Friday, April 13, 2018

Broidy, Trump and the Playboy model: WHO WAS THE FATHER? Plus: The link to George Nader

What a day! I had no intention of writing a second post today, let alone a third one. But we must note the political "passing" of billionaire Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy. He had a fling with an unnamed Playboy model who became pregnant and chose to have an abortion. He paid her $1.6 million.

Somehow, Michael Cohen was involved in that transaction -- and so was Keith Davidson, the original lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

I'm starting to suspect that Davidson has something up his sleeve other than his elbow. It's also pretty clear now that Cohen handled "bimbo eruptions" (as they used to be called) for more than one client.
The payment was a personal injury settlement, and included a nondisclosure contract, forbidding the woman from discussing the deal, according to the source, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution. It is not known what type of personal injury claim the woman made.
Injury? Injury? Can an abortion be classified as an injury?

Another freakin' NDA. The entire GOP leadership is swimming in NDAs. Remember when the mainstream media routinely castigated Hillary as too secretive?

It gets cuter: In the agreement, Broidy was called "David Dennison," just like Donnie-boy. The unnamed woman was called Peggy Peterson, just like Stormy.

How the hell did Davidson and Cohen glom onto this woman? Did Trump and Broidy share the same mistress?

Here's Broidy's statement:

Note that Broidy does not specify that he impregnated the woman. Maybe Trump did. That would explain the involvement of Davidson and Cohen.

Remember the "paternity" clause in the Stormy Daniels NDA? If both contracts mention "David Dennison" then it's a good bet that both contracts mention the word "paternity."

It's starting to look as though Cohen and Davidson are the Laurel and Hardy of Republican fixers. Here we have two lawyers representing opposing sides in a legal dispute -- yet the lawyers have a "relationship." Is that kosher? Does the Bar Association approve of such arrangements?

It's also cute to see a Republican complain that a consensual relationship has become a matter of national discussion. We haven't forgotten how you damnable hypocrites treated Bill Clinton, Mr. Broidy.

Broidy's true importance becomes clearer if you read this NYT story from March 21 (which I stupidly did not discuss when it appeared). Broidy and George Nader worked together behind the scenes to get rid of Rex Tillerson, who stood in the way of the tilt toward Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Basically, the Broidy/Nader Team helped to engineer the shift toward the Saudis -- and to increase the likelihood of war with Iran. (It seems that Nader represents Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE.)
Mr. Nader’s cultivation of Mr. Broidy, laid out in documents provided to The New York Times, provides a case study in the way two Persian Gulf monarchies have sought to gain influence inside the Trump White House. Mr. Nader has been granted immunity in a deal for his cooperation with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to people familiar with the matter, and his relationship with Mr. Broidy may also offer clues to the direction of that inquiry.
So far, I've seen no indication that Broidy has come under Mueller's watchful eye.

Could blackmail have played a role here? It's no small matter when a high-ranking RNC official pays $1.6 million to a woman who got an abortion after he impregnated her.
The documents, which included emails, business proposals and contracts, were provided by an anonymous group critical of Mr. Broidy’s advocacy of American foreign policies in the Middle East.
The article mentions the possible involvement of hackers from Qatar, a nation which the Saudis hate almost as much as they hate Iran.

A secret hacking group working against Trumpian interests. Interesting idea. Many possibilities. If it is the Qataris, I hope that they understand the need to look beyond the Middle East. They can't topple Trump without first taking on his many "pals" in Congress.

"Qatar, if you're listening: I hope you can find out what they have on Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan, and so many other Trump enablers. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

By the way, there's also an important Russian angle to the Broidy story. We will speak of it anon.

Elsewhere: Rod Rosenstein's predicted firing still has not occurred. Perhaps the situation has changed. I hope so.

I also hope not to have to write another post today, because I'm not a well man and I need rest. So puh-LEASE, world: No more bombshells!

Added note: Oh shit. Literal bombshells.
Mikey Cohen, caught between a Stormy and a Steele place?
Many people expected confirmation that Cohen, the fixer, traveled to Prague in 2016.

Steve Van Zandt's wife called Cohen out for lying when she and Steve were in Rome, not w/ Cohen on Capri.

Celebrate with a song from the 7/16/16 E Street Band Rome concert set list.

"Ain't no sure for the summertime blues", Mr. Cohen?

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