Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Alex Jones inadvertently damns TRUMP

Alex Jones has been chugging the insanity sauce again. He accused Robert Mueller of being a violent pedophile. Evidence? Jones don't need no stinkin' evidence.

Well, he did mention something about Jeffrey Epstein.
"I mean, Mueller covered up for a decade for [Jeffrey] Epstein kidnapping kids, flying them on sex planes, some kids as young as seven years old reportedly, with big perverts raping them to frame people," Jones says in the video, referring to billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of sex crimes after being accused of soliciting multiple teenage girls as young as 13.
Wow. Mueller actually flew the plane?

The grimly hilarious thing is that Jones probably would not have known about Epstein if Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) had not brought her famous lawsuit in which she (initially) accused Alan Dershowitz of statutory rape. Dershowitz is now one of Trump's most visible defenders. Roberts has dropped that claim. (Most forget that she brought suit against the government; Dersh was not a party to that suit.) Nevertheless, my understanding is that she still privately maintains that Dersh had sex with her.

The main charge, of course, is that Dershowitz engineered a sweetheart deal for Epstein without informing his victims. This was done contrary to Florida law.

Let's repeat: It wasn't Mueller who functioned as Epstein's enabler. It was Epstein's lawyer and close friend, Alan Dershowitz -- the man who now defends Trump all the damned time on national teevee.

In 2005, Epstein's crimes against underaged women were reported to the Palm Beach police and prosecuted under Florida state law. Yes, the FBI was called in; yes, agents played a role in the investigation. (Mueller took charge of the FBI in 2001; Alex Jones spoke of a "decade.")

No article on the case known to me has criticized the role played by the Bureau; if you know of such an article, please pass along a link. The stories that I've seen -- this one, for example -- all indicate that the Bureau acted in an exemplary fashion.

I doubt that Epstein was very pleased when FBI Agents tracked down dozens of victims who all brought civil claims against him. The Bureau's work cost Epstein a lot of money.

Note that AJ never uttered a complaint about the Bureau's behavior in the Epstein case until the current agit-prop campaign against Mueller took hold. Note that Jones does not cite one specific instance in which the FBI did anything wrong. Note that Virginia Roberts, in her Complaint, did not offer one harsh word about the FBI, but had plenty to say about Trump's great defender, Alan Dershowitz.

Adding to the grim hilarity is the fact that Donald Trump himself was a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein, as I prove here. Trump also knew Epstein's chief co-conspirator in the exploitation of children, Ghislaine Maxwell. (They are pictured together in the photo to your right.)

Update: James Patterson's Filthy Rich confirms that Trump and Maxwell are good friends. 
And although Epstein had never properly joined the club, Trump’s friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell gave Epstein unlimited use of the facilities.
Let that sink in: The woman who procured underaged girls for Epstein is a Trump friend. Yet Alex Jones wants you to believe that Robert Mueller has some sort of link to Epstein!

AJ forgot to mention the Maxwell/Trump connection. And that's not the only bit left out by the right-wing conspiracy-mongers...
Here's a fun fact: The father of Virginia Roberts (Epstein's underaged "masseuse") worked for the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, owned by one Donald Trump. Virginia worked in the same establishment, when she was all of 15 years old. (She looked rather younger, to judge from the photo I've seen).

Question: Is it common for a country club to employ girls of that age? Perhaps one of my readers can help me out here. I know many things, but I'm ill-educated on the subject of country clubs.

Incidentally, Trump may have another reason to regret ever purchasing the Mar-a-Lago: It turns out that Trump -- the candidate who insists that American jobs should go only to American citizens -- employed many guest workers from eastern Europe.
This story was published well before Trump announced his candidacy, so you can't claim that the author is toiling on behalf of some Deep State conspiracy:
In that Mail on Sunday interview seven years ago, Roberts said her involvement with Jeffrey Epstein began in 1999 when she was 15 years old and working as a changing room assistant at Donald Trump's country club Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

It was then and there that she allegedly met Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell.

She said: "I was wearing my sexy white Mar-A- Lago uniform – a white miniskirt and a skintight white polo top – and studying an anatomy book when I was approached by this striking woman in her mid-40s with a very proper British accent: Ghislaine."
This story gives the impression Epsein's co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured above with Donald Trump) had some kind of position of authority at Mar-A-Lago. I don't know what Maxwell claimed about herself at that time. But it cannot be denied that Maxwell freely scouted Trump's country club for girls to satisfy Epstein's desire for an underaged "sex slave" (to use Roberts' term). It also seems very probable that Maxwell found other girls at this venue.

Could Maxwell have used the Mar-A-Lago as a stalking ground without Trump's knowledge? Why did she choose that country club?

