Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Remember 2016? Remember when the BernieBros (and their propaganda-pushing pals in St. Petersburg) assured us that if Hillary won the election, war would inevitably result?


For years, Trump has managed to take two positions at once. Position one: "The Dems are war-mongers." Position 2: "The Dems are weaklings afraid to fight." Trump has now shifted entirely to Position 2, and his brainwashed followers will never admit that his contradictory stances are, in fact, contradictory. Such is the power of rationalization.

The Republicans are going to try to convince the nation that all opponents of Trump's new war must be fans of Qassem Soleimani. Remember 2003, when Republicans painted all Iraq war opponents as apologists for Saddam Hussein?

Here's another flashback: Remember when Trump accused Hillary of being too close to the Saudis? Right now, Trump is doing exactly what the corrupt Saudi royal family wants.

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