Saturday, August 20, 2016

Why are they lying about Hillary's health? Here's the obvious answer...

Why are the Trumpers and the Republican media spreading the smear-story that Hillary Clinton suffers from some form of brain damage? In all likelihood, Trump is the one with health issues: Were he healthy, he would not have had to concoct that fake doctor's report. (I suspect that Dr. Feelgood gives The Donald drugs to keep his energy level high.)

The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus thinks that the purpose of this smear is to emphasize the perception that women are inherently weak. But I think that the dirty tricksters have another goal.

First: We know that Roger Stone always plants a confederate in the opposition camp. That's how the GOP obtained Jimmy Carter's debate briefing book in 1980.

Second: We know that one of the reasons why the CIA researched LSD and other drugs was to discredit perceived enemies. They had hoped to spike Fidel Castro just before he gave one of his long-long speeches. (One wit has suggested that the drug might have improved his performance.)

Third: We know that this kind of attack has seen field use. For example, the late Carl Oglesby (who had a nodding acquaintance with Hillary many years ago) testified at the Chicago 8 Trial. Oglesby told me that he was spiked with LSD shortly before his court appearance. I looked up the transcript of his testimony; he spoke with surprising lucidity and eloquence, given the circumstances.

Fourth: Surreptitious drugging is hardly the only means of making someone appear to be unhinged or impaired. If you want to ponder some truly horrifying possibilities, go here and then go here.

The current Hillary health smear is not the thing-in-itself. Dirty tricksters (and Roger Stone is the king of the dirty tricksters) are laying the groundwork for a forthcoming attack. You read it here first.
Come on Joe you are scaring the shit out of me.
Such is my intent. That's why I am still predicting a Trump victory.
I'm guessing your (Joe's) idea is that if the rest of us aren't scared witless of Orange Julius, not enough of us will turn out to vote against him, while the Trump Chumps will turn out--so you need to try to scare us witless?
Once again--with a trivial handful of exceptions, the only people who will believe a hypothetical October Surprise from VladiLeaks are the people who will have already decided never to vote for Clinton.

Orange Julius is losing among non-whites, among women of all colors, and now even among college-educated white men. Despite this, with his hiring of the Blightfart boss, he's doubling down on the "appeal to my base of vacuum-skulled pithecanthropoids" strategy.

Pooty-Poot's got his work cut out for him.
Still, there's a stark contrast between Trump's indefatigable campaigning and availability to the press, and Hillary's. Voters notice such things. If her absences from the public eye are not because of health, then the inevitable speculation will be that she no longer has the "fire in the belly" to be president.
So maybe there was something in Hillary's drink at that StarBucks that got attention a month ago.
What absences?she is out campaigning every freaking day.
She is not in a tennis tournament. All we need is her brain, and from what I see its the best in the political landscape now.
Am I right that it's unlawful in the US to bet on political elections?

Perhaps the biggest market on the 2016 US presidential election is this one at Betfair. The third favourite after Hillary Clinton (1.295) and Donald Trump (5.05) is Bernie Sanders (95). Next come Paul Ryan and Joe Biden (both 190), Gary Johnson (285), Mike Pence (810) and John Kasich (835). No other candidates can be betted both on and against.

So the betting market is saying that Clinton is more likely to be removed from the contest than Trump is.
We can always count on right wingers to accuse others of doing whatever nefarious thing they themselves are doing, and to have as a weakness whatever they're attacking their opponents for.

For example, Trump's attacks on the Clinton Foundation as being corrupt is a direct reflection of his corrupt business deals and owing money to China and Russia.

Every time they attack, look for what it is in their camp that mirrors what they're attacking.
Joseph even though your speculations can sometimes misfire you're my blog of record. Great insights, beautiful and hilarious writing. Thank you for coming back.
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