Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Back soon

It's hard to be a political blogger when  you wake up every day thinking "I just can't stand the sound of that man's voice." Others tell me they feel the same way. What we feel is not "Trump fatigue" but a longing to escape, mentally if not physically.

But then again, there were probably a lot of Marines who didn't want to be at Iwo Jima. And they had no way to escape.

So when you look at it that way...
Feel free to post about other things. It's not like people don't get enough Trump coverage. Did you ever watch Game of Thrones?
Glad you're still hanging in there Joseph. I came here this morning to post about Al Franken. It's become obvious that both Roger Stone and Sean Hannity were/are active players in the 2016 election violations and the resulting cover-up. If the rule of law prevails, both are going to prison for their actions. And both of these shysters were right in the middle of the Al Franken hit job. Hannity and Stone conspired to remove from office, the Senate's strongest advocate for the Russian conspiracy investigation. Mueller must be looking into this successful attempt to obstruct justice.
It's cable news 24/7 Trump coverage almost makes me wish a blonde cheerleader goes missing.
Whenever you are ready Joseph, no hurry. I avoid the news as much as possible these days for similar reasons. Still, your posts are missed and I for one would love to see more of them. Take care of yourself first though, obviously.
I think a few of us were worried about you

..and talking of Iwo Jima, it's time to refresh your knowledge with a listen the "The Ballard Of Ira Hayes". Sung here in a great version by aspiring politician Kinky Friedman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jnFLWgFpsE
The problem with nut jobs is that they often present as mostly 'normal'. Bizarre, perhaps, in a range of behaviours, but still eligible for social acceptance. People mistakenly believe that they can work with the person and exert influence upon them. They try hard to 'make sense' of their behaviour because the alternative -- and terrifying -- conclusion is that they are trapped in a room with a certifiable psycho and no way out. This is where the world is at. Trump said it: "I could shoot people in the street and get away with it." Until this psycho is driven from office no-one and nothing is safe. And this will only occur after some major calamity forces the public to admit that this is the only way to deal with psycho Trump.
Glad you're doing OK, Joseph. Cannonfire is the best blog around.
I was starting to worry. I second Stephen, feel free to write about other things, your posts that are non-political or at least not about current events are usually as interesting as the current affairs stuff if not moreso.

Haven't commented for a while but I've always kept reading.

It's hard to be a political blogger when you wake up every day thinking "I just can't stand the sound of that man's voice."

I wholly understand, Joseph. And I don't blame you.

But wake up and continue the fight we must. Take your time--we'll be here when you're ready to return.

(Hope this might help--remember that this Friday is the day that Manafort may be manafucked by going to prison)
Sending hope and prayers ...cause isn't this all we have left in this surreal trumpft environs? Even Vonnegut wouldn't been able to keep up.

We Are Doomed ?
N.Korea was kabuki and many media played along.
How do we find our center and get a grip on the truth? I feel despair.

Thanks for the update, I've been missing you. But Dear God yes. I cannot fucking stand the sound of that man's voice. I hate CNN for a lot of reasons, but one thing that makes them totally unwatchable is that they unfailing play 2 minutes of Trump speaking every time they mention his name. It's not enough for them to just tell us what the fuck he did that day; they actually have to play video of him saying it. I'm sorry, CNN, but I am not going to spent even 3 seconds listening to that monster speak.
Glad to hear something from you. Like many here, was getting worried about you healthwise, and happy to know it was just the disgust we're all feeling these days... and that voice! The timbre! Especially when he starts getting all phlegmy in his throat. It's just too much sometimes. But tarry on, by jingo. We need your voice on all this We have to shoo away the insouciance, avarice and obstinance. But if you're not up to it, take your time. Or feel free to teach us the finer details in Mahler and Shostakovitch. Heck, I'd even take your take on Schoenberg and Berg! Or David!! Dang how great you write about Jacques-Louis David.

So feel free to take your time. Or fee free to fill us all up with the stuff that sometimes makes life worthwhile!
The Clinton rules of journalism are alive and well for Claire McCaskill. Her sin is using her private plane for parts of her RV Missouri Veterans tour, the worst scandal since Hillary's Scooby Van. Once again, the print and broadcast news media is not our friend.
Why is it so difficult to listen to Trump? When Trump speaks he speaks in fiction not fact. He can say anything because there are no lies in fiction.
Trump is removing children from their parents. He needs some place to put them so he is setting up camps. Camps with concentration (Keith Obermann Oct 12, 2016)
This is why I haven't posted too many political posts on my blog these days. If I think about what he is doing or what he is proposing, my blood pressure goes up. There are other things in the world going on, plus there are many things to do away from the computer.
1. Replying to @FLOTUS @HHSGov @CMSGov
If you don't protect children from abusive policies implemented by your husband & AG Sessions in April ("zero tolerance") that separate asylum seeking children & parents, you are a child abuser, too. No one can take your bullying message seriously now.

2. Replying to @IvankaTrump
Your concern about policy on childcare is hypocritical. Support all mothers.

@morningmika @KatyTurNBC @MELANIATRUMP

I'm beginning to think the rule of law may actually prevail. Mueller is picking them off one by one and the press is finally doing it's job. The New York FBI cabal is starting to become the story. The rats are scurrying to escape the bright lights but the lights keep getting brighter. Trump's people are starting to make mistakes under the pressure and are turning on one another. I think Donald is going to break under pressure on national television for all to see.

If these people had actually been somewhat competent... if Trump had been prepared for winning the presidency, and had entered the White House with a real plan of action to consolidate power instead of spinning his wheels, he would have pulled it off. It ain't over yet though... by a long shot. We will never get over this.
JC, If you're still among the quick: what does being an American patriot mean today?

