolate yourself and act smart, you may survive. If you are "essential " and poor or old or sick, you may die. There will be no funerals or flag covered coffins or national outrage. Just a mention on CNN if you are lucky, otherwise a statistics. There will not be a wall or a rainbow quilt or even a memorial for this enemy. This enemy is not foreign or liberal or communist or terrorist despite all of Trump's efforts to paint it in that light. This virus shed light on all that is wrong with the mighty US of A. Corporations and stock market are doing just fine. Once the tidal wave washes over the country leaving millions dead, the rest will wear their MAGA hats and keep doing the bidding for the corrupt cabal that managed to kill off their grandparents and their parents and the poor unlucky "essential workers". Hospitals will close in poor urban areas and raise their prices in more affluent areas. We keep paying thousands of dollars a year for a healthcare system that was never about public health. We will inch toward the cliff all the while flirting and teasing with our election system. Our media will keep reporting on every insane drug, theory and utterance of the corrupt Trump administration. Our military, national security and judicial system and much of our congress is practically under siege.
The virus isn't killing us, our system is.
What Margie said
As for Biden's story,I don't feel it's going to change anything. But I agree with Joe it's better to come out now than later. For me if it's Biden against Dump or Sanders I will always go with Biden. Period.

If you're wrong 25% of the time, that's a pretty good record. If you publish hundreds of posts and get some wrong, that's still pretty good. I think you've been wrong a number of times and I've said so. That doesn't mean you're not worth reading. That you put out ideas for discussion is usually a good thing. If somebody wants to read someone who agrees with himself all the time, he should start his own blog. To quote the American Magazine, "When two men always agree, one of them is unnecessary."
Sorry, Joe. As of yesterday, USA deaths were 271 per million population. Sweden was 364 deaths per million population.
Margie has the right idea. As to coronavirus numbers, it is interesting that the CDC website (you would assume they would be the authority on the subject) has different (lower) numbers than what the media is reporting (they list confirmed US covid-19 deaths at 60,299 as of May 15th....quite a bit different from what is being reported everywhere else). So I don't necessarily disagree with Joseph's view on that, either, though I think it's certainly not "just like" the seasonal flu. Still, it's certainly setting us up for more government and corporate surveillance and tracking, that much is for certain.
You can see your brothers email address if you hover over it in the email.
Lenny, thanks for letting me know. I feel like a fool for letting that one slip past.

I've fixed the problem.
@gus--I don't know what CDC site YOU are looking at, but what I'm looking at puts US mortality at 90K.
What if Biden admits it and then either a) continues or b) withdraws?
I doubt Trump will stay in the race until 3 November.
Not sure I understand what you mean by Trump not staying in the race. Care to explain?
margie, I'm personally convinced that Trump will stay in the race, and I'm still betting that he will win. Public antipathy to political correctness, combined with the predictable smears and electoral fraud, will destroy Biden.

That said, I have to admit that Trump has recently done a few things which indicate that he suspects that "there's no tomorrow." For example, I was convinced that he would wait until after the election to pardon Flynn. And firing the IG was bold even by Trumpian standards.

Is it possible that he has resigned himself to the possibility of a loss?

Nah. I can't allow myself to think that way. Look, a ruthless pessimism has gotten me THIS far...I can't change now!

I think you should have kept this to yourself. A consensual affair is nobody's business, if it did happen, and you don't know that it did. The only people who benefit from you posting this are the Trump Republicans.
"Nobody's business"? You're right, Anon. But the Lewenski example demonstrates that the Republicans have no problem using such information. And for reasons given in my post, I believe that the Trumpers already know.
Joseph- I think Trump is worried about losing for good reason, but I can't imagine him not staying in the race. At this point his re-election campaign has a life of it's own. The race is not just about him. The rest of Republicans need him to excite and turn out the base. Trump himself may want to chicken out at times, but the party can not allow him to do so.
Will he be re-elected? I think there is a 50/50 chance. I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. I look at the polls and trends. He has a 43% approval even after his disastrous handling of this pandemic and a 15% unemployment. Any other president would be crucified, tarred and dragged in the mud and declared dead.
The base has decided to stick with him through it all instead of admitting they were wrong all along. They campaign will lie, smear, deflect, blame, throw bombshells, apply every tactic to suppress the vote and cheat in order to make up the difference to 50%.
Can he lose? There is reason to be cautiously hopeful, but anything can happen in 6 months especially this year.
That's it? That's your bombshell?

