Thursday, March 22, 2018


Remember when we were told that Hillary was the war candidate? Remember when we were told that Hillary Clinton voted for the Authorization of Military Force, which means that the Iraq War was ALL HER FAULT because she FORCED Bush to invade?

Remember when Lord H.A. H.A. told us that Trump was the peace candidate?

I wonder what Lord H.A. H.A. is going to say about the ascent of John Bolton to the position of National Security Adviser. Bolton is the hawk's hawk, a man who can be called a "peacenik" only in the same sense one might have called Tojo a "peacenik." You know damned well that a Hillary administration would have had no place for someone like Bolton.

The more interesting question is: Why does Putin want Bolton in that position? The Tillerson revelation taught us that Putin is the one who really makes these decisions.

The pedo question. This Daily Kos columnist correctly argues that the real kompromat on Trump was acquired not in a Moscow hotel room but in a mansion or island owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

I'll take things further: An important line of investigation concerns the source of Epstein's money, which many consider quite mysterious. After studying that matter as closely as the public record allows, I've concluded that it is very likely that he handles (or launders) money for Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

There are also articles which indicate that Epstein's underaged girls hail from eastern Europe. This trail leads us deep into the realm of the notorious Semion Mogilevich.

Virginia Roberts, the former underaged lover of Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed that these girls are used to collect blackmail material on important figures. We know that Trump and Epstein are very, very close -- far closer than the Trumpsters would have us believe.

During the election, a bogus story went into wide circulation alleging that Virginia Roberts had identified Bill Clinton as sleeping with underaged women on Epstein's island. This was a classic example of fake news, a pre-Pizzagate Pizzagate. Roberts' Complaint says no such thing -- in fact, it says the opposite -- and she has not made any further claims in subsequent interviews.

The Epstein angle can hurt only Trump.

Well -- obviously, it can also hurt Alan Dershowitz, who is aiding and abetting the attempt to get rid of the Mueller probe. One may hazard a guess as to why Dershowitz proclaimed that there is no probable cause to justify this investigation. No probable cause...? The man must be either mad or compromised. I cannot conceive of a third possibility.
A third possibility:
He is a Zionist who feels that Trump and Bolton are better allies of Israel and more willing to attach Iran.
And now 1 billion arms sales to Saudis.
I wonder who these bombs are intended for.
Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen disiminated. Iran stands in the way of Saudis domination of the region.
The U.S. involved in a war in Asia gives Putin free reign to annex the former Soviet Union territories. An unstable Middle East means a market for Russian oil in Europe.
Why does Putin want Bolton? US war with Iran is Putin's wet dream. The price of oil would skyrocket.

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