Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump in Mexico

Why is Trump in Mexico? It all makes sense to me, even if the idea baffles more conventional observers, such as Josh Marshall. The visit could serve several purposes.

1. The trip keeps Trump in the news. Donald Trump has halved Hillary Clinton's lead within the space of two short weeks, simply by observing the simple principle that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Attention-hogging stunts have worked for him. Why stop now? (According to the oft-derided LA Times/USC poll, Trump is ahead.)

2. Trump benefits from Mexico's hatred.
If President Pena insults Trump, Trump will be a hero to his racist followers. If President Pena is cordial, Trump will seem like a statesman and a consummate deal-maker. It's a no-lose situation.

3. Death threats. Drudge -- which always signals the Republican propaganda line of the day -- has boosted this Gateway Pundit blog post which warns of drug cartel death threats against Donald Trump.
Trump reportedly called the FBI after the threatening tweets on the drug lord’s son’s Twitter account.

In May 2016 a protester outside a Trump event in San Diego held a sign saying the drug cartel will murder Donald Trump.
It should be pretty easy to visualize a covert operation in which bogus "bad guys" stage an attack on Trump. A Hollywood-style blood squib can be very effective. If you've ever seen movie-makers stage an urban attack scene, the bang-bang-bang can be pretty hair-raising and convincing. (I once walked into the Bonaventure Hotel in L.A. during the filming of such a scene. Nobody posted any signs indicating that they were making a movie. Yow!)

It's pretty easy to see how such a scenario could be spun to Trump's benefit, politically. Mind you, the theory that I'm suggesting is contingent on the sub-theory that a couple of Secret Service operatives are "in on it." You may not consider that idea likely or even possible.

4. Reassurance. Remember when the 2008 Obama campaign secretly sent Goolsbee to Canada to offer behind-the-scenes assurances that Obama was not serious in his attacks on NAFTA? Trump will no doubt tell President Peña Nieto that he (Trump) is spewing a lot of bullshit about Mexicans simply to win the election. There will be secret promises made.

Everything between here and election day is one big filthy trick, folks. By hook or by crook -- mostly the latter -- Donald Trump is going to win.
Trump is going to say that Peno Nieto agreed to pay for the wall,truth be damned. You heard it here first.
IMHO Trump just won the election today. The meeting in Mexico and press conference that followed were handled with near perfect diplomatic tact.

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