Miss Kasuga is not impressed.

If Benedict Donald still has the inside track, there are three reasons for that: Russia, Russia, and Russia. And with Corona-chan probably, underneath the ever-efficient Russian censorship, using Putin's cojones as punching bags (how I envy her), Sith Tsar Vlad may well be too preoccupied to engineer a second false victory for his lackey.
Tiro, I looked on Sure, if you look at their total deaths, you'll see 90,000, if you look at confirmed covid deaths, you'll see a different, lower number (the one I had in my previous comment).

If you look at how they are counting you will see this information:

A confirmed case or death is defined by meeting confirmatory laboratory evidence for COVID-19.

A probable case or death is defined by one of the following:

Meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19
Meeting presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence
Meeting vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID19

So they are including "probable" cases, i.e. cases where there is no confirmed laboratory testing of Covid in that 90,000 total. So in other words, someone who was presumed to have Covid but for whom either testing wasn't done or testing was inconclusive. Which to me suggests that the 90,000 number is probably higher than reality. Of course, there could be deaths that were not counted as Covid which could balance that out, I don't know. What I am saying is that the number I had in my previous comment is the actual number of deaths of people with laboratory confirmed Covid that the CDC has. So the CDC confirms right on their web site that they are counting deaths that are not laboratory confirmed for Covid (but might be because of other things, like symptoms). Again, not trying to downplay the virus, just pointing out a difference in how these deaths are being portrayed in the media with how the CDC actually counts them. I am certainly not suggesting any sort of conspiracy or foul play. I'm not a scientist or physician, just pointing out something that anyone can see for themselves.
There maybe another reason for the discrepancy:

"Note: Provisional death counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of May 18, 2020. Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes). Counts will be updated periodically. Additional information will be added to this site as available"
I guess I should reply to Ivory Bill. I never used the term "bombshell." Over the years, I always tried to keep things in perspective; I never oversold the story. The reference to "The Dam Busters" offers a metaphorical summation of my view of how G's story could be used against Biden.

You should see that film (which is based on actual events) to understand what I mean. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to get people to sit still for a black and white movie these days.

I guess I could mention that the final act of "Dam Busters" is widely viewed as a model for the "trench run" sequence of the original "Star Wars" -- although I wish I could sell people on the movie on its own considerable merits. Incidentally, they say that Peter Jackson may remake "Dam Busters."

In addition to catching up on quite a bit of reading, watching Mrs. Maisel, Schitt's Creek and Upload, my wife and I have been watching quite a few film noirs on TCM. We just finished a Lady in the Lake. Those old black and whites can be what movies should be.
I saw "Dam Busters" when it came out, and was impressed with the physics of the bomb and the method of determining the height of release.
Stickler, you should try to find a copy of the wartime Disney film "Victory Through Air Power." Part of the movie addresses the same issue!

The documentary footage of the "bouncing bomb" is partially censored in "Dam Busters." But even with that black dot covering the actual device, it's still absolutely fascinating.

Incidentally, I understand that when "Dam Busters" was originally released in America, the dog's name was changed to "Trigger." In the UK version -- and in real life -- the name was a word that RHYMES with "trigger." It's a tough call, but I think that Peter Jackson (if he does do a remake) should retain the offending name. Best to be honest about history, even the parts that make one cringe.
@Margie – There are two parts of where I’m coming from when I say he may withdraw.

