Saturday, June 23, 2018


Is anyone out there? I hope so.

I went through a period of despair. How can one be a political blogger if listening to the president's voice makes one physically ill? His followers think that his opponents are motivated by policy differences. We are, but only to a degree. Most of us couldn't stand that vulgar, disgusting, gauche, self-important dullard even when he was a Democrat.

I recall being roped into playing "Trump, the Game" back in the 1980s. About half-way through, I walked away. Even then, the Trumpian atmosphere seemed emetic. 

It has been pleasant, mentally retreating to Earth 2 -- an alternate world where His Hideousness never oozed out his mother's womb. During this vacation, I've worked on a book about Great American Mysteries. Writing a book has always been high on the bucket list -- and at this stage, when the bucket looms closer than ever, don't I have the right to concentrate on such a goal?

Maybe not. Maybe when the nation, when the whole of western culture is imperiled, we all have a duty to put our backs into the fight.

So I'm resurrecting an old plan, a secret plan, initiated about a year ago. A new site. If all goes well, this will be a joint effort, with much (perhaps most) of the writing and research done by others. I intend to create THE go-to source for Resistance news.

I still need a few days to tweak the technical details. The new site won't be like Cannonfire: I've stayed clear of Twitter and Facebook, but social media is unavoidable if the new site is to have any impact. Fortunately, other people will handle that aspect of the project.

On a personal note: We were gifted with a new puppy named Charlie. A mini Australian Sheepdog with one blue eye and one brown eye. Even his tiny little poohs, which frequently punctuate his trail, make people go Awwwwww.

Welcome Back Joseph!
I hear exactly what you are saying.
Can't wait to see the new site...maybe even try to write something for it from time to time.

Still here...still listening. Glad you're back. What's on the back of your jacket?
Glad to hear you're back! Thought the absence might've been for a worse given some hints.
Glad to see you back. I check in every day. Its getting so bad out here. Let me know, I will write content if needed. I too have a new puppy. Let's keep the world safe for the Pups.
Ahh...finally, signs of life. I’m still here and very relieved you are as well. Excited for you. A book, a new website, and a well deserved vacation from his is good.
Congratulations on the new dog, Joseph! I got a new dog this year as well. She is a rescue. It was eight months since Sam my chihuahua had died, so I guess I was ready for this new dog. She is about eight months old, and I have to get her fixed sometime this summer. Duffy, my other dog, gets along with her pretty well for the most part.

It is always good to focus on other things and take a break from politics. That is what I have done for the most part since Trump was elected. There is a lot I want to do in the time I got left on this earth, and I plan to do it.
Welcome back Joseph!
Everyone is still here looking forward to whatever you feel like writing.
I am addicted to your blog since way back when.
I missed you Joseph!
Great to read you again! I am looking forward to your new venture!
By now who hasn't heard of the Red Hen ejection or the Red State Nail Fail. Sometimes ya gotta take the small solace when you can. Who knows, Democrats might wake to the republicans do politics as a blood sport. Part of the awakening should be the print and broadcast news media is not our friend. Too bad torching newspaper delivery trucks is frowned on these days. Just kidding.
Glad you're back!
OTEadmin, wonderful to hear about your new dog. Mine's a chewer. I guess they all are at a certain age.

I had a dog named Duffy once -- a shi-tzu, back when the breed was just starting to become known in this country. Wonderful dog. I had to give him up when my life took a turn for the worse, but he ended up in a good home and I got a chance to see him fairly often.

Denise, we may need your help on the new site!

And that offer extends to regular readers of this blog.

Right now, we still need to get the technical details finalized.
The oldest living dog was an Australian Cattle dog named Bluey, who lived to be almost 30. Cattle dogs and sheep dogs are related, so your dog has a good chance to outlive both of us.
Great to see you back Joseph!!! Looking forward to whatever you put out site, book, this blog, whatever. Been reading here since before Obama took office (but wasn't around for your "Bush bulge" posts). Anyway, glad all is well and the new puppy sounds wonderful. My dog was a rescue and was already 4 years old (or two, depending on who we asked). She is a constant joy.
Not much of a writer (at all) but can contribute ideas (hopefully helpful) to your new site. Congratulations on your new puppy!
Kathy LeBearde
Congrats on the new puppy. I hadn't heard of the breed. They look as though they were bred from collies. He'll be trying to round you up soon if he isn't already. How old is he?

Will you be teaching him to read? It's a thing - Bonnie Bergin, Teach Your Dog to Read. I remain sceptical about the stick figure drawings, but then again, John Pilley's "Chaser" has learnt more than 1000 (spoken) words and can work out the meaning of new ones by elimination. Because of the deep love they have. I reckon we and dogs coevolved: we made them dogs; they made us human.

It's nearly six months now since my beautiful girl collie died. I'm hoping to get a puppy in a few months' time once I've had a health problem addressed and assuming the outcome is at least sufficiently good for me to go on proper walks.

PS A chili pepper in something he chews?
Glad you're back!
Glad to see you back.
This sudden concern for politeness and civility by the media after 2016 is hilarious. Even Alexord is concerned, does he think we were not alive in 2008?
I am sure if Hillary didn't take that high road 2016 or 2008 we wouldn't be here now.
Great White Dope in Greenville speaking to the inbreds knocking German automakers not realizing huge BMW plant up the road in Spartanburg
U.S. tariffs on parts imported from Germany and tariffs on finished vehicles sold in China will squeeze BMW to look for Harley Davidson solution. South Carolina republicans can kiss jobs goodbye.
Joseph, so very glad you are back. Best of luck in your new endeavor and the new pup. We have two collies, Lassie look-alikes. Charlie weighing about 140 lbs and Katie is a solid 100 lbs. It is just like feeding an extra two adults. I will be waiting to hear news of the new project. Thank you for all you do.
SCOTUS dismantling United States one right at a time. Trump building a bridge to the Gilded Age. I for one am looking forward to life in my assigned cottage in Company Town USA.
There is the argument that those who are only reachable through Facebook or Twitter are total fuckwits who don't deserve to be reached, and even if they are reached they will fall into lockstep behind the Fuhrer with Moonie-like looks on their faces the moment a celebrity and his opinion-channelling monkeys give the order.

But...optimism of the will...
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