Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Who's with Lindsay in Lindsay Graham's blackmail photo?

The Washington Post suggests that Lindsay Graham's toadying to Trump has reached a breaking point. Apparently, Graham is more hawkish than Trump on the Iran question. Any "Theory of Lindsay" which does not include the concept of kompromat is simply naive. Yeah, sure, a few moments of disagreement will be permitted, but Graham will do nothing to endanger Trump's presidency. He dare not.

Thus, I introduce the new Cannonfire poll: Who's with Lindsay in Lindsay Graham's blackmail photo?

1. Adult female.

2. Adult male.

3. Underaged female.

4. Underaged male.

5. Dog.

6. Cat.

7. Mammal other than dog or cat.

8. Octopus.

9. Nyarlothotep.

10. Non-Nyarlothotepian horror from the indescribably squamous regions of eldritch eldritchness: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

11. Hitler (via Pym particles).

12. Three-way with Jeffrey Epstein and Steve Bannon.

13. ____________________ (Fill in the blank with your best guess.)

If you guess the truth, you win a no-prize. Face Front, True Believers!

(I actually won a no-prize when I was a kid. Empty envelope. I treasured it for years.)

In other gossip news: Years ago, this humble blog covered the allegation that Melania is dating the guy in charge of security for Tiffany's in Trump Tower. (I let Marcy Wheeler babble on about the small and unimportant shit. Here at Cannonfire, we deal with the real issues.) That allegation has made a big, big comeback.

Here's another shot of the alleged boyfriend...

The story's probably fake news. Why would any woman date that guy when she could have Donald Trump?

2, 4 and 7 (goat)

OT - joseph you have teased us over the years about an embarassing incident starring Democratic front runner VP Joe Biden.

It's sad how often I wonder what it is.

Today I ask you - are you aware of a "blackface" incident involving the former VP?

On topic - I am very close to a psychiatrist who makes a lot of money working with rich men who are enduring various midlife crisis. She believes Graham is not gay, but suffering from some deep psychological trauma that involves sexuality but is not necessarily related to sex. She believes Graham is probably phobic of sex, basically too insecure about his sexuality to perform in any way. She suspects an difficult relationship with a mother who herself likely suffered various mental ailments. She feels physical abuse likely a factor. She ventures that Graham has not had successful or fulfilling sex relationships and probably long ago dedicated himself to solo pursuits. The constant warmongering is a facet of his efforts to appear masculine because he must know how it all looks to the public.

Anyway, who knows, just another onion for the stew that we all simmer in.
I believe the kompromat isn't sexual. I suspect there's something about corruption and money, a speculative guess being the Repubican and Russian shared interest in the corrupt boondoggle nuclear processing project MOX in South Carolina.

Watch Lindsay here about incidental collection and tell me it doesn't feel personal for him

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