Following the money. One of the mysteries of Epstein is how he made his fortune. From one of my earlier Epstein pieces:
How did Epstein make his billions? We're talking about a guy who is not just wealthy but fabulously wealthy. The most elaborate home in New York City. The largest house in New Mexico. Another home in West Palm Beach. His own damned island.

He says that he manages money for billionaires, and only for billionaires. He also says that he does what he does in complete secrecy, which means that we have no way to double-check his assertions. If you read this all-important 2003 profile by Vicky Ward, published by Vanity Fair, you'll see that these claims are problematical.

First, the guy leaves little or no trace of his business activities. How can anyone be that invisible, even to fellow members of the elite?

Second, the number of billionaires in this world is limited, and most members of that club seem quite able to chart their courses without using the services of Jeffrey Epstein. Given the man's rep -- and there have been disturbing whispers about the guy since his departure from Bear Stearns -- I'm not sure that there are a whole lot of affluent people would would trust this guy with their money.

Third, his company seems to employ no actual portfolio managers or analysts.
At the time I wrote these words, I was allergic to anything that smacked of a "New Cold War" mentality, so I didn't mention the obvious possibility that Epstein handles money for Russian oligarchs and mobsters. That possibility now looks pretty damned likely. Indeed, it's hard to conceive of any other explanation.

Not only that. It is well-known that Trump's pal Jeffrey Epstein trafficked in girls from eastern Europe. See here and here.

The trade in eastern European prostitution is largely controlled by the consummately vile Russian overlord Semion Mogilevich. (See here and here, and that's just for starters.) Mogilevich also controls gas pipelines and illicit nuclear material and much of the drug market and...oh, hell. Let's just say that he has his finger, and often an entire fist, in just about every kind of unsavory pie you can imagine.

Because I am not Alex Jones, I must stop myself short at a certain point. I can not say that Mogilevich does or did business with Jeffrey Epstein. I can say that Mogilevich was and is a man with billions of dollars in need of laundering. I can also say that Epstein specializes in managing great fortunes, that his practices strike nearly all observers as unfathomable and bizarre, and that he works solely for "billionaires" whom he will not name. Moreover, I can say that Mogilevich controlled (and may still control) the trade in girls from eastern Europe (many of them underaged), and that Jeff Epstein surrounded himself with girls from Eastern Europe (many of them underaged).

The two men have something else in common: Donald Trump.

Trump was Epstein's friend until Epstein got in trouble with the law, at which point he suddenly became "Jeffrey who?" I show part (but not all) of the evidence of their association in this previous post.

Trump has also been tied to Mogilevich, primarily through a surprisingly long list of Mogilevich associates and lieutenants. The list includes, but is not limited to, Trump's business partner Felix Sater (whose father was a key player in the Mogilevich organization) and Dmitry Firtash (the Ukrainian oligarch who became a business partner of Paul Manafort's during Manafort's Ukrainian adventure).

Go here for more info on the many ties between Donald Trump and various key players in the Mogilevich crime organization.

As you study the list, one oddity keeps popping up: These guys all had luxury suites in Trump Tower. This fact is true of Sater, of Russian/American mob boss Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, of Mogilevich lieutenant David Bogatin (who had five separate residences in Trump Tower), and of Russian "vor" (Godfather) Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov.

Tokhtakhounov was a guest of honor at Trump's Miss Universe pageant. He was also connected to those poker parties held in Trump Tower (about which you will not learn the truth from the film Molly's Game).

That whole building reeks of borscht -- Mogilevich-brand borscht. Could Trump have kept the enterprise afloat without these reeky Russians?

Here's another fun fact: The FBI's expert on the Mogilevich organization was Lisa Page. They sure did a number on her, didn't they?

Let's return to Epstein. Specifically, let's take another look at this Daily Beast piece from 2010:
Perhaps most disturbing, in terms of possible sex trafficking, was Epstein’s relationship with Jean Luc Brunel, owner of the MC2 modeling agency. According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, an alleged victim said that Epstein, Maxwell, Brunel, Rodriguez, and Marcinkova “deliberately engaged in a pattern of racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2, mostly girls under the age of 17, to engage in sexual play for money.” (Which would amount to trafficking.)

Brunel is a 50-plus French playboy who was formerly part owner of Karin, a Paris-based modeling agency. He lives in New York and South Beach, Florida, and owns 85 percent of MC2, which has offices in New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv. (The remaining 15 percent is owned by his partner, Jeff Fuller.) Brunel has been observed as a house guest at Epstein’s Palm Beach home and may well have had contact with him also in New York, where Epstein owns a lavish home, and in Paris, where Epstein keeps an apartment on elegant Ave. Foch.

