Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bye bye, Bloomberg

I normally don't watch debates real time, but tonight I figured: What the hell. So far, it's been pretty rowdy and entertaining. But one thing's clear: The Bloomberg moment is OVER.

Dems will welcome his money, and maybe he can loan out his extremely talented ad team to whoever wins the nomination. But the voters won't want him.  

Warren and Biden are doing very well, I think. They may be the comeback kids who will benefit from Bloomberg's fall. Of course, as I write, the second half of the debate has just started.
Its going to be hard to say whether this one debate will doom Bloomberg or boost Warren and Biden. In theory it should, but it was just one evening, one event -- and Bloomberg can always claim inexperience was the cause of his failure, not unelectability.
It will depend on how the Nevada and South Carolina votes go, and also whether anybody drops out before Super Tuesday. If the anti-Bernie vote continues to be split rather than coalescing around a single other candidate, then Bernie will end up with the most delegates but will not have a majority.
I HATE the "gotcha" disingenuous Todder question about "should the person with the most delegates be awarded the nomination?" when everybody knows he's talking about Bernie and the superdelegates and that Bernie will likely lose a brokered convention. And if we thought he was a sore loser in 2016, just wait till we see his antics in July 2020.
He did flop pretty badly tonight. His people might be good at ADs, But not at getting him ready for debate.
Jeez, he was dismissive, arrogant, had senior moments with memory, didn't have much of an argument to signify his run, and showed he can not apologize gracefully.
But hey, we have Trump as president. So, anything can happen.
I don't think it'll hurt him. The average voter just doesn't sit down to watch the Dem debates. Bloomburg has name recognition, so I'm just waiting to see what happens on Super Tuesday.

I'm in the right place here (have been here lurking since 2008 and I do hope Joseph is okay) ... Despair Central. My gut feeling is it's going to be four more years of Trump.
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