Monday, November 16, 2015

How much of this is going on right now?

I caught a ten minute chunk of CNN earlier this evening, while out and about. A parade of Serious Looking Talking Heads (SLTHs) informed us that the Paris attacks were planned "in Syria" and that this whole operation should somehow be blamed on Syria. Syria. Terror. Terror. Syria. Syrian terrorists. Terran Syriaists.

The SLTHs never actually came right out and said "Blame Assad," but such was the impression they strove to convey. I heard lots of suspiciously careful wording. Nobody made the obvious point that Assad and ISIS are enemies. The SLTH brigade were trading on the American public's ignorance as to who is on which side in that part of the world.

I half expected these SLTHs to lapse into a Walter Brennan impersonation: They's all MOOslims. That's all you need to know. Mooslims is EEEvil, I tells yuh.

Question: Have you noticed this sort of commentary as you flip through the cable news channels?

Second question: Isn't this sort of thing awfully reminiscent of the media misinformation campaign which convinced so much of the American public that Saddam did 9/11?
There was also an ISIS video threatening the US if they bombed in Syrria. The video was apparently a 2 camera gig and even included one of the cameras set on an artistic telephoto shot to throw out the background. Kind of strange to bother to go to the trouble to set the camera back a farther distance just to get that telephoto effect as it then means a sophisticated sound recording had to be done involving wireless mikes and possibly even a switcher to edit between the angles.
Alessandro, maybe they used an ND filter to decrease depth of field. That's what I would have done.

Yeah, ISIS videos are odd -- whoever makes them seems to have spent a lot of time watching instructional videos by Film Riot and DSLR Film Noob. "Achmed, let's shoot the next beheading at 24fps for that film look. Also, would it kill you to stop down a bit to avoid blowing out the highlights?"
"planned "in Syria" "
This was first used by Hollande's speech, shortly after the assault.
Spiegel Online keeps repeating the phrasing ever since.
These "ISIS" videos which are always - ALWAYS - found by Rita Katz at SITE Intelligence are way too overproduced to be even remotely believable. How come their uniforms always look brand new? How come the corporate media is always happy to broadcast their demands? Whose agenda is really being advanced by these supposedly organic terrorist armies?

I think you probably know the answer, but honestly addressing it might force you to re-think some of your more obstinate positions regarding other significant terrorist attacks perpetrated against innocent civilians in recent years.
To me the most outrageous thing is that the so called mastermind of the attack got 5 tries to accomplish the damage of last Friday. All of them this year aLone. He even have videos bragging about the stuff he did. They know about him and yet they can't capture him. With all those alphabet agencies over inflating their capabilities and how they know everything how could that happens. Shouldn't the priority before bombarding to examine the shortcomings of the intelligence. Don't get me wrong I want Isis to be blown off the planet but I have to ask who is getting the intelligence community that they miss on this one
Sorry to chime in here without doing all the research first, but wasn't there a woman who did these videos for Mossad and was outed as the source for most of the fake beheadings videos? Seems to be a fit.
We have to admit that the fake terrorist videos which originate in the Mideast are somewhat improved since the days of videos which contained Fat Osama Bin Laden, Skinny Osama, Right-handed Osama, Left-handed Osama, Osama flaunting bling, which no Salafist would do, etc.
Assad has been the only obstacle to turning all of Syria into heaps of uninhabitable rubble of the sort that now predominates in Libya, much of Iraq, Yemen, eastern Ukraine, and Gaza, although most of the country has been successfully turned into rubble. The Empire of Chaos still dreams of extending chaos over the rest of Syria then Lebanon and Iran; Moloch demands it. The lie factories that are adjuncts to the Empire aren't going to stop.
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