Friday, April 13, 2018

We must take action (updated)

The signs are clear: Rosenstein will soon go. He may well be gone by the time you read these words.

We must take action. We need to march. We need to do more than march.

Benjamin Wittes sent out one of his "imminent BOOM" tweets. A reference to Rosenstein? Wittes usually specializes in good booms (from a Resistance POV).

Crooked Cohen: We still don't know what the raid was all about, but we know the bottom line: Michael Cohen is officially under criminal investigation. "The filing redacts what Cohen is under investigation for." Damn!

Mike, it's time you understood: Donald Trump's definition of loyalty is "Die for me." He doesn't give even half a shit about you or anyone else. He simply expects you to die for him.

Update: The court filing indicates that Cohen was doing "little to no legal work, and that zero emails were exchanged with President Trump." Apparently, he was doing illegal work. We never expected to see emails with Trump, since Trump does not use email. But what about text messages? At any rate, Cohen's communications with others are not protected by attorney-client privilege.

Update 2: The finding by the US Attorney's office raises a point that should have been apparent from the start: Trump told the world that he knew nothing about Cohen's payment to Stormy Daniels. Therefore, nothing that Cohen did vis-a-vis Stormy is protected by attorney-client privilege.

It's the Lester Holt interview all over again! Trump screwed himself by opening his yap.

Savor the irony: In a lie-filled tweet, Trump falsely called Jim Comey a leaker of classified information. (Really? Cite the leak!) On the same day, Trump pardoned Scooter Libby, who outed an undercover CIA agent.

The horrible, hidden truth: Donald Trump's approval rating, though low, is higher than Robert Mueller's. Fortunately, Trump's unfavorables are much higher.

Need something to cheer you up? Try this. Alex Jones says that gorgeous, wealthy women continually seduced him when he was "13, 14" in order to convert him to Satanism. They targeted him because they were "interdimensionally" aware that he would one day start Infowars.

Update: We have the Inspector General's report on the (putative) reasons why Andrew McCabe was fired. And here is the statement from McCabe's attorney. I honestly believe McCabe to be the wronged party here.

It seems very likely that the Inspector General of the Justice Department -- Michael Horowitz -- has been compromised. I seem to be the only one who has repeatedly pointed out something that should be more widely discussed: As recently as last January, the Alt Right and Russian trolls waged all-out war against Horowitz. Even though he was little-known to the public at large, even though the average person never thinks about the DOJ's IG, the online brownshirts and made him the target of a vicious hate campaign.

Suddenly, suspiciously, the hate stopped. By the end of January, Horowitz had joined the campaign to demonize Hillary. The IG, formerly considered close kin to Comey, is now the Justice Department's answer to Devin Nunes -- and the Alt Righties no longer have a problem with Michael Horowitz.

Kompromat? Threats? Some other form of pressure? Hard to dismiss such ideas. That's how Trump and Putin do business. What does it profit a man to hide a Big Dark Secret at the expense of his soul?
British general Jonathan Shaw, who used to have responsibility for CBRN and proliferation policy, makes clear he does not believe that Syria carried out a chemical attack recently in Douma, since they had no motive. He gets cut off by the interviewer.

Once we have asked "What motive might Syria have?" and come up the answer "none", the next question is what motive might Britain have? If this was only about the peacetime defence budget, I doubt Shaw would have much of a problem with it. This looks like WW3.
"This is the most diverse party in South Africa.
Why hasn't Cheeto Benito gotten rid of Rosenstein and Mueller already?

I have some ideas, not mutually exclusive of one another.

(1) Trump fears that the previously watertight Mueller investigation might start leaking like a Russian pee hooker. ;)

(2) Trump fears that the New York State AG would swing into action, having been holding off to let the Feds go first.

(3) Trump doesn't merely manipulate the true believers of the conspiracy cult--he IS one of them. Hence, he believes the "Deep State" is not merely a metaphor for the continuing interests of the security and intelligence communities, which do not change with Administrations--but rather, a coherent, conspiratorial entity which got rid of both JFK and Nixon. We already know he fears being poisoned. Maybe he fears that if he succeeds in blocking the DS from getting rid of him the way it got rid of Nixon, then the DS will merely shrug, and set about getting rid of him the way it got rid of JFK.

(4) He already knows the FBI and the spooks hate him. He absolutely needs the loyalty of the military brass, and he's not sure he has that. Today's brass, after all, spent their formative years with Trump's controller, Mommie Dearest Russia, as the Great Enemy. I doubt greatly that they would betray this country to help Russia and its puppet, Trump.
Off-topic (so I'll try to keep it brief). Online censorship is the real threat following Facebook and Russian hacking revelations. Not the loss of privacy, but the need to keep 'undesirables' from the web. The Henry Jackson Society has put out a major report for defeating terrorism online. Some UK government big nobs are all over it, calling for radical supervision of internet activity. Recommendations:

1. Technology companies should create a self-regulatory system to remove and audit extremist content [that's you, Joseph].
2. The British government should create an Internet Regulation Body.
3. More resources should be dedicated to the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) to build intelligence capital on the Darknet.
4. Social media companies [ie Goggle and Facebook -- already on it] should work with law enforcement to ensure that extremist material is not simply removed, but archived effectively to understand patterns of behaviour.

Watch this space. This is coming to the blogsphere.
Who said we haven’t got a motive for Assad to gas his own people? Terror. Control. Domination.
Not only did Syria use chlorine at Douma but it helped deliver the nerve agent used against Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. I'm not making this up. UK Intelligence says they intercepted messages confirming this. Seriously?
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