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Roger Rock meets the Bernie Bros!

Think this is just a wacky conspiracy theory? Then why is the Wall Street Journal pushing the same message we hear from the "Bernie or Bust" brigade? Why are do so many people believe in the right's misconstrued version of the email "scandal" (which is simply the latest version of the Whitewater "scandal")? Why is Bernie trying to capitalize on that nonsense?

Tell me if you'd like to see "Roger Rock" appear in these pages again...

Note: Depending on your personal monitor and browser settings, you may not be able to see the entire image. Either right click on each image to open it in a new tab, or use Control - (The "Ctrl" key along with the minus key) to zoom out.

Joseph; Our current DNC predicament began in 1972.

McGovern! Never again......

Funny you mention Anderson without the concomitant. Oh yeah...McCarthy!

Now you want Hubert Humphrey in drag.

I like it fine, but I had to open the cartoon images in new tabs because your stuff on the right column was overlapping the 'toons.


The GOP is still taking advantage of the wedge that the Cold War in general, and its Vietnam theater in particular, drove into the Democratic Party.

As for that other great wedge--the Civil Rights movements--the GOP has already exploited that one completely. Many of my less intelligent fellow whites and fellow males have chosen the intangible good feelings they get from white supremacism and male supremacism over the tangible benefits of social democracy, and so have become consistent GOP voters.

Those idiots have the government and economy which they deserve. Unfortunately, people like me, who deserve better, ALSO have the government and economy which the aforementioned idiots deserve. :P
I forgot to ask whether or not Joe created this. Whoever did: YDASFT.
Great cartoon, Joseph. I'm making a small donation for George. I wish it could be more.
Joseph, more ROGER ROCK, please!

Also, an interesting look at H.A. Goodman from THE DAILY BEAST:
Good Job, Joseph.

(go to Walmart for your insulin and testing supplies. You will save significant amounts of money)
You can't possibly expect us to believe that someone would try to read a pdf on a phone.
Loved Roger. Gimme me Moore. Wish I had a thousand to donate.
More Roger Rock please!!!

Hilarious. The bird on Bernie's head, the handrolled cigarettes, the bearded bros, the pdf on the phone(!!) excruciatingly funny.

"that book I keep meaning to read" The cartoon references, Michael Moore, brilliant. Keep those hits coming.

This is classic. We need more to stay sane.

omg, I just couldn't deal with the Bro groupthink today. The FB had footage after footage of all those young white Bernie fanboy crowds, with commentary like "it will be hard for Hillary to steal California now!" Yeah, all your Facebook friends say so, huh?


The Bernie Bros remind me a little of Rick from The Young Ones
But the parody while funny is not entirely accurate.

Of course their are bearded hipsters supporting Bernie. He is a leftist progressive candidate. Where else are the lentil eating classes meant to vote? But that ignores a lot of more mainstream support that Bernie is getting. Not because he is charismatic. But because he is the only voice making these points forcefully.

HRC's foreign policy has not been successful by most standards. Regulation of Wall Street has not been successful. Many are very much in favour of radical change. Is Yves smith really a misogynist lefty? Moon of Alabama?

I am no longer clear in my mind as to the best course of action. Part of me thinks maybe Joe is right and that America is a very conservative country. The us may never be interested in democratic socialism.

But another part of me believes that the outrageous crony capitalism which had been a feature of the us for the last 20 years is an evil which needs to be addressed and the Dems are not addressing it. It's cronyism and weakened institutions which brought you

1. The opiate epidemic
2. Perpetual war
3. Deregulation of wall street
4. Militarized policing

I think there is a case for giving the Democrat establishment a yank on its choke chain like the one the Republicans got.

What is the sense of kicking out the Bernie boys? Do you really have enough voters that you can afford to kick some out? And is there no policy bone you can throw the left? Is the HRC message really going to be, "it's us or Donald so you got no choice"?

Don't worry. You won't have to live with Bernie even in the extreme case. I'm sure Biden is being revved up to step into any potential breach. I hope the Biden embarrassment you know about is not too bad. Frankly, with the current state of the election he would need to be caught having sex with dogs to be disqualified.

Harry, you were articulate, so your comment is quite welcome. But I am determined to keep this one small blog a pro-Hillary site in a sea of hyperbolic Hill-hate. And I've learned the hard way -- in 2008 as today -- that if you allow the Hill-haters a foot in the door even slightly, suddenly you get trolled and astroturfed by the Clintonphobes (or, more accurately, the Clinton-phobic bots). warned. And do understand that things will change after the election. I always grouse about whoever is in office. But right now, this is one, small pro-Clinton site. SHe's the only things standing between us and Trump.
By the way, Harry: I should have said this directly...

