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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hillary must sue the National Enquirer

On a visit to the grocery store, I simultaneously burst into a fit of laughter and nearly had a second heart attack. What caused that reaction? The cover of the latest National Enquirer.

Folks, the online version does no justice to the outrageous propaganda barrage awaiting you at the checkout line: On the cover, Hillary has been Photoshopped to look like a zombie, while the headline proclaims that her "real" medical report indicates liver damage from drinking.

On the inside, the story says that her weight has ballooned to 289 pounds -- and she's only 5'6"!

By contrast, that latest letter from Trump's Dr. Feelgood hilariously claims that Fat Donnie is 6'3" and that he weighs only 236 pounds. Oddly enough, photographic evidence reveals that Trump is shorter than Jeb Bush, who really is 6'3". As for Trump's weight: Does anyone truly believe that Mr. Taco Bowl is only 236? Yeah. Right. And I'm the Cloverfield Monster.

In case you're interested, Hillary's real weight is under 135.

Back to the Enquirer: It's not enough to say "Nobody believes that tabloid rag," because quite a few people do. Besides, a national publication's credibility (or lack thereof) does not give it the right to commit libel. The comment about liver damage from drinking is clearly actionable, even though Hillary Clinton is a public figure.

There is a very close precedent: In 1981, Carol Burnett successfully sued the Enquirer after the tabloid published a story claiming that she had been seen drunk in public.

A $100,000,000 lawsuit filed against the Enquirer would dominate the news cycle and force people to confront the fact that the media has lied incessantly about Hillary Clinton. Moreover, it will force other news and pseudonews outlets to reconsider the filthy hoaxes that they've been peddling. They might even start publishing retractions. (Besides, if she loses the election, the money would be a nice consolation prize -- not to mention the satisfaction derived from ridding the world of American Media Inc.)

Hillary needs to start doing bold, dramatic, headline-grabbing things. Her staff keeps telling her to play it safe. Right now, "playing it safe" places the world in danger.
Perhaps the Global 1% have informed Mrs. Clinton that she will be the next President, whatever the Orc-hordes of National Enquirer "readers" and alt-right Fake Tough Guys on social media (who would soil themselves and run at the first whiff of grapeshot) think, and so she sees no need for urgency.
"Playing it safe" is one of her more annoying traits. And it's not just an undeserved label, stuck on her by Trump's or Bernie's people. It goes back to her husband's presidency and his penchant for triangulating any position he'd take.
I get your outrage, but it's beneath her. Best to just ignore idiots. If she sued, then it would be a news story. And suddenly, it will be all that matters. She'll win the election and keep her head high.
Ivory Bill, you've been a friend to the blog and I hate to say anything against you. That's why I've held my tongue heretofore. But this nonsense you keep spouting about the "elite conspiracy" is silly and simplistic. The world doesn't work like this. Donald Trump and Roger Stone both know who runs the world. They know better than you do or I do. And Trump and Stone seem quite convinced that Trump has a good chance...which he does.

Do not place your faith in conspiracy theory.
I did say "perhaps". *shrugs*

"Do not place your faith in conspiracy theory."

I feel as if Elmer Fudd just informed me that I talk funny. If you're not a conspiracy theorist, you imitate one rather convincingly.
The ELmer Fudd accusation is fair. Actually, when I wrote that comment it was originally longer. I started to go on a long rant about how well I know the conspiracy theory subculture and that's how I know that it can easily became a way to pull the wool over your own eyes.

Take it from one who has been there and done that, and who regrets a LOT of the idiotic shit he once believed or at least half-believed or at least was willing to consider possible. If you can't see my point now...well, maybe one day you will.
Eh--(chews carrot)--sorry if I snapped at you, Doc.

I normally don't put much faith in conspiracy theories, but I give some credence to "rigging the voting computers" due to the razor-thin "victory" margins of the Chimperial Cheney Campaigns. However, sure, I could be mistaken--the Chimperor's men may simply have deftly executed the same old GOP strategy of exploiting white resentment, with the margins being thin only because of the demographic and attitudinal shifts which made Rove a genius in 2000 and 2004, but made him a pathetic has-been ("I have the math!") in 2012, failing (and fading) because he still thought the USA was a White Man's Land.

May the Ascended Madoka grant that Stone will have missed dat left toin at Albakoiky, and will prove to be Rove 2012 rather than Rove 2000. May this year bring not the culminating triumph of Stone's foul career, but the political version of the K-T Asteroid Impact for Stone, for Trump, and for their legions of White Dinosaurs.
Thou shalt not trust any electronic voting machine unless it leaves a verifiable paper trail. With that said, I enjoyed the conversation, and I agree with the owner that sueing the National Asswipe would be a good move. It addition to reasons stated above, I think it would send a message to lie-peddlers and Facebook posters that they aren't completely immune to recourse when it comes to lying.
I agree that Trump is 6 feet 2 and weighs more than 236 pounds. However the weight charts use obese for somewhat ridiculous weights.

But Trump doesn't look 'super fat' either.

My opinion is Hillary with real height and weight would be classed obese but she does not look 'super obese' either.

Just the way it is though.

Trump has long engaged in classic projection. But I don't believe he's a drunk, just a drug addict.
National Enquirer fakes stories and photographs for elites of all stripes, from the British royals, "celebs" of all nations, and USA would-be royals such as Herself. Why should she be treated with kid gloves?

By the way, if Hillary is 5ft 6 ins, I do not believe her weight is 135 lbs. I'm that height myself and was 135 lbs a few years ago (am a little more these days in my 70s). At 135lbs my figure looked nothing like Hillary's - I considered it my ideal weight and "look". She might well have weighted 135 lbs once upon a time, maybe not that long ago, but not now, in my opinion.

I don't care if she is fat; better an old woman with fat hips than an old man with a fat head. ;)
I have met her in person and had my arm around her while taking a picture with her. She is very likely 135 pounds and appears heavier on TV than in person. She is not as large as you think. Also, on some occasions, I have heard that she is wearing a bullet proof vest for safety reasons.
Hillary Clinton is actually 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She is barely taller than I am and in fact there is virtually no difference in our heights. That is from seeing her in person up close.

I suspect she is heavier than she was during the WH years and in 2008, but that is due to hypothyroidism. However, she would look smaller in real life than on television.

Laura Bush was the same way. She is much more petite in person than she appeared on television.
Just to add, the internet says she is 5' 6", but that is wrong. She is shorter than that.
I really didn't have anything to say about this post until this morning. It doesn't mean anything or change anything, just pointing this out.

I see these publications every time I checkout at the local market and always read them while in line. I saw the Hillary zombie, Cher is on her way out to pasture (on drugs and broke) and Jan Michael Vincent is also at death's door and Chevy Chase is so fat, he makes Rush Limbaugh look like Jack La Lane.

Anyway, the point is WEEKS ago I was reading about affairs and such with Brad & Angelina and how their marriage was game over.

This morning ALL the mainstream media is today reporting the tragic break-up of Brad & Angelina. I'm just saying they scooped the hell out of that story.
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