Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Dog bites master

Even Chris Christie realizes that Trump went too far when he went after the Khans.

But Trump still has the support of the Alex Jonesians and the Breitbarters. I'll say it again: He's the conspiracy candidate.

By the way -- I actually read that attack on the Khans, which was published on the Shoebat website. Remember? Remember the piece which claimed that Humayan Khan sacrificed his own life as part of some devious Muslim Brotherhood scheme? This was the story on which Roger Stone pegged his (heh heh heh) credibility.

While reading that nonsense, my memory circuits flashed back to the very first "birther" pieces -- in particular, the ones by the gloriously anonymous "Techdude." His absurdities took in a lot of people until this humble blogger gave him a skewering worthy of D'Artagnan, if I do say so myself. (I give the best skewerings. Believe me. Nobody skewers like I skewer.)

Both Techdude and Shoebat tried to dazzle the audience with lots of irrelevant facts, quasi-facts, presumptions and baseless accusations. Arguments of that kind are designed to take in people who enjoy becoming enraged and who don't like to read critically.

Certain writers put the CON in conspiracy theory.

Within the past hour, we received further evidence that Trump has become truly unhinged: He is hesitating to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in their re-election campaigns, even though it is obvious to everyone that Ryan and McCain would love to rescind their own endorsements of Donald Trump. Hell, the entire Republican establishment wants to wash their hands of this man.

Imagine: A man in Donald Trump's position, pissing on the few friends he has left...! He would rather settle petty personal scores than become president.

That said, I do not think that Trump is toast. His entire campaign is predicated on the notion that the world is in chaos and that only he can restore order. Chaos is therefore his friend.

I predict chaos. I predict that we will see the unpredictable. 
On another note I learned how to cut my hair. It's a big thing to me at 68 going on to 69. I'm a happy camper and if I didn't have Great Landord I would be a camper and not happy but willing finish out my life end a normal fashion;)
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