Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Here comes the Enquirer -- again

I suspect that Trump will raise this matter during the third debate.

The issue of the National Enquirer on sale today will devote a long story to the tale of an unnamed "fixer" who allegedly provided Hillary Clinton with male and female lovers.
What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!
I do not think I need to go on; you get the idea.

Amusingly, the Enquirer "proves" these allegations with links to stories that are utterly unconnected. For example, the tabloid says that this nameless "fixer" has provided documents which prove his claims. Anyone who wants to see thee documents can follow the link -- which takes one to this story in Radar, which has nothing to do with anything.

Another link supposedly gives us a clue as to the identity of this "fixer." Actually, the link goes to this story which relates the tired (and disproven) smear that Bill Clinton fathered a half-black child.

Hey, Enquirer: Just providing random links doesn't accomplish anything (other than proving that you know how to use HTML). Your links are meaningless if they lack any connection with your main text.

By the way: Did you know that the National Enquirer is owned by a Satan worshiper?

And did you know that writers who have criticized Donald Trump have found dead cats stuffed into their mailboxes?

And did you know that, as a child, Mike Pence was raped by Randolph Scott?

It's true! Just hit the links which I have helpfully provided and you will find ironclad PROOF for everything I've ever said! Gee, this is FUN!

On a more serious note: In the past, we've seen that, during the primary, individuals linked with the Trump campaign appeared to have used the National Enquirer to spread a story about Ted Cruz having five mistresses. A month ago, the same esteemed publication published a completely bogus story claiming that Hillary's weight had ballooned to 289 pounds even though she's only 5'6", and even though she is allegedly so sick as to be at death's door. Also, her "real" medical report supposedly reveals that her heavy drinking has caused extensive liver damage.


OTE admin said...

These smear artists can't make up their mind whether Hillary is bisexual, lesbian, a woman who cheated on her husband with Vincent Foster, or that she is frigid.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is closing the gap on red states like Texas on her way to an EC blowout.

b said...

Trump may be bringing Malik Obama, but he is probably planning something spectacular that he's unlikely to telegraph beforehand so that it can be stopped. That's what happened with his plan to have Bill Clinton's alleged sexual abuse victims confront him in the studio. He can win this yet.

Joseph Cannon said...

I still have not officially rescinded my prediction of a Trump win.

fred said...

You do know, don't you, that Bill and Hillary murdered 114 people? ...just in case you missed it.

Joseph Cannon said...

Look, fred, they HAD to. His Infernal Majesty bestows power and fame, but in return, he demands Garmonbozia.

Alessandro Machi said...

I read the online article. I think they want people to buy the magazine to see all of the info. I was trying to find NE weekly circulation. I am guessing it is around 500,000? But, 10 million or more people may actually read the headlines while they wait at the checkout counter and that can sway people, not right away, but after the fifth or sixth sensationalist headline, it could sway a certain percentage of that 10 million.

b said...

Donald Trump, descendant of Christ (Philipp Christ), will call his new hotel brand "Scion".

gerry said...

I have no idea if Hillary is bisexual or not. has she messed up some of Bill's accusers live's -yes is it relevent probably not. This is strictly a eye for an eye thing for the tape.

Anonymous said...

Nor have I Joseph. The small spread between them could easily be surpassed by the voters ashamed to admit to Pollsters they will vote Trump.