Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Has this really been going on?

If you happen to hail from my home state of California, perhaps you can let me know if this report is accurate or typical...
I usually enjoy voting in person, but today the Berniacs showed up with a slew of various complaints that just slowed everything down. I had to listen to obnoxious Berniacs:

argue with poll workers about EVERYTHING

quizzing poll workers to determine if they had been properly trained

making unnecessary proclamations about their voting rights

accusing poll workers of attempting voter suppression

demanding to speak to a "Precinct Captain"

LOUDLY announcing that they were "surrendering" their NPP ballot and requesting a Democratic ballot with Bernie's name on it.

citing various laws/statutes and using legal terms that made them sound like those Sovereign Citizen asswipes.

wanting TWO ballots so they could vote twice - the second vote was for the guy's brother who was on vacation and out of state.

announce that something was suspicious because the names on the ballot were in a different order than what they saw on the internet (we rotate names differently in each voting district)

not understand that you only get a ballot stub as your receipt when you're done. They do NOT give you a fucking copy of your ballot no matter how much you whine about it.

In addition to their constant bitching and nasty attitudes, they also cut in line in front people because they think their fucking time is more important than others.

THEY were the ones slowing everything down, then bitching that the process was taking too long. They came to the polls looking for problems. The only problem was them.

I forgot to mention that Berntards had also gone to the polling place the night before and parked their crap-mobiles along the street with Bernie 2016 signs in the windows... a last gasp to advertise Bernie before you voted. It was all legal because they maintained the 100' distance.

It just seemed so pathetic. I'm sure lots of people changed their minds and chose Bernie after seeing those signs in the windows of their crappy cars.
No one seemed to be having any trouble except the young mouthy kids. They were expecting a problem and they weren't leaving until they found (or created) one!
All of this bullshit took place within a 90 minute time frame. I feel really sorry for the poll workers who have to deal with this crap for the rest of the day. It usually only takes me 10 to 15 minutes to vote, so this was absurd.

Hipster kids have taken over my neighborhood. I'd rather have the gangs back!
My voting place is usually pretty laid back, very friendly, and quick.

I blame Bernie for creating all of these conspiracy nuts who are convinced that the corrupt "establishment" has somehow rigged the election, and that Hillary is supposedly cheating and trying to keep them from voting.

These kids showed up WANTING to find 'voter suppression' or 'fraud' because they were convinced that's why they were losing.

I hope things go smoother for you in New Jersey!
From another voter:
Same shit happened at my caucus. The Bernie supporters were just looking for something to make a big deal out of.
Another report:
I posted this in another threat but Berners thought that having old people and those with disabilities cut in line (in Puerto Rico) was a plot to suppress the young people votes. I can't find the link but it's amazing how even just basic decency is a potential conspiracy.
Question 1: How much of this is going on out there? Question 2: Do you think that Bernie might have won if his followers had not acted like fruitbats and assholes?

Added note: Nate Cohn (obviously a paid shill of the Evil Clinton Conspiracy) makes a point that I had touched upon in the preceding post...
After winning Puerto Rico, Mrs. Clinton was not far from winning the nomination. It wasn’t much of a secret that Mrs. Clinton held the support of the superdelegates needed to clinch.

But it is widely believed that the Clinton campaign did not want to win with added support from unelected delegates, which might feed the perception that the Democratic race was rigged or otherwise determined by party elites, not the voters.

If no additional delegates had supported Mrs. Clinton, she would have gone over the top shortly after the polls closed in New Jersey, around 8 p.m. on Tuesday. The state is worth 126 pledged delegates, and she was a heavy favorite in the state.
In other words, the AP's announcement hurt her. It did not help her in any way. If anything, the AP's story may have depressed her vote (why bother voting for a sure thing?) while energizing the BernieBot battalions.

Yet the BernieBullies still insist that the AP works for the Evil Clinton Conspiracy. What loons! What buffoons! What maroons!
As always, one must wonder how much of the @$$holery (at the polls, on the blogs, everywhere) comes from genuine Bernouts, versus how much comes from GOP or "independent conservative" rat-fornicators masquerading as Bernouts.
All I know is -- I hate hipsters.

I loved hippies, back in the day. They were funny and clever and colorful and inventive. Sure, they had their problems, but many of them were warm and artsy and lovably non-conformist.

Modern hipsters are unfunny, uncreative, ill-educated, whiney, ultra-paranoid, domineering, arrogant, self-important cliche-addicts. They THINK that they can think, even though most of them have never had and never will have an original idea. Ayn Randroid millennials and BernieBot millennials are the right and left versions of the same hideous pair of shoes.
As I have said before, the political spectrum is a circle, Republicans on the right, Democrats on the left, and Libertarians on the bottom. The far right and far left are Libertarians. Independents by the way are in the middle of the circle, part Republican, Democrat and part Libertarian.

Well, WW...that metaphor stops working after a certain point. And then you need a Z axis.
Thankfully, no Bernbots present when I went to vote here in New Jersey.

But it is sad to see them clinging desperately to the reeds as they sink into the lake of paranoia.
What loons! What buffoons! What maroons! end quote.

Reminds me of the ending of each Batman Series episode with Adam West and Burt Ward in some dangerous cliffhanger they can't possibly get out of.

Maybe this new show could be called "Bernman".
Do you think he could be trump's VP?
I think Hillary Clinton should Trump Trump and ask New Gingrich to be her V.P.
In one and the same post, denouncing Bernie supporters for pushing in line and denouncing them for questioning the "common decency" of letting people push in line ahead of them.

Anyone who defames the sanctity of the queue can burn in hell, elderly and disabled or not.
Loons and buffoons for sure, but please, never Maroons! Maroons were (& are) brave, smart, freedom loving people of courage and integrity.

I voted by mail in Alameda county, but what you describe is congruent with what I've read from Bernie supporters locally. Whiny bunch with oversized sense of entitlement.
"Anyone who defames the sanctity of the queue can burn in hell, elderly and disabled or not."

No mercy for the halt and lame in Perfidious Albion, I see.

Thank Madoka for Yorktown! :D
I only saw one potential BernieBro in my line here in CA. I went midday so it was not busy.

He wasn't kicking up a stink but he wasn't registered and seemed disappointed to have to take a provisional ballot.

I'm sure he went home later to regal his pals with his struggle.
I had the same thought about the AP announcement. Remember when Ron Fournier was there, and was considered a reporter??!! He used to write the most anti-Democrat stuff, which must have been approved by higher ups.
The halt and the lame get wheelchairs. An nobody gets provisional ballots.

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