Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hate to disagree with George Takei, but... (UPDATED)

I'll do more than "imply." I'll give you a name -- a name which Takei, and every other American, ought to know well: Leo Frank. In 1913-1915, he was the centerpiece of America's answer to the Dreyfuss affair.

Granted, Frank wasn't truly rich -- not by Gilded Age standards, and not by current standards. But he was quite well off compared to most others in his time and place, and resentment of his relatively elevated status was a factor in his lynching. Of course, anti-Semitism was the primary reason the citizenry became convinced that he had murdered Mary Phagan.

It should be noted that he was convicted on the testimony of a black man named Jim Conley, who probably was the actual killer. Tom Watson, a socialist-turned-right-wing-conspiracy-theorist, whipped up a media frenzy against Frank; I consider Watson a spiritual forerunner to Alex Jones.

The 1988 television film The Murder of Mary Phagan (starring Jack Lemmon) is largely accurate and very engrossing. It's online.

UPDATE: I don't know who Boo George is, but he gifted us with one of the all-time great tweets.

You missed the basic question: Are Jews white?
The only people I've ever encountered who claimed that Jews were NOT white were Nazis. Of course, any attempt to follow these arguments very far soon takes us into Crazyland.

If memory serves, one member the Order testified in court that he felt that the Rockefellers were Jewish. So I guess that means that Nelson Rockefeller was our first black vice president. Gerry Ford was more woke than we thought!
And don't forget Rudi Jewliani. Right there in the open! ;>)
Joseph I so don't want to annoy you-- still pleased I get to read your work again, I gotta agree with lower-case joseph and I'm no Nazi, when I let my beard grow long (and with my glasses) I look like a stand in for Woody Allen during the 'Take the Money and Run' rabbi sequence but normally when trimmed, I pass off as white. Definitely, enjoy some of the privileges of whiteness. But I'm still part of an invisible minority. Get beat up for being a Jew (not now that I'm old.. but when our swim team put our surnames on the lockers, etc..) to this day, this poor artist still get asked why I don't just ask my rich uncle for funding... first world problem I know.. just to say when reading the wiki on Leo Frank, my first thought was "Oh. Of course, a Jew." This was 5 years before Henry started rolling out his Model 4-vol, am not at all surprised they lynched a jooo
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