Monday, March 02, 2020

How the Bros screwed Bernie

Throughout this day, while scurrying around the internets and half-listening to MSNBC, I've run into Sanders supporters complaining about the treachery of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. Why couldn't they have waited until after Super Tuesday to announce their support for Biden? They screwed Bernie over! It's a conspiracy!

The "conspirators" were actually the BernieBros themselves. Unfortunately, they're too damned pigheaded to admit that their venomous antics have hurt the cause of Bernie Sanders.

They've been particularly toxic toward Buttigieg, the target of their most inane conspiracy theories. In the preceding post, we saw how one leading Sandernista called Buttigieg a "rat" right after he dropped out. Meanwhile, Biden sent Mayor Pete a very gracious message.

No wonder Buttigieg decided to endorse Biden!

Good behavior has rewards and bad behavior has consequences. The BernieBros have spent the past year writing a book titled How To Make People Despise You. And now they seem shocked to discover that they are, in fact, despised.

For Chrissakes, what did they think was going to happen? If they had behaved in a more civilized fashion, Bernie could pick up some Buttigieg voters today, despite the Mayor's endorsement of Biden. Ain't gonna happen now.

Bernie has, in short, been ill-served by his own fanatics. For strategic reasons, he should have constrained them months ago -- years ago. Actually, Bernie did address the problem -- somewhat -- a little over a week ago, but his words came far too late. He offered no hint of contrition, and he had no impact on his zealot followers, who remain vicious even when viciousness does injury to their interests. If Sanders loses the nomination, he shouldn't blame anyone but the old dude he sees in the mirror.

Will his supporters pause for reflection and introspection? Will they recognize that they should have acted differently? Will they finally understand that democracy is a popularity contest, and that you don't win a popularity contest by making people loathe you?

Or will they retreat into grievance, rage, and inane conspiracy theories?

I think we all know the answer.

The Bros made a classic mistake. They've spent months screaming "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU! Now vote for my candidate."

Or maybe it wasn't a mistake. This article in the American Prospect suggests that the real intention of the Bros is to destroy the Democratic party, not the Republicans. I'll go further: I suspect that they want rid of democracy, not just the Democrats.

The video below documents how our ever-so-progressive Brocialists are perfectly willing to engage in homophobic slurs, calling Pete Buttigieg "sweetie" and "honey." Note their preference for Trumpian red sportswear. Also note the "LABOUR" shirt. (It's hard to see in this copy-of-a-copy, but the logo was very clear in the original.) Even they admit it: SANDERS = CORBYN.

Actually, I think the title of the Bernie Bums' book should be How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, in parodic memory of Dale Carnegie. ^_^
On a positive note, another brilliant and inspiring speech by Joe Biden. And Klobuchar in her endorsement. And Beto, giving a very solid speech in his endorsement.

Over the decades I’ve seen politicians rise to the occasion, sometimes fail to do so. It seems to be almost a thing of the spirit: am I able and fit for this office? The truth will out, often in ordinary stump speeches.

If Joe Biden has hit his stride, keeps up these high quality speeches, where he is at ease, yet powerful, he might make it. He might be able to laugh off whatever garbage Trump throws at him, turning Trump’s garbage into the joke.

Not much given to positive thoughts myself, but it is pleasant to enjoy a run of great speeches.
Not sure I agree. After Bernie won in Nevada it was knives out for Bernie. Every pundit, super delegate, "real Democrat that would go on record were all about how are we going to stop Bernie. It was clear that the "Democratic establishment" was going to do what was necessary to stop Bernie. I think it is fine to call out some of his unruly supporters and to point out that he is not expanding his base. However I do think Biden will be Hillary 2.0. The investigations into Hunter will increase with lots of scandalous press and punditry right up to the election. In addition I think Biden is too nice a guy to say that Trump is a pathological liar a racist, a mysoginyst etc... which I think Bernie would. Biden will win the popular vote, maybe by more than Hillary but again loose the electoral college. We will see but I believe the tide of history will be on Bernies side if our history is not snuffed out by fascism.

If Joe Biden does to Trump what he did to Paul Ryan back in 2012, I would pay for a ringside seat to that debate. The Biden-Ryan debate remains my favorite. Biden was like a cat toying with a mouse.
I thought it was extremely odd that Bernie refused Mike Bloomberg’s money for the general election. And began to think about it. Why would you turn your nose up at such help? Beating Trump is a all hands on deck thing. I have always been curious as to why BERNIE always seems to have all this easy access to money that no other normal candidate has. And then it hit me! Bernie does not want to take money from Bloomberg because Bloomberg might actually see his books and realize that something is amiss! As I always say, one can never be too skeptical!
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