Sunday, March 25, 2018


From here. This dog was seen at the gun protest march. He sums up the entire Trump era.
You know they reek of desperation when they photoshop Emma Gonzalez ripping the Constitution.
Saw the puppy sign earlier today. Love it. Clever. Timely, too. On so many levels.

Gotta catch the smiles when you can. They're in short supply these days.

Russians driven out of Seattle, home to Google. So many multi-dimensional possibilities.
Were they putting something in the coffee? Bitcoin mining using hacked networks of Seattle's high octane computers? Driving little boats around the harbor conducting surveillance? Bringing in heroin from embassies in South America? Why Seattle and not New York or DC?
Off-topic for the Trump presidency, but on-topic for this thread and hopefully of interest to some who frequent this blog, the BBC's 2008 film Pedigree Dogs Exposed is about the pain caused to dogs by the practice of inbreeding - and offers a highly revealing window onto snobbish British stupidity, hypocrisy, and cruelty. Warning: the film includes footage of dogs in distress that will be harrowing to watch for anyone with a heart. You have been warned.

(A curious footnote here is that the Jewish Chronicle, the British Jewish community's most widely-read newspaper, tore into this film, calling it "Nazi-linked". Their opposition has nothing to do with why I became interested in it. I only found that article by searching on something like "Nazis AND dog breeds"! The film is not in any way Nazi-linked or pro-Nazi. It is the exact opposite. Its makers are absolutely right to call eugenics by its name, and it is surely important to recall the importance of that practice to one of the most evil regimes of the past century. I was left wondering whether rather than simply upholding the silly line that the harm that some people do to non-human animals should never be compared to what some human beings have done to others of the same species, what may be of more concern to the Jewish Chronicle is the possibility that more attention might be paid to the greater prevalence of certain inherited health problems among Orthodox Jews than among the general population. In any case, I am working on the idea that the assumptions on which British dog breed clubs were founded and the attitudes they fostered were a key component in the rise of "scientific racism". Those who would dismiss that idea out of hand might like to recall the topic of the first chapter of Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species - or to look up a man by the name of Leon Whitney.)
From the news today, expelling 'diplomats' is all well and good but UK banksters don't want economic sanctions because their bottom line.
None of the BRICS group have sanctioned Russia. (Nor have Greece, Portugal, Austria, or Switzerland.) Got to wonder whether Putin could make the "Russian" "oligarchs" in London an offer they can't refuse: withdraw from London and the government will help you negotiate arrangements in Brazil, China, India and South Africa.

1) Russia has accused Britain and the US of planning the sanctions.
2) They are also saying the sanctions by NATO members and others are heartless in view of the Keremovo fire, which makes me wonder what the cause of that fire was.
3) They are indicating that they may respond with reciprocal expulsions and that since they are the innocent party it's not up to them to show goodwill first.

Meanwhile, Theresa May is talking about long-lasting arrangements, meaning greatly increased weapons spending.

If 1) is true, then it's an intelligence failure by Russia if they didn't know beforehand.

2) Watch this space. The deputy regional governor has said a child lit foam rubber in a trampoline room and it "went up like gunpowder". If true, the presence of such material in obvious breach of fire regulations could have been just a matter of the usual bribery and corruption. But it's also reported that fire exits were blocked. That too COULD be "just" a matter of corruption. Guys have to be paid to make sure fire exits are working properly, and if the money could be in an official's pocket instead, that's where he'll prefer it was. You should see the gangster types and their molls who turn up to the opening of a shopping mall in Britain, let alone Russia.

3) If they respond ONLY with reciprocal expulsions, I'd say that looks a bit weak both to internal markets (population, elite, armed forces, and security) and the adversary elites. They need to do something asymmetric, such as chuck the BBC out of Russia or publish some intelligence on Porton Down. Previously they have said that if RT is thrown out of Britain then all British media in Russia will shut. They are hampered by the World Cup, insofar as it will be lucrative for many rich Russians, just as the Sochi Olympics were prior to the fascist coup in Ukraine. Banning teams from expelling countries will play badly among the populations of those countries, especially male lardarses, but who cares?
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