Thursday, June 09, 2016

For broken-hearted BernieBullies

I give you the Ultimate 50s Artifact. (Yes, I know the movie was released in 1961. Nonetheless, this is the Ultimate 50s Artifact.)

It's still great. Yeah, it kind of makes me cringe. But it's still great. And the message is timeless. This scene epitomizes why the millennials will always be inferior to the cool generation.

(Anyone remember when CJ quoted this on The West Wing?)
See everything is good and just I said some time back.

Maybe Obama found out the secret that caused Bernie to hide his taxes? Maybe Obama sang to Bernie the very song embedded above?

I don't trust Bernie. He said that he would run a positive campaign but did not. His words do not match his actions.
A bigger problem for the nation are the propensities of the prog fools who still trust Obama.
Nice video, director, choreographer, actors all hit the mark on this one. And you're right they were very, very cool. The only thing recent that matches up is SoA, in a different way.

To hell with Bernie and the Fools, we're goin' to the White House! Letest and Largest bangla online newspaper in Bangladesh.
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