Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Soon, we will return to the Stone Zone

Sorry I've been away: Very soon, we will have much more about the Roger Stone/Bernie Sanders connection. It's increasingly clear that -- just as Stone and Ralph Nader teamed up to give us George W. Bush -- similar events are happening now.

That's why Trump is now pulling even with Hillary. Josh Marshall tries to put this is an optimistic light. I think he is kidding himself.

Trump's going to win, thanks to Dirtbag Bernie, his zombie followers, and the legions of Clinton-phobic liars.

My God, you would not buh-LIEVE the missives I've received from the BernieBots! I didn't know it was possible to fit the word "cunt" so many times into one paragraph. This is worse than the fanaticism we saw in 2008: Sanders supporters are demonstrating clear signs of mental illness.

Does Bernie know that he is being used by Stone? Yes, I think so. You have not studied the precedents, as I have.

(I gave you plenty of background material in my previous post -- but I'm pretty sure that you have yet to do your homework. Am I right? I am always amused by the arrogance of those who think they can take me to school even as they refuse to do the necessary reading. Before you pipe up about things you know nothing about, hit the links listed in this post and study.)

In the past, Republican dirty tricksters have manipulated "progressives" who happened to have tax problems. So why hasn't Bernie made his tax records available (except for one year), despite his promises to do so?

Come ON. The answer is obvious.

I think that the Sanderses made some sort of financial error -- probably not out of malice. Stupidly, Bernie made himself open to blackmail. Nothing else can explain why this man is trying so hard to make Trump president. Nothing else can explain why he encourages his zombie followers to spread lies and smears about the Clintons, even though it is clear that Hillary will win the nomination. Nothing else explains why Sanders refuses to say one complaining word to his many sicko supporters who say that they will vote Trump if Bernie doesn't win the nomination.

Bernie Sanders wants Trump to win -- or at least, he is being manipulated by someone who wants Trump to win. (And that "someone" has the initials RS.) I think that Bernie Sanders is a coward who doesn't have the guts to stand up to his blackmailers.

Check back soon. I have just begun to demonstrate the Roger Stone/Bernie Sanders connection.

By the way:
I doubt that Slimeball Sanders will complain about this outrage.
Joseph, I think "BernieBots" are just a rust belt phenomenon. Here, in San Diego county, are lots of Bernie supporters but I haven't met one who is considering not voting if Bernie is not the nominee and none are considering voting for the republican douche-baggie. Same in Orange County just north of me (where I grew up). I lived in the bay area for 25 years and I know there's a lot of Bernie support there but if'n you think any of those are going to allow a trump triumph, that's not happening.

BTW: you're not the only one who shouting Hillary is falling" but most of that
comes from east coast bloggers.

One thing you've forgotten is that Bernie is still in the effin' race. Bernie supporters are not leaning towards Trump in the polls. I think it was CNN poll that said 87% would vote for Hillary over Bernie in the general.

Most Bernie supporters HATE Trump.

Hillary is leading by 9.7% in CA polls now over Bernie. CA will give her a strong win...and I can't wait for her to prove everyone wrong that she will not become our next President.
Plenty of Bernie supporter from Seattle in my FB newsfeed who are RABIDLY anti-Clinton. Most have been supporting the idea of letting Trump burn the country down so we can start over. I've had to block a bunch of them. I caucused for Bernie but I can't go there. I'm actually turning a corner on supporting Clinton although there are certainly policy disagreements between her and I.
Everyone has left out the fact that exit polls indicate Trump voters gave Bernie votes in WV.

Also, I read somewhere that the reason Bernie and Jane are hiding the tax returns are that Bernie always employs family members from the public trough. And that his deal to dump VT's toxic waste in TX is personally enriching Bernie and Jane to this day.

So, please...more attention on those unrevealed tax returns!! And thanks!
I agree with you, Joseph. I've thought this all along. So who's behind Stone?

And I think Bernie is complicit and is not an innocent being manipulated by Stone, or his own handlers. I hope you will be sharing your opinions as to why the media haven't been challenging his Don Quixote schtick.
"Stupidly, Bernie made himself open to blackmail." There's no question he sold out to some extent at some point, perhaps he was blackmailed. The proof? Look at how Bernie used to be anti-war prior to the early 90s, and later shifted to positions on military interventions some would describe as hawkish. Something surely happened to cause such a shift. Maybe the rebirth of Bernie as a hawk is not directly linked to your theory, but it does suggest Bernie's either blackmail-able or corrupt-able.
Well, if Bernie & Co is making $400K/year, it would be difficult for him and his wife not to be millionaires (in net assets). He's been around a while, doesn't seem to lead an extravagant lifestyle, and is surely intelligent enough to invest the surplus in safe investment vehicles (mutual funds, selected property, etc.)

Which, at a guess, would place his & her net worth in the $2~5 million category. Much less than the Clinton's solid pile around $150 million or so, but a lot more than the average American net worth.
Sanders has his marching orders. As long as he can stand on a podium and proclaim to the media that he has a higher popularity rating than Hillary Clinton against all of the Republican Candidates, the democrat party can bugger off.
The fact that it is Sanders supporters skewing the poll results by voting for a Republican instead of Hillary Clinton when the poll question is who would you vote for between Hillary Clinton and a Republican candidate doesn't concern Bernie Sanders one bit.
The first two comments in this thread by shirt and anonymous have a certain concern troll essence to them.
Shirt says, "oh no, no one who is voting for Bernie would vote for Trump", but then adds a dig at the end of the comment about Hillary is falling. Classic concern troll tone.

Then the second comment by "anonymous" states…"One thing you've forgotten is that Bernie is still in the effin' race. Bernie supporters are not leaning towards Trump in the polls. I think it was CNN poll that said 87% would vote for Hillary over Bernie in the general". end quote.

The effin reminds me of how a Klingon reacts around a tribble. Sanders is in the race so he can keep touting that he is more popular than Hillary Clinton against Republicans even though it is a self fulfilling prophecy generated by Sanders supporting sabotaging the national polls. To deny that Sanders supporters are creating lower favorability ratings for Hillary Clinton is obtuse at best.
I'm curious abut Marc Rubin, who runs the blog Tom in Paine. This guy was head of the "Denver Group" in 2008 which allegedly was trying to get Hillary Clinton the 2008 nomination. I say allegedly because they had no interest in outsider help.
Anyways, Rubin has gone ballistic with his attacks on Hillary Clinton. On the same day that some republican heads said that Hillary Clinton should be "more vulnerable", Rubin attacked Hillary Clinton for saying "I'm sorry" during the campaign. That's that typical damned if she does, damned if she doesn't motiff I believe the right concocts against Hillary Clinton on a regular basis. Then there is Corrente, Lambert Strether, I NEVER trusted him in 2008 and in 2016 he's gone ballistic against Hillary Clinton as well, and he is constantly asking for donations.
Sure people have a right to change their minds, but the level of change is so stark it makes one wonder if they are being bought and paid for.
Not seeing any shift toward Trump by Sanders supporters in real life in my neck of the woods in Oregon. One needs to get away from the online nonsense. The vast majority of Sanders supporters in the real world will support Hillary Clinton. The rest will vote Green or not vote at all.
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ALessandro, I've always liked Lambert, though we are in sharp disagreement now. I can't blame him for asking for donations; I may have to do so myself soon. I love my dog, but why did he have to get sick in an ELECTION year?
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