First, back in 2016 I read a lot about his personal history, including material that he’d “written” (authorised), and formed the view that he would either win or drop out, since he wouldn’t be able to cope with sliding down a slope to where Hillary Clinton (supported by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) was waiting to give his arse a damned good kicking. Second, this time there is no incumbency bias. He’s playing well to his core, but even if we take his core to be 90% of those who voted for him last time, so what? Last time his batshit persona was masterfully harnessed to his campaign message (or the message was harnessed to his persona, but they worked together highly effectively), whereas this year he’s too vain to wear a mask (and essentially admits it), he recommends the injection of disinfectant, and he can’t handle going in to quarantine after he’s been in contact with an infectee, which is surely what everyone in that position is required to do in the US as they are in Britain. Even Boris Johnson who is known for his arrogance managed to do that. What will Trump do next – shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and say Joe Biden did it? He can rant on about China taking people’s jobs in Michigan but he’s busted. The Republican leadership contains some grown-ups who won’t want to be screwed in the presidency and both houses of the legislature. Joseph says he’s betting on Trump again. My opinion is that there’s value in a combination bet on the winner being either a Republican who isn’t Trump (e.g. Haley, Pence, Cotton, or Ryan) (the latter two each being available at 1000\1) or simply someone who isn’t Trump (available at a bit worse than evens).
"Transition to greatness" is an appallingly bad slogan. Does he think he's Caligula? At least "Keep America Great" plays to the cartoon "Mr Great" brand that is Trump, which is mostly consumed by those who watch a lot of wrestling and don't have the word "transition" in their active vocabularies. That said, the weakness of "KAG" when the USA with a quarter of China's population has already lost 20 times as many of its citzens to Covid-19 is almost palpable. But wait, Trump says the high number of deaths is a "badge of honour". This guy is going to fall so flat on his face. If he's got any competent advisers that he listens to, they'll be telling him to focus first of all on staying out of jail. Hand over to Pence, get a pre-election pardon for himself and his family, and then run off to the Caribbean somewhere maybe? He seems to believe he can do a Canute and defy the virus - even shaking hands! I wonder how that will play out...
I see now where you are coming from regarding your earlier comment. And I totally agree with all your positions. Trump's chance for re-election should be less than a cold day in hell. In any other time, he would be facing multiple counts for impeachment and removal.
But that is precisely why I was intrigued by your comments. These are not normal times here in the US.
America is trying really hard to ignore reality and hold on to the image of American Exceptionalism and Trump is the perfect face for that.
America wants to hold onto White Previelige against the tide of civil rights, increasing minority population.
America wants to ignore the fact that despite it's superior military, it has lost every war since WWII.
America wants to hold onto State power over Federal power eventhough the system literally undermines a strong response to any crises.
America wants to hold onto a healthcare system that does not work for most people and can not adequately respond to a pandemic.
America wants to hold onto the right to be armed with whatever it pleases, eventhough hundreds of thousands die from it every year.
America wants to hold onto the image of Shining City on the Hill but keeps undermining education, infrastructure, unions, small businesses.
America wants to keep giving power to the wealthy and corporations who in the age of globalization have no loyalty to the American people, a strong safety net, adequate income, strong unions, protection for small farms, ranches or businesses.
I could go on, but the fact is that we are a divided country. Half of our population would rather ignore these facts and/or blame the other half for not being sufficiently racist, uneducated, gun toting, anti union, anti immigration, anti liberal. Trump is their face and they do not want to abandon him and face reality.
That is why we, here in the US fear the next election. We don't fear Trump as a qualifide candidate who deserves a chance, we fear our own citizens who rather die from poverty or COVID 19 than face reality.
I hope all those who behaved badly during 2016 are forced to French kiss Corona patients for a whole day. And then thrown into a dungeon with little air.
Hi everyone
I have a question
Why do police barricade protesters?
I assume that a protest march has a route. They march, Shout slogans, hold placards and voice their concerns. I also assume that the police would be present to keep order. Stop looting, violence, fights, etc.
But why do the police stop the march at arbitrary locations? That seems to insite the protester to push the police back and open the way to march ahead. How does barracaiding streets and stopping the march helpful to keeping order?
So, now we supposedly know that Joe Biden, soon to turn age 68 in 2008, was maybe having a hot time with actress, songwriter and entertainer Linda Thompson, 7 ½ years his junior, who looked too good for Joe despite one of his frequent facelifts done for the 2008 Presidential campaign.