CBS reporter Craig Pyes, who investigated Brunel for a 60 Minutes broadcast many years ago, is quoted in Michael Gross’ book about the modeling industry, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women. Pyes told the author that Brunel “ranks among the sleaziest people in the fashion industry. We’re talking about a conveyor belt, not a casting couch. Hundreds of girls were not only harassed but molested.”
Trump ran his own sleazy modelling agency which has been accused of human trafficking.
The industry was, like so many others, an unregulated wild west. And into this fray came numerous playboys and would-become kings. Jean Luc Brunel, the unwitting star of the BBC undercover investigation started MC2. Claude Haddad, his co-star, started DNA. Paolo Zampolli, who we will talk about in the next installment, started ID. Michel Adam Lisowski started FashionTV. And Donald J. Trump started Trump Model Management.

All of these individuals and companies are, as it turns out, inextricably linked in ways that leave little doubt of the nature of their business. The fashion industry, as exploitative and morally ambiguous as it is on it’s very surface, is in fact merely the rock that covers an ecosystem of underground creatures beneath. This ecosystem will be explored and laid bare in my next post. This is a story that must be told in layers and parts. It involves oligarchs and diplomats, tax evasion, and trafficking of drugs, weapons, and human beings.
Donald Trump placed his own 14 year-old daughter into the hands of the notorious John Casablancas, who has had his own interactions with Brunel. I don't know precisely what occurred between the two men, but Casablancas has decried Brunel as a sleazebag. Much of the world views Casablancas the same way.

Guess who also had a suite in Trump Tower? Jean Luc Brunel!

(By the way: The MC2 name is said to be a rather clever joke deriving from Einstein's equation, E=MC squared. The "E" supposedly stands for Epstein. Epstein denies this claim; believe him if you will.)

At a certain point last year, there were rumblings and grumblings that a story would soon break which would tie Trump's modelling agency to MC2. See, for example, here and here. Alas, the promised story never came.

Thus, I must admit that I've not seen anything definite to connect Brunel and Trump...

...well, aside from the fact that both men were friendly with Jeffrey Epstein. Also: They both inhabited the shadier end of the "modelling" racket. Also: Brunel (like so many Mogilevich assoicates) had a suite in Trump Tower.

Since I am not Alex Jones, I am not going to make wild claims that go far beyond that which the evidence will permit. Based on the evidence that we do have, I believe that any investigator who dares to explore this trail will probably stumble on something quite interesting.

A Clinton connection? If you research the Trump/Epstein link, you'll soon run into plenty of articles alleging or hinting that Bill Clinton raped girls on Epstein's island. This oft-repeated claim is a smear -- one which deserves to be filed alongside the absurd claim that Hillary Clinton murdered Anthony Bourdain. I tell the full story here.

The bottom line: The many smear articles (some of which were no doubt authored in St. Petersburg) all trace back to one article in Radar online published on January 23, 2015. The only evidence cited in that story is the Virginia Roberts Complaint.

In the first place: That Complaint can't be used against Clinton without also bestowing credibility on her claims against Dershowitz.

In the second place: What Roberts actually says in that Complaint differs markedly the Radar version, which, in turn, mutated into a thousand even worse smear-stories.

In the third place: Roberts, in her Complaint, specifically denies that Clinton had sex with her or with any other female associated with Jeffrey Epstein. She denies that Clinton did anything inappropriate.

Clinton was Epstein's guest on one occasion in 2002; the smear stories pretend that Clinton and Epstein kept company regularly. Since Hillary had presidential ambitions, it would make sense for Clinton to establish friendly contact with a billionaire who did not yet bear the taint of scandal. At the time, Epstein was best known as a lavish funder of scientific research and other charitable endeavors.

Hey Alex -- why don't you ever mention that Virginia Roberts (then very much underaged) worked at the Mar-A-Lago when she was lured into Jeffrey Epstein's clutches? Why don't you tell us that Trump's country club became a hunting ground for a wealthy pedophile? Instead of telling outrageous lies about Mueller, why don't you give us the real stuff?
As lurid as Alex Jones gets he never seems to violate Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook TOS. But then he's on record as saying Holocaust deniers have a home there.
Jones's YouTube ban seems to be over, anything for money.
What does "with big perverts raping them to frame people," mean? Who is being framed? I seem to recall Maxwell's father being involved in blackmail operations for the Israelis.

Stephen, if you can give a source for what you said about Robert Maxwell, I'd be grateful.

That line about "big perverts" came from Alex Jones; you'll have to ask HIM what it means. I quoted him to demonstrate how screwy he is. That's pretty much the only reason I would ever quote AJ.
No, I can't find any reputable source on that about Maxwell. I might have been thinking about his involvement in the Vanunu case, he allegedly grassed Vanunu up to the Mossad, who sent a honey trap to grab him and drag him off to prison.
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