Saturday, November 16, 2019

Did Trump have a heart attack? (Updated twice)

Donald Trump is in Walter Reed Hospital. Allegedly, he is there for "portions" of his physical, but that claim looks pretty damned dubious: His last physical was nine months ago, and it was announced well in advance. This is sudden.

To borrow a phrase from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: I smell mendacity.

The White House wouldn't lie about a trip to the hospital unless something serious were afoot. I'm thinking that Trump has exhibited symptoms indicative of heart failure. He's in his 70s, he's obese, he eats lots of greasy fast food, and -- let's be honest -- he's under a lot of stress. (Much of which he brought on himself.) If I recall correctly, his cholesterol is high and his calcium levels are elevated. It's amazing his heart has done as well as it has.

Another possibility: In previous posts, we've looked at the evidence that Donald Trump abuses drugs, particularly uppers. Hope Hicks confirmed that he did have a problem in the past, but many indicators -- including one rather damning photograph -- suggest that the problem continues. Perhaps he overdosed.

A third theory: Every time I spend more than an hour writing a post (as I did earlier today), something major comes up, forcing me to bury the old piece beneath a new one. So maybe Donald Trump staged this just to annoy me.

Update: This tweet by one Jonathan Wackrow is germane.
This does not add up; the White House Medical Unit has very comprehensive facilities at the White House complex that could easily accommodate most of what is needed in an annual physical. As a fmr USSS Agent assigned POTUS, I have never seen the annual formality occur in stages.
There has been speculation in some quarters that Trump could use a medical emergency as an excuse for resignation. I doubt that idea, and not just because his ego forbids it. He needs the powers of the presidency to keep himself out of jail. However, a health crisis could justify the 25th.

CNN reports that this hospital visit was definitely not on the schedule.

Another mystery: Why did he travel to Walter Reed by limo instead of helicopter?

Update II: This source claims that Trump had "chest discomfort."

Predictably, Stephanie Grisham and Jeanine Piro are sticking with the "checkup" story, and have proclaimed Trump to be "almost superhuman."
You've convinced me there is WAY more to this story than the initial light coverage it's getting. Something major is up. This is too weird to dismiss as normal.

IOW, I'm saying this might be on par with Hillary getting pneumonia.
It seems his angina pectoris has destabilized; I expect an announcement of angioplasty or bypass surgery.
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