The 2008 VP campaign was truly not about Biden, it was about Sarah Palin who drew 73 million debate viewers in her debut and Biden operated on instructions not to attack the pretty but naive Alaska Governor but to put down McCain instead. With all the attention misdirected, it is difficult to believe that Joe had time for side trips to California and Thompson likely would have had to stay there if an affair existed in fact. Besides, Jill Biden habitually traveled quite a bit with the Senator. Had Tina Fey not successfully imitated Sarah observing Russia from her back porch on SNL, “advantage Obama” might not have been enough.

One could be forgiven for supposing that the US is being deliberately destabilised.

Pressure is apparent on two fault lines in particular:

1) the crappy level of internally resilient organisation

(a "states" system from the 18th century, sanctified in a ludicrous "constitution" that a) mandates the indirect election of an executive president of the states as head of the federation's executive and b) enshrines governmental non-control over where most of the guns are), and

2) race.

Any opponent will have noticed these two fault-lines.

But this was how it was going to end anyway. Nothing cracks along its areas of strength.

To summarise the past couple of days:

* Faced with demonstrations countrywide including outside his palace, El Presidente runs and hides in the bunker beneath said palace.

* El Presidente orders the use of a military helicopter against peaceful demonstrators so as to clear a path for him to have his photo taken outside a church waving a bible. (Was the bible by any chance inscribed by "positive thinker" Norman Vincent Peale?)

* El Presidente orders troops from the 82nd airborne division into the capital.

* Defence Secretary Mark Esper a) calls for an investigation into how the helicopter came to be used and b) declares he does NOT support the use of the military against US citizens.

* Troops from the 82nd airborne division are ordered back out of the capital.

* El Presidente has a big black wall built around his palace.

* El Presidente is way behind in the polls for the November election.

* El Presidente DOES NOT FIRE the defence minister.

This can't last. Trump can't last. There may be a few "USA is the goddamned greatest country in the world" Confederate flag-waving aging white bikers (it's the 19th century for them, not the 18th - or at least it would be if they understood century numbering) who love Trump to bits, plus maybe 35% of US citizens who can't distinguish "your" from "you're" but whose self-worth depends not on any such intellectual skill but on the fact that they own guns, but otherwise El Presidente is an embarrassment. Until a few days ago, probably some people did fear him, but few fear him now. He has LOST CONTROL OF THE MILITARY. He is not even allowed to protect the building and city he is in the way he wants to.

Soon other officials, perhaps including in "health", will follow Esper's lead.

Five months? He may well be out of office in five weeks. Perhaps he'll even leave by helicopter.

How is the tax returns case going? The Supreme Court is delaying its decision until after the election? I'm very dubious about that being what will happen.

The background here is not hard to understand.

* Much of the productive economy in the US and allied "advanced" countries has been shut for 2 months.

(Seriously in such circumstances we do not need any discussion by pundits on whether there will be a "recession" or not. THERE IS ALREADY A DEPRESSION.)

* Said economy is dominated by crooked financial playing about that dwarfs the actual productive economy but itself produces no value whatsoever.

(Yet some kind of "reserve ratios" based on real production are nonetheless required, and once that system can't hold the financial structure becomes insolvent.)

* It's been 12 years since the 2008 "global financial crash" that was largely "solved" by printing large amounts of money and handing it over to banks. The US and countries such as Britain and France didn't produce shee-yit in 2008 and they still don't produce shee-yit now.

The house of cards is about to collapse...
PS I'm interested in that guy Tom Cotton. At least three times now he has called for actions that Trump has then implemented (or in the case of the third, verbally backed):

1. withdrawal from the Iran agreement;
2. blaming China for Covid;
3. using the federal army to quell riots.