"He is a leftist progressive candidate."


He is Roger Stone's puppet.

I don't know what more I can do to drive home that point by this point.

Therefore, there can be NO good Sanders supporters. Sanders is a complete force for evil. Sanders is working for Trump. His stated objectives are a lie. He is working to elect Trump. Once you make that conceptual leap, everything becomes comprehensible.
Is the HRC message really going to be, "it's us or Donald so you got no choice"?

Well, Harry...yes. Because frankly, that's the bottom line. Come November, it will be Hillary or Trump. That's all you'll get. You can, of course, complain about not having a "choice", but the truth is that you do.

I wasn't around in 1964, but I'll repeat a line from Johnson's "Daisy" ad--the stakes are too high for you to stay home. I'll also add "or throw a tantrum and take your ball and go home". I saw the results of that way of thinking in 2000 with the Naderites, and we got Bush II and the crap pit that we are still trying to dig our way out of.

No, Hillary isn't perfect. But as it stands, she's still miles ahead of Trump or Sanders in terms of knowing what the hell to do as President, and at least we can get some SC Justices from her that will make the Court liberal for the next...oh, say 20-30 years? Do not fool yourself into the Salon way of thinking--let Trump win because it won't be so bad; he'll suck so bad as President that we'll take over in the Revolution of 2020. Nope, that's not how things work. And do not forget the cost in lives if the GOP take the whole ball of wax come November.

Just sayin'....
I'll add this. We have had nearly 25 years of anti-Clinton conspiracy theories and smears -- and I AM SICK OF IT. They always turn out to be bullshit. The accusations about Hillary's email system are silly, since it was always clear to me that the system was set up primarily so she could talk to Sidney Blumenthal without having to share the details with Judicial Watch or whomever.

The fact that she went to such lengths to communicate with Max Blumenthal's dad gives the lie to the claim that she will be a tool of the neocons.

Trump will be the most ultra-neo-con president imaginable. He'll make Dubya look like Dr. Spock.

Right now, if the contest comes down to a conflict between Bernie and Donald -- I wouild sit out the election, as I did in 2008. THAT is how much I have come to despise Bernie Sanders. I have never despised any presidential aspirant as much I have come to hate him. I thought I would never hate anyone more than Dubya. I thought I would never hate anyone more than Obama. I thought I would never hate anyone more than Romney. But Bernie has taught me the TRUE meaning of hate.
If all Anderson voters of 1980 had voted for Carter instead, would Carter have won?

If all Nader voters of 2000 had voted for Gore instead, would Gore have won?

If your answer be "yes", can you prove that either of those hypothetical events would have flipped enough electoral votes to prevent the historical victories of the Drugstore Cowboy and the Chimperor?
There were lots of tricks in 1980. Anderson was but one factor; the Kennedy challenge was another. I think the most important factor was the "liberal" press, which was filled with stories making Carter out to be an establishment prick at best and a conspiratorial fiend at worst. I bought into a lot of that crap at the time -- the SIBPATS speech (Standard Issue Both Parties Are The Same) seemed fresh and new back then, although it's really irritating nowadays. Still, my gullibility at that time allows me to sympathize to some degree with the 20 year olds who believe the guss being spewed nowadays.

Experience teaches hard lessons.

We can definitely demonstrate that the Naderites screwed Gore.

Have you read the articles on Stone to which I link? It's all right there on the left hand side of this very page. Getting people to read that stuff is like that scene in "They Live" where Roddy Piper has to get his friend to put on the glasses. But really, all you need to read is the section which summarizes the five tricks Stone uses to win elections.

Well there seem to be increasing indications that you have a point. Why is it that I can hear you saying " I told you so!"

“Don’t rule it out: Bernie Sanders (slightly) leaves door open for Green Party run with Jill Stein” [Salon]. Yeah, but Kevin Zeese. Anyhow, Sanders was asked if he’d take up Stein’s offer. “[His] response left open the door to running as a Green. He could have easily rejected the offer of a Sanders-Stein ticket, instead he said: “Right now, our goal is to win the Democratic nomination.”

Now thats what I call scorched earth Nader-style.

The slightest crack in the door means that he will do it.

The only bright spot in all this is that I get to say that I called the shot.
Joseph! Did you do the cartoon? I loved it haven't had a true laugh in quite a few days now!
Sorry to hear about your dog !!! I will try to find out some info if I can -had many pets over the years but not one with diabetes. Will also see if I can help in other ways this month.
Damn you Bernie and Jane it is time for the two of you to collect your Thirty pieces of silver
and get the hell out and thanks Joseph for pointing out the truth of this whole situation!
Would love to see comic again!

Best to you,
Devin in the desert

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