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Friday, June 02, 2017

Gossip, speculation and a threat

Gossip. Please understand that I have no personal knowledge regarding the truth or falsity of this allegation. I publish the claim here in order to give Melania Trump the opportunity to rectify any possible injury to her reputation.

Melania, this is a serious offer: If you should wish to set the record straight, Cannonfire is completely at your disposal. I will publish anything you write.

This blast of gossip comes to us by way of writer Monica Byrne, who no doubt patronizes Comet Pizza every time George Soros cuts her a check. Byrne has issued a series of tweets which I have translated into conventional prose:
Though I honestly don't know how newsworthy it is?--given that Melania and 45's marriage is obviously dead to begin with. But here it is: word is, for many years, Melania's been having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany's in the Trump Tower lobby. And this seems like the kind of thing that would embarrass him. So: have at.

And I should say right off the bat: no, I can't reveal my source. So I guess this is the kind of leak that's more like a tip. As in: HEY JOURNALISTS WHO INVESTIGATE THIS SORT OF THING: look into it via other channels.
If this claim is untrue, then Monica Byrne needs to apologize. As for the man in that photo -- why, he does not even have the decency to cover his bald spot with a comb-over! Sad.

Melania, I await your response. Only you can expose this Monica Byrne personage for the Soros-funded fake newser that she surely is.

Former intelligence officer Malcolm Nance offered an interesting tweet:
How did Kushner know Russian Embassy HAD A SECURE COMMS CHANNEL hidden from US Intel? Perhaps Flynn, exDirector of DIA, told him our limits?
I had raised a similar question in an earlier post. Somehow Flynn and Kushner knew that this channel was beyond the reach of the NSA.

But...wait. Was it?

Remember when the first stories broke about Flynn and Kislyak? At first, we were told that Flynn must have called an unsecured line. National Review pointedly asked to see the transcripts, which never arrived.
Let’s end the intrigue and go to the tape. As late as Tuesday, General Flynn was still denying what is being widely reported as settled fact, namely, that he spoke with the Russian ambassador specifically about “sanctions” imposed by President Obama. Since Flynn knows there is a recording of the conversation, it is a strange thing for him to deny. So is he telling the truth? Let’s find out.
Although I don't often agree with the National Review, the truth is that I'd like to hear that conversation myself.

Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald then offered a long report on the legalities of the NSA's interception, confirming that the Flynn did in fact discuss sanctions, despite his denials. Eichenwald notes that Flynn's name would have been routinely redacted if the conversation was a mere exchange of pleasantries, but that the discussion of sanctions put everything on a different level.

The question is: Was the former DIA chief really so foolish that he did not think his calls would be intercepted? Or was he speaking on a secure line that he thought was out of the NSA's reach?

I distinctly recall reading a couple of stories which alleged that the latter scenario was true -- that Flynn believed that he was speaking on a completely secure line. Unfortunately, I can't find those stories, even after spending the better part of an hour looking for them.

(Can any of my readers help out? Or is my memory playing tricks on me again?)

Just to keep the timeline clear, the Kushner/Flynn/Kislyak meeting in Trump Tower occurred earlier, on December 1.

I've come up with an odd little theory of my own. I'm not asking you to buy this theory; just take it out for a test drive on the highways of your mind.

Maybe there was indeed a "tapp" in Trump Tower. The "tapp" could well have been perfectly legal, given Trump's many dealings with Russian mobsters. Maybe we know about the Kushner/Flynn/Kislyak meeting by way of that "tapp." Maybe the WP's sources hid the true origins of that information. The WP said that the info came from a report by Kislyak to his masters in Moscow -- but perhaps that claim is not the full truth.

Let's take things a bit further. Despite his impulsive, ill-considered tweet, Trump probably soon came to realize that he would be best-served if he does not confirm the existence of a surveillance operation directed against Trump Tower. Sure, he could whip up a frenzy of hatred against the previous administration -- but that frenzy won't extend beyond his shrinking fan base. The larger public will understand that the FBI, not Obama, would have initiated a surveillance operation, and would have done so only with the approval of a court.

Besides, Obama is no longer a relevant factor in American politics. Trump is relevant. And the Russiagate investigators would all know that those recordings exist. The "tapp" transcripts could be subpoenaed.

It would be Watergate all over again.

For the same reason, Trump cannot confirm that he "taped" his conversations with Comey. (That was another impulsive tweet which hurt Trump much more than it helped.) I'm quite sure that Trump records many of his meetings.

The threat. As noted above, the scandalous Flynn/Kislyak conversations were about lifting Obama's sanctions against Russia. In part, those sanctions involved two Russian compounds, one of which was here in Maryland. Business Insider reports that Trump, upon taking office, was willing to lift the sanctions without receiving anything in return. And now he is indeed giving those two compounds back to the Russians.

Here's the part of the story which you probably don't know: When Trump returned those compounds, he acted under threat. On May 22, the Russian Embassy offered this tweet:
Russia is seeking to return its diplomatic property in #US asap.
Otherwise, we will have to take counter measures
I presume that the writer meant "Russia is seeking to return to its diplomatic property..." I also presume that the photo depicts the inside of a meeting hall within one of the two compounds: Note the English and Cyrillic writing.

Sputnik published a more extended version of this threat.
"The Russian side did not deliberately take retaliatory measures, realizing that the US actions were dictated by the petty desire of the Obama administration to slam the door louder before leaving the political arena and lay another mine under the already shattered foundation of bilateral relations so that it ricochets to the newly elected US authorities," he said.

"We hope that we will be able to resolve the situation in a constructive way," Gonchar stated. "Otherwise, we will have to take counter measures against American diplomatic property in Russia, according to the principle of reciprocity. The US side has been notifies about what the measures could be, but it was not our choice."
Trump, in doing as commanded, once more demonstrates that he is Putin's bitch.
@Joe - You did well publicising the Bush bulge a few elections ago. I am told that Theresa May's mental and physical health are close to collapse. She wore a health monitor on her right wrist during last night's BBC Question Time appearance. It is clearly visible. They were at touch-and-go in case she needed to be evacuated.

Earlier she appeared close to mental breakdown when answering journalists' questions as to why she didn't participate in a debate with Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders in Cambridge, and also she was ga-ga when answering questions in a portside issue in Plymouth.
Theresa May's wrist monitor is clearly visible here. She is known to be a type 1 diabetic but she has never worn a monitor like this before.

She is fighting this election on a platform of readiness to fire strategic nuclear warheads at foreign countries.

She called the election saying she didn't want the next one to be held around the time of the conclusion of Brexit negotiations. That is absolute bullshit, because the negotiations will take until 2019 and the next election would have been a year later.

Could the real reason be that a major war is in preparation?

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