Now Cotton is saying "US jets" should leave Europe because of China, Huawei, and 5G. Got to wonder whether Trump's fingers would make it to his tweeting device in time to announce a US departure from NATO. The same rule applies in the US as everywhere else: when the shit hits the fan, you MUST have sufficient clout in the military if you want to stay in power. If Trump were going to remain, he'd probably have sacked Esper and replaced him with Cotton by now, and perhaps found a senior military officer or two he could court-martial too.

PPS On the matter of the head of the government and the control over the military forces in the capital, it's worth taking a look at Stalin. Everywhere in the USSR it was the KGB - NKVD as it then was - that controlled the big arms dumps, EXCEPT in the capital Moscow, where Stalin ensured it was the army. Stalin understood this shit. I doubt Trump has the slightest clue. Real trouble and he'll find he hasn't got any authority. You need authority to have power.
Lisa Murkowski may be regretting that she didn't have the guts to vote to "impeach the motherf*cker" in February. But that's OK. In the unlikely event that Trump hasn't left office along some other route by November, she may get another chance.

BTW can somebody explain why Trump is threatening not to endorse Murkowski? Endorse her for what? Wasn't she elected to a six-year senatorial term starting in 2016, or is there something about the US legislature that I'm missing?
From John Avlon at CNN:

"A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey, felt compelled to write on Twitter, 'America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy.' The Bush and Obama-era chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen, wrote an op-ed for The Atlantic, saying 'Whatever Trump's goal in conducting his visit, he laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country, gave succor to the leaders of other countries who take comfort in our domestic strife, and risked further politicizing the men and women of our armed forces.' Retired Marine Gen. John Allen said that Trump's threats of military force may be 'the beginning of the end of the American experiment.' Former CIA analyst Gail Helt told the Washington Post, 'This is what autocrats do. This is what happens in countries before a collapse. It really does unnerve me.'"

I added emphasis to stress who these quotes are coming from, in particular the words from Michael Mullen who clearly thinks Trump is a national danger (aka a major security risk) or else he wouldn't have written that about "the leaders of other countries".

Trump is finished. Nobody listens to him (even about protecting the presidential palace!), he can't control his defence secretary, it seems he can't control the military, he can't even pull an "alpha male" on Twitter, and his own side are turning on him. Bye bye. Will it be an Ezra Pound solution or what?

If I were a Republican strategist I'd favour giving him his cards - tell him he's got to go, probably for health reasons: "Sign here, you f*cker, the plane to Florida is waiting, or else your tax records will be released this afternoon, Jared and Ivanka will be arrested tomorrow morning, and you'll be 25thed before you can even be impeached, and while we're about it would you like to listen to a tape? That's a nasty cough you've got - perhaps you're coming down with something - let's all hope your symptoms don't get worse, eh?"
Here is a simple way to get rid of Trump. Since the only parts of the job of a president that he actually likes and excels at are speaking at rallies, news conferences where people grovel to him, photo ops with military props, firing people on Twitter and basically anything where he can put on an ACT, let's give him a TV show of his own. He can be a super hero with extraordinary powers like the ability to live in an alternative reality. He can have rallies every week and say all that he wants. Let him have weekly "who can I axe this week" episodes. He can have beauty contests for porn stars, or let him drive a tank on some lonely back road. He can build all kinds of Tremendously Beautiful walls. I mean anything that appeals to a hybrid of a 5 year old and a pimply preteen ought to make him happy.
It shouldn't be too hard to convince him that he is the ONLY ONE that can play the part and that being a movie star is much more important than being president.
Ofcourse, we would have to be ready for the attacks on all sorts of things when the ratings tank. But we can think of something by then like limiting his access to a fake Twitter feed and a fake FOX channel. Or better yet, convince him that "Hannity & Carlson" is the new and improved FOX. Those two seem to get the most pleasure out of making Trump happy anyway, so let them have their own network.
And children,
That is how the United states of America was saved from the Orange Menace all those years ago and why we always have a "DJT" the anti reality super hero action figure at the Thanksgiving table.
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