Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bernie explains why Bernie shouldn't run for president

Bernie Sanders 2011 was a lot wiser than the man we see today. From the Guardian, back in October, 2011:
But, he explains, he is not interested in the White House. "I would likely end up causing a right-wing extremist to be president of the United States. That is not something I would be happy to do," he said.

Then he added for emphasis: "It would likely be a futile and losing campaign. That would not be too smart."

Sanders is many unusual things: loud, outspoken and a successful socialist in America. But one thing he is not is naïve.
If he can't claim the naivete excuse, then why is he doing so much to elect Donald Trump? Why did he hobble Hillary Clinton in 2020? (Before the Bernie cult went after her, she was the most popular politician in America.)

By the way: Tulsi Gabbard is on the short list of Sanders' VP picks.
Don't you mean he went after Hillary in 2016?
“Most popular politician in America” but Joe, what about all that guff on KOS and all the BHO-assisted hate? Doesn’t count? We came we saw he died sure made the world a safer place did t it? Definitely safer for African slave traders... I’m OK with you hating Bernie and OK with the apotheosis of Hillary, but am amazed at your reimagining recent history. I used to hate Jimmy Dore and love reading you, these days not as much....
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