Under Trump, democratic America continues unraveling into deviant autocracy: DOJ threatens to undo naturalized citizenship, while models w/ no particular skills like our FLOTUS get "genius" visas & peeps w/$500k invested in real estate get citizenship. Unremarkable in gifts or creativity, not driven to improve their family's lot in life, nor rich in skills, they will not MAGA.

Like most Trump policies, a chump change $500k invested in property still "buys" citizenship, rewarding a few people in real estate/finance/development, while disadvantaging many.

What price do you put on citizenship? Why is investment in real estate preferred to investment in a business? Should a $2.5, $5 or $10 mil. investment in a business be required to "buy" citizenship? Should the criteria be that citizenship is provisional: investment must employ at least x# U.S. citizens per Y$$ invested (and/or employ legally documented aliens) and be profitable at the end of 5 years?

What's a policy that extends sanctuary to refugees and provides incentive for meaningful investment by taxable foreign individuals? Should "citizenship" investments be owned by individuals for XX years before xfer to an LLC/holding company?

Congress won't examine outdated citizenship policies, but tax dollars are at work building and running child detention camps and creating:
"...(a) task force...undoing the naturalization of the more than twenty million naturalized citizens in the American population by taking away their assumption of permanence. All of them—all of us—are second-class citizens now. The President calls immigrants “animals.” The Attorney General presumes that everyone crossing the border—or at least the southern border—is a criminal."

"Michael Bars, the U.S.C.I.S. spokesman, told the Washington Examiner that the agency is hiring dozens of lawyers for the new task force. The mandate, according to both Cissna and Bars, is to find people who deliberately lied on their citizenship applications, not those who made innocent mistakes. The distinction is fuzzier than one might assume.""

https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/in-america-naturalized-citizens-no-longer-have-an-assumption-of-permanence ; https://apnews.com/1da389a535684a5f9d0da74081c242f3

Today, it's the scale of GOP-led U.S. government corruption (Pruitt-style) + the beginnings of Argentinian style "dirty war" (1970's modes of justice, incarceration, militaristic law enforcement, and spying on citizens) that make former GOP scandals look picturesque.

When the present is just too hard & we're headed for a dank mobile home park in the sky, try this: http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2005/12/deeper-into-wilkesmzm-scandals-updated.html;

Ready, Player 1? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSp1dM2Vj48 dataflo
Here's a thought, a president who would blackmail Democrats by terrorizing innocent children to fund his wall would have no qualms about conspiring with the Russian Federation to steal an election.
Well said Mr Mike!
Not that I had any qualms before.

"Hannah Arendt...warns of the “exhortations, moral and otherwise, that under the pretext of upholding old truths degrade all truth in meaningless triviality..."

"Arendt was one of the first major political thinkers to warn that the ever-increasing numbers of stateless persons and refugees would continue to be an intractable problem."

"In...“The Origins of Totalitarianism,” Arendt wrote of refugees: “The calamity of the rightless is not that they are deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or of equality before the law and freedom of opinion, but that they no longer belonged to any community whatsoever.”"

"THE LOSS OF COMMUNITY HAS THE CONSEQUENCE OF EXPELLING PEOPLE FROM HUMANITY ITSELF. Appeals to abstract human rights are meaningless unless there are effective institutions to guarantee these rights. The most fundamental right is the “right to have rights.”"
Richard J. Bernstein, 6/20/18, NYTimes

What's your bridge too far? Fake it till you make it and say "ENOUGH". Making excuses for continuing to delegate your responsibility and allowing one more day to pass with a ruthless abuser erasing the human rights of vulnerable children and persons is okay? We're breaking U.S. & international laws in spades, but you're chillin'? How does it feel to have your labor pay taxes to fund Border Patrol, National Guard, JAG prosecutors, prison suppliers, and private contractors whose actions inflict grievous injury on vulnerable persons, already deprived of safety, community, and home, now bereft of family, security, love, and hope.

It's your choice to fritter the day away as if these were "normal" times. Sit at a computer, sling mud to fill the bank, watch soccer in Russia, but these are not normal times. Do nothing and you are it, the problem, the normalizer, the colluder. Complacency, inaction, those baby steps we've taken already into fascism and autocracy.

Wake up, the game is on, player 1. Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers today: tomorrow, who's next? We, whose families crossed oceans and traversed the polar region down into the Americas, we are all immigrants, all human, all leaking the same blood, sweat, and tears.

We can call for a national strike or tell ourselves someone else will stand up for our democracy and those victims. We can volunteer to research immigrant legal cases, we can refuse to serve -- as conscientious objectors did during Vietnam. We can GRIND THE US ECONOMY TO A STANDSTILL by holding sit-ins and calling in sick. Aren't you feeling sick enough? Or keep taking those baby steps, it's your choice. Help your neighbor, be community minded, or not. Real patriots know who they are.

Every day is International Refugee Day. Now is the time to make the choice: keep kissing up to Donnie & "Melanie's" fu backsides by sitting on the sidelines or show up for actions, volunteer with a grass roots community group, share intelligence from places where no sun shines, and just say Nevermore!

P.S. Don't give the sparrow with the mask-like face a pass, some "genie-yus" with a you betcha it's real Visa and boobs. Is Vegas giving odds that she's a groomed tool: who else could "sleep" through an open marriage except a professional in the trade? "Be Best" syndicated dollface darling. Who's Semion's algo-rithmic Muffy of purr-fection? Meee-ow. http://willzuzak.ca/cl/corruption/Glenny2008McMafia.pdf

https://www.morrisonhotelgallery.com/images/big/WhosNext_Web980px.jpg "Won't get fooled again?" The Who. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHhrZgojY1Q
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